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介绍:Find all the email addresses related to a domain

更新时间:2016-12-24 01:51:48

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blake folgado: Do you plan to have a free export option on the homepage with a limit on how many? Could be an nice way to convert to paid. Super simple though, love it.

Ed Moyse: Awesome.

Jose Pino: is awesome, their initiative and their processes!

Élie Slama: Great product ! Simple & elegant interface, amazing crawler.

Ryan Gum: Added to the Sales Tools Collection:

Kyle Hufford: I've used many of these services and they are almost never accurate and many times don't have the emails you need. My first try on this was "no result"

We really do need a whitepages for emails, so hopefully this service or one finally comes along that does work well.

Ekaterina Klink: Cool, worked for me! Adding it to my BizDev tool collection )

Daniel Ahmadizadeh: What's the best CRM to organize these sorts of emails?

Saied Tehrani: Great service! My current hack has been to have one email from a person within an organisation and then figure out the other ones by using information on LinkedIn. Email Hunter makes the process much easier.

Baptiste Grève: Incredible tool, congratulations to the founders!

Andy Davis: Love this.

Peyton Sandoz: This is crazy. I was literally discussing this exact concept with my team a few weeks ago. So happy to see someone made it. That being said, prepare yourselves.....Salesmen are coming.

Alex Gorstan: I can't tell you how many times I've manually dug through websites, blogs, even whois records to get in touch with someone. This is great, congrats.

Willy BRAUN: Working very well with media websites

ali mirza: awesome tool and yes sales + marketing folks will be all over this :)

Serge Salager: At first, I really liked the product and tried really hard not becoming addicted....... When reaching my daily free searches limits, I was disciplined to go back to searching emails in Google with the quotes (knowing that Google has made the practice difficult) and the good old email Sherlock....... I tried really hard not to subscribe (after all, these guys are in the business of disclosing email addresses) and promised to myself to be man and not check the pricing page...... until I SAW what the Chrome App did to my LINKEDIN page when looking at a prospect profile............. OMG......... the whole office stopped working when hearing me shouting with a mix of devotion and angst....... they thought I had found where God was hiding in the net. @manikarthik @fgrante @antoinefink you shaved precious minutes of my daily routine and made me addicted for ever and ever. Thank you!

Federico Pascual: Great tool! Complements really well with Norbert.

Arnaud AUBRY: Cool, interesting to see how your email has been found. I tried typing ""... Funny :)

Benjamin Evans: This is incredible. So fast!

Mani Karthik: This is so going to be abused by the sales folks. Easy to use and lite-weight. Sweet!

Anuj Adhiya: Added to my Tools to Find Peoples Emails collection:

Pierre: Wow. Holy sh$t this is a goldmine. Just been working on some outreach for a site and couldn't find any emails.. typed in the URL and then BAM 253 emails.

Shh don't tell anyone else about this! Stop upvoting haha.

Ross Currie: Holy moly! This is the best!

[deleted user]: Great idea! As a marketing manager, this will make my life much easier lol

Julien Gomez: Great product! Find email address or just the way they build it for a company is a really easy. No more Google + LinkedIn cross search.

Govind Rai: @sergesalager drama major? Jk! That's awesome. Every product should emit that feeling for their perfect audience.

Joao Carvalho: @saiedtehrani You can also use FullContact for that purpose

Ross Currie: @davidiwanow true, but at the same time most of my brands have a global focus. Would definitely be nice to have an au equivalent though

David Iwanow: @dberkowitz yeah i did my work domain and only 15 emails found with only one valid one being for our PR manager... not great... but it's a NL domain so maybe not much support outside of COM domains?

David Iwanow: @rossdcurrie i can see you getting yourself into trouble with this... sadly doesn't work as well for AU domains

François Grante: @willybraun Thank you Willy! Have you tried ? ;)

Dan: @manasvinik I'm big on mailtester, I wish there were a way to find if emails are valid in bulk

Edwin Espinosa: @fgrante @manikarthik I used it to get the email structure of the domain I needed to contact someone at (bypassing the catch-all email verification prob) very useful your a boss Francios

François Grante: @edwinespinosa09 Happy to help!

Joao Carvalho: @saiedtehrani @danjfein If you use LinkedIn to gather the information of other persons on a company and to get their emails, what I do with FC is:

> see the email structure of that company (ex: - Google can help)
> see who works there on LinkedIn (ex: John Doe)
> start typing John's address on the To field when composing an email, using and see if FC discovers his email address (fingers crossed included)
> if FC doesn't discover, I start changing John address to and so on, until it hits a result

François Grante: @manasvinik Yep, the common way to find emails is to test patterns. Our idea is to simply find emails, not to guess them ;)

François Grante: @manikarthik Thanks Mani! Glad to see it will help!

Antoine Finkelstein: @blakefolgado Hi Blake. We intend to quickly improve the homepage search and making exports will be part of this release!

Dan: @saiedtehrani @johntheoak How do you go about fullcontact for that? FC to me was just to store or find information about the contacts you already have, curious how to go about getting more.

Dan: @ar_aubry SAME... what a lame service only showing 400 results, I want to see millions. ;)... kind of addicting looking up domains

François Grante: @company @johntheoak Yes, we've noticed this bug and are preparing a fix. This could take a few days. Thanks!

Antoine Finkelstein: @casinellig Hi Giovanni ! Yes we intend in the very near future to give a rating to all the available emails.

Dan: @saiedtehrani @company @johntheoak Ohhh the FC chrome extension? RIP Rapportive

Lewis Lin: @dberkowitz when you say "wrong" - how so?

Nick Kwan: @manasvinik @danjfein Rapportive is the easiest way for me, but still not great

François Grante: @anthonymarnell Hi Anthony, thanks for your feedback.

We found that the fastest way to identify leads or find email patterns is to simply list and source emails related to a domain. That being said, we are going to add score and filters to make it more relevant.

We are very watchful about spam and may adapt product/limitations if there is abuse. EH is made for sales and very qualified emailing, not for massive emailing.

François Grante: @michaelsacca It is not easy to add accurate info to emails but we will work on it.

François Grante: @psandoz Wow! We were also suprised it had never been tried before. Finding how to contact anyone for sales is still a big problem. I hope EH helps, but there may be a lot more ways to fix it!

François Grante: @scottwall0 Generic emails (contact@, support@...) are the most commons on websites. We may add score and filters to identify faster accurate leads.

François Grante: @brentter Thanks Brent! I also think that not depending on social APIs is a good point ;)

Concerning the check API call, I'm glad to see you find it usefull! It is an alternative way to check emails, much faster than classic email verifiers. I would be happy to have feedback on this feature, to see how accurate it can be and how we can improve it.

Irving Torres: @manikarthik @fgrante Great job. I think this is useful for all sorts of folks. Founders looking for exposure/ press, growth people trying to reach out to the right people for partnerships, bloggers looking to demo products for reviews, and more. Very useful and super slick.

Pieter Walraven: @manikarthik haha true, and by me too! No more creative 'name ""' Googling.

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