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介绍:Unlock the hottest coworking spaces in your city

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Hoala Greevy: One co-working app to rule them all. Congrats on the SF launch!

Trent Bigelow: This is really cool! What spaces do you have in San Francisco?

Adam Greenwald: Congrats team Croissant! From your #1 fan :)

Chris Van Patten: I'm one of the many folks who uses Croissant and absolutely loves it. It has opened up so much flexibility in my day-to-day routine, and helps me get the best of office life and my nomadic/itinerant tendencies.

Plus, any time there are issues (rarely!) the team is so quick to jump to the rescue and make it right. It's not just a cool concept but it's backed by a great group of people.

Uri Maxima: Amazing!
Been using this product forever. Super sweet update. Congratulations on SF.
Keep up the awesome work.

John Henry: Cool product & problem to solve.

Srini Panguluri: Great idea! I've had to scramble to find last minute space so many times!

jeneta hot: Congratulations on the SF launch! Awesome way to find different spaces to work in, and you never get bored of your scenery. Fantastic deal today as well, definitely sign up for the free trial if you haven't used it yet! Good luck and can't wait to see you expand internationally!

Cody Lister: WOOT WOOT! HUGE FAN OF CROISSANT. They effin' ROCK! Really big fan of each person on the team.

Maxim Price: This is really great. Congrats guys. I love that there's already an offer in this thread to expand to Israel. DO IT!

tony leonard: I love the story and product.

Tristan Pollock: So excited for the new and improved Croissant with an updated design and new cities and spaces, including... SAN FRANCISCO! Now you can float between all the hip coworking spaces from NYC to SF with a Croissant membership.

Joaquin Roca: This is amazing for solo founders and consultants!

Emmanuel Guisset: Croissant is awesome. Can't wait to have them expanding everywhere in the US

Jared Krause: Hurry up with my damn Croissant.

Nisha Garigarn: Hey Hunters!! I’m Nisha, co-maker of Croissant. Our app gets you access to a curated selection of inspiring workspaces. We are now LIVE in San Francisco and New York City *yay*

PH Exclusive

We are giving away a free 10-hour trial to anyone who signs up today! Your trial starts when you first use the app, so grab it even if you can't use it this week :)

The story & vision

Our vision is to make every day inspiring. The first step we are taking is to give you the tool to unlock amazing workspaces wherever and whenever you need to.

People often ask us why we named our company Croissant. It goes back to the story of why we made this company, and why we are so excited about it. My cofounders and I were working on a completely different startup idea at the time. We would meet in NYC coffee shops to collaborate and get out of the house and get our creative juices flowing. However, we were often met with spotty wifi, lack of seats and plugs.. and even if we were able to grab a spot, we had to keep buying coffee and croissants to not feel guilty about staying there all day.

So when we went to a hackathon last year, we looked to our current pain points and decided that finding an affordable and inspiring workspace was damn near impossible in Manhattan. Our MVP was an app to book seats at a coffee shop, but quickly pivoted to coworking spaces when we realized that the amenities and community were already in place there. Basically, we brought the coffee shop experience to the coworking space!

We partnered with three of our favorite coworking spaces and launched in New York City last year. Our members have told us that we’ve completely changed the way they do work. It’s been what they call a “wild ride”, and we are SO excited to bring Croissant to the Bay Area!

Jamall Oluokun: Congrats again Ladies and Gents. Anytime someone is looking for a space to work I always tell them about Croissant :) This is Major Key

Mike Smith: I love Croissant. It's perfect for those entrepreneurs who don't need a full time spot but like to get away once and a while. The pricing is very reasonable and the spaces are gorgeous.

Clayton Bryan: The Space Race now has a new meaning, thank you Croissant, thank you.

Sameep Sheth: congrats on the launch in SF!

Dean Ki: What an awesome idea. Great job guys.

Dmitry Dragilev: Been using these guys since the time they launched in NYC, nothing but awesome things to say, I love hopping around all the coworking spaces in NYC. Usually if I have a meeting I'll just quickly book a space nearby. SF launch is killer, every city needs one of these!

matthew chun: Great Work Guys!! This is perfect for Founders who travels and needs the flexibility of using different coworking locations.

vachi: all i can say is, when are you coming to Stockholm!!!!

Natasha Fong: Congrats!! Love the product and great team behind it!!

Nisha Garigarn: @kevinbryantlou Thank you Kevin :) Hopefully sunny Los Angeles soon!!!

Elizabeth S Hunker: mistel

Zoltan Szalas: @danseeff We're coming soon!

Nisha Garigarn: @_pulkitagrawal 🎉Just checked and your account is still active!! We are excited for you to try out coworking all over the bay.

Pulkit Agrawal: @nishsticks great job 👏 and what great user onboarding 😝. Excited to see you guys getting lots of love and looking forward to your journey. I work remotely so I'll definitely be using, EVEN though @daveometer withdrew my free credit!

Kevin Lou: @nishsticks @cemedericarak That is such a cool backstory for the name! Looking forward to you expanding to LA ;)

Adam K Chew: @jean_bernard_hebert Ha will do. Thanks!

Adam K Chew: @charlesmdp We're currently in NYC, SF, Boston, and Washington DC and international is part of our roadmap!

Adam K Chew: @juliekwak Ha you're right. we've catered our website to offer a free membership so people can use it before they upgrade. You can find the pricing on or when you can access it in your accounts settings. Whoo hoo excited to see you at some of the spaces!

Adam K Chew: @adrianrubin1 Of course, We have a few small companies transition from office space to office space but they have these empty gaps of where they don't have a place to work temporarily until their office is finish furnishing. You can use Croissant as a temporary office space solution!

Jeanne Pi: @nishsticks My email:

Nisha Garigarn: @dideler London is definitely on our list! Are you currently coworking there?

Nisha Garigarn: @dmitry_chistov Thank you Dmitry. Hope you can try it :)

Nisha Garigarn: @seller_stash @coworkheights Would love to chat more! How can we get in touch?

Daniel Rubin: @nishsticks hey! I am the founder of a coworking space in Tel Aviv called The Pub Hub! Let me know how we can help launch this is Israel. I have all the info you would need.

Jeanne Pi: @nishsticks I am the co-founder of a coworking space in Houston, Texas called the Cowork Lab @coworkheights. What are your plans to expand into other cities?

Evan Kimbrell: @daveometer Sushi is more expensive than a burrito but less available. A burrito is a whole meal whereas sushi can be eaten as an appetizer. These are attributes that differentiate the two. If I owned a sushi joint and someone asked me why I should eat sushi over a burrito, I might idk reference some of these differences. Your answer would be "We're not a burrito". ...thanks.

Dmitry Chistov: @nishsticks Nice project! Thanks!

Dave Idell: @robert_fenton thanks, let me know if you need recommendations for which spaces to go to.

Dave Idell: @imcharliegraham Thanks Charlie :)

Nisha Garigarn: @mrmikesmith Thank you so so much Mike! :)

Nisha Garigarn: @nassaraf Thank YOU!

Nisha Garigarn: @chayacooper They ARE amazing :)

Cody Lister: @thezoltan Always happy to show your team some love

Nisha Garigarn: @cemedericarak Thanks for checking us out, Cem!

Nisha Garigarn: @vickyteke Thanks a lot Vikrant. We definitely plan to expand to more spaces all over the bay area

Nisha Garigarn: @tarungangwani hey Tarun - sometimes! The amenities really vary from one space to another.

Nisha Garigarn: @sarthakgrover Thank you Sarthak! We are still in talks with a bunch of SV spaces, so stay tuned.

Nisha Garigarn: @cemedericarak We used to buy croissants a lot when we worked from coffee shops because we felt bad for staying there all day. The idea is that instead of buying the pastry croissant, you can now use our membership Croissant as the pass that gets you a nice workspace!

Vikrant Ramteke: @nishsticks This is great! I was considering building something like this before our current startup. Great job! I hope you guys expand into the whole bay area and more.

Elizabeth S Hunker: @daveometer @getcroissant @writerpollock Yeah! it's at 129 West 29th St, New York, NY 10001 - same building as OK Cupid & Andella. I believe you can reach the Director of Ops directly at

Nisha Garigarn: @theresemiu Thank you Therese!

Dave Idell: @evankimbrell It's about preference. Do you prefer a burrito or sushi? Both products are similar, yet different. Our specialty lies in variety and in the ease of access of many different environments.

Cem Carak: @nishsticks Fun and smart!

Nisha Garigarn: @boris_gefter Hi Boris, not yet but would love to make our way over there. Sending you a message!

Boris Gefter: @nishsticks have you a presence in Sydney Australia? PM me if you would like to chat about working together on this?

Zoltan Szalas: @codyblister Thanks for the words and the support Cody!

jeneta hot: @daveometer always! 😍

Dave Idell: @matthewchun I agree! Also am a fan of the nighttime side-hustle hackathon :)

Dave Idell: @jeremyburge Awesome! 🎷

Evan Kimbrell: @daveometer Seriously? That's your answer to "why are you any better than your main competitor"?

Dave Idell: @colinvincent Thanks Colin!

Dave Idell: @evankimbrell Give it a try and see for yourself 🙂

Zoltan Szalas: @crntlyexploring Thanks Christina! Which space did you try?

Zoltan Szalas: @sameep_sheth Thank you Sameep!

Zoltan Szalas: @rstrachwitz Hey Ralph! Thank you for the feedback. I was actually able to get the quotes I needed and you can check out the article we put together here ( We also have two more articles coming out that the awesome people of SF contributed to :)
I completely understand that on the surface it may seem like "bar hopping" for coworking and in my experience this is a very small portion of Croissant members. The majority of our members seek out genuine and inspiring communities. We've had so many awesome member success stories where Croissant members have collaborated with members in the coworking spaces, gained clients, partnerships, and friends out of using our product. I can confidently say that Croissant members value community above all else and data shows us that they return many of times to the community they like. Perhaps they just don't need the space on a daily basis. You should give it a try.

Dave Idell: @maxim_price The promised land 🙌

Dave Idell: @claytyclay You're welcome!

Nisha Garigarn: @allisonveronica Yaaaay Tech Ladies! Thank you so much for the support, Allison.

Allison Esposito: @nishsticks Woo hoo! Congrats on this launch, Nisha! Thanks for sharing in Tech Ladies. I'm excited to try it out in NYC :)

Nisha Garigarn: @danielrubin109 Thanks Daniel, will touch base later this week :)

Daniel Rubin: @nishsticks you can email me at Daniel at

Zoltan Szalas: @aj_shewki We curate the spaces on the platform. We have turned down spaces in the past, because they didn't meet our standards. We strive to cultivate a network of inspiring coworking spaces with different communities. Convenience is a priority but quality vs quantity.

Dave Idell: @workstationw Thanks Bill!

Zoltan Szalas: @tonyleonardusa thank you Tony!

Zoltan Szalas: @manuthan Thanks Emmanuel! Soon... very soon ;)

Dave Idell: @natasha_fong Thanks! We love having you in the Croissant fam!

Zoltan Szalas: @premland Thanks Prem! We're going to be adding more locations in Mountain View area as well!

Dave Idell: @dean_ki Thank you! You're awesome too!

Dave Idell: @hoalagreevy Thank you, grateful to have you in the mix!

Dave Idell: @writerpollock Thank you sir! We're honored to have been hunted by the master from Minnesota!

Zoltan Szalas: @thesiskar @nishsticks Thanks for the words Kevin! You were one of the originals :)

Nisha Garigarn: @eflirtexpert Thank you for the love, Laurie!! <3

Cem Carak: @nishsticks I definitely like the name but I am just curious. Why Croissant? haha

Nisha Garigarn: @danielrubin109 Awesome! How can we get in touch? :)

Zoltan Szalas: @thejfkshow We will ... as long as you're in a french ass restaurant

Dave Idell: @harv_79 Thanks Harvi! Nice to have you join the party :)

Serg: @daveometer glad to hear it! Congrats on the updates, lets get this thing to the #1 spot

Dave Idell: @surheeho Thanks Serg! And we're still using that ol' Galaxy for Android testing!

Dave Idell: @johnhenrystyle Yes! Thanks for all your support :)

Dave Idell: @pabloecarvallo You the man!

Dave Idell: @aumaxima Thank you good sir. This is a delicious & flaky update indeed.

Zoltan Szalas: @srinip Thanks Srini! We make it very easy and seamless to access work space right when you need it.

Zoltan Szalas: @edmund_mai Thanks Edmund!

Nisha Garigarn: @_sdunn_ Hi Scott! Appreciate the love :)

Nisha Garigarn: @adammarx13 Thank you Adam! We hope so too :)

Dave Idell: @chrisvanpatten Thank you Chris. So great to hear it from a member! We're happy to make you happy.

Zoltan Szalas: @dragilev Thanks Dmitry! Bear hugs all around

Zoltan Szalas: @workstationw Thanks for the words and support Bill!

Zoltan Szalas: @agreenwaldhq Thanks for all the support Adam!

Adam K Chew: @arkhere Thanks Arkady! Wow it feels like just yesterday hanging out at CleverTap!

Dave Idell: @elizabethhunker @getcroissant @writerpollock thanks for the recommendation! Do you know their address or a person of contact there?

Zoltan Szalas: @mike_melanin The wait is over!

Zoltan Szalas: @hicham_amine Thank you Hicham! Where would you like to see us go next?

Zoltan Szalas: @jamall0 Thanks for the love!

Dave Idell: @marcbhargava Would love to have you on! Let me know if you need any space recommendations.

Dave Idell: @joaquin_v_roca Agreed! I think it's good for anyone who wants to physically be near people, but still focused on their work ;)

Dave Idell: @jenetahot thank you for the love Jeneta! Team Hungry Host lives on!

Dave Idell: @vachi soon... very soon...

Zoltan Szalas: @trentbigelow Hi Trent!

We currently have 11 spaces in San Francisco and 3 others in the Bay Area. We curate spaces with a cool and unique vibe. For example, Bespoke is the hottest space for retail meets technology and they have a rock climbing wall in the middle of the space. Parisoma has a strong emphasis on openness and collaboration and is perfect for designers and developers. These are just a few, but if you'd like to see the full list just visit

Nisha Garigarn: @bentossell Hi Ben, yes just US based right now.

Members usually get the app after they sign up, but it's publicly available here for iOS ( and Android (

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