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介绍:Create a viral waiting list in 60 seconds

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Tyler Hayes: Dang I wish this got featured. This looks killer and I know dozens of people that need this tool. I spend days experimenting with KickOff Labs, Untorch, etc. when launching my last product. Huge waste of time. Would have loved to have just had Maitre.

(And you can't find it in PH search right now when searching for "maitre"—unsure if because it's not featured or because of the accent over the "i". cc @mscccc)

UPDATE: Looks like it's featured today :)

Philip Kuklis: Congrats on the great launch @mnlfrgr ! Love it so far 😉

Laszlo Varga: I bought this product. We're yet to launch the page where we use it, but I have to say that it's damn simple to use and also Manuel is highly helpful. It worths every cent.

Manuel Frigerio: Hi hunters!

I'm Manuel, the maker of Maître.
Maître comes out of a personal need: make the products I'm working on go viral!

I studied the launch of successful products such as MailBox, DropBox and RobinHood (thanks @bentossell for mentioning it) and I realised I could do something similar! I put my head down and after 5 days Maître was born. I beta-tested the product for a month and the results were exceptional to say the least. So I put my head down again, this time to create a widget really anyone could use, and 3 days after, Maître was live.

Since then many friends have used it for a wide variety of reasons.
Friends startuppers who wanted to launch a new product, writers who wanted to engage with their readers before the launch of the book, event organisers who wanted to generate buzz before an event and much more.

Maître is a copy/paste widget that can be embedded on any webpage. It's basically a waiting list with a referral system built in. People are rewarded when signing up their friends by getting ahead in the queue.
It also integrates natively with MailChimp and supports webhooks & callbacks, so that you can really customise it they way you want.

I can't wait to see what you guys create :)

I'm looking forward to all your questions!

PS: There is a special deal waiting for you.. (actually 2 :P)

We have launched our APIs! =>

Adam T: Scraping email addresses and violating rules (and laws) around unsolicited email is one of the least cool ways to grow a following that I can imagine.

Ben Tossell: Looks like the same process Robinhood used for their campaign.

I believe they used Kickoff Labs (EDIT: I have been told they did not)

This was the post written about it: How to setup a viral waiting list launch page like Robinhood with KickoffLabs

Sam Doshi: Gonna use this ASAP - no kidding

João Costa: @mnlfrgr great! Congrats this is very useful! Looking forward to use it! Cheers

Ricardo Diaz: Only something this cool can have such a huge amount of comments! Nice job!

Ouriel Ohayon: Question: is the invitation position conditioned by the invitee registering the service or just by pressing "share"? how is the mobile experience? can you reward sharing with something else than a better position in the queue?

Georgi Georgiev ✌: Love the product guys, great job!

Enrico Foschi: Very nice @mnlfrgr - small UX feedback - make it clear that you have to type an email in the main input form. The placeholder is a status about the next invites now.... I'd suggest to use it to clearly state something like "your email address here" and move whatever is in there right below maybe in small uppercased white. Also, the share images seem like they have been zoomed in a bit too much ("I can see it by the pixels :p")

Question: do you think are users ok with the "share to get ahead"? Isn't there any concern that they'll find it cheap or just like another pyramid sharing scheme? Would love to know if this actually does work and how many users in percentage do share it (let me dare ask you, what's on average the kpi #users-invited-users-signed-up per user? I'd expect a 0.05 or 0.1, but if more please let me know as I'm definitely going to re-evaluate this!)

Victoria Chloé Albrecht: amazing, congrats @mnlfrgr!! x

Hans van Gent: StartupBus alumni representing! Congrats on the launch!

Hassan Abdulhamid: been doing this for FREE - I don't know why i will shell out that amount for something i will drop later after launch. Just my opinion

Amit Sonawane: Been interacting with @mnlfrgr all this week and he is awesome! Really excited about this product and with such awesome team behind it, it's gonna kick some serious a$$ :)

George Johnston: Hunters! The internet has suggested some other use cases for Maitre..

Some ideas are;
- Waitlists for events (Set event to waitlist only to create exclusivity and then share to get ahead)
- New product iteration launches. E.g. We're now launching a new version, join the beta queue. Awesome for apps like CityMapper where you can't wait to get your hands on it.
- Crowdfunding campaigns!

Any other thoughts? :)

Sune B. Thorsen: Seems super interesting. Signed up, and upvoted it :)

Ed Moyse: Been playing around with this for a couple of weeks. Love it!

Jason Wise: I'm really impressed with how fast you put this together, Manuel...Kudos. I can see it being a force multiplier for any team with a solid product & enthusiastic community. I'll definitely be using it for an upcoming product I'm working on.

Isidoros: Damn! Wish this was available when we were launching our previous product. Keep shippin' the good stuff Manuel!

Ilyas Hassani: Amazing Hunt !

Victor Bercaru: Congrats Manuel, you are #1 on Producthunt!

Tomas Ruta: @mnlfrgr Great product! Do you have any plans for optimizing this for mobile?

Jonathan B Strong: Intriguing product & a good addition to the marketing/growth hacking tool set. I'm also glad to see @mnlfrgr launch this successfully on PH - he's a good friend and one of the most hard working people I know!

Dilyar Batur: @mnlfrgr No worries, thanks for the help. Now, once this 3 months passes, how will I decide which one I want to keep? Can I pay $15 now, so that I am guaranteed at least 2 lists? Another suggestion is, I think the price you are giving us now is perfect, the regular price is too high for something like this IMO and may lower sale potential in the future. I recommend you lower it now while you have attention. For the current price, people can buy a whole WordPress theme!

Manuel Frigerio: @uxdzen Hi Abdulhamid, thanks for commenting.
Yes, Waitlisted does it for free, HOWEVER I believe we offer something more than WaitListed (which is a great product, btw).

These are the 3 reasons I think Maître is special:
- Analytics
No other similar tool has a detailed analytics page. We go as far as tracking visits and conversions for each individual channel (Facebook, Twitter, even custom ones)
- Callbacks
Most of the competitors allow you to customise the look & feel (we do it as well), but only Maître allows you to customise the widget behaviour by using javascript callbacks. This is why we say Maître is truly customisable.
- Email verification
As far as I know Maître is the only tool of this category that requires users to verify their email address. This prevents frauds and increases security. The other widgets don't have this and can be easily “hacked”.

What do you think?

Manuel Frigerio: @dardanth @bentossell glad you like it! :)

Stefan Dorn: @mnlfrgr @bentossell Hi Manuel, thank you for this - just purchased. Is there any way to display the current leaderboard by default, e.g. the sign up form on the left and the current leaderboard on the right? Also, any chance you'd share the css/javascript on the Maître landing page?

Dardan Thaçi: @mnlfrgr @bentossell I really needed this tool, great job.

Manuel Frigerio: @lilrkt Hi Erik, as long as Shopify allows you to add your own Javascript code the answer is yes :)

Manuel Frigerio: @___zeitgeist hey Tom, the offer is not available anymore but not we have a better one :) Check out this page:

Manuel Frigerio: @laszlo_varga Thanks Laszlo, I'm glad you like it :)

Ron Valderrama: @msitver is this promotion over?

Manuel Frigerio: @johnrwhaley @bentossell Hi John, sorry if that was confusing!

Let me clarify.
Maître "retail" price is $49 per widget.
You have a chance, every week, to get it for free if you signup to our waiting list (yes, we use Maître :P) and end up in the top 200.

The Product Hunt offer works this way:
- You can buy 3 months of unlimited widgets today for $24 (50% OFF the price of 1 widget).
- You can wait until tomorrow and hope we make it to the top of PH. If that happens, then every person who has up voted Maître AND has signed up to the waiting list (it's the only way to cross-check upvoters) gets 1 widget for $15.

So it's your choice if you want to get the 3 months unlimited widgets for $24 or a chance at 1 widget tomorrow for $15 :)

Michael Sitver: @mnlfrgr I took a risk and bought it. I don't buy many products like this, so keep doing what you're doing.

Manuel Frigerio: @eremjay ahah you can try ;)

Mohamed Hassan: @mnlfrgr @maitreapp will do it shortly :)

Manuel Frigerio: @hazper Hey Mohamed, drop me an email at ;)

Nick Frost: @ka23a referrals for the Mattermark Daily, the same way theSkimm does it.

bryan s arnold: @mnlfrgr Sounds awesome! Love the concept!

Patrick Wills: @mnlfrgr @maitre_app Will do another upvote if we can remove your ads on the confirmation page too!

Manuel Frigerio: @paddy @maitre_app Hey Patrick quick heads up: we have removed the "Powered by Maître" and allows you to customise the confirmation email ;)

Manuel Frigerio: @mvaragnat Thank Matthieu :)

Manuel Frigerio: @paddy @maitre_app Hi Patrick, we are going to remove the "Powered by Maître" badge very soon and are working on making the confirmation emails customisable. Thanks for your patience! :)

Manuel Frigerio: @atrouwee hey Adriaan shoot me an email ;)

Adriaan Trouwee: @mnlfrgr would love to see our WeMarket v2 launch feature Maître!

Manuel Frigerio: @calebapplegate Hi Caleb, I don't know what to say... our website is up and running.. Have you tried the right address?

Manuel Frigerio: @carriegriffith Hi Carrie, that's awesome, thanks for using Maître! Let me know if you need any help and good luck with your project :)

Manuel Frigerio: @tomasruta Hi Thomas! Do you mean optimise for native apps?
If that's the question than yes, we are planning on release an API in the coming weeks.
If the question was about making Maître mobile responsive, then the answer is that it already kind of is, but it can definitely be better :)

Manuel Frigerio: @rakeshvallil Hi Rakesh, thanks for commenting! Maître is optimised for performance, it requires no dependencies (excluding Jquery unless is already installed on the page) and loads asynchronously. Usually it loads in 0.2 secs but we want to make it even faster! RE Upviral, I must be honest: I don't know enough about UpViral, which looks like a very cool product. As far as I can see, Maître is much more customisable, it's got a wonderful analytics page and it costs WAY less ($49 one-off versus $47/month). Cheers!

Rakesh Vallil: @mnlfrgr cool thanks for the clarification.

Manuel Frigerio: @bentossell Kickoff Labs is a great product and I've used it for my projects many times, however it is substantially different from Maître, which I see as a simple tool that does one and ONLY one thing but very well. In its essence, Maître is a copy & paste widget, super easy to use even for people with no coding experience, but at the same time completely customisable (with javascript callbacks) for the experienced developer.

Manuel Frigerio: @natangelillo Hi Natalie, I'm glad you like it :) You can use Maître everywhere as long as you can add a script to your page. I'm not familiar with SquareSpace but I reckon they have a way to add HTML content into the page. Please let me know if that's not the case!

Manuel Frigerio: @dilyaraskar eheh, it's ok. I'm here to help you ;)

Dilyar Batur: @mnlfrgr Hmm ok, i tried again and its same glitch.... and yes i did disabled the css. As per your previous inquiry, I shall contact you via email then. Thanks so much for all your help, sorry to be a pest >.<

Manuel Frigerio: @dilyaraskar That is probably a glitch, because after 15 min - if you don't verify your email - you should be able to register again.
RE CSS: Have you disabled the CSS from the "Advanced Settings" page?

Manuel Frigerio: @dilyaraskar Hi Dilyar, like I said, we are working on changing a few things. Also, I'd suggest contacting us via email ( as I'm not on PH all the time ;)

Dilyar Batur: @mnlfrgr Found 2 more bugs, 1. When someone registers but misses their register time, and they try to register again, it gives them "you gota confirm email first" notice, but nothing new comes in the email, when u click on the old one it shows you the sorry, its expired page. This way, someone who missed seems to be locked out. Maybe you guys didnt workout this feature properly yet haha... 2. When i try to apply my own css on site when i use the wordpress plugin, none of the css applies....

Dilyar Batur: @mnlfrgr Hm... this is further discomforting: . Your branding is all over here.... anyway to change this or remove it?

Manuel Frigerio: @msitver Hey Michael, quick heads up: the bug has been fixed and now you can create as many widgets as you want for the next 3 months ;)

John Proksch-Whaley: @mnlfrgr @bentossell Cool! Thanks for breaking that down. Looks like you're clearly on your way to being #1 on ProductHunt by the end of day. Never seen anyone "hack" the #1 spot like this on PH. It's a good way to get people to upvote. Clever!

Dilyar Batur: @mnlfrgr Wohoo! Thanks a lot guys, i hope it's not too much to ask, I just think it makes more sense with the current market and it won't drive away loyal customers like I! I love how ya'll responded to my requests, might as well give me the honorary seat in your team chat now ;) . Haha, best wishes guys, I can't wait to fire these up and try it out more. Let me know when you guys removed it. P.S: I'm still waiting for that $15 offer in the newsletter :D

George Johnston: @msitver @mnlfrgr Means a lot Michael, thanks. :)

Manuel Frigerio: @dilyaraskar we are actually planning on removing it. Bear with us for a couple of days :)

Enrico Foschi: @mnlfrgr well done - looks much better. Looking forward to see how this develops. Yeah ProductHunt is a fantastic (UPPERCASE C)ommunity!

Manuel Frigerio: @dilyaraskar I think you're right, gotta think it through ;) Thanks for all these ideas!

Dilyar Batur: @mnlfrgr Absolute, I personally would not do it either but I can see other people really using this ethically and correctly. I like your alternative solution as well. But again, I don't know if its fair for YOU to say "but I don't want people to "fake" the numbers", because it shouldn't be up to you to decide if your members can do that or not, if they do something unethical or cheat their way, they should get the hit (Speaking on the point of view of especially if you remove the whitelable and your name isnt on there). Just an idea :)

Manuel Frigerio: @dilyaraskar That's a great idea Dilyar, but I don't want people to "fake" the numbers. An alternative solution is that the position in the list isn't shown until it hits a threshold specified by the user. What do you think about that?

Dilyar Batur: @mnlfrgr Thanks a lot! Another idea is, there should be an option where we can write the initial "ahead of you and behind you" numbers for campaigns that are already on going or so that you don't look bad with 0.

Manuel Frigerio: @dilyaraskar Hey Dilyar, quick heads up: the bug has been fixed and now you can create as many widgets as you want for the next 3 months ;)

Manuel Frigerio: @ka23a @thinker Hey Kristin, what are you curios about? :)

Manuel Frigerio: @jonbstrong thanks man! :)

Kristin Adams: @thinker Referrals for newsletter sign ups? Or MM product? Now I'm curious... :)

Manuel Frigerio: @rdiazjimenez Thanks Ricardo :)

Manuel Frigerio: @peskygeek Well.. ehm.. if Apple doesn't release the Iphone 7 I would say so :) Thanks mate

confused techie : @mnlfrgr @bentossell Thanks for the reply :-)

Manuel Frigerio: @jbschaff Hi Jared, thanks for the feedback. Waitlisted is a great product, but we tried to give a different twist on the product. You correctly mentioned analytics and that is, by far, the most loved feature of Maître.
Sorry about the pricing confusion: we are considering monthly subscriptions but I'm not sure there would be many people using a waiting list for several months. RE signup manipulation: we already send an email verification, but we are also going to implement a script to track disposable email addresses on our server.

Manuel Frigerio: @dilyaraskar For $15 dollars you will buy only one list.

Michael Sitver: @thinker @mnlfrgr We should talk, Nick. DM/email me ( )

To answer your questions, the price was just low enough for me to consider it a reasonable experiment.

I've been trying to implement a refer-for-swag sort of program for Morning Short in recent weeks (inspired by the great work of theSkimm and their Skimmbassador program), and this seems like a good starting point.

EDIT: I'm not a huge fan of the default implementation, but I think I can use this as the basis for something better.

I'm also looking into some sort of gamification to reward/incentivize consistent reading

(Something like "Earn 10 story credits and win a free t-shirt". Users tweet a certain hashtag from each story to earn a "story credit". There's a ranking board, and the top 20 readers each month also win a special prize. It drives both engagement, and social sharing)

Dilyar Batur: @mnlfrgr Ok thank you! So do you mean, after 3 months I can keep all the lists that I made during the 3 months? And the ones I make after I can buy for regular price or $15?

Manuel Frigerio: @aamerjomaa You get ahead in the list when you sign up people. The person you signup doesn't get rewarded.

Manuel Frigerio: @itsshashank @bentossell It's just signups

confused techie : @mnlfrgr @bentossell Thanks for the reply. So getting likes on twitter etc helps? or is it just signups?

Nick Frost: @msitver @mnlfrgr What made you purchase it and how will you use it? I curate the Mattermark Daily, have also purchased Maitre, and want to use it for referral marketing...

Chema: @mnlfrgr --> you will have it in no time I am sure ;) good luck love the product.

Manuel Frigerio: @itsshashank @bentossell Sure! Click on the link underneath the form "I'm already on the list, I want to check my place" and enter your email ;)

Manuel Frigerio: @dilyaraskar I will update you as soon as I fix it, don't worry!
About the promotion, you can keep all widgets you create during the 3 months ;)

Manuel Frigerio: @deambulando Hi Chema, this is a valid point, we are going to add that tomorrow (it was already in the pipeline :) ).

Chema: @mnlfrgr Really cool but you have a huge problem: Any disposable email works... I can jump virtually to the first position in a matter of minutes by automating the email submission. At least disable disposable emails. Please take a look to

Anthony Francis: Hey @todiba @mnlfrgr. I can answer this one. You get 3 Months unlimited widgets only when you purchase the $24 deal. This is just for the Product Hunt promotion period. You don't get unlimited 3 months when you purchase " Jump the queue" for $49. $49 "Jump the queue" is a part of our normal site promotion. Unlimited 3 months doesn't apply to the $15 offer. :)

Tomas Ruta: @mnlfrgr It was about native apps. Sweet!

confused techie : @mnlfrgr @bentossell

Looks like everybody will be getting $15 on maitre.

I had a question, also is there anyway to check ur current position in the queue for the users ?

Dilyar Batur: @mnlfrgr Thanks, mind answering the other notes I had made? What should I do? Also when you fix this issue, I would appreciate an update. Thanks!

Manuel Frigerio: @dilyaraskar great feedback. We will think about pricing strategies these days.

Manuel Frigerio: @dilyaraskar @johnrwhaley @bentossell Hi Dilyar, yes you're right. There is a small glitch in the system that is preventing you from creating multiple waiting lists. I'm fixing it as we speak, I apologies for any inconvenience!

Manuel Frigerio: @romanzadyrako Hey Roman, thanks for the feedback. I believe when you start a new project, a tool like Maître can make or break your launch. Would you pay $49 for something that can turn your product into a viral machine?
However, I understand that for people who launch many projects (producthunters, I'm looking at you!) this might become pricey. We are thinking of creating some plans or bundles for multiple purchases at discounted price.

Manuel Frigerio: @sarthakgrover Thanks Sarthak, I'm glad you like it!

Manuel Frigerio: @jawise Thanks for the warm words Jason, can't wait to see how you use Maître!

Dilyar Batur: @mnlfrgr @johnrwhaley @bentossell Hey man, superb idea and project so far! Really impressed. Now my problem is, I bought it for $24, but when I try to add a new list its asking me to pay again. Wasn't I suppose to have 3 months of unlimited? Thanks!

Manuel Frigerio: @msitver This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing it Michael :)

Michael Sitver: @mnlfrgr P.S. You should build in GA conversion tracking (when you have time).

Michael Sitver: @mnlfrgr Thanks.

Manuel Frigerio: @msitver Hi Michael, yes that's a glitch! Sorry for that. I'll fix that right now.

George Johnston: @jcvangent Can't wait for the next SB!

Michael Sitver: Yo @mnlfrgr . When I try to create more than one list, it redirects me back to the payment page. This is really annoying (but admittedly a tiny bug, you can probably fix this fast). Let me know when you've got that fixed.

Manuel Frigerio: @msitver Thanks Michael. I'm sure you won't be disappointed :)

John Proksch-Whaley: @mnlfrgr @bentossell Hi Manuel! This product looks incredible. Question: Your landing page says, "If we finish first in the Tech category at the end of the day, every upvoter gets Maître for $15..." Looks like that's gonna happen. Does this mean we'd all get it for $15 for 3 months? Do you have more details about this deal? You also mention "jumping the queue" for $49 to be one of the 200 this week to get it for "free" when adding our emails to your wait list. Does that mean it'd be free for a month, 3 months, for life? Trying to decide if I should do the $24 deal or not, but I'm confused by some of these other offers you've got on the table... Thanks! :)

Manuel Frigerio: @msitver Thanks Michael!
PS: You should take advantage of our promotion and get unlimited Maître widgets for 3 months for just $24 ;)

Sune B. Thorsen: @mnlfrgr You're welcome. And yes, I'd say I am. Working on something pretty neat for game developers using Unity, or people who'd love to get into game development ;) Thought about potentially using Maitre to have people signup already before the website is ready to launch - one a simple one-page signup page. Not sure if it's the perfect match, though. We'll see.

Michael Sitver: @mnlfrgr This looks great. I can't wait to try this when I find a product that suits it.

Manuel Frigerio: @ourielohayon What you say is indeed rather interesting... Need to think it through, but thanks for the idea! PS: Shall we continue the conversation via email? Mine is

Manuel Frigerio: @amitsonawane Thanks Amit, it's been a pleasure to help you ;)

Ouriel Ohayon: @mnlfrgr let s assume i am already member of the service. i want to invite new user. can i be rewarded using Maitre with something else (eg 1 free month, free feature, access to goodies,....). The queue position does not matter once i am a member

Manuel Frigerio: @goceli Hi Gokham, have you received the confirmation email? If so, confirm your email before checking your position. If you can't find it, sed me a DM on Twitter or an email at and I'll sort that out for you :)

Manuel Frigerio: @taylorbarr Hi Taylor, that is correct. Perhaps I should make that more clear..
Changing it right now!

Manuel Frigerio: @ourielohayon How would you extend that mechanism? Right now I'm struggling to see how it could be used differently, but maybe I'm missing something :)

The integration is ridiculously easy.
The system generates a one line code for you. You copy and paste it on your page. Done. It's that simple.

I'm not sure I understand your question about callbacks..

We do host the data, but we take data security VERY seriously (my other company is involved in big data, so I care quite a lot about data protection). First of all, we use a secure (SSL) protocol. Second, data are encrypted on our servers. Third, our servers are in Europe, which means are protected by European laws (no Patriot Act over here).

Taylor Barr: Answered my own question - signed up but some might not get the disconnect; you must signup on homepage AND upvote - correct?

Ouriel Ohayon: @mnlfrgr Would be great if you could extend the same mechanism to reward invitations with something else (eg one i am already in). Also how complex is the integration? if this is conditioned by a sign up i suspect you need to have a deep integration with call backs? finally do you host any data?

Manuel Frigerio: @ourielohayon Hi Ouriel, thanks for the question which gives me the possibility to clarify a few things.
1 - The position in the list is conditioned by 2 variables: the time the user has signed up to the list and amount of successful referrals. This means that users get rewarded for effectively signing people up onto the list.
2 - The mobile experience is pretty good. Maître is mobile responsive, but if you're not happy with how it behaves you can use your own CSS and customise the look & feel.
3 - Maître is basically a waiting list, which means that the only thing it does is to manage the people in your waiting list. It's up to you how you want to reward the people in your list . Does this answer your question?

Manuel Frigerio: @jcvangent thanks Hans! :)

Manuel Frigerio: @itsdavelux Hi David, glad you like it and thanks for the feedback. I need to come up with a short and concise way to say all these things :)

Manuel Frigerio: @jrdbacosta ahah well done João ;)

João Costa: @mnlfrgr done! And it was me who send that stupid email lol 😉 btw

Manuel Frigerio: @enricofoschi Hi Enrico, great feedback thank you very much!
You're right about the input form, it's probably not 100% clear, gotta fix it! RE Images: They are not zoomed, but just styled that way :D

To answer your question: Yes, users are more than happy to "share to get ahead" as long as 2 conditions are satisfied:
1 - They really want the product. I can't stress enough the importance of having a great product, something people really, really, REALLY want.
2 - A strong incentive to share, for example an exclusive reward. One of the best campaigns run with Maître was from a writer who decided to give a free copy of the book to the first 15 people in the list 1 MONTH BEFORE the public launch. More than 5,000 people shared the announcement on that day alone. (and, at the time, almost broke the servers :D)

I can't tell you how many users in percentage do share it because I haven't run the numbers, but my gut feeling is 1 every 4/5 people share on Twitter and 1 every 7/8 share on Facebook (more personal). Not surprisingly, the most effective channel is email. Word of mouth is still the most powerful viral force ;)

Manuel Frigerio: @sunebthorsen Sounds exciting!
If you're launching a new product then.. Maître is the perfect fit ;)

Manuel Frigerio: @ilyashassani Thanks Ilyas :)

George Johnston: @passingnotes Nice spot, thanks for the heads up :)

Manuel Frigerio: @jrdbacosta Thanks João!
I'm curios to see what you'd create with Maître!

PS: Take advantage of this day offer, it will be over tonight ;)

Philip Kuklis: @mnlfrgr Works great with our Wordpress & it's pretty easy to configure.

Manuel Frigerio: @philipkuklis Thanks Philip, how is your experience with Maître? :)

George Johnston: @edmoyse Ed! Cheers buddy.

Manuel Frigerio: @victorbercaru Thanks Victor!
Fingers crossed :)

Manuel Frigerio: @edmoyse Thanks Ed!

Manuel Frigerio: @enricofoschi UPDATE: I updated the signup form following your suggestion :)

(I love this community)

Manuel Frigerio: @sunebthorsen Thanks Sune!
Are you working on anything exciting at the moment?
What would you use Maître for?

Manuel Frigerio: @bentossell Kickoff Labs is a fully featured platform to create landing pages. You use Kickoff INSTEAD of your own landing page. On the other hand, you use Maître ON TOP of your existing website. This gives you full control over the look & feel of the widget, but you can go as far as customising the behaviour using javascript callbacks ( and webhooks (

Does this answer your question?

Ben Tossell: @samuelroy_ Ahh got you! They phrased the blog cleverly then to gain some attention ;) My bad!

@mnlfrgr Yeah, didn't realise that was an all-or-nothing solution

Manuel Frigerio: @thetylerhayes Totally agree with you Tyler. Maître (as every good product :P) serves the needs of a specific niche. We have identified our niche in makers, startups, creative people in general (including writers, people who launch a kickstarter campaigns).
Maître is very good for creating a mailing list of people ACTUALLY interested in your product before you launch it. This is actually a gold mine because you can reach out to this people and ask for feedback before you go live ;)

PS: Let me know when you work on your next product, happy to help you!

Manuel Frigerio: @isiyfa Thanks Isidoros!

Enrico Foschi: @mnlfrgr very nice insights - thanks for "sharing" ^^

Samuel Roy: @bentossell Robinhood used for their waiting list, not Kickoff Labs.

Kickoff Labs did a nice job with their blog post to shed some lights to their product. I tried both and I find Prefinery much easier to use.

Manuel Frigerio: @bentossell Indeed Ben. The process is relatively straightforward: reward people to generate buzz around your product, but the key ingredient is of course a great product first. And RobinHood definitely is one. ;)

Ben Tossell: @mnlfrgr In what ways is it 'substantially different'?

It being a copy & paste widget is great! but other than that it effectively looks the same to me? Maybe I'm missing something

Tyler Hayes: @mnlfrgr When I don't have time to make a product I think people might want, and it's in the kind of market who would be willing to share with friends to get access. That's valuable because—even though it's not as good as people actually using the product—it's a light signal that people at least think they want it.

Maitre isn't for every product. But the cold start problem is very real and very hard, and Maitre looks like it'd solve that excellently for the type of product I described above. I bust out ideas/MVPs for products like that every few months, depending on time.

Ben Tossell: @thetylerhayes @mscccc nothing to do with that. I was already in touch with Manuel so don't worry :)

Manuel Frigerio: @samir_doshi
Hi Samir,

Glad you like it :)
You should take advantage of today special offer then ;)

Ben Tossell: @mnlfrgr yeah it doesn't matter what kind of 'viral campaign' you build around it. If the product is shit then it won't work.

How does this differ from Kickoff Labs then?

Manuel Frigerio: @thetylerhayes @mscccc
I wish it too Tyler!
Hopefully it's not too late for you to give Maître a try :)

PS: What would you use it for?

The following information is related to the job

SeatGeek: Upload your tickets and get paid--- Software Engineer ---New York City

MailTime: Go through your email as fast and easy as text-messaging--- Software Engineer ---San Francisco

Quartzy: Free lab management platform--- Application Engineer (Marketplace) ---Palo Alto, CA

Juicero: Healthy living made easy & accessible through technology--- Lead Frontend Developer---San Francisco

Canary: Smart home security for everyone--- Product Designer ---New York City

Kamcord: We’re changing how people share the internet--- Product Manager ---San Francisco