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介绍:Access all your documents in one place.

更新时间:2016-12-26 12:42:37

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Kevin William David: Link all your online accounts to Vaultedge and manage all your files in one platform. Vaultedge brings your documents from cloud storage, hard drive and emails into one platform. It categorizes your documents which makes it easy for you to access.

Amrith Shanbhag: Been following Vaultedge since the @ProductHunt meetup in Bengaluru! Glad to see them finally launch! Great product :)

Pranav Divakar: Product Hunters! :)
If you think you have a use-case with Vaultedge - Try us out!
If you think you don't have a need for Vaultedge - let us know what you do , We'll find a use-case for you:)

Atul Yadav: Looks promising!

Hussein shtia: like

Sajeev Aravindan: Thanks Kevin for hunting us.

Hi Everyone - Let's cut to the chase

Ever felt hopeless about lost files & documents stored in multiple cloud accounts and you weren't able to figure out where?

Vaultedge helps you find documents from different cloud accounts like Gmail, Drive, Outlook, Dropbok. We are your private Google for private documents.

We will soon launch Desktop, Evernote and Slack integration. Support us today and get 1 year of FREE plan.

Ankit Mahindru: Hey Sanjeev!

Loved the concept, would love to try it out but I am having problems signing up. The captcha pop up opens behind the sign up popup and there is no way I can do the captcha without dismissing the signup form.

Sajeev Aravindan: Guys, we are making a major deployment now. The site might be unresponsive for few minutes, Please bear with us

Hicham Amine: Really the time-saver. Thanks for making this guys! No more lost files.

Kristin Drysdale: - Best part of this video for me comes at second 00:49, Lol! ...we've all got _that friend_. 🙄😝

(edited) Btw, I had this on loop more times than is intelligently acceptable with deadlines closing in. All the best on your BIG Launch Day! Congrats for making something amazing and sharing it.

Sima Roy: I have been a Beta User from the last 3 months and love the way Vaultedge helps me organize files! I would definitely suggest this to everyone!

Andrew Mutavdzija: What makes this better/different than/from Findo?

Sajith Kandy: I have not felt so organised in a long time that too in a jiffy!!!!

Somnath Meher: This is brilliant! Had been looking for something to organize all my files at the same place. Pretty neatly done, must say. Look forward to having more features over time!

Alon Tzipory: Good job! Sajeev, Nadeer and the team! World's easiest and most compelling platform to manage my multi cloud storage and valuable assets!

Sriraman: I have been using Vaultedge from 2months! Few of the first Beta users probably! Love the use cases! I would definitely recommend more people to try it out .

Mohit Mamoria: I use Dropbox and Google Drive heavily and I cannot remember where exactly a file resides. I spend almost 10 minutes everytime I am looking for a file. I tried it and got the file in under 30 seconds. Wow!

Santosh Panda: Good stuff to unify the docs cloud.
But I am very choosy when it comes to pay for services that is still not a pain point. I know this will be pain point but I will wait till then.
But to think, 1.99$ is good price to start with, study behaviour and then intro more up pricing.

Abhishek Syal: How is it different than google drive? How does the categorizations work?

Vikas Jain: For someone who has files across multiple platforms this is a great product. However this would only be complete if it can also work on my files on Mac.

True Efforts: As a professional managing multiple projects, vaultedge seems to be a realtime saver. I liked the feature of auto-organizing documents based on contexts. I would suggest serious business folks to give a try.

Arun Pattnaik: I've been using, & am a big fan of, @metasearch. How does it compare?

Jitesh Dugar: With so many of us already relying on the cloud for storing our files, it really becomes challenging to manage these files. I'm really excited about vaultedge and I'm glad that I've been introduced to this during beta. Thanks guys. May the force be with you :)

Elizabeth S Hunker: Meta search your cloud - love it - only question is, how does the security stack up against @tesorit ? @vaultedgetweets @nadeerahammed @sajeev @divakarpranav @pranitkamarshi

Alex Strafalogea: A "Select All/None" option when adding a source will be nice to have...

Also, why I can't delete an account once it started to process?

Sajeev Aravindan: @philgo20 Thanks Philippe for the response. We are working on improving the search speed.

I'm not sure I understand the "cryptic file name" part. Do you mean if documents are cryptically named, how the classification will work? We use the file contents to classify in addition to the name. So it doesn't matter even if the documents are not properly named. If you meant something else, please let me know. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback.

Philippe Gauvin: @sasajeev
I was referring to both the initial sync and the search.

That second comment was referring to how you classify the documents you index. All I could see was cryptic name files so it was difficult to assess how well your document classification works.

Sajeev Aravindan: @codymclain Thanks Cody, if you are looking for anything specific let me know.

Sajeev Aravindan: @urskrishna Thanks MohanKrishna for trying Vaultedge. If you can DM me the email id you used to register I can check the status of the dropbox. Yes, you can add unlimited accounts, but you should have been first logged into the dropbox account you wish to add. Thanks for trying us

Sajeev Aravindan: @abnux @e440 Thanks Abhinav, it's a possibility. We have tested only for english characters in file names.

Sajeev Aravindan: @philgo20 Thanks for the feedback Philippe. When you meant not fast enough, I assume you are referring to the initial sync. That was primarily due to we not anticipating the load, if you were to try us again, we will be significantly faster although we will be slower than other search only software since we spent some time in classifying the file. I'm not sure I understand the "smart enough" part. Are you referring to not having enough integrations. In that case in 3-6 months, please revisit us, we would have covered most of the integrations including Evernote and Slack.

Sajeev Aravindan: Thanks Product Hunters for the great feedback. When we came live yesterday in ProductHunt, we honestly did not expect more than 100 signups. But the actual response was truly overwhelming.

When Kevin finished posting us in ProductHunt and informed us, I thought of rebooting one of the let's say "important" servers to free up memory. When it rebooted it came up with a new IP address. I quickly checked whether we used the IP of the server in the code and noticed in one place we have hard coded the IP. Now I will have to change the IP and redeploy the code just when we have opened up to public. If not done, connecting cloud services will fail. When I was trying to quickly make that change, our frontend engineer Nadeer wanted to make a small change to disable a checkbox since it was always selecting the first selected option making the checkbox irrelevant. I thought what a f**king start to the Product Hunt and was worried what's more in store for us.

But luckily after that it was much smoother. There were few signup issues due to special characters in password (which we are fixing as we speak), captcha appearing in the wrong place and a particular popup won't close when clicked on yes. But the most important of all the lessons is to keep at least double the number of servers than what you think is needed. We pretty much ground to a halt when a large number of users signed up simultaneously and connected their cloud accounts.

In the end after more than 300+ signups and 500+ accounts connected, we processed thru (still processing thru some) millions of documents. I know that some of your accounts are still being indexed and I apologize for that. We will try and redirect the load to new servers so that the existing jobs can finish faster.

After going thru PH, I feel like what ever preparations you do, you still will not be completely ready for what ProductHunters may throw at you. Be ready to stumble, get up and walk.

Thanks a lot for all the hunters, makers and early adopters who makes this community awesome. Please hit me back with any questions on Vaultedge or our Producthunt launch, or to simply say Hi.

Sajeev Aravindan: @urskrishna Thanks Mohan, appreciate the feedback. Let us know how we can improve.

Mohankrishna S: @sasajeev I re-logged in and saw that my files are being indexed. After an hour or so I received an email that my files are available. I logged back in and Presto.. all my files are categorized... Also if I click now the Dropbox bubble, it is asking for login. So now I see I can add multiple accounts. Thank you for a wonderful product

Abhinav Chhikara: @sasajeev @giacomolaw this is a little concerning. why aren't special characters supported, and are you storing the passwords in plain-text? Sorry if I'm being too cautious, but this doesn't sound right to me

Abhinav Chhikara: @sasajeev @e440 Think AK might be referring to cyrillic characters in file names not being supported?

Sajeev Aravindan: @hgottfried Hi Hal, we optionally keep a copy of your documents if you enable the checkbox. This is particularly useful for offline files in desktop and portable drives since when you locate them thru Valutedge, the desktop or portable drive may not be available for Vaultedge to retrieve the file. Coming to the certifications, we don't have any yet, But we believe our storage system is very securely designed. We do not store a file in full. We break it down into smaller parts and encrypt them using unique keys. So even if someone gets access to our system, they will have to decrypt and stitch together these seemingly random parts to recreate a file. We are working on other integrations, Evernote is on the top. Let me know which other integrations you will need. Thanks again for taking the time to provide feedback.

Hal Gottfried: @urskrishna here too, it also reloads the page so I went back to a blank screen

Kyle Pearce: @divakarpranav Definitely support for Slack and Evernote.

Sajeev Aravindan: @marcboscher Hi Marc, this is a great question. Yes, we do support unlimited drive and dropbox accounts. We don't try to understand where they are syncing to. We just create our metadata from the cloud data so it's all same to us.

Sajeev Aravindan: @imjainvikas Oh, I got it. What you need is a way to specify user created sub-categories and may be even train Vaultedge when to use that category. Sounds like an awesome usecase. We will put some thought into it to refine it further. Thanks for the great feedback.

Vikas Jain: @sasajeev Albeit the tool smartly created ones that I would use largely, there was a need for adding more granularity for some of the categories to make my search easy. Albeit it could be a very specific use case.

Sajeev Aravindan: @e440 Hi AK, Could you please explain what is the importance of having Cyrillic encoding support? How will the users benefit?

Sajeev Aravindan: @trueefforts Wow, that's a perfect example for context. Thanks for the excellent feedback. Glad to add you to the alpha list. Thanks once again.

True Efforts: @sasajeev if i am at office, vaultedge should show all my projects tags at the top instead of my financial tags. This would greatly enhance the user experience..Please add me in the alpha list.

Pranav Divakar: Thanks Vishnu @sathyan_vishnu People like you are the reason we work 18 hours a day :)

Sajeev Aravindan: @trueefforts This is a great question. We run our own Naive Bayes and SVM Machine Learning code on our training dataset to classify user data. We also supplement the classification with APIs like Watson to get the best results. We are working on our Android app now, will be great if you can try the alpha version of it, What do you mean exactly when you say "arranging the context"?

Peter Jacobson: @sasajeev @iamsebj @divakarpranav I use a password generator. I try to be security conscious so I wouldn't use this product until I could have special characters in my password

Sajeev Aravindan: @iamsebj @petejacobson @divakarpranav Hi Seb, this is a problem on our side, we will fix it soon. Yes, you sure seem to have the most secure password.

Pranav Divakar: @iamsebj @sasajeev OH Crap! We prepared so much just before the launch! Tested it a million times! And it never broke then! :) Getting @nadeerahammed to sort this out in the next 10 mins! Apologies! And thanks for your patience !

Pranav Divakar: @iamsebj @sasajeev Hi Seb! We got everything up and running now! :) If you wouldn't mind, could you please try it out again ?:)

Sajeev Aravindan: @sathyan_vishnu Thanks a lot Vishnu, we are always grateful to your feedback on UX.

Sajeev Aravindan: @imjainvikas Hi Vikas, that is a great question. We have never thought about giving users multiple options. We already use multiple classifiers and pick the one with the highest accuracy. I'm not sure why would someone want to manually select one. I would like to know your thoughts.

Sajeev Aravindan: @santoshpanda Thanks Santosh for the feedback, we will definitely look into the pricing.

Pranav Divakar: Thanks @atzipory ! People like you, who keep us going everyday :) We'll make sure Vaultedge stays up to your expectations!:)

Pranav Divakar: @kaaist Thanks Kyle! Appreciate the nice words:)
Would love to hear what feature you would like to see in Vaultedge next?

jacilyn: @sasajeev @divakarpranav I currently have 230 GB of data - I'm assuming that most ppl start using Amazon Drive the way I did, because a Prime membership offers free unlimited photo storage. Then when I realized that the unlimited storage was the most cost-effective option I could find, I signed up for a free trial, and searched for a way to use it without having to go through their website (it's the worst of all cloud platforms that I have encountered).
So to answer your question I have 22 GB in photos, 17 in videos, and the rest in documents.
Thanks again! Signed up for Vaultedge and will be thrilled if you're able to add Amazon Drive.

Sajeev Aravindan: @traveltechymatt @petejacobson @iamsebj @divakarpranav Yeah, I guess it's just the password which was causing the issue. I understand the issue and we will fix it once we get some breather. Thanks Matt for the feedback.

Sajeev Aravindan: @abhishek_syal Yes, we consider classification to be our secret sauce.

Sajeev Aravindan: @andreasduess I Apologize for not being critical in reviewing the grammar. Will fix that. We have fixed the "exclude folders" issue. If you are aware of other issues, please do let me know so that we can fix them.

Matt Harris: @sasajeev @petejacobson @iamsebj @divakarpranav Definitely needs to be able to accept special chars. Many people use password managers and, that's honestly just lax security risk. Simplifies both brute force and dictionary attacks it's known that special chars aren't possible. (and at least tell us on site that that's the reason, I've been thinking your server is crashing this entire time, but I think it's just certain special chars, I couldn't get it to work with a % for some reason)

Sajeev Aravindan: @abhishek_syal Hi Abhishek, thanks for asking. The current pricing plan is all for individuals. The free plan lets you connect 4 cloud accounts, but can search only upto 60 days old data. For others there is 30$/y plan with gives access to 4 cloud drives and 2 apps. Right now we don't have a plan exclusively for non-profits. Please share what you think of our pricing.

Abhishek Syal: @sasajeev No worries. This is interesting that you are using multiple APIs to deliver better results.

Sajeev Aravindan: @giacomolaw Thanks Giacomo. Will keep you posted

Giacomo Lawrance: @sasajeev Looking forward to Evernote and Slack integration!

Pranav Divakar: Thanks @ambonium ! We loved what you did at @producthunt Bangalore! Definitely had a lot of learning and it helped us prep better for our launch day!

Nadeer Ahammed.M: @lauren_mckallor Hi Lauren, thanks for asking a great question. I think we all are trying to make users find their personal data easier, although the mechanisms used are a bit different. We do the following so that you can find your data faster:
-Full Search index of your documents (not just tags)
-Classification/Grouping of related data so that you can bulk download all your related data
-Semantic search (still evolving)
-Different views like File, Summary & Thumbnail
-Direct Preview of files within our page

Our mission is create richer metadata along with the context of the data so that data can find you when you need it. For example if you receive a mail asking you for a certain document, our (future ) gmail plugin will automatically surface those documents asked without you having to do anything. This is where we are going towards.

Sajeev Aravindan: @petejacobson @iamsebj @divakarpranav I understand Peter. We will fix this and let you know. Appreciate the feedback.

Sajeev Aravindan: @jacilynh @divakarpranav Thanks jacilyn for sharing the info. We will look into your request and get back and thanks for signing up.

Sajeev Aravindan: @jacilynh @divakarpranav Jacilyn, that is a great feedback. We will definitely look into supporting Amazon Drive. Do you have primarily documents in the Amazon drive or you need support for other files as well? Also could you please share the size of your data?

jacilyn: @divakarpranav I can't guarantee that a lot of folks currently use it, but I tried to find a platform such as yours and there are very few options that support Amazon Drive. If you do choose to support it, it would be a competitive edge and certainly make me willing to pay for the service! With the pricing of Amazon Drive compared to other cloud storage, I've seen comments from folks who want to use it but want to go through another platform.

Sajeev Aravindan: @abhisihelp @kwdinc Thanks Paresh. Looking forward to your feedback.

Paresh Patel: @kwdinc Finding your content from 4 different online storage services from one portal is amazing. I'm definitely signing up.

Sajeev Aravindan: @zeljkoprsa Awesome Zeljko

Sajeev Aravindan: @hussein_shtia Thanks Hussein

Sajeev Aravindan: @petejacobson @iamsebj @divakarpranav Hi Peter, no particular reason. We figured out late in the cycle that we have problems with these characters. We will fix them asap.

Seb Jachec: @sasajeev @petejacobson @divakarpranav I see, thanks

Pranav Divakar: @kristindrysdale Hahahaha! True that! :)

Seb Jachec: @petejacobson @sasajeev @divakarpranav My thoughts exactly! Thanks for letting me know the reason, but at the same time.. my password is basically too secure?! C'mon..

Sajeev Aravindan: @giacomolaw Can you please share the email id you used so that we can look into our logs to see what happened?

Pranav Divakar: Hey @jacilynh that is something we can do, but not sure the number of people who use Amazon Drive. Do you think a lot of people will want to integrate Amazon Drive ?

We currently support Gmail, Drive, Dropbox, Yahoo & Outlook.
Next In-line are the One Drive Integration, Android App, Desktop app
After this we'll have Evernote & Slack integrated.

Peter Jacobson: @sasajeev @iamsebj @divakarpranav why would you not accept these special characters????

Pranit Kamarshi: @andreasduess @sasajeev Thank you Andreas for taking the time to try out Vaultedge. We will fix all the issues mentioned right away.

Andreas Duess: @sasajeev Thanks Sajeev, all has been sorted out and I am excited to poke around - thanks for making it possible. . A number of observations :

Typos, typos, typos. If I am to trust a company with my files, I'd like to see a sense of professionalism. Right now, there isn't a single page that doesn't contain at least one typo or grammatical error.

Unresponsive elements - there are a number of unresponsive elements I've encountered (on Chrome, latest). For example, the "exclude folders" button in the gogle drive selection box is not working in the "yes" position.

Sajeev Aravindan: @davidsfeng Awesome, I agree we are building the service for the rest of us. Thanks for sharing your model, it is really helpful. As far now, my only hope to find the files is using Vaultedge.

Sajeev Aravindan: @iamsebj @divakarpranav Hi Seb, could you please try signing up with a different password. We do not accept characters like & " % + =

Sajeev Aravindan: @giacomolaw Hi Giacomo, could you please try signing up with a different password. We do not accept characters like & " % + =

Sajeev Aravindan: @atulmy Thanks Atul, please share any feedback you have.

Sajeev Aravindan: @iamsebj @divakarpranav Seb, DM me the email id you used so that we can look into the logs and see what happened.

Pranav Divakar: Hey @giacomolaw ! Apologies! A million things go wrong only when you launch on the Big Day! :D I'll get this sorted in the next 30 mins! Thank you for your patience! :) We love your support!

If all your documents are only in Evernotes and if you are able to find all your docs quickly, I guess you don't need Vaultedge.

Seb Jachec: @divakarpranav @sasajeev Hey, the captcha is good now but the Get Started button still isn't working in Safari 10.0 or Chrome 55.0.2883.21 (same 500 error logged in console) :(

Željko Jake Prša: @sasajeev Managed to register and logged in now.

David Feng: @sasajeev Haha thanks! I still use the same naming structure I came up with during high school. When I need something, I have a notion of what/when/where already so I just plug those keywords in the search. I rely on services like Drive because I don't want to become to reliant on technologies that solve very specific problems. It's better to stay organized from the get-go than to go cold turkey on a great app like Vaultedge.

Sajeev Aravindan: @davidsfeng Hi David, you definitely look like way more organized than I ever was. But I'm curious how quickly are you able to locate a year old payslip or a legal document? Do you remember the filename or do you have folders against each year or in general how you go about? With Vaultedge you either search for whatever you remember about that file or go to the appropriate classification, select the tags and narrow down to the file.

Sajeev Aravindan: @atzipory Thanks Alon for the kind words

Sajeev Aravindan: @elizabethhunker @tesorit @vaultedgetweets @nadeerahammed @sajeev @divakarpranav @pranitkamarshi Hi Elizabeth, Sorry to have missed this. Awesome, that perfectly explains what we do. Unlike tesorit, we don't store your data, just the metadata. Even the metadata is encrypted and stored. Thanks for asking.

Pranav Divakar: @manusrikumar Thanks Manu! Your support has been really wonderful!

Sajeev Aravindan: @hgottfried We don't store the data within us, your data stays wherever it is. I think we create the richer metadata and query language than anyone else. With our classification, you can find all your bills in one place. With our still in progress Semantic query you can find all your unpaid bills or last 6 month bills.

Regarding encrypted files, they remain unclassified and unindexed by default. But we optionally allow the users to specify a list of global passwords which can be used to decrypt so that we can classify and index. I will be happy to answer in detail if you have follow up questions.

Sajeev Aravindan: @manusrikumar Thanks Manu, I'm glad that you liked Vaultedge. Let me know is there anything we can do improve your experience.

Sajeev Aravindan: @arunpattnaik Hi Arun, thanks for asking a great question. I think we all are trying to make users find their personal data easier, although the mechanisms used are a bit different. We do the following so that you can find your data faster:
-Full Search index of your documents (not just tags)
-Classification/Grouping of related data so that you can bulk download all your related data
-Semantic search (still evolving)
-Different views like File, Summary & Thumbnail
-Direct Preview of files within our page

Our mission is create richer metadata along with the context of the data so that data can find you when you need it. For example if you receive a mail asking you for a certain document, our (future ) gmail plugin will automatically surface those documents asked without you having to do anything. This is where we are going towards.

Sajeev Aravindan: @andym_dc Hi Andy, that is a great question. I think we all are trying to make users find their personal data easier although the mechanisms used are a bit different. We do the following so that you can find your data faster:

- Full Search index of your documents (not just tags)
- Tags
- Summary
- Classification/Grouping of related data so that you can bulk download all your related data
- Semantic search (still evolving)
- Different views like File, Summary & Thumbnail
- Direct Preview of files within our page

Sajeev Aravindan: @abhishek_syal Sorry this slipped thru. We are hosted in Google Cloud in the US. We use our implementation of Naive Bayes and SVM over our own training dataset for the most part and also use external APIs like Watson to supplement our accuracy.

Sajeev Aravindan: @imjainvikas Sure, got it. Yes, the desktop app will support hard drives and portable drives, but not exactly network drives like CIFS or NFS.

Abhishek Syal: @sasajeev Nice - Where are you hosted ? Are you using ML provided by IBM / Azure ML or Google TensorFlow ?

Sajeev Aravindan: Done with the deployment, thanks for bearing with us.

Sajeev Aravindan: @andreasduess Hi Andreas, that is a great question, thanks for asking. I believe odrive provides you one access to all your cloud storage, but I don't think it adds value on top of that. Vaultedge adds rich metadata by categorizing, indexing, tagging and summarizing so that you can find your data faster. I will be happy to answer if you have more questions.

Sajeev Aravindan: @fxcutz Thanks for the "note" about Evernote. Anyother other than Evernote would be of your interest?

Sajeev Aravindan: @fxcutz We are working on improving our OCR support, so I believe written notes will also be included.

Sajeev Aravindan: Guys, we are making a major deployment now. The site might be unresponsive for few minutes, Please bear with us

Sajeev Aravindan: @hgottfried Thanks Hal for taking the time to provide feedback. I would definitely hope we will be able to help and live upto your expectations.

You are right, we get read access to your data, using machine learning to classify, index the data for search, create tags and also summarize the document.

Hal Gottfried: @hgottfried (second part). Is this something in place? I know that Drobbox, Box etc. are HIPPA approved and some of them FIPS as well. However as a third party that protection doesn't extend to you.

I am also wondering what as you see is the main difference between you and say; CloudHQ, Otixo, Unclouded and CloudFuze ?? (I didn't include services that only let you add multiple sites and simply mount them).

Finally, how do you handle encrypted files and / or containers as the files can't be parsed?

It does look a great tool !! I look forward to your response !!

Sajeev Aravindan: @iamsebj @divakarpranav Seb, we are looking into this

Sajeev Aravindan: @andreasduess I'm sorry about your email id being rejected. I believe you are already conversing with our engineers. We will find a solution for you.

Andreas Duess: @sasajeev Could you tell me how your product differs from odrive? Additionally, your sign-up system is rejecting my email address, most likely because our domain extension is not a .com, .org etc. In 2016, in a newly launched product, this should NOT be happening.

Sajeev Aravindan: @mehersomnath Awesome Somnath, glad to be of help. Is there any particular feature you are looking for?

Sajeev Aravindan: @ananthakrishna Thanks Bhaskar. Let us know how we can improve.

Sajeev Aravindan: @sriraman2 Awesome Sriraman. Glad that you liked Vaultedge. Let me know is there anything you would like to improve.

Seb Jachec: @divakarpranav @sasajeev Edited this comment: Get Started button does not work on Safari 10, macOS 10.12. HTTP 500 error loading https://6-dot-vaultedgewebtier.a... in the debug console

brighthero: @sasajeev Evernote support sounds great for me, will you be just looking at PDF and Word files in notes or also at "written" ones?

Sajeev Aravindan: @zeljkoprsa DM me at sajeev @

Sajeev Aravindan: @zeljkoprsa Hi Zeljko, thanks for trying Vaultedge. Can you please post the actual issue or DM me the screenshot.

Pranav Divakar: @imjainvikas Sure! Thanks for letting us know!

Pranav Divakar: @jitesh_dugar Thanks for the love Jitesh! We hope to keep you in love with Vaultedge for as long as possible! :)

Pranav Divakar: @sasajeev Hey @ankitmahindru We have sorted the issue. It should work now :)

Sajeev Aravindan: @sajith_kandy1 Thanks Sajith, that's very kind of you. Hoping that you will continue to use Vaultedge for a long time.

Sajeev Aravindan: @jitesh_dugar Thanks Jitesh for your support. We really would like data to be like electricity, seamless access to data regardless of where ever you store it. Please let us know how we can improve.

Vikas Jain: @divakarpranav yes but personally not that important at least as of now !

Sajeev Aravindan: @ankitmahindru Thanks again for pointing out the issue.

Sajeev Aravindan: @abhishek_syal Hi Abhishek, that is a good question. We are not a google drive replacement. You can continue to keep your documents where ever it was before. We only categorize, index, summarize and tag the documents so that you can quickly find them. We use Machine Learning to classify the data. Please feel free to ask for more details.

Sajeev Aravindan: @hicham_amine Hi Hicham, I'm glad you liked it. If you can get us do one thing in the next 1 week in Vaultedge, what would that be?

Sajeev Aravindan: @sima_roy_91 Sima, thanks always for your support. If there is one feature you would like us to add, what would that be?

Ankit Mahindru: @sasajeev Awesome :)

Vikas Jain: @sasajeev that would be nice to have but Mac would be a need for someone like me ! Also would it for network drives and hard drives ?

Pranav Divakar: @imjainvikas Thanks for the feedback Vikas! Do you use Evernote & Slack as well? We were wondering if we need to add that along with the desktop version:)

Sajeev Aravindan: @ankitmahindru Thanks Ankit for reporting this, I think we found the issue. We will upload a new version soon.

Sajeev Aravindan: @imjainvikas Hi Vikas, glad to know you liked Vaultedge. We are working on the windows and android app now. Mac is definitely next in the line. How about iOS, is that high on your list?

Sajeev Aravindan: @trueefforts We are definitely considering a chrome extension. Will keep you posted. Anything else let us know.

Pranav Divakar: @trueefforts Thank you for the nice words! We are glad to know your thoughts about Vaultedge!

True Efforts: @sasajeev Maybe a browser extension to access my documents anytime.

Sajeev Aravindan: @mohitmamoria Hi Mohit, glad you liked Vaultedge. Hopefully we will continue to live up to your expectations.

Sajeev Aravindan: @trueefforts I'm glad you liked it. Let me know is there anything you would like to see in the product.

Ankit Mahindru: @sasajeev I am on Chrome, Windows 10. Sure, that wouldn't be a problem :)

Sajeev Aravindan: @ankitmahindru Thanks Ankit for trying Vaultedge. I'm sorry the captcha is blocking you. Which browser/OS are you on? We will DM you understand the issue better. Let me know if that works.

Sajeev Aravindan: @alexstrafalogea Sorry looks like my earlier response didn't make it. Thanks Alex for trying Vaultedge. When you say "select All/none" I think you meant "exclude labels" options. It is definitely a nice feature, will add it. Regarding deletion of account, why do you think it is important to delete while it in progress? I would love to know your thoughts

The following information is related to the job

InVision: Prototyping & collaboration for design teams--- Design Researcher ---New York City

eero: Blanket your home in fast, reliable WiFi--- Product Manager - User Engagement---San Francisco

Skurt: Tap a button, get a car delivered to your door--- Software Engineer ---Los Angeles

InVision: Prototyping & collaboration for design teams--- Product Analyst ---New York City

Gimlet Media : A network of high-quality, narrative podcasts--- Editorial, Production & Engineering ---Brooklyn, NY

MailTime: Go through your email as fast and easy as text-messaging--- Software Engineer ---San Francisco


  • Project Infinite by Dropbox产品_产品发现_product hunt_中文插件搜寻网_addonhunt
    Access all the files on Dropbox without having to sync
  • Lingo by Noun Project产品_产品发现_product hunt_中文插件搜寻网_addonhunt
    Organize, share and use all your visual assets in one place
  • Findo产品_产品发现_product hunt_中文插件搜寻网_addonhunt
    Your smart search 🔍 assistant across personal cloud ☁️
  • Meta Search产品_产品发现_product hunt_中文插件搜寻网_addonhunt
    Search your Desktop, Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, Evernote.
  • Remotely产品_产品发现_product hunt_中文插件搜寻网_addonhunt
    Access all of the files on your Mac from anywhere
  • Cloudo产品_产品发现_product hunt_中文插件搜寻网_addonhunt
    Search & access all your cloud apps from one place