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介绍:Organize your browser tabs

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Sandro Jazzar: Trello for Tab Hoarding!

Daniel Williams: First off, this is amazing. I've really been wanting something like this. The UI and UX are spot on for the most part.

I have one small feature request for the future: Please add the ability to remove a tab from your Toby quickly through the chrome extension. I like that I can add websites to Toby quickly, but when I'm finished reading something from my 'Read Soon' list, I'd like to tap the chrome extension and click a minus button somewhere so I don't have to open a new blank Toby tab just to remove and manage that specific item.

Amazing product!

Edit: after a bit of usage I realized that tab lists are not shared between installations. Unfortunately a deal breaker for me as I constantly hop between my mac and PC. Will this ever be implemented in the future? :(

Christopher Hopkins: Neat! It would be nice if it allowed you to add "pinned" tabs and recall that state when they're restored similar to how "Session Buddy" does it :)

Tea: @arthur_camara @mackflavelle Shoooot this looks great. I'm a bit bummed though — been developing the same concept by myself in my free time for a few months. I finished it but hadn't announced it yet due to not having the marketing page done. Check it out: Congrats on the launch, guys!

Nuri Hodges: I love this! I am currently using it to manage one of my Chrome profiles. However, to really adopt ubiquitously I would love to be able to turn off its greedy take-over of my new tab interface, as I already use Momentum Dashboard there. I'd like to be able to just click the Toby icon (or better yet, press a hotkey) to bring up the Toby interface.

Mack Flavelle: My friend Arthur is one of the productivity nuts. Always looking for a way to claw back precious time stolen by shitty processes and stupid UX design. So he built Toby, cause tabs suck! Toby makes them not suck. Or not as much at least.

Most of us at the office are using this religiously now. It makes managing waaaaay to much information much more gooder. We (but really he) would love to answer your questions about why he built it, why the other solutions on the market weren't the right fit for him, and some of the cool features we plan on launching in the next couple weeks.

Laurent Desserrey: This is lit! I just created a list for what I was working on yesterday. I'll reopen them this afternoon. Now, I only have the tabs I am currently working on opened.

YeJun Su: Does Toby support export and restore ?

Haoyang Feng: Any plan for Safari?

P.E. Butler III: I really really enjoy this

Marie C.: This is A M A Z I N G. Reading your replies, I understand the intention behind not including pinned tabs. If you decide to stick to that, UX-wise it would be helpful to have some tooltip saying 'can't drag pinned items!'. Pinned items will be on top & people would usually try that first. Felt like a bug! Aside from that I love this!!

Jayesh Sidhwani: Great app! Wish it could let me continue using Momemtum as the default new tab.

Tony Freed: @mackflavelle
Love it! Really helpful.
One thing I would love you to add is an option to rename tabs.
Great job!

Cameron Banowsky: Toby is fucking awesome. My girlfriend doesn't appreciate tech like this, and she is now a big fan of Toby. So simple and appealing for any background to enjoy

Bruno Stasse: Really nice! I've been looking for something like this for a very long time.

Why disable special characters in the sections name and in the search though? My language (French) uses characters like "é" or "à", and no way to use them there :/

Brian Jordan: @mackflavelle this looks awesome, excited to try it out! Curious about the development process—did you discover anything unexpected once you started using it, or did the final version end up being close to the initial design vision?

Davor: Is any, and if so what, of my information sent to your servers?

Toby Hervey: My name is Toby, and I wish I could upload a screenshot showing the 50+ tabs I currently have open on this window.

Bala S.: Guys this is cool. I even started sketching a few options to manage my 'unlimited' tabs. It got so frustrating that I wrote a blog sometime ago... check this out -

Raphaël Chabaud: Lots of extensions are competing to get the Chrome New Tab space !

I used to have the Product Hunt Extension showing up today's hunt in my New Tab. And I like to have it. So how can I keep PH Extension for my new tab and use Toby at the same time ?

It would be nice to have the possibility to use Toby without being forced to have it in a new tab.

Bruno Ramos: Amazing! Can't believe someone built this! also amazing design

Nico Ford: My name is Nico, and I am a tab addict. Toby saves. Try Toby!

Adrian Rubin: This is such a good idea, I am one of those lame people who will keel 100 tabs open instead of closing them in a timely manner.

Stefan Ritter: Amazing. Where were u all my life? ;)

Peter W: Thank you so much. I have to quit chrome everyday via task manager, because i saved 7 windows full of tabs. (under my main user. there are another seven at my secondary profile). I hope this helps me.

sam hefnawy: @arthur_camara @raphc @tgerin @dtireli @jamielovelace by clicking for new tab it pop up, how to keep the new tab as it's ? I couldn't figure out how? HELP pls.

Adam Snodgrass: @raphc there's an idea for an extension. A Chrome New Tab extension that has an API for other extensions to inject widgets from other extensions.

Alex Bulat: @davor_se in case you don't want to transfer any info to third-party servers, you need this

Mack Flavelle: @danr_4 Hi! We're getting the privacy policy sorted out now. Will be done ASAP. Clearly the underlying principal is we won't be shitty, but apparently lawyers want more then that. **Head Shake**

Arthur Câmara: @davor_se nothing is sent to our servers. In fact, Toby is a client side only app, so we have no way of knowing which tabs you add to Toby, or names you give to your lists. We do use third party software for analytics, though, and meta data is sent anonymously so we can learn how people are using it. We just count how many times Toby or the pop up was used in general, how many times a tab was added or removed, a list was added or removed, or a card was clicked. We also use google analytics for the site.

Arthur Câmara: @goofansu Awesome YeJun. That's right, you can't see the file on Google Drive because Google has a special API for third-party apps. Toby only has access to its own folder in your Drive, not all files. App folders are hidden from users. It's good for apps because they don't access your other files and also good for the users because they don't accidentally modify or delete the files.

Arthur Câmara: @brunostasse Check out the new updatesm Bruno. I added special characters to list names and you can now use French. Or Japanese. Or Swedish - you name it :) I hope you enjoy version 0.2.2. Let me know if you like it.

Edwin Reynoso: @benjamin_bnds Hey I'm going through the comments again, I use vivalidi as well.

1. Open toby
2. Copy url
3. Open Vivaldi Settings
4. Search for "new tab"
5. Set "New Tab Page" to the url you copied

Arthur Câmara: @alvinmilton Awesome idea. We've been brainstorming about this. Good to see our thoughts are going in the same direction

Sam Ayres: @arthur_camara Cool, thanks!

Sam Ayres: @arthur_camara Ah a google drive sync, very nicely done. Thanks for the heads up, it works great. 😊

Arthur Câmara: @samayres1992 Yes, very very very soon you'll be able to sync. Stay tuned!

Sergio Sala: @nscmnto @arthur_camara @haoyangnz

Bruno Nascimento: @arthur_camara @sergiosa_la @haoyangnz If you build this for Safari, I'll gladly give you my wallet.

Jakub Niżniowski: @arthur_camara It would be great to have a shortcut opening Toby tab – I use Momentum, for new tabs and I'm not going to change it. AnyTab has Alt+Shift+1 – it opens a new tab with AnyTab view or focus on opened one. Anyway, Toby looks great!

Robin Good: @zeidmarouf What was that tab manager you were using Zeid? That's valuable info to share.

Arthur Câmara: @davor_se @danr_4 @bulat_alex @mackflavelle YAY! We have a privacy policy page now!! Wohooooo! Here it is:

Austin: ...and seeing the pretty/sorted list every time a new tab is opened is a subtle but genius addition that is hugely helpful.

Joe Boutros: @arthur_camara @aplssf +1 on this as well!

Arthur Câmara: @samayres1992 I'll check what's causing this and get back to you. It could be that incognito doesn't allow for persistent storage? I'm not sure, will investigate

Arthur Câmara: @mariepoopins Yes! Glad you like it Marie

Arthur Câmara: @thejohnnyhill @xcadaverx @mackflavelle I'm glad you guys like it.

YeJun Su: @arthur_camara Google drive sync works great, thank you so much.

YeJun Su: @arthur_camara Thank you. I upgraded to 0.2.2 and enabled sync to Google Drive. But I cannot see anything in Google Drive.

Johnny Hill: @arthur_camara @xcadaverx @mackflavelle Great work, guys! The new features are amazing. Keep on rocking!

Arthur Câmara: @xcadaverx @thejohnnyhill @mackflavelle There are now live!!! YAY If your Toby has already been upgraded to version 0.2.2 you can already remove websites easily by using the right click. You can remove from a list or from all lists. You can also remove from a list using the pop up.
Also, you can sync tabs across devices that use the same Google account, using Google Drive. I hope you try Toby again, Daniel. Let me know how it goes.

Read more about other features here:

Marie C.: @arthur_camara Hey they're now draggable too. Nice!!

Arthur Câmara: @hopkinschris alright Chris. Thank you for giving it a try :) I guess the pinned tabs are used very differently by different people and some hate to have them being closed - ever (that's why they pinned them in the first place). But I'll make sure I give it some extra thought and brainstorm a lot on this to see what we can do to make folks who use tabs like you're describing happy with Toby as well. I appreciate your feedback :) have an awesome week

Daniel Williams: @arthur_camara @thejohnnyhill @mackflavelle The new features are great! Thank you so much for the hard work! My only requst for 0.2.3 is that you add the ability to collapse empty lists again. :) Again, amazing work!!

Cheers! Daniel

Arthur Câmara: @samayres1992 YES! That's now implemented in version 0.2.2. Go check it out and come back to lmk what you think

Arthur Câmara: @nishant_k_gupta @mackflavelle You now can choose if Toby will be in the new tab or something else. Just go to the preferences menu on version 0.2.2 :) Let me know how you like it

Arthur Câmara: @marc_rosa Now you can choose to optionally turn that off in version 0.2.2. Toby defaults to the new tab, but you can turn that off and use something else in the new tab if you want to. Keep accessing Toby through the popup. Let me know how you like it :)

Arthur Câmara: @cbanowsky Awesome Cameron. Thanks for the referral. Make sure you guys check the new version as well. There were a bunch of updates

Arthur Câmara: @elizabethhunker @trello @axiomzenteam @mackflavelle Great to hear Elizabeth

Arthur Câmara: @nurihodges Now you can! Check out the new version and let me know if you like it

Arthur Câmara: @jayeshsidhwani Updated 0.2.2 version now let's you choose whether you want it to open or a new tab or not. Let me know how you use it and how you like it :)

Arthur Câmara: @mariepoopins Updated this! Let me know how you like version 0.2.2

Christopher Hopkins: @arthur_camara Nice work! I gave it a quick try but still doesn't do the trick for me compared to "Session Buddy". When I see "Save Session" and click that I expected all of the pinned and non-pinned tabs open in my current browser window to be saved to a single list and the tab's state (pinned vs. unpinned) to be stored so I can restore a saved session after Chrome closes or I have to do a restart. I will circle back soon! The UI/UX is next level compared to "Session Buddy".

Arthur Câmara: @mikelholford @hopkinschris Hey guys, I changed the way pinned tabs work now. So, you can drag them (but they wont close) and they look different, so you know which ones are pinned. There's also a new "Save Session" feature that I find really handy. Let me know what you think of version 0.2.2 and keep those thoughts coming. They are really helpful. Thanks! Also, you can read a blog post about all the new features here:

Arthur Câmara: @goofansu Now you can sync with Google Drive (version 0.2.2). Let me know if that solves your problem. I hope you like it. Let me know.

Arthur Câmara: @raphc @tgerin @dtireli @jamielovelace @overra @conantonakos @anowlcalledjosh @fogueiravb Check out the new updates on version 0.2.2 :) You can now change that in the settings. Read more about that and other 11 updates here:

Mack Flavelle: @rudyrosciglione @arthur_camara we launched that today. You should get the update shortly!

Arthur Câmara: @chang2301 Thanks! Awesome review

Arthur Câmara: @evantravers Good idea Evan! I'll keep that in mind.

Evan Travers: @arthur_camara I should be able to hit a common keyboard shortcut like "/" or "CMD+F" (or ctrl-f on pc) to focus the search field…

Arthur Câmara: @evantravers Evan - search is there, but we currently do not autofocus the search field because maybe you're opening a tab just to visit a new page. Let me know what you think of it.

Arthur Câmara: @mergesort Great idea. I'll brainstorm this and come up with something super cool, hopefully. Keep sending me ideas :)

Joe Fabisevich ™: @arthur_camara I'd love a shortcut for being able to view Toby modally without a new tab, so that way I don't have to go and close a tab when I am done looking at Toby.

Arthur Câmara: @basictechy You'll be able to backup soon, that's almost there - I'd say 95% done. But not in the current version. I'll push a new version as soon as we finish that.

Andrew Richard: @arthur_camara oneTap as a way of moving tabs to no new desktop, am scared I might lose important links if my system crash. Can I backup or something

Arthur Câmara: @haoyangnz That's a good idea, Haoyang. I'll keep that in mind and try to develop all these awesome requests and suggestions ASAP. Please, stay tuned and thanks for trying Toby

Thibaud Gerin: @conantonakos @arthur_camara @raphc @dtireli @jamielovelace Dunno, couldn't find either :/

Arthur Câmara: @haoyangnz @mackflavelle Working on a solution for this. It will be pretty cool, I promise. Keep an eye open, I'll update you guys soon on this :)

Arthur Câmara: @zeidmarouf Thanks a lot Zeid! I developed this to help me get better organized and there's absolutely no reason for me not to keep doing that. This needs to help self management and organization - that's the goal!

Arthur Câmara: @thekitze Hey Kitze. Well, people use Toby in many different ways. But you're right, some use it almost like a bookmarking tool. Now: try searching your bookmarks (for a word that is not in the url or title). Now try search on Toby. Toby searches through all your tabs, even the ones you added to your lists, not just the title, but the content. There are many other useful features to come, though, and you'll see it will do a bunch more than just pin your favorite tabs. The UI is currently the biggest benefit for me and that's why I wanted to share it with people, get feedback, and so on. Thanks a lot for trying Toby and let me know if you have any other thoughts.

Arthur Câmara: @ixn Haha You're the first to mention the font, interesting! I'll def write a note on that and brainstorm with a couple of designers to see what thoughts we develop on this. There's currently no way to change the font. Thanks for trying out Toby Ikhsan!

Arthur Câmara: @elisha @mackflavelle Thanks Elisey! Working on a solution for avoiding the new tab for folks who prefer to configure it in a different way. I'll let you all know here.

Con Antonakos: @arthur_camara @raphc @tgerin @dtireli @jamielovelace How do you configure it so it doesn't use the new tab?

Arthur Câmara: @alvinmilton Yes, good idea! that's certainly a thing I'm considering. A few people asked me for preview images either on hover or under the description and I think it could be a nice addition to Toby if done right. I'll play around with that concept and bring back some ideas and solutions to get more feedback from you guys.

Evan Travers: @arthur_camara Search is a huge need. I want to open a new tab, and just start typing the name of the tab or group that I want to focus.

Olof Nilsson Heijer: @arthur_camara @jayeshsidhwani How do you keep Momemtum as your defult app.

Haoyang Feng: @mackflavelle @arthur_camara I understand we can open Toby up without opening a new tab. What I was asking though was how to stop it from showing automatically when I open a new tab - as I had other things showing up in new tabs but now taken over by Toby.

Arthur Câmara: @benjamin_bnds Sorry Benjamin, I'm not sure. I've tried Vivaldi once, but have never tried to install Toby on it. Didn't even know that was possible! hahaha I'll try later.

Alvin Milton: @arthur_camara Can you show any image from the meta tags in the area under the description? To quicker identify the site at a glance...

Arthur Câmara: @jernejcic @mackflavelle Right now you'd have to install the other plugin after Toby. Then you could have something else on your new tab and still use Toby using the toby badge, which opens a pop up with the button "Open Toby", which opens the dashboard.

That being said, however, I plan on tackling the "new tab" issue really soon as well, as many people have been requesting this. I understand how valuable that space is and it will be nice to have an easy way to opt out and still keep using toby easily,

Oh! And good point about the subscription. Will try to add that soon.

Arthur Câmara: @jernejcic Awesome to know Luke. Yeah, we'll certainly brainstorm a bit, and move with those as quickly as possible to bring a new update asap.

Tea: @arthur_camara Thanks for checking it out! It's kinda nice too right? Like I said to @mackflavelle though, you guys really knocked it out of the park! Love the product design and implementation. Super tasty stuff. Also checked out Once I make the plunge into VR I'm going to be headed over to see what you guys are up to.

Arthur Câmara: @taylorpoe @mackflavelle Thanks Tea! And I'm definitely checking your extension as well.

Arthur Câmara: @souhailwardi Great feedback Souhail. I'll take it all into consideration for my next steps towards the upcoming release and update. Thanks again for trying Toby and let me know if you have any additional thoughts.

Arthur Câmara: @s_mcleod Great you brought that up, Sam. Let me explain:

Reading the data: It can read the data on the websites LOCALLY only - nothing is sent to any server. It's all in your machine. We definitely do not know the websites you're visiting. The reason for the extension to read all the data locally is that the search feature needs to grab the content of the tabs. If you add a tab to toby, or if you have an open tab, and then search for any term on Toby, Toby will show you exactly which tab you're looking for - it doesn't only look for title matches. Let's say you add this wikipedia article about Vancouver to a Toby list and then search for "West End", which is one of the neighborhoods of the city. Toby will highlight that tab for you, even though West End is just part of the content of the page and not mentioned in the title, meta data or description.

Change data on the websites: Toby doesn't change anything on the pages you visit, but it does inject a small script to help with the search feature described above. Again, all locally.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be more than happy to answer them in detail. Thanks for your feedback.

Arthur Câmara: @ankscricholic Nope, there's no server, Ankur. Toby is a client-side only app. Maybe something with your browser? Let me know and I'd love to help more and see what's causing you trouble.

Arthur Câmara: @evantravers Good idea Evan! What shortcuts would you use the most, you think? Would love to hear more.

Arthur Câmara: @jardel @mackflavelle Yes! That's definitely coming very very soon! I wish I'd thought of the "Add all tabs" feature before myself cause I also want to use it now that I hear feedback from you guys :)

It was definitely valuable to post it here and start hearing all the ideas. Keep 'em coming, I love it and it really helps!

Backing up is also coming through a sync feature and I think it'll make this super useful to use across devices. So yeah, thanks again for trying Toby and keep an eye on the upcoming updates.

Luke Jernejcic: @arthur_camara If you got those nailed and added mobile access (I assume that's coming with accounts), I'd be willing to pay a monthly fee up to $5/month, FYI ;-)

Luke Jernejcic: @mackflavelle Is there any documentation on how to do that? I tried toggling Toby off and on. I tried toggling the plugin that I do want in the 'new tab' and that didn't fix it either.

Arthur Câmara: @basictechy To me, the user experience and the interface of Toby make it unique. But yeah, there are tons of good extensions out there and people are productive in different ways, so as long as this helps other people as much as it helps me, I'm super happy and stoked to keep developing it. Thanks for trying Toby, Andrew!

Arthur Câmara: @jernejcic Hey Luke. Thanks for your feedback. That's a feature I'll certainly add in the very very near future. It's coming, I promise :)

Mack Flavelle: @haoyangnz @arthur_camara You can still use Toby without using it in every new tab. Just click on the Toby badge and then on the button "Open Toby" to bring up the Toby UI and all your lists.

Mack Flavelle: @jernejcic It doesn't need to take up the new tab, that's just the default. But definitely doesn't need to be the case.

Mack Flavelle: @dangr Feedback noted. Thank you. We'll see what we can do - agree that seems super useful.

Mack Flavelle: @evankimbrell Syncing is coming soon! Like really soon.

Johnny Hill: @mackflavelle @arthur_camara Agreed, a mailing list would be fantastic! I'm excited to see all the features that get added to this—it already does enough (hallelujah Toby), but with a couple more this thing will rule the internet. Also, thanks for releasing it for free, but you should really have a donate link on your site... This thing is worth its weight in gold. :)

Alex Sherwood: @arthur_camara the option to drag & drop open tabs into a list would be useful too, at the moment I'm finding adding tabs to lists quite awkward to be honest.

Arthur Câmara: @julien_pourinfo_aorleans Yes, we're discussing that! Stay tuned and I'll let you know if we add that to Toby.

Arthur Câmara: @ghobs91 hahaha "You think I have a machine for measuring bee hives?"
But seriously, Toby was named after my dog. And it kinda sounds like Tabs, sort of. So there's a fun fact for you.

Mack Flavelle: @nishant_k_gupta @arthur_camara You can still use Toby without using it in every new tab. Just click on the Toby badge and then on the button "Open Toby" to bring up the Toby UI and all your lists.

Thanks for checking it out!

Tea: @mackflavelle @arthur_camara Thanks, and that's super kind of you. Congrats again on the release — the product design is really nice! I'm going to make sure I'm not building the same thing as you guys for the next project, that's for sure. ;)

Mack Flavelle: @taylorpoe @arthur_camara THAT's THE WORST. It's the only lame part of PH, when you see somebody had almost shipped something and somebody else got something similar out the door right before.

But Mono-Tab looks cool. If you want me to post it to Product Hunt when you're ready let me know and I'll get it done!

Mack Flavelle: @xcadaverx @arthur_camara We should get a mailing list up and running, but for now I promise to message you here on PH/ or twitter when it's ready to fly.

Mike Holford: @hopkinschris Second this!

Arthur Câmara: @joy014 Great to hear Joyjeet!

Arthur Câmara: @siororke Nice one Siobhan. Yeah, I'll make sure to brainstorm a bit about this and add that asap. Thanks for using Toby

Josh Holland: @overra @raphc Awesome New Tab Page ( looks like it does that, although it seems to be abandoned and I remember it being pretty resource-intensive.

YeJun Su: @arthur_camara Thank you, that'll be very helpful.

Menj: @arthur_camara sure thanks for the response! cheers!

Arthur Câmara: @menjvillalobos I had that in an early prototype, maybe I'll reintroduce it and ask what you guys think. Thanks for the feedback.

Arthur Câmara: @alvinmilton It's always on your face and helps you organize it better. That's the big advantage to me right now. Plus, there are several upcoming features that will make it even more valuable. Keep an eye on it :) And thanks, Alvin, for evaluating Toby. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

Arthur Câmara: @alex_v_bush Yeah, it's a bit greedy when you install it, but you can still use it! If you prefer something else is on the new tab, like your product hunt extension, no problem. Just click on the Toby badge and then on the button "Open Toby" to bring up the Toby UI and all your lists.

Arthur Câmara: @nurihodges Sounds like a good idea. Thanks for sharing. I'll keep that in mind

Daniel Williams: @arthur_camara How exciting! Can I join a mailing list to be notified when syncing is enabled, or will the extension automatically update? Cheers!

Arthur Câmara: @bcjordan Yep, same here. CodePen is fun. I haven't had time to post much over there lately, but feel free to check out a few things I have in there ;)

Arthur Câmara: @xcadaverx Thanks for the review, Daniel. Yes, both of those are part of our plans for the very near future. Great to see our efforts are aligned with your needs. More specifically, the sync feature is ALMOST there, I'd say 95% done. Archiving a tab from Toby easily is also in my plans and will be nice to have as well, like you described. Thanks again, and let me know if you have any additional thoughts.

Arthur Câmara: @aplssf That's correct, Alex. Toby only lists tabs in the current window, but that's something we've been discussing. Thanks for your feedback and for trying it out, and let me know if Toby helps you get more productive or organized.

Arthur Câmara: @fogueiravb @raphc Right... haha You can still use Toby if it's not your default new tab. Just click the Toby icon and then the button "Open Toby". Then you'll see all your lists.

Arthur Câmara: @adrianrubin1 Same here. It's been helpful to me and made me more productive. Let me know if it helps you as well

Arthur Câmara: @maiab Right... And I also use the Search feature quite a bit when I have a bunch of open/saved tabs

Arthur Câmara: @jayeshsidhwani You can still use Momentum. To open Toby in case it's not your default new tab, just click the Toby icon and click on the "Open Toby" button to see all your lists

Arthur Câmara: @john_wu1 Hahaha at least now you can create a Product Hunt list and keep track of all your favorite products with Toby. :P But seriously, if you don't want it replacing your new tab, you can still use Toby. Just click on the Toby icon, and then "Open Toby" if you don't use it in the default new tab. Thanks for trying it out

Arthur Câmara: @marc_rosa Noted. That would certainly be awesome :)

Arthur Câmara: @marc_rosa Thanks for using it! I'm glad you love it. Yes, Toby is accessible without being the default tab. Just click the Toby icon and then click the "Open Toby" button. I included that specifically for people who don't want to use the default new tab for Toby. #hiddenFeature

Vazgen Badalyan: @raphc I had the same issue - I ended up deleted product hunt extension, and then installing it again (it overwrote Tobby being the default app). I didn't find any other way of doing that.

Arthur Câmara: @mariepoopins Great point! I totally understand how it might feel like a bug if that's the first tab you try to drag. Good insight, thanks for sharing Marie!

Arthur Câmara: @tobdea Great to hear. Let me know how it helps you :)

Arthur Câmara: @raphc Awesome. Test it and let me know what you think Raphaël

Arthur Câmara: @sergiosa_la @haoyangnz Haven't thought about it yet, but I'll def consider it! :) Thanks for trying it out guys

Arthur Câmara: @tobyhervey Hahaha That's awesome! You can tweet it! I'm @arthur_camara on Twitter

Arthur Câmara: @savethetweets Thanks Matt! I'm glad you like it

Arthur Câmara: @brunostasse Very valid point. I'll make sure to reanable that in the next release! Thanks for your feedback and let me know if you have any additional thoughts. I hope Toby helps you :)

Menj: @arthur_camara cool! :) I hope you can add the option to hide the right "sidebar". That would be awesome!

Arthur Câmara: @raphc @tgerin @dtireli @jamielovelace You can use it without having it in a new tab :) When you install it, it will use your new tab, but if you want to use something else as a new tab, you still can continue to use Toby. Click the Toby icon and you'll see button "Open Toby". That will open the dashboard in case you don't want to have it on your new tab :) Great point, though! Thanks a lot for your feedback and for trying it out! Let me know if you have any other thoughts

Arthur Câmara: @ldesserrey Great to hear Laurent! Let me know how it's working for you

Arthur Câmara: @hopkinschris Yeah, I thought pinned tabs shouldn't be draggable because they're always there anyways, but I should give it another thought! I'll also look into Session Buddy and check out how that works. Thanks for using Toby, Christopher!

Arthur Câmara: @chrisdolle Privacy Policy will be up today, I promise! I also promise we don't receive any of your personal data, like which tabs you add to Toby or what your lists are. It's a client-side app only.

About renaming tabs, that's on our plans of dicussing soon! Thanks for using Toby!

Arthur Câmara: @ourielohayon Thanks for the feedback. That was intentional (I thought pinned tabs are always there and easy to access anyways), but I'll revisit and rethink this. Please keep letting me know how Toby is helping you or how it could do better! Cheers

Arthur Câmara: @menjvillalobos That was also one of my initial thoughts - focusing on UX and UI a bit more was key. Thanks for using Toby

Brian Jordan: @arthur_camara that's awesome, thanks for sharing that! Love using CodePen as a way to quickly mock up an idea

Arthur Câmara: @sebyddd Thanks Sebastian! I'm stoked to hear more on how you use it and how we can help you even more.

Arthur Câmara: @tony_freed @mackflavelle Great point! I'll look into that and let you know when we add it. Thank you

Arthur Câmara: @bcjordan @mackflavelle The final version ended up looking quite like the initial design vision, with some changes and simplifications here and there. The idea was always to have a board for my tabs, and drag them around. Some original ideas we still plan on adding (like integrating with your history), and others just came along the way, like better way to highlight search items and overall design.

If you want to check out one of my early experiences with the UX, check out this codepen I wrote a while ago and drag "tabs" around:

I think the most unexpected thing I found was all the different ways people have been using Toby. Some people really use it to organize their tabs, and other have repurposed it to function like a Todo list or bookmarks. It's awesome to see all the different ways people use it and get feedback from each one of them. Thanks for trying it out and let me know if you have any thoughts Brian.

Arthur Câmara: @goofansu Not yet but that's soon coming! It's aaalllmmmooost done :) Stay tuned. Thanks for using Toby! I hope it helps you

Arthur Câmara: @danr_4 I'll link the privacy policy we use today and send you the link

Sergio Sala: @haoyangnz I wanna know too!

Marc Anthony Rosa: Also, selecting multiple tab choices at once to drag into a tab group would be Major 🔑

Jonathan Tzou: @mackflavelle Thank you for this. As a tab hoarder myself, this is godsend.

Jamie: @raphc Would be pretty rad to open the tabs from inside the context menu next to your URL bar I think

Dorian Tireli: @raphc you'll have to choose one of the apps I'm afraid...

Dan Rosenshain: I'd like to know that too. no privacy policy/tos

Thibaud Gerin: @raphc this exactly, I use speed dial a lot and I'm not sure I'm ready to give it up to use Toby (as much as I love the UI).

The following information is related to the job

Buffer: Simple, powerful social media--- VP of Product---🌎

Quartzy: Free lab management platform--- Data Scientist, Analytics ---Palo Alto, CA

MailTime: Go through your email as fast and easy as text-messaging--- Software Engineer ---San Francisco

PrepScholar: SAT/ACT Prep that's customized to you--- Product Manager ---Boston

InVision: Prototyping & collaboration for design teams--- Senior Graphics Engineer---New York City

InVision: Prototyping & collaboration for design teams--- Product Analyst ---New York City


  • Toby产品_产品发现_product hunt_中文插件搜寻网_addonhunt
    Organize your browser tabs
  • Tab Snooze产品_产品发现_product hunt_中文插件搜寻网_addonhunt
    Browser Extension that snoozes tabs. Mailbox for tabs!
  • Tab Organizer产品_产品发现_product hunt_中文插件搜寻网_addonhunt
    Rearrange messy tabs into groups of matching URLs
  • devmark产品_产品发现_product hunt_中文插件搜寻网_addonhunt
    New way to bookmark. Create and search