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介绍:Customer experience feedbacks survey through chatbots.

更新时间:2016-12-27 18:00:37

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Ariel Assaraf: Looks good, just signed up and will probably make my first survey soon. But why isn't the signup done by bot ? :P @naveen_pr

Kevin William David: Zittly is a chatbot to collect customer experience feedbacks.

Natig Babayev: It looks very nice but design could be much better

Hassan Iqbal: Looks great and love the idea! However, small issu;. I was testing the chatbot and I entered an email which was Hassan(at)CreativePixels.Agency and it returned saying it's not a proper email. "I cant recognize it as a valid email. Please leave your email,so we can inform you on any updates"

Hope to see this improving in regards to design, but the idea is great! Good luck

Mads Hensel: I really like this way of interaction with customers. I think it's good with a simple straight forward approach, but I do see some UI that need to be tightened before I would consider using it in the wild. Just tried it out the example and the chat interface seems like it needs some UI love. But it's a good start. Keep up the good work.

Rahul Kapoor: form design could have been little bit better but nonetheless i am ditching my google forms now.

Shauli Daon: It looks very nice, not sure about how much more it'd cause our users to fill in their data. If there were a convincing case study showing that this is indeed helpful in this case, it'd be more useful.

Naveen Pacha: Hi, everyone!

Big thanks to @kwdinc for featuring us!

We built zittly with one goal - Every business needs someone who listens to the customers.
Bots can be a good listener, It can empathize, assure action and record contact information of the customers.
Instead of overwhelming the customer with tons of irrelevant questions, zittly is built to listen and record the one thing the customer has to say about your business.

We appreciate the feedback and any suggestions

Andre Esteves Perrone: Awesome way to get feedbacks. I would like to know if there will be a way to translate the start and end of the feedback gather. I am from Brazil and would like to have it in pt_BR. Thanks!

Hassan Iqbal: @naveen_pr no problem! Hmm that's strange, I'll try again now and nope I used @, I just used (at) on here to protect from spam.

Naveen Pacha: Thank you for checking it out @haziqbaluk. I just checked the chatbot issue, it is recognizing .agency domains as expected. May be,by chance, did you use (at) instead of @

Naveen Pacha: @andre_esteves Thanks for the kind feedback. And yes, multilingual support is down the road. Keep an eye on us

Naveen Pacha: @natig_babayev Sure, and we will try to improve on it. Hopefully it still helps :)

Naveen Pacha: Thanks!!! @arielassaraf , and signup by bot is really awesome suggestion :)

Naveen Pacha: Thank you for checking it out @shauli_daon1

Naveen Pacha: @rahulkapoor90 Appreciate the feedback, We wanted to have a minimalist interface, will definitely work on the design.