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介绍:Better shower, 70% less water

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Bruno Skvorc: Looks great, but without a jet mode... not so sure. You just cannot wash your privates with "mist" and feel clean afterwards. Which brings to question, why wasn't the handheld nozzle/head demonstrated in the video? Is that just a concept for now? Were that to have a jet mode, problem solved.

Also, it's a bit misleading to say that if you can change a light bulb you can install Nebia, and then have that list of requirements on another page - from pressure to wall stats. For example, my wall's water pipe is at thigh level, and that's where the current shower is connected. That means there would indeed be some broken tiles, and quite a lot of plumbing work.

Mathieu Spiry: Apparently designed at @RadicandLab :) It looks awesome guys

Alex Chuang: I absolutely love this! This is exactly the type of product that the world need more of. Some people may think a $300 shower head is expensive, but the long-term impact of this investment is invaluable. I would love to see a collaboration with Charity Water.

Zack Shapiro: Is it possible for renters to instal and use these in a way that's not going to totally destroy their shower?

Kevin Mullett: Sounds wonderful, albeit a bit expensive for someone who doesn't have to pay for water, though, I think experiencing it is going to be the key to get me to pay out. Which also makes me wonder if it could deal with our rust, though earlier in the thread it was mentioned it is no more susceptible than other showers. I also have to wonder how this will impact moisture levels. We have a good fan, but I would think because it is atomized more finely, that more would reach other surfaces and be in the air.

Erik Torenberg: How does the nebia affect the genius ideas i come up with during the shower? I know @rrhoover is very curious too. Highest priority in a shower, personally.

Sean Wiese: I bet I can order a container of these from alibaba before the kickstarter is complete. not a bad thing, but just hard to compete at their price point when its a commodity that will def get copied.

Ouriel Ohayon: i think it's great but am i the only one who thinks 299 USD is way over priced? Also how is this not going to be copied all over?

Andrew J. Dupree: Really neat stuff. Do you have any figures on how much money this could save the average household on a yearly basis? And/or environmental impact?

Kat Manalac: Nebia is in the Summer 2015 batch of Y Combinator. The founders had over 500 people at Google, Apple, Equinox and YC test their water saving shower -- and they took the feedback from their early users and built something that is both beautifully designed and incredible feeling.

Benjamin Milsom: I don't think I have ever added a showerhead to my Christmas wishlist... But this might just be the first/last

Jim Carter III: Are there any places to try it out? Serious question.

Koby: Really cool product. I would love to try the feeling. But I don't really get the water savings.
Residential water consumption in California is 2-5%. So even removing ALL residential consumption it is just not the place to look for.

Cameron McLain: Love this idea, particularly with the current water issues. But does this shower help with my singing?! Now a harmonizing shower... Woah 😉 ... V excited to see Nebia present today.

Ghobs: Very clever solution. How does Nebia deal with mineral deposits?

Kristofer™: The level of brilliance here is uncanny. Not only have they made a product that saves 70% of water on a normal shower, but they also claim it still delivers a good shower... I'm skeptical but listening.

I, along with everyone else on the planet, that's had a low pressure shower knows it feels nothing like a good shower. So how do we know (without trying it first hand) that this one has the feel of a high pressure shower? Oh, well they had it tested by some guy named Tim Cook, and a bunch of other folks with very high standards and respected opinions, and they loved it so much they invested in it.

I'll take 2.

Kunal Bhatia: This is fantastic! I've always wanted to get environmentally superior products, but they usually don't come with a good experience. The product design looks slick, and based on the testimonials in the video, it seems like it would be easy to install and give a pleasant shower experience.

Haseeb Awan: I would be rather focused on the experience rather than the savings. What are the other comparable products ?

Braden Hamm: Anyone else think these were giant Apple Earbuds from the preview thumbnail?

Anna G. Jacobsen: This is pretty nifty. What's the GPM flow rate?

Tristan Tao: I tried a prototype at YC HQ (well part of my body). I'd have to say it felt sensational!

Bill Hendricks: Love this, can't wait to get my hands on it!

Surya Jakhotia: The product looks cool. Here are my initial thoughts:
1. The adjustable height is good but not sure about the experience for a toddlers and kids. Since the shower doesn't use force, does water disperse away by the time it reaches 3 ft?
2. There are days where I really want a jet stream of water, is there a way for the product to have knobs and help me select?
2. Given the price of the product, I would have to try it to see if it is really worth the money. What is your return policy?

David McGraw: I have to admire the imagination and desire to conserve water. It would be fascinating to see this built in some kind of mobile showering unit for places where water is extremely limited.

Personally (and selfishly), it's hard to buy the incredible feeling of mist hitting me like a vegetable in the vegetable aisle. It's removing one of the best parts of a shower--the relaxing nature and sense of cleanliness. Feeling the streams of water hit. It's a clear signal that I'm getting clean. Similar to toothpaste tingling or lathering soap--these mental markers are important.

Other issues:
- Removing thick product from long hair looks like it would be a nightmare
- Performance / cleaning in hard water conditions
- A jet mode is really needed
- Not clear how this is different than other mist showerheads I've used/seen

Lachlan Campbell: This looks absolutely awesome. I've wanted a smarter shower head for a while, especially one that is easy to "pause" while getting soap or something like that, without losing the temperature setting. Is that included in Nebia's design, @pwints28 @gparisiamon?



Jeremy Zykorie: @ourielohayon It doesn't seem super expensive to me. Definitely a higher end product, but there are plenty of comparable priced shower heads out there.

If this truly provides the experience they say it does, a 5 star experience, that actually uses way less water and feels as good or better than most shower heads out there, then I don't see a problem with the price.

I am excited to try this out!

Chris Calmeyn: @ourielohayon If it saves people money it is well worth the investment. This is especially true for gyms, hotels, and other entities that incur substantial water heating costs. On top of that there is the intrinsic value associated with being less wasteful and helping to conserve water.

Philip Winter: @lachlanjc Hahaha, I love this video! The pause feature is something that we are strongly considering for the final version. It's good to hear that it is requested.

Deepak Sharma: @calc @ourielohayon That's so true. Public utilities/places benefits already from this. And large families gain from day 1.

Ouriel Ohayon: @calc @ourielohayon this is probably true (or close). My problem is that shower water saving is not something that is a needle mover (a drop in water?). Fixing the water saving issue has to be addressed where it really is: parks, golfs, pools, ...that being said it looks like a great product and if it was reasonably priced (99/150 USD range) it would probably be a big(ger) hit

Philip Winter: @ghobs91 Andrew, we deal with mineral deposits much the same way a regular shower does. They can be removed with a solution. Nebia is no more effected by mineral deposits than a regular shower.

Philip Winter: @kunalslab Thanks Kunal!

Philip Winter: @ricardofayet You would be the perfect tester then!

Philip Winter: @kristofertm Nebia is a totally new experience of water in a shower. What we've found with the over 500 testers is that it doesn't make sense to compare to "pressure" levels of a regular shower. This is a completely new sensation, soft immersive, people say much more relaxing.

Gabriel Parisi-Amon: @andrewjdupree Yes, there is a calculator on our site, You can see exactly how much you would save.

Gabriel Parisi-Amon: @someear You can lower the showerhead and angle it 45 degrees, which allows you to avoid your head. However, the streams of water and mist can circulate up as well. If you want to stay completely dry I would use a shower cap, but if you want to just avoid your head, that is possible.

Ouriel Ohayon: @calc @ourielohayon you need to have a lot of water to save 300 USD of money

Philip Winter: @annagjacobsen thanks Anna! Our GPM is 0.75 compared to 2.5 industry standard and 2.0 EPA Watersense label.

Michael Sitver: @ourielohayon Hardware is expensive for startups. Development, tooling, labor, etc., without the economies of scale mean those first units are going to be incredibly expensive.

This is certainly a value-adding product though, so it may be definately be worth the cost (if the claims they make hold true).

Jay Meistrich: @pwints28 @lachlanjc I love the pause feature of Japanese showers. The savings from not using water when you don't really need it are huge!

Ouriel Ohayon: @xmcgraw going to be 399$. and if this is a high range product fine. i doubt mainstream people will spend that much on the basis it saves water.

Chris Calmeyn: @ourielohayon They have a calculator on their site (which, admittedly, isn't an unbiased source). Taking one five-minute shower per day in NYC would save someone $63 per year (gas heating) / $163 (electric heating). Whether they're copied and sold at a cheaper price is another matter.

Ouriel Ohayon: @msitver @ourielohayon no doubt about it. But they plan to retail it at 399$ which is even higher. i don t see how this can be a break-out product. Most shower heads are priced 50/100 USD

Eran: @ourielohayon Indeed, not cheap. I will too wait for the C version.

David McGraw: @ourielohayon $299 would be a mid-range product. These can easily reach into the thousands (explore, to get a general sense).

Josh Muccio: @eriktorenberg Absolutely the HIGHEST priority. I assume that it's a stellar idea that SHOULD be implemented if it comes to me in the shower 😏

Gabriel Parisi-Amon: @zackshapiro Yes, the only mechanical connections to your wall are to the female 1/2" NPT (which is screwed in) and with adhesive. You can remove the bracket, peel the adhesive off the wall, and take Nebia with you.

David McGraw: @ourielohayon My mistake, thank you. I agree on getting this mainstream. Average guy/guy out there are fine with the 20-60 head they find at Target. Folks who are looking in the mid-high range want high quality shower choices. I think that's why we're seeing such a water conservation push on Nebia's website. That's just not a concern here. They've got a big hill to climb on multiple fronts, but what startup doesn't? We'll see how it plays out!

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