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介绍:Share video, honestly. A new app by Casey Neistat.

更新时间:2016-12-24 04:21:08

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Owen Williams: Have been trying this for the last hour or so and am finding it hopelessly addictive. I think the app will do well - it really just forces you to share the raw moment without the normal positioning that comes with social media. I was skeptical, but the app blew me away.

A quick look:

Alex Rosen: Couple more invite codes for the group:

John Borthwick: Happy friday:

ಠ_ಠ: Yall got anymore of them codes

Adam O'Kane: It's early to make too many big statements about this product and how it could fit into the social landscape, but one thing I like is that it's so distinctly a product by Casey Neistat. The voice and aesthetics are so uniquely him. I don't say that to minimize beme's team's contributions and hard work, but it just brings to mind his videos and individual style.

The other thing I want to give them props for is their unique UI. It'll take a bit before it can really be judged, but they should get credit for building something totally new, and not leaning too much on the UI of existing apps.

Ryan Holiday: Have been on for about 3 weeks and am an advisor. Can send codes to a handful of people/friends if you want to email me.

Matt G.: I've been following Casey Neistat since the HBO days. His Snapchat and Youtube have always been a ton of fun and I love his style. He's an awesome story teller! Haven't gotten access to Beme yet, but I'm excited to do so if one of my friends gets an invite before me :) Awesome work here, this is such a cool concept!

Just wanted to draw one similarity to this from the apple watch. When I used to visit a new city and needed to get somewhere, I'd open maps to navigate between places. Now, with the watch, I don't have to look at my phone the entire time I'm walking around. I think Beme is doing the same thing here. It keeps you more in touch with the real world while still allowing you to use technology without getting in the way. Very cool!

Jeff Soo: The proximity sensor as a trigger to record is very interesting. When you watch the video, you can tell Casey, @mhkt and team have thought about the reason for doing so, and not implementing it for shiggles because it's a novel and unique idea. Will be very interested to see if this interaction pattern takes off. Also FWIW, it took Snapchat 4 years to remove tap-and-hold-to-view and change it to tap-to-view. Maybe phone-to-chest/wall/surface will be the next big thing to add a new perspective on video.

The team looks well assembled and very driven! Going to beme and explore! Follow along: jeffsoo

Mikee Shattuck: Not the greatest looking UI :(

Chris Messina: At first I thought the name was pronounced "Be me". No doubt a clever and intentional pun!

Fletcher Richman: Any spare invites floating around from people who have gotten invited above? My username is fletcher! Will repost invites here if i get one :)

Taylor Edmiston: How about some special invite love for Product Hunters?! <3

Ouriel Ohayon: Ok. I am in. How I have not managed to figure how to shoot a video. Did I miss something?

Maddie Simens: I'm a huge fan of Casey/his films and have been really excited for this unveiling. The interaction of pressing the phone flat to your chest to record is innovative, but also a pretty major flaw if you're a woman aka your chest isn't flat. The whole gesture feels awkward as opposed to effortless. Hard to believe the creators didn't consider this, curious if they've addressed it anywhere?

Zoli: I'm so looking forward to trying this. @caseyneistat is so good at video, so I'm very excited to see what he and the beme team have done. Hope I can get an invite code soon!!

Nick Grosvenor : This looks great, the proximity sensor is so innovative . Now if I could only get an invite. :)

Ryan Hoover: I love love love @caseyneistat's Snapchat feed, YouTube videos, and Vine videos. It's interesting to see him (a "new media celeb") move into product. I have yet to try the app but it's clear that it's focusing on participation (something @benrbn from Meerkat has talked a lot about and demonstrated with their launch of Cameo.

Here's another article about the app by @MikeIsaac in the NYT.

Jason Zook: Spent a few minutes "beme-ing" my coffee making experience this morning. It's the first time I've felt like I didn't know what I was doing with an app (but not in a bad way). Using the proximity sensor to record is super interesting and I'm sure they'll perfect it. Beme feels really unique, even in its infancy.

If nothing else, I greatly admire @caseyneistat AND his team for trying to bring authenticity, transparency, and imperfection to the social landscape. In a time where we all are guilty of taking 14 photos to find the right one to share, this is a refreshing change.

Also, happy to share unlock codes if people want to send me DMs on Twitter (same username there).

Jamie Martin: No Android love? :(

Ben Rubin: Paying forward :-) thank you Jonas

Zach Kaczor: Neat idea, will be interesting to see how this competes against Snapchat. Very disappointing that there's no Android version however - seems like a lot of people are already being turned off of this idea due to that.

Bram Kanstein (@bramk): I want in!! 😩

Jarod Stewart: Sad no android version at launch. This isn't 2012 anymore, we expect both versions released near the same time. <3

LF: I can give you invites just DM me at @lfsalazar

Allan Yarmulnik: One thing I dislike is that sometimes when the video is really short there is not enough time to get a reaction response in. Maybe add a feature that forces a user to take a reaction selfie upon video completion? Maybe an option the viewer can turn on/off?

Ben Rubin: @rrhoover I wish I could get in and play with it :-) Beme is trying to create a new habit, and usually that's a key for building a meaningful medium. Can't wait to play with it!

Dave Park: @thomasgoijarts thank you. PIZZA worked!

Francis Pollara: @crixlet All gone.

Thomas Griffin: @ow I assume you know how the invites work?

Jason Zook: @iwearyourshirt replying to myself.... I'm apparently already out of unlock codes. Here's how you guys can easily find an unlock code:

1. Download the beme app
2. Click to add your unlock code
3. Open Twitter app
4. Search "beme" and view "Live" results
5. Lots of people tweeting unlock codes every 20 seconds or so
6. Copy + paste code into beme


Michael Xander: @kacyf FYI These are all gone fellows.

kacy fortner: @michaxndr I'm now getting an error that says "No more codes left for today". So maybe they'll open it up again in the future.

Binoy Xavier Joy: @michaxndr Here you go. Your beme unlock code is MR42P-R6B2D-SJ6YX-UWVX6. This code works only once. Tap here to get in

Rodney Rumford: @bramk any chance i could get one too. looks really interesting. @rumford on twitter

Justin Jackson: @rrhoover just tried it out. You definitely have to watch the video above to figure out the basics. Not intuitive out of the box. I'm `mijustin` if anyone wants to hang out!

Nikita Korotaev: Kind people, mind send one more invite to your friend:)

Jackson Dahl: @kevinfischer you have any invites? 😁

Spencer Yen: @bramk share the invites :) one more?

Jack Shalom: @ryanholiday can you send over a code please?

Prateek Sharma: @kevinfischer would love to get an access code. Any left?

Vlad Ciurca: @hunterhammonds hi Hunter. Do you have an extra invite by any chance? My twitter username is vladciurca. Thank you

Maxime Defauw: @ryanholiday Hi! Do you have one left? Would love to get one! 😀

Yann: @seyhunak Your beme unlock code is 2AOTD-J7WVU-RGX2U-Q2W2U. This code works only once. Tap here to get in

Yann: @damjanski You’re in. Here’s your personal code to unlock Beme

adam mashaal: @erictwillis thanks Eric!! Appreciated.

Owen Williams: @emieljanson @ow 🙏

Ryan: @allany888 No.

Stephen M. Levinson: @michaxndr Damn they're taken..

Maxime Defauw: @hunterhammonds I would love one!

Emiel Janson: @bramk I'll send you an invite.

Allan Yarmulnik: @rumford Yes I had the same issue.

Taylor Edmiston: @benrbn all gone

Aaron Hanson: @sleinadsanoj all gone :)

Bryce Daniel: @geetkhosla any way you could shoot a code my way? Would be so grateful. @BryceofLife on Twitter

Austin Sandmeyer: @allany888 second that👆

Armando Osuna: @michael_mclean If you get in mike DM me @ao619 on twitter :)

Joe Ringenberg: @emieljanson @bramk Not to turn this into an invite train... but....may I please get on the invite train?

Amanda Hill: @iwearyourshirt too bad dumb people are asking for nude photos and crap to send out codes. :(

Allan Yarmulnik: @ao619 @ourielohayon It's not giving me any more invite codes :( I guess too many people for today.

Yann: @mattryanharris @seyhunak Your beme unlock code is 2JBGN-QIDPT-73SNR-AO2PT. This code works only once. Tap here to get in

Yann: @chrisvoss Your beme unlock code is I2RGJ-BSVRO-X2M3A-3OHRZ. This code works only once. Tap here to get in

Yann: @tmknx Your beme unlock code is IOF43-NTZKS-SRB7V-BDOQU. This code works only once. Tap here to get in

Yann: @arintoker Your beme unlock code is UVOHX-TBQRD-VVDQH-GAA2B. This code works only once. Tap here to get in

Ouriel Ohayon: @allany888 @ourielohayon cool. yeah i figured out. weird. they have zero onboarding explanation :(

Rob Dyson: @ryanholiday Hey Ryan! Beme looks intriguing. Would love a code. Thanks!

Raad Ahmed ⚔: @ryanholiday just shot you an email :)

kevinfischer: @prateeks interestingly enough the app signed me out and I can no longer sign in. Sorry.

Jason Zook: @amphotostudio wish I'd seen that earlier, I could have found some great ones on Google to send to those idiots!

Zoli: side note - beme autocorrects to meme.

Jackson Deane: @emieljanson @bramk Any chance I can get a code as well? (username same as twitter)

Taylor Edmiston: @hunterhammonds @benrbn I didn't. Can you Twitter DM me? Thank you!

Hunter Hammonds: @kicksopenminds @benrbn You get one Taylor? I can send you one.

Owen Williams: @thomasle0n @ow Yeah, the invites are either a queue, or if you know someone you can get a code. Even Casey admitted it's a pain, but I can see how they're using it to try and grow.

Oliver Pantelides: @bramk same here I would love to try it out!!

Michelle Senn: @ryanholiday uh... I'd like to try!

Allan Yarmulnik: @maddiesimens

Hunter Hammonds: @emieljanson Would love to grab an invite, I've been wanting to play with this for months. (@hunter2d)

Joe Ringenberg: @rrhoover Thanks for capturing this! I wonder if they tried other interactions - the two-hand requirement is definitely a weak spot, and an accessibility woe. Perhaps something like the 'kudos' hover target on Svbtle? Though you need the ability to tap to get the rapid fire multi-reactions (I assume that's what we're seeing here).

Oliver Pantelides: @ryanholiday any chance of a code would love to try it out

Maddie Simens: @allany888 Yep, agree with Casey here. I can make it work, but it's a lot more annoying and the whole value prop of "sharing without having to think" is definitely knocked down a notch.

Josh Cohen: @sleinadsanoj @rrhoover Anyone have an extra invite?

Joe Ringenberg: @chrismessina Yes! I'm actually a little disappointed that it's not pronounced that way. For context, "be me" is 4chan slang for starting a story ( which is perfect.

Allan Yarmulnik: @ourielohayon Hold the phone to your chest with the screen facing towards you, you will clear a click sound, that means the video has started recording. As soon as you move it away from your body the video will stop recording.

Olivier Alcouffe: @bramk I will love to give it a try also same handle than my Twitter

kevinfischer: @ryanholiday what email address should we email?

kevinfischer: @ryanholiday got a code. Thanks anyways!!

Amanda Hill: @ryanholiday I'd love a code! Email?

Emiel Janson: @ow I was just about to add your article. 👊

adam mashaal: Found one on twitter in case others are looking!

Eric Willis: @adammash Here you go: Your beme unlock code is 7MPNO-SUD4P-Q864H-MAXF8. This code works only once. Tap here to get in

Michael Xander: @binoyxj Thanks, already found one on Twitter, which is fairly easy :)

Ouriel Ohayon: @ow seems very original. interested to see if people get used to it.

jonas: @benrbn @rrhoover Ben, you got that invite yet, otherwise I'll happily DM you one on twitter?

Ben Rubin: @sleinadsanoj yeah please do me Thank U!

Eric Willis: @dupontalexis Your beme unlock code is G8HJD-BACDU-KRTFT-6W3PA. This code works only once. Tap here to get in

jonas: @sarahbuhr whoops, I feel like this was supposed to go here: ?

Mario Hall: @bramk got an invite, ignore me please!

Mark Donne: @bramk jumping in on the invite train if that is cool... @darkmonne on twitter

Julien Gomez: @emieljanson may I have an invite top? Same username as my Twitter. Thx thx thx

ಠ_ಠ: @ryanholiday need that email first 😛

Armando Osuna: @allany888 @ourielohayon invite please?

Braden Hamm: @zachwhelchel @bramk I would love an invite too. Hope there's not a limit ;)

Ben Basche: @jgcatalano I think it's exactly what he intended

Zach Whelchel: @bramk I can haz invite too someone?

Andrew Yates: @ourielohayon Sounds like another version is coming next week, hopefully with onboarding :)

Bryce Daniel: @alexmr Wouldn't happen to have anymore would you?

Rananava: @mijustin @rrhoover hey Justin.. Would love to try it out if you have an invite code!

Christopher Su: @sleinadsanoj @rrhoover Anyone else have any invites?

✨ david hoogland: @ryanholiday have you got any invites left. Would love to try it out.

Brian Sanders: @troblous @seyhunak Still have any left? thanks

Yuriy Romanyukha: @ryanholiday can you pls, send me a code

Justin Krup: @ryanholiday Hey! Would love an invite to Beme if you're still able to give them out. Thanks!

Oliver Dumoulin: @mark_donne shoot me an invite when you get on?

Brian Jordan: @iwearyourshirt this worked for me—Twitter Live wasn't quite fast enough, a TweetDeck search stream did the trick though.

Smooth invite flow overall, they're using Branch Metrics for code tracking and deep link handling.

Neeraj Baid: @hunterhammonds could you hit me with a code? this app looks dope. thank you!

Geet Khosla: @ryanholiday just sent you and email.

jake duncan ☕️: @ryanholiday Can I still beg for an invite code here? I'm a high school video technology teacher interested in sharing with my students.

Rakhim Davletkaliyev: @mikeeshattuck that's actually somewhat intentional. The creators of Beme decided to make the UI look like some "under the hood" sort of thing, because the goal of the app is not to look at the UI.

Guntram Bechtold: @rananava @rrhoover Hey Justin, anyone invites left?

Yann: @guntrambechtold Your beme unlock code is NY8KR-X36WB-UOOG2-N6CGY. This code works only once. Tap here to get in

Yann: @jcvangent Your beme unlock code is FGTI6-IK3BR-MH8I3-YTNSY. This code works only once. Tap here to get in

Matthew Harris: @troblous @seyhunak Can you help me out | matthew [at] biofare [dot] org

Rajath K M: @troblous @seyhunak : Any invites left? Would love to try the app out. rajathkm[@]gmail[dot]com

Louis Galipeau: @iwearyourshirt I took this to its natural conclusion and wrote a small web app that grabs only the latest shared codes and shares them with anyone connected to the app over websockets

Yann: @specheva You’re in. Here’s your personal code to unlock Beme

Yann: @ilyashassani You’re in. Here’s your personal code to unlock Beme

Tom Klein: @leachy114 I'll grab a code if you still have one

Christopher Leach: @tdrewk 3IONJ-S6BUX-WA2PH-X8ABT Cheers!

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