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介绍:An app store for bots

更新时间:2016-12-24 15:13:26

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Chiefus Baltar: I was searching around the other day for slackbots and wondered why there wasn't a site like this? - awesome job @sethlouy @mubashariqbal ! Would be amazing if there were one-click-launch buttons when applicable for heroku or aws etc.

Kirill Chekanov: Nice! Might have something to put on the app store soon.

Ben Tossell: Hello errybody.

First things first, credit to @mubashariqbal and @sethlouey with this - I came to them with this idea in January and without them this would be a google sheet and nothing more.

Came up with this, a third party site to host bots from the various platforms after the Slack App Directory came out and there was lots of talk around Facebook doing it with Messenger.

I'm sure others are working on this space too.

This is our very MVP version and a side project we have been chipping away at on weekends over the past few months.
There is lots in the pipeline and some tidying up to do:
- share buttons will be turned on today [EDIT] - Fixed!
- trying to figure the best way to add taglines without it looking hella ugly
- Mobile responsive

Timing is great for something like this. With the Kik launch of theirs last week and no doubt Facebook launching theirs tomorrow. Here is one not owned by the platform itself.

Big thanks to all the Alpha testers!

I also think its important to get into the maker process. Ask away :)

We've had such an incredible launch yesterday, everything was blowing up. There was coverage on TechCrunch, LAUNCH ticker and Digital Trends, countless shares etc etc. Servers have been a bit up and down in patches while people decided to target us ha. Thanks for bearing with us regardless! Crazy response :)

James Cooper: Thanks for the Poncho (and Botwick) love. Most appreciated from all of us at betaworks. You're going to be busy tomorrow !

Omar: 😱🤓👍🏼💯

Schlomo Rabinowitz: I've been waiting for someone to build something like this. Super excited to dive in.

Pierre-Marie Galite: Bots everywhere. How much time of your own time did you put during the week? (Just to evaluate :) )

max mackey: this is dope, nice work @mubashariqbal @sethlouey @bentossell

Vinit Srivastva: @bentossell Congrats Ben.

Ed Moyse: @bentossel @mubashariqbal @sethlouey congrats on the launch - will be following keenly!

SK: Cool. Nice timing. Am going to be regular visitor. I already had started forgetting the bots i'would read and wanted to know more about..Best of luck.

Wilhelm Klopp: Looks really cool!
Any thoughts regarding bot creators "claiming ownership" for individual bots, so that we can add media, a description, release notes, etc?

Gabriel Lewis: How are bots being added to the site? Manually? Do you have "hunters" who submit them?

Doug Crescenzi: Very nice!

Abdulhamid Hassan: Not responsive.

So what's the different between this and other bot store ?

Cheers on the launch

Jonathan Z. White: Congrats on the launch @bentossel, @mubashariqbal, and @sethlouey. Consolidating bots across platforms is a huge opportunity considering how hot bots are right now.

Did you manually add all these bots yourself? How do you plan to keep it updated?

Fred Rivett: Glad to see this launched 🚀 With this being the year of the bots having a central place to search _all the bots_ makes total sense 👌

Nicely done team 🤖

Alex Vinogradov: 502 Bad Gateway


Paul Kemp: Great teamwork to deliver a solution to a real problem. Congrats on the MVP launch

Sarthak Grover: Congrats on this @bentossell and team. This is definitely a space which is heating up. Nice to see this "bot store' coming together. Really like the platform level organization, though not seeing anything for Twitter there yet.

chinozc: This is awesome @bentossel #botlist

Phillip Yang: Well, it seems Ben, Mubs, and Seth are onto something...BOTS!

Pavel Pekanov: I think we need a bot for this. (so the loop is closed)

Matt Pickle: @bentossell Looks good, but what's the difference in botlist & Only 3 days ago and they only got 116 upvotes. This looks to be upvoted & commented by most of the heavy hitters at Product Hunt. Is it all about marketing it better?

Marc Perel: Love your work Ben and team!

Mike Mignano: @bentossell congrats Ben and team!

Sarah A. Downey: @sethlouey It did; thanks!

Syed Irfaq R. ⚡️: @bentossell @mubashariqbal @sethlouey Awesome job guys! Perfect timing and great idea. So much easier to explore bots for every platform :)

Will it have submit bot feature? I assume it will and it should.

Also, Will there be a category for SDKs / Libraries that can be used for bot development?

Perhaps this could go under Build a Bot section, you might wanna add:
Telegram Bot API PHP SDK - or https://telegram-bot-sdk.readme....

Shameless plug :P -- It's the No.1 PHP SDK for Telegram Bot API, Working on pushing the V3 Soon, Recommended by Telegram as well. One of the most popular Telegram bots "MyPokerBot" is built using this SDK :)

Marc Anthony Rosa: Way to rock this @bentossell @mubashariqbal @sethlouey! Such an awesome dream-team coming together for this :) :botdancing:

It's fantastic to see a "bot ecosystem" quickly develop around pre-existing platforms. Loving how you're jumping ahead of the trend to create this experience.

One reflection I'd love your thoughts on: It feels like there's amazing opportunity around a Botlist listing, around becoming a central listing for all bots, regardless of platform. Personally, I'm not sure I'd engage with the primary CTA of writing reviews around bots on a daily/weekly basis, although I'm sure that's just my experience. I'm wondering if you might be seeing any emerging value prop of Botlist that extends beyond users writing reviews?

Seth Louey: @sarahadowney we fixed some responsive issues yesterday. Hope that fixes the problem. :)

Seth Louey: @marija_zarkova the press the past couple of days has definitely proven that bots are here to stay. :)

Seth Louey: @amellin94 We kept getting DDOSed today. Should be back up. :)

Seth Louey: @irazasyed Awesome feedback! We have plans to continue evolving the site, but wanted to test out our MVP first. Thanks for all of the links! // @bentossell @mubashariqbal

Rakesh Sankar: @bentossell @mubashariqbal @sethlouey Good work. Looks like the back-end application server is down, probably the load issue.

Richard Kerby: @bentossell @mubashariqbal @sethlouey very interesting!

Mubashar Iqbal: @prominentkyle We've been getting hit with a DOS attack. Taken some steps to fight the problem, hopefully things will be working normally from now on.

Mubashar Iqbal: @alexvinogradov4 Thanks. We've been getting hit with a DOS attack. Taken some steps to fight the problem, hopefully things will be working normally from now on.

Ben Tossell: @srakesh @mubashariqbal @sethlouey thanks. ha yeah battling it since last night. been a crazy 24 hours

Seth Louey: Thanks @dannyfiorentini. Much appreciated. // @bentossell

Peter Griggs: @bentossell @mubashariqbal @sethlouey awesome resource - thanks for the great work!

Ben Lang: @bentossell @mubashariqbal @sethlouey amazing job! 🙌🏻

Ben Tossell: @mattpickle_ adam signed up for my alpha last week so its cool to see his version launch too.

Its an obvious space to look at so not surprised there are others.

We are focusing on trying to not make it an overwhelming experience when browsing, adding images where we can, we have a Build A Bot section which we hope to expand on, there are a few things in the pipeline which we think will be a great addition here

Ben Tossell: @damjanski should be back up in a few mins, sorry! so many people jumped on today!

Ben Tossell: @prominentkyle yep fixing now.... overwhelming response today!

Ben Tossell: @8bit No chance

levelsio: Awesome work Ben! So cool to see you pushed this through and now it's out there.

Great timing now with bots getting so much press too!

Charles Jo: @sethlouey Likewise!

Seth Louey: @paul_s_kemp thanks a ton! Can wait to see Botlist grow.

aj: @bentossell @mubashariqbal @sethlouey Woohoo! Nice work!

Ben Tossell: @tsunaze I'm probably being really unhealthy at the moment but I can handle it for now.

See my day-in-the-life on Startup TV tomorrow :)

Pierre-Marie Galite: @bentossell Because when I try to work on my stuff during the week, it's pretty hard. Already had a long day. I'm trying to schedule my life : health, family, work, friends & my projects. But I can't handle everything. :(

Adam Sterling Lawrence: @bentossell @mubashariqbal @sethlouey Congrats on the launch :)

Ben Tossell: @tsunaze lol why?

Pierre-Marie Galite: @bentossell Hmmm thanks :D!

Seth Louey: @jaronrayhinds haha.. it was a scramble this past week

Ben Tossell: @neilcocker Fortunately I'm in a great position to see lots of bots come in and I read a lot around the space too.

We also have a submission (typeform for now) for people to add their bots if they build new ones etc and we will review.

Already have a queue :)

Ben Tossell: @tsunaze mostly weekends! started on it around jan/feb and been dipping in and out whenever any of us have found time ha

Seth Louey: @adam_hanna we are definitely talking about having bot pages be owned by the makers. So they can add content and more details on the detail page. //@bentossell

Seth Louey: @lail_brown thanks! The logo was definitely a fast turn around time. :)

Ben Tossell: @adam_hanna yeh we will continue to add more detail and images where we can! not un-noticed! thanks for the feedback

Kevin Lou: @bentossell @mubashariqbal @sethlouey This is incredibly cool, great work!

Ben Tossell: @gabriel__lewis manually for now. Want to make sure no janky ones get in there.. I know there are a lot on telegram

People can also submit bots for review too :)

Cem Kozinoglu: @bentossell @mubashariqbal @sethlouey Boom! congrats @bentossell, was getting bot dizzy.

Seth Louey: @marc_rosa Thanks Marc for the kind words. As @bentossell stated, there definitely is some potential here for Botlist. We really wanted to get this launch on PH before F8 and to see how the site would be used. We will only advance the site from here on out. :D Cheers // @mubashariqbal

Wilhelm Klopp: @bentossell @mmariansky Thanks a lot :)

Ben Tossell: @wilhelmklopp @mmariansky ha that is because it was not supposed to be visible yet ;)

Lots of bots are in the queue like this, half ready to be visible - I'll update this one now!

Ben Tossell: @marc_rosa @mubashariqbal @sethlouey initial reactions so far today suggest that people really want to own their pages. So something we are discussing is around this :)

Wilhelm Klopp: @mmariansky @bentossell Yeah, same here haha. The Simple Poll page is not exactly inviting. A logo would be nice :P

Seth Louey: @tamrrat @bentossell @mubashariqbal 🤖 Thanks!

Seth Louey: @charlesjo as always, thank you for the support

Neil Cocker: @bentossell Nice problem to have! Congrats :-)

Ben Tossell: @jonathanzwhite @bentossell @mubashariqbal @sethlouey thanks :)

I did manually add these bots, yes - and yes it took a long time! Still quite a few to go in from our database.

Luckily I'm in the position to be able to see lots of new bots launch and we have a submit typeform for now where people can add them if we have missed any!

Ben Tossell: @kvgauthier thanks! no problem :) - yeah this will be why it would be awesome to have the owners connected to their pages.

Just the initial MVP to see how it goes then will develop it further! Appreciate the feedback

Ben Tossell: @dougiebuckets thanks :)

Seth Louey: @thedimmick I was suppose to implement the 5 star this past weekend, but @mubashariqbal and I were at a hackathon. Will get to this sometime tonight. :) // @bentossell

Tamrat: @bentossell @mubashariqbal @sethlouey This is really really cool!

Pedro Pinto: @bentossell great, thanks for your quick reply.

Ben Tossell: @s0ftvar @mubashariqbal thanks!!

Varun Malhotra: @bentossell @mubashariqbal Done,

Ben Tossell: @mmariansky @wilhelmklopp yeh it will happen. but like I said - too many straight at launch may have made it messy. Need to figure out a good process going forward.

what would you want to see added to the Meekan page?

Ben Tossell: @thedimmick @mubashariqbal @sethlouey yeah we are going down the star approach... have basic stuff for now but looking more into it for sure

Ben Tossell: @owenthetwit yeh looking at things like this. For now we just have an image on the bot page - looking for ways to improve though :)

Ben Tossell: @mikeseeh let me check up on yodel for you :)

It is because we havent officially 'published' yodel yet - there are a lot of bots in the queue that are half uploaded. Will look into it :)

Ben Tossell: @tnsrig @sethlouey @mubashariqbal yeah, as said before - the tagline just lets people visualise what it is... copy will likely change!

Ben Tossell: @pmcpinto yeah we have some news bots in personal and 'social & fun' categories and actually I think these will need to be split out even more so so news could easily be in there.

Messenger platform opening up theres going to be flooding of 'social & fun' ones so its on our radar to look out for

Ben Tossell: @philipkuklis will get that sorted for you :)

Ben Tossell: @chandan_im thanks! h/t Seth

Matty Mariansky: @wilhelmklopp @bentossell I second that. Our page is quite minimal, and not very inviting to try/install. I understand you're overwhelmed with populating the store, but letting creators own their listing is a win-win for both sides

David Vasquez: @bentossell @miscalzoncillos Bots in Whatsapp will be available in 2017(

Ben Tossell: @goelv yup! definitely helps :)

There are already quite a few in the queue so thats why we went for this but will re-evaluate!

Charles Jo: @bentossell looks good!

Varun Goel: @bentossell I would think that you should kee it free initially to populate your database with currently available bots across platforms. Once you hit some milestones (per platform) then start to charge money. Moreover 7 business days after paying for the quick review seems long. If you are paying it should be done with 1-2 days. Hope this feedback helps.

Seth Louey: @goelv @bentossell Maybe we need to define what quick is. Would 3 business days be better?

Ben Tossell: @sethlouey @goelv currently its stated as within 7 days

Mike Heininger: @bentossell that was quick. Thanks!

Nine Black: @bentossell @theblackguy hey since we are on responsive, can you please help us with any tools that we can use to turn the website responsive without changing much code?.....(I am non - tech)

Steve Dimmick: @bentossell Hear, hear!

Ben Tossell: @uxdzen @theblackguy it's MVP.

Ben Tossell: @mikeseeh all sorted :)

Philip Kuklis: @bentossell @anthonymonori Wait a second! Where can I sign up for the newsletter? 😃

Great job with Botlist btw!

Mike Heininger: @bentossell THANKS! 💕

Mike Heininger: funny … is this because we have a 404 in the URL? 😜

Seth Louey: @koridhandy @mubashariqbal @bentossell thanks Kori. Always been a fan of your work and to hear you say that... I am honored.

Can't wait to try out Banana

Ben Tossell: @s0ftvar can you tweet me the pic and @mubashariqbal and I will take a look :)

Seth Louey: @chandan_im thank you so much! Can't wait to keep improving this project.

Varun Malhotra: @bentossell Tried and worked this time. I tried replicating and it happens once I toggle the checkbox many a times before registering. Got this

Kyle Richey: @bentossell Awesome work guys, especially for an MVP! Great logo, and love the Build a Bot category. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Best of luck with it!

Seth Louey: Thanks @bentossell! // @socialnerdia @mubashariqbal

Ben Tossell: @wilhelmklopp Yeah its on our roadmap... Maybe for version 2.

Didn't want too many moving parts for the first launch but it's definitely not been overlooked!

Ben Tossell: @workstationw Thanks Bill! We think there is so much potential here for sure

Guy Malachi: @bentossell @mubashariqbal @sethlouey Cool idea guys!

Ben Tossell: @dannylowney yeah. May look at some sort of sponsored listings as featured.

upcoming are some that Ive seen that are in beta.

Omar Pera: @bentossell @pavelpekanov I've been working on this the last couple days, will send it to PH once I can get my facebook page approved with messaging functionality. So that it can be on sms, Telegram, Kik and Facebook Messenger at launch.

Ben Tossell: @s0ftvar What was your issue with registering? Will look at that ASAP.

Yeah I'm sure we will do that soon but didnt for basic version.

Yep mobile responsive on the way!!

Ben Tossell: @anthonymonori :)

Ben Tossell: @harrystebbings thanks dude!

Ben Tossell: @miscalzoncillos Good catch, there was one, it must be hiding... do you know a resource that hosts them?

I'm sure with the Facebook stuff launching, we will see Whatsapp bots too - we have the platform set up for it

Ben Tossell: @socialnerdia thanks, as I said - credit to @mubashariqbal and @sethlouey here :)

Esteban Contreras: nicely done @bentossell

Ben Tossell: @koridhandy @mubashariqbal @sethlouey thanks dude. Awesome team :)

Yeah theres a lot still to do and hopefully feedback here will help us think about what we may need to add

Danny Fiorentini: @bentossell design and feel is nailed. that's always key with these types of products and their longevity. nice work guys.

Ben Tossell: @goelv Hey yeah its crazy.

As you said, everyday there is a new bot launched and I only expect that number to increase.

There is already a queue of bots to add so need to have something in place or we could be completely inundated with bots that we just dont have time to get to quick enough!

Maybe $50 is a little high. That's what this feedback is for :) Appreciate it!

Ben Tossell: @dannyfiorentini thanks! As I said, credit goes to Mubs and Seth for sure!

Still lots to do but a good start I think

Ben Tossell: @oelmekki if we are being picky then its not really for 'apps' either haha. The tagline helps people understand what it is... copy may change down the line for sure.

In the future if bots ask you to pay then it might well go through this too.

Lots of possibilities and not nailed down to anything right now. Which is why MVP launch here is important :)

Ben Tossell: @pavelpekanov something we are looking at ;)

Ben Tossell: @gadgick haha time is definitely something we all struggle with.

Nick Coates: @bentossell Exactly what I did with Connected, been working on version 2 for the past few weeks (when I've got time)!

Ben Tossell: @gadgick Cheers dude!

Yeh still lots of work to do on it, but wanted to get the bare bones out there in the wild to see what people thought :)

Ben Tossell: @uxdzen @theblackguy ahh yeah...

I gave Adam alpha access to botlist last week and then saw his launch.

Like I said, its an obvious space to look at so not surprised there are others.

Am focusing on trying to not make it an overwhelming experience when browsing, adding images where we can, we have a Build A Bot section which we hope to expand on, there are a few things in the pipeline which we think will be a great addition here

Hassan Abdulhamid: @bentossell @theblackguy + why are u guys using typeform to add new BOTS ?

Hassan Abdulhamid: @bentossell @theblackguy e,g :D .. you should know em.

Ben Tossell: @theblackguy yeh its not responsive yet. hopefully will be today.

what other bot store?

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