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版本支持:sublime text 3

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插件介绍:Material Theme, the most epic theme for Sublime Text 3 by Mattia Astorino

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Material Theme

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This theme brings the Material Design visual language to your Sublime Text 3. If you have problems, first search for a similiar issue and then report a new one.

Please read the Known Issues section before reporting a new one. Any issue that does not use the issue template and any issue related to the known issues section will be automatically closed.

Easy installation

You can install this awesome theme through the Package Control.

  1. Press cmd/ctrl + shift + p to open the command palette.
  2. Type “install package” and press enter. Then search for “Material Theme”

Manual installation

  1. Download the latest release, extract and rename the directory to “Material Theme”.
  2. Move the directory inside your sublime Packages directory. (Preferences > Browse packages…)

Activate the theme

You can active this theme from: - Command palette Tools > Command Palette (or cmd/ctrl + + p) by typing Material Theme: Activate theme. - Context menu (Right click on the editor) and choose Material Theme > Activate Material Theme - Preferences > Packages Settings and choose Material Theme > Activate Material Theme

You can also manually activate this theme by adding these lines to your user settings (Preferences > Settings - User):

"color_scheme": "Packages/Material Theme/schemes/Material-Theme.tmTheme",
"theme": "Material-Theme.sublime-theme",

NOTE: Restart Sublime Text after activating the theme.


This theme provide a visual configuration tool that allow you to configure the theme by activating the available options from an inline popup. Just right click in your editor and choose Material Theme > Material Theme Config. You can also open the configurator from the command palette by searching Material Theme > Configuration

Advanced configuration

If you like the advanced text text-configuration you can use it by the Material Theme > Advanced configuration command both from context menu and command palette.

Known issues

Please see the issue #67 if you can't see the bottom panel (find/replace, rename, move, can't see the box inputs in SidebarEnhancement, etc..). here the quick fix:

Drag the top edge


File icons

From release 4.0.0 this theme use zz File Icons package to display file icons. Please install the package and restart Sublime Text.

App Bar

Material Theme Appbar This official addon enable a beautiful colored tab bar to your Material Theme. The color tint fits automagically the material theme accent color you choosed.

White panels

Material Theme White Panels If you want to enable the white panels and inputs you can install the addon package through Package Control, search for “Material theme white panels”. You have to disable it if you want to use the Lighter theme style.

Theme options

"material_theme_accent_acid-lime"         : true , // Set acid-lime accent color
"material_theme_accent_blue"              : true , // Set blue accent color
"material_theme_accent_brba"              : true , // Set Breaking Bad green accent color
"material_theme_accent_bright-teal"       : true , // Set bright-teal accent color
"material_theme_accent_cyan"              : true , // Set cyan accent color
"material_theme_accent_graphite"          : true , // Set graphite accent color
"material_theme_accent_indigo"            : true , // Set indigo accent color
"material_theme_accent_lime"              : true , // Set lime green accent color
"material_theme_accent_orange"            : true , // Set orange accent color
"material_theme_accent_pink"              : true , // Set pink accent color
"material_theme_accent_purple"            : true , // Set purple accent color
"material_theme_accent_red"               : true , // Set pale red accent color
"material_theme_accent_sky"               : true , // Set bright-cyan accent color
"material_theme_accent_tomato"            : true , // Set tomato red accent color
"material_theme_accent_yellow"            : true , // Set yellow accent color
"material_theme_bold_tab"                 : true , // Make the tab labels bolder
"material_theme_compact_panel"            : true , // Set minimal padding for the search panel
"material_theme_compact_sidebar"          : true , // Set compact side bar
"material_theme_contrast_mode"            : true , // Enable sidebar and panels contrast mode
"material_theme_disable_fileicons"        : true , // Hide sidebar file type icons
"material_theme_arrow_folders"            : true , // Replace folder icons with arrows
"material_theme_big_fileicons"            : true , // Show bigger file type icons
"material_theme_disable_folder_animation" : true , // Disable folder animation
"material_theme_disable_tree_indicator"   : true , // Disable sidebar file indicator
"material_theme_bullet_tree_indicator"    : true , // Set a bullet as active tree indicator
"material_theme_panel_separator"          : true , // Show bottom panel separator
"material_theme_small_statusbar"          : true , // Set small status bar
"material_theme_small_tab"                : true , // Set small tabs
"material_theme_bright_scrollbars"        : true , // Bright scrollbars puck color
"material_theme_accent_scrollbars"        : true , // Enable accent color for scrollbars
"material_theme_tabs_autowidth"           : true , // Enable autowidth for tabs
"material_theme_tabs_separator"           : true , // Show tabs separator, this disables tab hover animation

// If you use Material Theme - Appbar addon you can use additional settings:
"material_theme_tree_headings"            : true , // Show sidebar headings

Recommended settings for a better experience:

"always_show_minimap_viewport" : true,
"bold_folder_labels"           : true,
"font_options"                 : [ "gray_antialias", "subpixel_antialias" ],    // On retina Mac & Windows
"indent_guide_options"         : [ "draw_normal", "draw_active" ],   // Highlight active indent
"line_padding_bottom"          : 3,
"line_padding_top"             : 3,
"overlay_scroll_bars"          : "enabled",

The font used for the code is “Operator Mono

You can also use the official Material Design monospace font “Roboto Mono” or “Fira Code”.


This UI theme uses a custom compiler build on Gulp and JS. If you want to edit the UI you must first install the compiler:

$ npm install

then run compiler and watcher by run:

$ gulp

You can now edit the source files under /src folder that will be compiled inside the root folder (don't edit compiled files).

Other Resources

App icon: Download the official Material Theme icon.

Official Portings

Material Theme was also ported to:

Color Schemes palettes

Color Default / Darker Lighter
Red #FF5370 #E53935
Pink #f07178 #FF5370
Orange #F78C6C #F76D47
Yellow #FFCB6B #FFB62C
Green #C3E88D #91B859
Pale Blue #B2CCD6 #8796B0
Cyan #89DDFF #39ADB5
Blue #82AAFF #6182B8
Purple #C792EA #7C4DFF
Violet #bb80b3 #945EB8
Brown #ab7967 #ab7967


Thanks for all the contributors.

Check the video review by LevelUpTuts

Video review


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