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介绍:Create engaging images for your social media posts in 30s

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Marcus Karoumi: Love it but why can't a find a direct link to Pablo on the Buffer site yet?

Jeremie Berrebi: Very nice idea :)

Hans van Gent: What is the main difference between this one and, besides the option to upload your own picture, browser extension etc. And how do you think you would position yourself different on the market?

Ali Ahmed: Congrats @joelgascoigne and the Buffer team.

cedric deweeck: This reminds me a lot of, have been using it a lot lately. Nice to see that buffer has something similar now!

Marc: So slick.

Brian Fanzo: Easy to use but at the same time customizable and the ability to add to buffer or post to social with one click makes this my go to tool for all quick social sharing graphics. 30% of my 85k tweets include graphics and that number will only increase thanks to this tool!

Michael Chamkin: Great product! Easy to use and works effortlessly with Buffer which I use daily.

Would love to have an ability to pick solid backgrounds or even better - input hex colors for the background.
Also, curious why did you guys name it "Pablo"? :)

Brandon Lipman: This is fantastic. I have been doing this manually for the most part. Would love to see this come to Buffer's mobile app.

Juan Olvera: Just yesterday I was wondering for a tool like this, I was playing with Python taking screenshots of the site that was going to be shared (using Buffer API), now today I got this, and I am very exited :) congrats!

Lucas Gordon: This is really awesome! It would be great to have the option to remove the border around the text though.

Jacques van Heerden: Really slick tool guys! Way to go for keeping users interested in utilizing Buffer app for all their social needs.

Rob Williger: I just tried this out. Another amazing product from Buffer. It is simple and elegant and really a wonderful way to integrate words and images. Of course., being Buffer it is great the built in sharing tools. Great job and I know I will get. Lot of use from this.

Samantha Bell: Hey you guys - so wonderful to see another great aspect of Buffer. Well done to all.

I've used OverApp, Canva and a few other content creation services and love the idea of this feature integrated in Buffer. Yay!

Pleased to read the box around the text is already being removed :) #agility!

Tried to download image and first one didn't work then tried again and at first when I did space-bar-over-the-image on my mac to see if it worked, it couldn't work out what app to open in then a few moments later I checked again and it was fine. Seemed strange - might be my computer though haven't had this experience with Canva downloads.

The images you've chosen are fabulous. Could this be integrated with or unsplash? That'd be a fun collaboration.

Love to see you fly! Good luck, enjoy. Grin widely :)

James Koole: I wonder if they even looked at it on Safari? It's a bit of a mess.

Oo Nwoye: Brilliant. Thoroughly useful! I have had to use memegenerators for this.

I have two contradictory comments/feedback.

1. It seems to me there are too many options. Keeping it simple would help adoption. The old Secret approach may be helpful.
2. Have you thought about allowing people to add their uploaded imaged to the pool of images.

Swaroop S: Easy to use . I like it . So simple and powerful !!!

Ryan Hoover: I've been waiting for the Buffer team to release something like this.

It's a good MVP and I'm looking forward to seeing how this is incorporated into the Buffer Chrome extension (a one-click option would be nice). While these artistic image + text photos are beautiful, in most situations I'd prefer to use a hero image pulled from the site I'm sharing or a screenshot of the page itself, similar to this tweet of mine. Is this something you're considering, @joelgascoigne?

Sean M. Madden: Another great idea, Buffer folk — and one that fits beautifully with your core offering. This will definitely make it much easier to share visually compelling content via Buffer.

Zack Miller: Very cool. I've been using Spruce primarily because of its simplicity and speed. I can see Pablo becoming part of my daily workflow.

Ashley Read: Congrats @brian_lovin, @joelgascoigne and the rest of the Buffer team. Pablo looks great. So simple to use and certainly saves time creating images on Photoshop.

A few bits of feedback:
- Share to Facebook: image size at the moment isn't optimised for Facebook, in the future could you add an option to 'Save for FB' and create an image that fits the FB size guidelines
- Currently the image links away from Facebook instead of opening up as an image from my FB timeline
- Upload an image: could be good to state best dimensions there so people know what size to upload

Brilliant stuff! And all the best with the launch.

Greg Van Horn: This is really great. Like someone mentioned above I could see a huge fit as extension. On any page, be able to highlight a block of text, click the extension or right click and then it loads up the tool with all the images on the page, plus access to the addition images in your library. Customize and Buffer!

Lana: I have a soft spot for Spruce but this looks quite nice with a bit more functionality. Would be nice to be able to upload more than one image of your own; it doesn't appear to be able to do that currently. You need to refresh to upload a new image and your previous one is then gone. Besides that, appears to be useful and I could see myself using it!

Hillel Fuld: Great idea, beautiful design. Bookmarked.

Joel Gascoigne: You guys are so fast :) Excited to see Pablo on PH, what a privilege.

Images on social media are something we've been observing and making use of ourselves at Buffer for a long time now, and some time ago we published data about Tweets with images getting 150% more Retweets.

We wanted to help people benefit from images more easily by creating a tool with the same simplicity in mind that we often hear as a reason for people using Buffer for scheduling their posts. Here's our MVP :)

I've not been all that involved in Pablo, it's been an inspiring effort from @brian_lovin, @patrikward, @sahir_memon, @kevanlee and @leowid.

I must say, we still feel we're pre product / market fit (or at least not certain of the fit) with Pablo, and we're working hard to learn and move towards a great mini product people can get a lot of value from. We've done a lot of more private customer development and just today we decided to roll it out more widely and send some traffic from a few places in our app and on our blog, so we can give the product 'oxygen' and learn more.

I think you guys are probably the best group of people we could ask for help with getting Pablo to product / market fit. We'd love your thoughts on what we could improve, things that stand out, things that are missing or things we have that are unnecessary :)

Also, ask me anything! (update - heading to sleep now here in Sydney, my co-workers around the world will be checking the comments :)

Dharmesh Shah: @brian_lovin @patrikward @sahir_memon @kevanlee @leowid @joelgascoigne Nicely done. I've tinkered with variations on this several times. Simple, but useful.

Scott McLeod: @knoddecee @brian_lovin Love seeing Spruce as an inspiration! Look forward to see you guys expand on helping creating and share better content online.

Derek Shanahan: @joelgascoigne @rrhoover @brian_lovin Would love a screenshot of the link I'm sharing. +1

Violeta Nedkova: @patrikward Thanks, Patrik, it works fine now. :)

Sam Bauch: @johntheoak nope. I like in-feed images. I just think that Twitter Cards should have in-feed images as well.

Brian Lovin: @sambe11 thanks so much for your thoughts Samantha! Canva, Over, Spruce and PullQuote are all wonderful tools - but yeah, having this work right alongside Buffer is a really exciting idea :)

We'll take a look into the download issues, the current version is still quite lean in terms of development, so there might be some remaining kinks to work out.

Right now everything is from unsplash, and it would be totally amazing to team up with them!

Jeremy Zykorie: @knoddecee looks exactly the same, down to the layout

Patrik Ward: @thinkxl Awesome timing, thanks so much for trying it out Juan! Would be keen to hear any thoughts on how it feels for you. :-)

Sahir Memon: @mstopham ooo Lana that is a good one! Curious, were you hoping to use more than one image to be used as a background? :-) Thanks so much for the feedback!

Edit: Lana, were you perhaps referring to having a library of uploads? :)

Lana: @sahir_memon Yes, Sahir, a library of uploads. Some silly people (my hand is forming the shape of an L on my forehead) have *bought* stock photos and it would be nice to tap into those, from time-to-time. It would be nice to sort of A/B test them too -- which one works better for the social share.
Re: "...more than one image as a background.." I think that's a bit too complicated and I would probably jump into Photoshop to stitch or grab different elements from the images to make one cohesive image. Maybe that would be useful to someone though!

Scott McLeod: @newrulesinvest Nice to hear you're still an avid Spruce user Zack! Love to hear more if Buffers Pablo replaces Spruce for you.

Brian Lovin: @realscottmcleod Spruce is wonderful, <3 you guys!

Kristofer™: @patrikward I unfortunately right now crop the area of the text in my image and multiply the pixel dimensions of that space, then divide by the total pixels of my image. Crappy I know... Would be great to have this as a feature of Pablo!

Brian Lovin: @josuegio love it Josue, thanks for the comment! This kind of feedback is so valuable for us to work on next steps for Pablo, hopefully we can make this process easier for pages!

Brian Lovin: @sammybauch thanks for the feedback Sam, we're quite early on validating some of these ideas in Pablo - it seems like chatting with Twitter about how to deal with cards might be worth doing :)

Joao Carvalho: @joelgascoigne Been looking for something like this, glad Buffer solved it :)

One suggestion/idea in terms of UX: give more CTA to the upload image button since I was searching for a way to upload a image and I confused the upload icon as a image himself.

Keep shipping!

Brian Lovin: @thinkxl hehe wonderful timing! Thanks Juan :)

Brian Lovin: @johnnyquachy Looks slick Johnny - nice and simple :) Unsplash ftw!

Sahir Memon: @domydeal Such a great idea Greg! Really like the workflow you have laid out. Will be adding this one to our list!

Violeta Nedkova: @patrikward Yes, they are. Is that a problem?

Brian Lovin: @seanmmadden Thanks Sean, so happy to hear that! Definitely give a shout if you have any thoughts or feedback for us :)

Sam Bauch: @brian_lovin I wish you luck, as I didn't have much in attempting to work with them on card issues. Presumably Buffer has a better chance :)

Brian Lovin: @jberrebi thanks Jeremie! We've discovered a lot of wonderful tools like this in the past few months but realized some of the potential there is to have this exist alongside Buffer! We're excited to see where things go from here :)

Brian Lovin: @joelgascoigne @johntheoak fixing this now! Thanks Joao :D

Brian Lovin: @oothenigerian Hey Oo, thanks so much for these thoughts!

1. Great observation, this is definitely something we want to keep "under control" in terms of providing the most value with the least amount of UI. We might not have quite hit this balance yet, but we're excited to validate some of our assumptions as people start to use Pablo!
2. It's possible to upload a background at the moment by clicking the first gray square in the gallery, although it won't stay there if you refresh. Perhaps this is something we can improve as folks use this repeatedly :)

Pedro: @joelgascoigne Great name!

Brian Lovin: @jacquesvh thanks Jacques, we're excited to spend more time learning about this one and what problems it might solve for different people :) As Joel mentioned here, we're still pre-market fit, so we're still planning to learn as much as possible during the next few weeks!

Brian Lovin: @lucasjgordon working on a fix for this now, should be good to go in a jiffy :)

Brian Lovin: @robertwilliger so wonderful to hear Robert, thanks for the kind words! We're super excited to hear what you think as you start to use Pablo - definitely give a shout if you have any feedback or ideas for us!

Brian Lovin: @joelgascoigne @kjemperud hey Thomas, thanks so much for the comment - I'll look into any upload limits and report back as soon as I know!

Brian Lovin: @joelgascoigne @ashread_ wow, this is all amazing feedback Ashley, thanks so much for taking the time to write these out! Couldn't agree more about all of your points - I think we have a lot to work on in terms of getting the dimensions right and improving the clarity of how things work for people on the front-end :) We'll try to clean some of these things up right away!

Brian Lovin: @knoddecee Spruce is a wonderful product, they've done a lot of things really well! We're excited to build something that will work really well right alongside Buffer :)

Brian Fanzo: @patrikward No worries.. been using Canva & ReciteThis since day one and leverage WordSwagg App and Over on my iphone to create social share and blog graphics... Key for me is customization but not too many options that overwhelm the newbie or turn the tool into a timesuck. I will surely provide feedback and no surprise just like Buffer, Daily and Buffer Biz Analytics this is another awesome tool from you guys that will be a must use for my team and my clients!

Patrik Ward: @v4violetta Oh awesome! Yep I think that we might have a bit of trouble uploading larger images at the moment, definitely a good one for us to fix up. Smaller images under 2MB might upload a bit smoother, thanks so much for the nudge on this!

Joel Gascoigne: @lucasjgordon wow, great one Lucas. I think that's a bug we need to fix up. Sorry to cause a bad experience with it! If you click outside the text, it should hopefully go away. I think we need to fix it so that it doesn't get inserted into the image if you don't click outside beforehand :)

Lucas Gordon: @brian_lovin @joelgascoigne thanks guys, but it is a very minor detail and otherwise the product is great! Will this feature get included on the iOS app?

Brian Lovin: @joelgascoigne @lucasjgordon Oooh, that would be amazing!! We're still pre-product/market fit, so we still have a long way to go, but that would be so cool!

Patrik Ward: @kristofertm Wow, that's a really great point Kris! Could definitely see that being super useful. Would love to hear any tools or tricks you use now to determine what percentage of an image that text is covering?

Joao Carvalho: @sammybauch you mean that a timeline can start having lot of "visual noise"?

Brian Lovin: @lipmanb oh wow, manually! Hopefully this will save you some time Brandon, definitely give a shout if you have any feedback or ideas for us :) Making this work in mobile would be slick as well!

Patrik Ward: @newrulesinvest Awesome to hear Zack, Spruce is a great tool! Keen to build something that can seamlessly slip into the Buffer experience. :)

Thomas K. Running: @joelgascoigne @johntheoak I didn't see the upload icon at first either

Hans van Gent: @brian_lovin ok interesting to see where this is heading and how it will differ or doesn't differ in the future from the guys from Share As Image..will keep an eye on this one.

Scott McLeod: @brian_lovin Great to see it working alongside Buffer - We @ Spruce thought this was a great fit.

Brian Lovin: @patrikward @isocialfanz wow, this is so awesome to read, thanks Brian! Definitely keen to see if you have any feedback or any quirks holding you back from using Pablo full-time over the next few days :) Give a shout anytime on Twitter if you want to chat!

Romain Cointepas: @knoddecee @JeremyZ123 Yes, exact same layout. Would love to hear from Spruce creator @realscottmcleod

Patrik Ward: @v4violetta Yikes, so sorry about this Violeta! Still ironing out a few kinks with this one. Would you happen to know if the images you're uploading are larger than 2MB by chance?

Patrik Ward: @joelgascoigne @milann Ah so sorry about this, Milan! Do the other sharing options work by chance? Keen to track down what might be going on there. :)

Patrik Ward: @dereckbreuning So sorry about this Dereck! Spotted a bug in our loadbalancer, hopefully things will be coming back now. :-)

Patrik Ward: @isocialfanz Wow, that's incredible Brian! So grateful that this tool might find a place in your workflow and would love to hear any thoughts you might have, I think you'd have an amazing perspective on this! :)

James Koole: @brian_lovin Quick work! Looks good again.

Greg Van Horn: @sahir_memon Awesome! Best of luck with this product.

Brian Lovin: @jcvangent good one! SAI is an awesome tool - I actually just added them to our /extras page yesterday (!

They are definitely building a lot of wonderful things - as Joel mentioned above, we're still pre-market fit with Pablo. This means we're still doing a boatload of customer development to learn as much as possible about the people who might need this tool. Ideally we can provide a really wonderful solution to exist alongside Buffer :)

Sahir Memon: @mstopham Ah yes a library of uploads! That is definitely something we have on our minds. Really great to have some validation from our users :-)
Regarding "....more than one image as a background.." I completely agree. That could get quite complicated and we are striving for simplicity. :) Thanks so much for your awesome and quick response Lana!

Brian Lovin: @jameskoole thanks for the heads up James! Some of our latest tweaks have definitely broken some alignments, I'll work on fixing these up :)

Edit: most of the Safari quirks should be cleaned up, thanks James!

Brian Lovin: @jcvangent definitely, thanks for following along Hans!

Sahir Memon: @joelgascoigne @milann Ah Milan! Sorry about this one! If you have a moment, would you mind trying it out one more time? I pushed an update to fix this one :-)

Brian Lovin: @marceglon Thanks Marc!!

Brian Lovin: @patrikward @sahir_memon @kevanlee @leowid @joelgascoigne @dharmesh thanks for the thoughts Dharmesh! Definitely give a shout if you have any ideas or feedback here :)

Scott McLeod: @mstopham Lana you're awesome! Glad to hear you've still got a soft spot for Spruce. Look forward to seeing what Buffer does in this space!

Brian Lovin: @hilzfuld wonderful to hear Hillel, thanks! Give a shout if you have any feedback or ideas for us, we're excited to learn more about how this can help different people :)

Brian Lovin: @knoddecee @realscottmcleod thanks for mentioning this! It's funny because we tried a few different layouts, but nothing felt right given screen sizes and the constrains of having a canvas + tools.

I imagine the folks at Spruce went down some similar lines of design and we just came to the same conclusion about what *feels* best - definitely inspired by what Spruce has done though, so I definitely don't want it to seem like we're taking credit for a layout :)

Sahir Memon: @michaelchamkin Thanks for the wonderful words and feedback Michael! Ooo solid backgrounds specially with inputting hex colors is a really great idea! We'll keep this one on our mind! :-)
Ah, good question regarding the naming! We named it after Pablo Picasso ;)
Thanks again for the awesome feedback! Give us a shout if you have any more feedback or ideas!

Brian Lovin: @domydeal love this, thanks Greg!

Brian Lovin: @joelgascoigne @syedaliahmed thanks so much Ali for your comment, if you have any feedback or thoughts about Pablo at all don't hesitate to give a shout :)

Brian Lovin: @patrikward @kristofertm wow, that's quite crazy - that definitely seems like something valuable we could simplify for you in the future as we learn more about how folks are using Pablo! Thanks Kris :D

Scott McLeod: @brian_lovin Yeah, I understand the design problem around layout and canvas issues, considering I was the designer on Spruce :-) We tried quite a few different ways to approach this also.

Brian Lovin: @joelgascoigne @rrhoover thanks Ryan! So glad to hear those ideas - integrating with an extension seems like a powerful next step if we're able to validate this product and reach P/M fit! I'll keep you posted :)

Elise Ramsay: @oothenigerian @brian_lovin I second this motion! Would be great to reuse an image for many messages in a single campaign.

Brian Lovin: @alexsalkever Hey Alex, great one! Right now it's just exporting as a 1024x512, which is optimized for Twitter. As we learn more, it might be really meaningful for us to build out better support for other networks in terms of image dimensions :)

Saijo George: @jcvangent @brian_lovin that is a nice list of tools. If you ever need a free ( cc0 ) stock photo site for that list check out :

Patrik Ward: @saijo_george Thanks so much Saijo, we're huge fans of Spruce! I think if we find that this is solving a meaningful problem for people it'd make a lot of sense to make it easier to get to in the plugin. :)

Patrik Ward: @msitver Thanks so much Michael, really excited to be tackling this pain point! :)

Patrik Ward: @iemmett Thanks os much Emmett, would love to hear any thoughts or questions that come up as you take it for a spin! :)

Joel Gascoigne: @mkaroumi this is a great question Marcus and we'll probably change that soon.

We've been trying to be disciplined about validating and achieving product / market fit with Pablo before we get excited with marketing and spread it. We've learned the hard way before (and had a few successes) that the excitement of a marketing launch can hide some bigger problems with creating a sticky, engaging product. We're completely focused on making something that is super valuable and becomes a daily tool for many people before we start some of the other post product / market fit activities.

We've been quite deliberate about how we've turned our dial on increasing traffic to Pablo in order to get enough users to learn whether we've achieved that fit and iterate fast, before we open the floodgates completely and shout about it. Of course, being on ProductHunt changed that a little for us (an awesome situation for us), so we might need to rethink our approach a little.

Hope that makes sense :)

Marcus Karoumi: @joelgascoigne great answer. Thanks. I just have one problem right now:

When I create a pic and download it, it's downloaded as a text file instead of a JPEG or PNG. That means I can't upload it on Twitter later. Is this a common issue?

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