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Ben Lang: Congrats!

Kayvon Beykpour: hey guys, Kayvon here. I'm co-founder (along with Joe Bernstein) & CEO of Periscope. So excited to share what we've been working on with you guys. Happy to answer any questions you guys might have. I've long been an admirer of Product Hunt, so I'm excited to have something close to my heart on here finally :)

Ben Tossell: Also, will there be a way to curate your own periscope feed? I follow people because I want to see their streams. I don't necessarily want to see random feeds of people around the world...I get that this may increase traffic for peoples streams, especially on launch day. But I think it makes it seem "noisy" where it doesn't need to be.

Dil-Dominé Jacobe Leonares: Someone said there was a Meerkat party on Product Hunt so I checked my Persicope.

Ben Rubin: @Kayvz this thing is beautiful! Huge congrats to the team. Everything looks so slick and thoughtful; zoom in/out, orientation agnostic and specifically the hearts which are our team's favorite! Beautiful product 🎉🎉🎉

Steven Sinofsky: Very excited to see this released for people to use more broadly. So excited about this category and what @appmeerkat introduced us too--it is such a huge innovation. The discussion I think that will be so interesting is the notion of recorded v. ephemeral (and scheduled) streaming. So much of what I loved about my @appmeerkat experience has been freedom from the stress that I will need to relive the moment forever. I see the options to record or not but wonder if having the option will drive a community push to save everything?

There is so much room for this new category I am so happy to see amazing teams innovate in this space. I am pretty sure I am going to end up using several of these tools just like I use several still image tools, have several networks, and more.

Ben Lang: Nice timing :) (7 hours to go)

Jack Smith: What are the advantages that this has over Meerkat? One I can see is maybe the analytics post-stream.

Ryan Hoover: Smart: @periscopetv, a curated collection of live periscopes.

Armen: Periscope is more polished compare to Meerkat but at the end it's all about community.

Nicolas Nemni: I'm sad for @appmeerkat. 😢

Nowadays big social media players can "kill" entire startups by adding a feature to their product. This is because there is almost no intellectual property protection for apps.

I'm curious to see how the community, especially our @producthunt community will react to this: switch or keep using @appmeerkat. (cc @rrhoover, @eriktorenberg)

Erick Schonfeld: Great start. I've already done 3 live broadcasts. Mobile camera + Twitter distribution is a powerful combo.

1. Comments work really well, love the hearts. Interaction with the audience is key difference to the experience and makes it more engaging.
2. Stream quality was very good
3. Attention to detail, beautiful UI
4. Private sharing and archived videos are a plus.
5. Deep integration with my Twitter graph


1. Notification overload. Had to turn them off
2. Too much noise in home screen. Would rather see only people I follow or follow me + best streams that hit a certain threshold, not everyone.
3. No way to share an archived video
4. Comments don't show up as @replies and vice versa (while that creates noise in your Twitter feed, it also helps build audience through conversation on Twitter)
5, No way to schedule a broadcast

Owen Williams: I hate to dogpile on a huge comment thread, but I just want to say that Periscope has totally changed my perception of how one can consume the news. I watched the NYC explosion today from ten different angles, heard people's experiences and felt like I was teleported there in a way that broadcast TV could never deliver. It was a sad news event to watch, but it was incredible to be able to experience it like that.

I wrote up a thing about how it made me feel:

Awesome app; I'm excited to see how it evolves over the year.

Michiel: On first sight Periscope appears to be the @appmeerkat killer I expected it to be.. sad day for Meerkat. Hooray for Periscope (Twitter)! Hopefully both companies will be able to survive in harmony, but I honestly doubt that..

Still wondering who will launch an Android version first, with Android's 75%+ Smartphone OS Market share there's a huge audience waiting to join the broadcasting fun!

Scott Belsky: The best products support natural tendencies — stuff you’d naturally want to do but can’t because of life’s natural frictions... A few thoughts on the implications of Periscope:

Bram Kanstein (@bramk):

Irving Torres: Wow. That was quick.

jonas: Okay, someone please TELL me where the "groundbreaking UX" is that I was promised by (pretty much) all the beta testers on twitter...

I won't deny that this has a nice & clean UI and I appreciate that, it also has the huge advantage (that Meerkat had in the beginning) of tapping right into the twitter graph (obviously).

But seriously... where is the groundbreaking UX that people kept raving about? We've seen all of this before. Kinda disappointed now.

Well, at least I got to claim @jonas. :)

Bryce Adams: Crazy to see so much rivalry here between users. Regardless of which app is ultimately deemed better, two incredibly talented teams have poured months of hard work into creating something they are passionate and care about. The result? 100k's if not millions of users getting an experience they've never had before.

I welcome competition for Meerkat as well as competition for Periscope and so should you as users and founders. There shouldn't be such a focus on the underdog / corporation showdown but rather on the products that are actually being built and their individual and shared innovations, and maybe more importantly, the people behind them.

Liad Shababo: 1/ visually the website/app & branding are gorgeous

2/ being the goliath against the underdog in this live streaming race means you will need to focus extra hard on UX and customer service.

3/ stay strong to your product vision. try not to let corporate twitter dictate product decisions

Ross Rojek: Some of the assumptions here are the usual that only 1 app, service, startup, platform will survive and grow. In a competing field, you may have 1 dominate company, but that never means you can't have competition. Sure Uber is the major player, but Lyft still exists, the taxi business hasn't gone out of business (though taxi medallions are dropping in value).

The binary thinking of success is probably the one thing that annoys me most in the tech industry. I figure its mostly due to funding. Its harder to get investment funds if you're trying to launch something that competes with an existing platform that's received major funding from a major VC firm. The underdog can survive and thrive. Multiple businesses can serve the same needs of the market and all do just fine. Meerkat will most likely do just fine in the face of Periscope. We'll probably see half a dozen me-toos coming along, several of which will also find a niche and audience and create their own value and market.

tom meagher: Let's all remember that Google was the 17th search engine -- Meerkat and Periscope are only the first couple modern mobile streaming apps.

Oisin Zimmermann: First of all, congrats on the launch!

Three things I noticed quickly:

1. I'm a bit more wary when everything's recorded, though it has it's upsides.

2. It's totally not a given that @appmeerket is dead.

3. The analytics at the end are curiously addictive.

More to follow when I've had more time to play with it.

Ryan Hoover: I've been looking forward to this. 😃 For the past few weeks I've been playing with Periscope, watching Gabi play the violin, @alexia jog to Stanford, and @dtrinh party at SXSW. Periscope (and Meerkat) are two of the best examples of products that enable you to "teleport" somewhere else (we made a collection of more here). I'm particularly fascinated to see this space evolve as new interfaces (e.g. VR) emerge and become ubiquitous.

BIG congrats, @kayvz and team. I'm curious to know where the idea for Periscope came from? Was it livestreaming video from the start?

Erik Torenberg: at 3 PM Today @rrhoover and I are going to chat & do live AMA/podcast with @kayvz and @jess about persicope...on periscope!

Erik Torenberg: @Kayvz @benrbn upvote this comment if you want to see @benrbn and @kayvz live AMA over meerscope / recorded for PH podcast w/ @rrhoover + myself.

the positivity/encouragement/collaboration/mutual admiration of craft -- this is one reason why i love our industry.

alex kwon: @Kayvz @benrbn Just fell in love with the phrase. "spontaneous togetherness." That's the phrase I was looking for on the teleportation apps.

Vijay Sivaji: @Kayvz @benrbn Wow, guys! Hope you guys #Meerscope that meeting :)

Kayvon Beykpour: @Kayvz @benrbn Thanks man. Let's get together! It's tempting to dogfood and meet over Meerscope, but I say we do it the old fashioned way :)

By the way, one of the most serendipitous things that I find fascinating is how both of our metaphors (the Meerkat & the Periscope) share the same characteristic of peering up/down/side-to-side. Feels like telepathy, or as you call it, "spontaneous togetherness" that we share such a similar metaphor.


Martin Bavio: @Kayvz @benrbn Come on, Ben, you need to be a bit less likeable.

Adam O'Kane: @benrbn Gracious responses to both the "little guy" who was working on a competitor and gave it up, and THE direct competitor with all the backing in the world. Impressive.

Dil-Dominé Jacobe Leonares: @bramk hahaha!

Ben Tossell: @kayvz Yeah, I have a few streams from testing earlier...Would just prefer to have my feed as default and then a "discover" tab like Twitter opinion anyway :)

TJ Nahigian: @_jacksmith distribution...

Ben Lang: @_jacksmith "Unlike Meerkat, Periscope can save streams so that you can replay them later. It turns out to be Periscope’s killer feature — and the main reason that it’s likely to become my live-streaming platform of choice." -

Although there is #katch on Meerkat now.

Kayvon Beykpour: @alexia @dtrinh @rrhoover

Thanks Ryan! I think David Pierce did a great job covering the backstory here after we spoke in detail about it:

I think Joe and I sort had the same inkling around the same time. For me, my trip to Turkey planted the seed. We both were fascinated by the idea of seeing the world, right now, through someone else's eyes. But our approach / execution has changed A LOT from when we first started working on the idea. We definitely didn't start with live streaming in mind (we didn't want to make a video company for the sake of having a live video company). We started with photos, and a flow that resembled more of a marketplace. Basically: you'd put a 'bounty' on something you'd want to see, and other people could put claims on that bounty in the form of photos. Say I wanted to see what it was like at the Tokyo Fish Market.. you could create request and have others submit photos (that could then get upvoted/downvoted).

We had a lot of fun building it, and using it but realized a few things 1) Photos aren't a great way of seeing what's happening right now, somewhere. Just not dynamic enough, and "now" enough. 2) Exploring the world through a marketplace model is incredibly hard without massive scale. Huge cold start problem (What are the odds that there's somebody out there to fulfill a request for some specific thing I'm looking for?)

We realized that live video could be a really powerful in letting you see what was happening right now (It's LIVE; it's unfiltered, it's unfettered). And we decided to flip the model and let anybody share, if they had something they wanted to show the world. Those gut changes led to our subsequent prototype, which started to take the form of what Periscope looks like today (at least, conceptually). Still, between that point and today was months of self discovery and iteration.

Looking forward to talking to you more about the story when we get together :)

Ben Rubin: @Kayvz agreed! :-) pinging you now we should def grab breakfast!

Gokhan Celiker: @irvingtorresyc yeah!

Today I played with Periscope and became a "MOST LOVED" user. My learnings:

-People start watching from recent periscopes, and keep watching if it's good. That's the only way to get 20+ people to watch you.
-Walks: I walked to lunch, kept the camera focus to what I was doing and people were like: "This is real". They told me to put more & more pepper. And I did :)
-Unexpected stuff: I was offering my ice cream to random people on campus. Everyone was happy.
-Strong following on Twitter helps a lot! I don't have it, but the MOST LOVED list is full of them.
-Meta stuff works as usual: Periscope inside Periscope.
-Cats! (big surprise)

Hope it helps you guys!

Kristofer™: @nicolasegosum I kind of disagree with you on that. You saw FB try and knock out Snapchat and Yo last year, Google tries to knock out growing start ups all the time and misses the target. Google Plus? [fart noise]. I think now more than ever startups are able to grow and react quicker than big companies and win over users.

IP protection on apps is NOT the answer. Not sure anything could kill the app world quicker than allowing that.

Lee Fuller: @bramk ha, awesome.

Ben Tossell: @kayvz Appreciate you will get lots of questions today, especially with the live streaming frenzy that is going on recently.... any idea when the Twitter integration will be live? I want to stream an event for my company in 45 minutes haha

Ashley Bloom: @benln lol, ubermeta

Ashley Bloom: @kristofertm very well said. Will be interesting to see how deeply the tendrils of community have burrowed in for @appmeerkat

Adam O'Kane: @kayvz Got it. Good deal. I think it was the Periscope profile screen that made me wonder - the simple following and follower counts, short bio, etc. reminded me of Twitter.

Willie Morris: @jonas @sleinadsanoj Have you seen those floating hearts?! Groundbreaking! :)

Jim Carter III: @irvingtorresyc don't think they had a choice!

Dustin LaMont: @kayvz great work man. I can't wait to check this app out. So much polish. Well done.

orliesaurus: @vandeveire totally agree, android is always the second pick :( makers c'mon show android some love...

benny benis: @guygal i just found out myself that too :(

Paul Prins: @benln one can only hope. At least with Periscope you can watch it if you miss it.

Ben Rubin: @rrhoover @aly_rivs @onair @oisinzimmermann Thank you Oisin :)

Irving Torres: @benln oh boy

Austen Allred: @jonas @sleinadsanoj I only saw Twitter supporters/investors declaring it to be a "groundbreaking UX"

jonas: @jonas @austenallred yes, but I thought they would at least have SOME kind of basis for it? They said it would be as much a "revolution" as "Instagram"... Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough, but I sure as hell can't find any of that. :-/

Pierrick: @_jacksmith the major advantage is that you can run Periscope on iOS 7.1, which means that people who have an iPhone 4 or that have decided to stay on iOS 7.1 can use the app.
The main difference between the two apps will be the community they manage to build.

benny benis: Good point, I wonder the same about @onair which is near and dear to me. Then again, it's in the best interest of the consumer to have multiple options.

Kayvon Beykpour: @bentossell yep, Twitter integration will be live around 7am PST (the original time of our launch). Looks like our app store link was discovered quite a few hours earlier than we would have hoped, hence the delay there :) sorry about that!

Ben Lang: I wonder if anyone will Periscope the Meerkat team meerkating its funding announcement.

Dil-Dominé Jacobe Leonares: @benln @paulprins $14m at a 40m valuation from Greylock (dont quote me) but ya time to pivot boys! Meerkat Roulette

Colin Heilbut: @benln @jackrometty @thomasmeagher which rarely works.

jack rometty: @benln @thomasmeagher I didn't know that, I haven't streamed beyond testing. This modifies my opinion quite a bit, Thanks!

Joe Dandachli: @appmeerkat @stevesi I was upset when I would have to miss out on live streams on Meerkat because I am in the middle of a meeting or am not on a WiFi network. It's nice to not have that pressure as a viewer to basically drop everything and watch the stream. Glad to see the save feature showing up.

Austen Allred: @Kayvz @benrbn Damn Ben makes it hard to not be rooting for Meerkat

Mitchell McLaughlin: @rrhoover @kayvz @jess @eriktorenberg looking forward to this :D

Oisin Zimmermann: @benrbn @rrhoover I know. I really like how he comes across (never had the chance to meet) but even the way he sent my colleague @aly_rivs a personal email upon her downloading @onair was a perfect example. It wasn't pushy, no arrogance, just pure interest in the feedback, passion for the product, and a desire to connect. 100% respect what they're doing and how they're doing it.

Austen Allred: @_jacksmith @tjnahigian Distribution is ironically the "problem" that Ben set out to solve with Meerkat

Martin Otyeka: @nicolasegosum "IP protection on apps is NOT the answer. Not sure anything could kill the app world quicker than allowing that." ~ Preach @kristofertm

Jonathan Howard: @jonas @sleinadsanoj @morewillie Well to be fair, Twitter acquired Periscope a long time ago, so *technically* they did break a lot of this ground. They just broke it far away where only twitter employees could see :)

tom meagher: @benln @jackrometty After you finish streaming on Meerkat, there is a big, green "Save this stream" button

Ryan Hoover: I have a lot of respect for @benrbn's humility and thoughtfulness. It really shines through in the podcast we recorded a few weeks ago.

Andy Rosenberg: @_jacksmith Maybe for users - having a chance to rise to the top? (I haven't downloaded it yet.) But I did find that not being a "day 1, first 5 hours adopter of Meerkat" sunk my ability to rise on the platform. Also, I need more friends.... :/

[deleted user]: @rrhoover agree regarding "claiming a winner" and all the upside in the 20 years ahead... already bleeding into TV, NBC News used meerkat to live stream an interview on the Rachel Maddow show last week. To quote Rachel, "whoa, a live stream used to take tens of thousands of dollars and a day to set up".

RE: Vine, depends on your definition. Yes, millions of active users that consume the content, but creators who actually get views number in the hundreds and most people don't know what Vine is. So not obscure/unknown in the tech world, but certainly is in the consumer market.

Super curious to understand if @kayvz has plans (and/or permission space) to eventually path Periscope outside of Twitter or if the end game is just deeper integration.

Adam O'Kane: @austenallred As far as I know, Periscope was being built before Meerkat was released. Twitter is trying to mirror their Vine acquisition strategy here, and I think it'll work. But that doesn't mean Meerkat is dead.

Dil-Dominé Jacobe Leonares: @nicolasegosum @morewillie just had a debate about this - dont rely on a giants services; they can come in and shut you down anytime.

Steve RAFFNER: @benln ... oh my god they killed kenny you bastards

Ryan Hoover: @oisinzimmermann you can also broadcast private videos with select friends and delete public broadcasts right afterward.

Re: #2, live video streaming on mobile is not a winner takes all. It's an entire category with room for different experiences and types of people. I'm curious to see how Meerkat and Periscope converge or diverge over time.

Kayvon Beykpour: @bentossell Absolutely. Under the list of live broadcasts is your personal feed (which is probably empty for you since you just joined!). I agree that the current list of global broadcasts can be a bit overwhelming! This is something we'll definitely adjust to find a better balance (it's cool to see what's live right now, but practically you also want to easily see *your* feed without much noise)

Joshua Dance: How would intellectual property protection help Meerkat or Periscope? Stream video is not very defensible. And it is really about the community. Remember when Facebook tried to add the feature of disappearing pictures? Snapchat did just fine.

tom meagher: @_jacksmith @pierrickgt Definitely agree it all comes down to the community! Note: if anyone is on iOS 7.1 still, they should upgrade.

Alexander Kesselaar: @kayvz all makes sense now. Thanks for clearing that up!

Willie Morris: @nicolasegosum This shows how important it is to build a great product that can stand on its own - don't build a feature build a product :D

jack rometty: @benln should be said that periscope will probably be easier to save with than #katch

Rob Woodbridge: @nicolasegosum @kristofertm I don't think that FB tried to knock out Snapchat or Yo - hard to do when there is so much momentum going for them. The big guys - FB, Google, etc., are playing the long game while the smaller guys - Meerkat, etc., are playing the sprint. You have to ask yourself who has the ability to stick around longer - to essentially outrun the rest. Will it be Meerkat's $12M + 400K users that relies mostly on Twitter for awareness or Twitter's Periscope that doesn't have to "earn" but has an "available" audience in the 100's of millions (plus deeper pockets). Sometimes the tech that should win doesn't because it can't keep up the pace.

Kayvon Beykpour: @alexkess Before you start a broadcast on Periscope, you can turn on/off Twitter sharing. Right now (and for the next 3 hours), this feature is disabled because we weren't planning on launching until 7am PST (we were caught off guard by some savvy folks who found the link early in the App Store!). It'll be enabled in a few hours, we promise!

Eric Metelka: @kayvz Hi, Kayvon. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about how you and your team is handling the media attention focused on Periscope. It's a very unique situation. Not many apps launch to such buzz and a manufactured horse-race against a close competitor (I don't believe this is a winner take all scenario).

Do you guys talk about Meerkat internally? Embrace the media attention? Block it all out? Is it exciting or scary? How do you keep your team focused and productive with all this going on?

Joe Dandachli: @guygal "Case and point, meerkat is featured in the App Store today, not periscope." Meerkat was featured since last week. Apple updates the featured page every Thursday. It hasn't been updated yet. I am pretty sure Periscope will get featured today.

Edit: Called it. Featured today on App Store. :) Meerkat still trending on the list as well though.

Ross Rojek: @_jacksmith I've tried following a couple of meerkat streams and half the time, the video and audio were pretty spotty. I tried watching @rrhoover when he was speaking at Hooked and could only hear about half what he said, and I was on a pretty big, stable work connection. So for me, that stability is going to be important for both viewing and broadcasting.

alex kwon: @nicolasegosum IP protection on this kind of consumer app will only hinder appearance of better products. Meerkat is a very polished product, but feature wise, not new at all. Ironically, solid IP protection on every such idea for this kind of app could have prevented Meerkat from launching at all.

Brock: @kayvz will you at some point be able to schedule broadcasts on periscope? One of the biggest complaints I've heard is people have never even seen a live stream because they click a dead link.. (Different since periscope records) I've found its nice to be able to alert followers prior to so they can join.

Irving Torres: @nicolasegosum @morewillie There you go. I think that's the key. "Don't build a feature build a product".

Gene Fan: @alexia @dtrinh @rrhoover @kayvz thanks for sharing your insights on the gut changes going from the photo marketplace to the current app, awesome to read that

[deleted user]: @b_benis on air is meerkat

Saif Ajani: @oisinzimmermann @rrhoover Agreed. The assumption that @appmeerkat is dead because of Periscope is probably a bad one.

It's going to be tough, for sure. But there are some parallels with Instagram re: distribution and the network. Instagram used the Twitter graph to grow, and so there was a lot of fear after Twitter stopped showing their images in-stream. Ultimately, Instagram succeeded because it turned into its own network and achieved success because of it.

Meerkat and Instagram both have a heavy reliance on other people's networks (OPN) for growth But sounds like @benrbn is trying to get Meerkat to the same place as Instagram now -- its own network and social graph, spawned through the Twitter graph but sustained through internal engagement.

PS - Kik launched and had initial growth through a similar OPN model before BlackBerry cut them off. But the growth and engagement hasn't slowed.

Jason Keath ⚡️: @thomasmeagher Though, Twitter was the first Twitter.

Kayvon Beykpour: @brockneilson Hey Brock. Early on in our development we actually had a notion of "scheduled broadcasts". Our theory was that scheduling something in advance 1) solves the "empty state" problem where users could at least see upcoming content even if nothing was live right now and 2) you could build an audience and try and solve for the "nobody is around to watch my broadcast because they didn't have a heads up" problem.

So this existed in Periscope for awhile, but we ultimately decided to take it out for a few reasons: 1) We found that the # of subscribers to an upcoming broadcasts didn't really drive actual viewership of that broadcast, as compared to the # of viewers that would join spontaneously. 2) Simplicity. One less flow to worry about (choosing an upcoming date, subscriber UI, etc)

We certainly may revisit this decision later, especially since our #1 observation could have just been a function of a small sample size (beta!). But I'd say we're even more comfortable with our v1 approach because we found Replays, as a feature, to be a really helpful part of solving the "dead link" problem.

Jack Dweck: @oisinzimmermann @rrhoover completely agree w/ #2. I think @benrbn and the Meerkat team will differentiate themselves enough for there to be multiple players in the livestream category.

Nice to see this:

Kayvon Beykpour: @jiggityk So glad you feel that way. That's exactly what we were going for. None of us on the team consider ourselves "performers", so the idea of being live, on-stage in a broadcast felt pretty stressful. We wanted to find a way to reduce the anxiety associated with being live.

When we first tried the "fluttering and flying" effect, the hearts just made us smile. And, as you mentioned, it really tightened the feedback loop because it 1) provided an easy way for viewers to say "i'm here, and i like!" without much work and 2) provided an easy form of validation for broadcasters (my viewers are engaged and happy!)

Kayvon Beykpour: @dshaffer731 Glad you like that little detail :) You can thank @tyhan1 for that one!

Kayvon Beykpour: @eric3000 Hey Eric, I appreciate the question. The situation has felt really bizarre. Our preference would have been to stay heads down and under the radar until we launched. We'd rather have our product speak for itself. Having the acquisition be public for even a couple weeks just builds unintended hype and anticipation, which leads to all kinds of judgement, distraction and expectation. It's really weird working on something for a year, and then having people judge it without you having really been ready to share it yet. But given how much media attention Twitter gets generally, it was unavoidable for the press to write about rumors once news of the deal leaked.

All that being said, we really just tried to zone it out as much as possible and remind ourselves that we've been working hard on something for awhile, and that we owed it to ourselves to focus for the home stretch without getting caught up in the juicy dialogue in the media.

Austen Allred: @kayvz Regardless, congrats on a fantastic product, the acquisition, the launch, etc.

Steven Sinofsky: @appmeerkat @joedandachli That FOMO is both the benefit and the challenge. That's why I like scheduled live. I wonder if recorded streams will wind up being scripted and rehearsed sort of like reality tv?

Kayvon Beykpour: @scottbelsky Thanks for sharing this Scott. Major shoutout to @scottbelsky for being our earliest investor, and advisor. It was his gentle nudge to consider live video rather than photos. He's been a close friend and advisor ever since.

Kayvon Beykpour: @adamokane The app looked identical to how it looks today. We're totally independent from Twitter from a Design/Eng standpoint (and also from a physical standpoint in that we have our own office). With that autonomy though, comes the *benefit* of tapping Twitter's wisdom in basically any area that may be helpful (such as scaling Content Moderation, and Infrastructure scaling advice!)

Kayvon Beykpour: @iliasbeshimov So much to do by way of "content discovery". Just getting started in that department!

Jim Carter III: @benln |LIVE NOW| #inception

Ryan Hoover: @guygal - both Periscope and Meerkat are brand new and startups are multiple year journeys. It's too early to "claim" a winner and the truth is, it's not an either / or. Livestreaming is a massive opportunity and there's room for many players, especially if you see this bleeding into traditional TV and video consumption behavior (which I do).

Being a part of Twitter gives Periscope some interesting opportunities, and closes others (e.g. you might not see tight Facebook integration, at least for a while). Curious to hear more about this from @kayvz.

P.S. Vine is not obscure. It might be relatively off the radar for this tech audience but it still has millions of active users.

Stewart Rogers: are already to market with a livestreaming app that is available on Android, but nobody seems to be talking about them. It is all about @appmeerkat and Periscope. I see that, at least, Periscope list an Android developer on their team, so there is hope. Right @kayvz?

One of the clear insights found in @johnkoetsier's Mobile User Acquisition report ( is that the most successful developers launch on both iOS and Android - not just one or the other.

Yet - every day - we still see teams (well funded ones at that) bring iOS apps with the 'promise' of an Android version later. It happened this week with Instagram's Layout too (remember, they still haven't delivered Hyperlapse for Android).

Oisin Zimmermann: @rrhoover I really like the private broadcast feature (which is similar to @onair) and so both companies have similar capability.

Interface/UI matters but in the end the deciding factor will be content, and how it's discovered.

That will define who uses each service and for what.

Right now @appmeerkat have the edge with cool people like @jimmyfallon and a whole host of celebrities/journalists trying it out with widespread publicity.

But @persicopeco have a better discovery platform, and could easily supersede @appmeerkeat in the celebrity department, particularly as the stream is auto saved, which brands/celebrities will want. Obviously twitter integration is key here too.

I'm very interested to see how this develops!

Kayvon Beykpour: @vjnotes Thanks Vijay!

Kayvon Beykpour: @mg Thanks Galligan. Been so great seeing you use the beta. Gotta use that Olliclip more!

Paris Rouzati: @_jacksmith @benln +1

Drew Moxon: @appmeerkat @joedandachli @stevesi I'm looking forward to the Saturday Night Live of mobile streaming. In the 70's, Lorne Michaels and the SNL crew created a broadcast phenomenon for the first generation who grew up on TV. The core audience was young adults. The first generation who grew up on the Internet is just now maturing, and is similarly of the young adult demographic.

We're about to witness a content explosion on this new medium that hasn't been seen since YouTube first came out, and possibly even since widespread adoption of the television.

Kayvon Beykpour: @austenallred thanks so much Austen. Really appreciate it!

Kayvon Beykpour: @periscopetv @rrhoover :)

David McGraw: @kayvz Great thoughts. I'm sure you all are working very hard find a nice balance here.

I'm less worried about being locked out of contributing because of a full room (which I feel most people understand). I'm more concerned that I can't read what the room is saying. I was watching a Q/A yesterday and the broadcaster was reading thoughts and answering questions that never showed up on my screen. I just felt that left me in the dark unnecessarily.

Overall, slamming 1500 chatty people into one room is clearly not going to work. Neither is 10k+ when this continues to grow and hits a major news event.

One thing to consider is providing explicit tools to help separate questions from nasty chatter. If a room is full, let me ask a question that could eventually gets to the broadcaster. You could slide those questions inside of chat dead zones. The key is that the observer knows that the question may not get to the broadcaster, but at least she can attempt to engage.

Keep up the great work

Joshua Decker: @ChrisVoss Hey Chris! I sat next to you at dinner in Sun Valley at Dent! Good to see you on PH!

What do you like better about Meerkat? Or just like rooting for the underdog?

Jonathan Tzou: @benrbn @rrhoover My favorite podcast of yours to date :)

Lasse Clausen: @ubik911 I agree. Had my first crotch stream today on Periscope (after 1 day already). Never had it on Meerkat.

Kayvon Beykpour: @periscopeco @m23mclaughlin Mitch, thanks so much for the thoughtful feedback and question. I'll preface these responses by saying that it's super early days and though I can convey the thought that went in to the design decisions we made, these thoughts are already evolving based on the usage we're seeing and our own experiences with Periscope at a tremendously different scale than what we experienced in the beta. With that:

1) Generally agree with you WRT minimizing taps. We deliberately design the share feature as being *harder* to reach because we believe that Push Notifications, though powerful and often effective, are the most imposing form of communication. We wanted to make ourselves (as users) work for it in order to have the power of sending a push to everybody that follows us. We figured with that extra bit of friction, we'd use it a bit more responsibly. My concern would be that if we made it too easy, people would obviously do it more, which may exacerbate the valid concern of push fatigue. That being said, we tried to be thoughtful about at least one circumstance in which we *suggest* you share. You may have noticed: if you send ~10 hearts within the first 45seconds of the broadcast, we actually pop a message in your chat feed asking you if you want to Share with your Followers. We figure 1) if it's early enough in the broadcast (i.e. a lower chance that it's about to end and dissapoint a bunch of new joiners) AND 2) you like what you're seeing.. then we could more responbility expose a Share button that would end up notifying a bunch of people.

2) Totally agree actually. It requires a bit of gymnastics to go back and forth. I think we'll revisit this to make it feel better.

3) I think we may need to revisit the metric if people try and gameify it (though we have some safeguards in place for that). We started with it because we liked it :) But like other things, it may not scale past a certain point.

Thanks again for your feedback!

Michiel: @therealsjr Thanks for pointing out, just tried it out on Android and it works quite well. Strange no one seems to be talking about it.. :/

I always find it interesting to see one app explode (meerkat), while others stay "in the dark" (, younow, upclose).

Both Meerkat and Periscope will get an Android app "soon"!
It's a real pity Android users are being left out so much.

Kayvon Beykpour: @ChrisVoss @chrisvoss All good, Chris. Different scopes for different folks.

Kayvon Beykpour: @xmcgraw The chat experience definitely needs work! It was really hard to imagine what chat would feel like and behave like with 1,500 people in a room (Jimmy Fallon's broadcast just posted those numbers). So we're learning about how the UX works (and in particular, how performance behaves) in those conditions for the first time.

One main consideration is making sure chat doesn't fly off the screen before you have a chance to read it. Obviously that's not fun to experience. We put a lot of thought into this for a v1, but still have so much to do to figure out the right balance of 'no clutter' and practicality (being able to read the comments). We also made a decision that after a certain point, it's just not practical to have thousands of people chatting in the same room (hard to have any UX handle this appropriately without a lot of complexity), which is why we have a "fallback" experience for some users that shows up as "Sorry, the broadcast is too full to chat". We'll continue to tweak these values and this approach in an effort to make the experience manageable for both broadcasters/viewers.

Open to your thoughts and suggestions on how you'd like it to behave!

Pieter Walraven: @alexia @dtrinh @kayvz @rrhoover The future will be very interesting with millions of people using this. With the location data Twitter could start digitising events with all the videos they have. Mix it up with some VR and you could relive important historic events like you were there.

Here's an almost 3 year old thought provoking piece on this by @raymazza, lead game designer of The Sims:

Jonathan Tzou: @bryceadams Thank you for redirecting some light to the human element. We often forget this here in the Valley.

Mitchell McLaughlin: @periscopeco @kayvz thanks for sharing thinking behind the 'share feature' great stuff. I really appreciate the response. Another advantage over the long term I see Periscope having is nostalgia appeal. This can be related to Instagram. Instagram sticks because there are certain 'moments' or 'memories' in your life you want to document with pictures and Periscope can function the same way with video.

I'll be dual streaming both Scopin and Meerkating from here on out!!


Pieter Walraven: @appmeerkat @stevesi Same here, played around with it and the recording of it all makes me a bit more careful. Has a different feel to it after a stream when you see it being saved.

Jonathan Howard: @_jacksmith @benln Not sure I understand. Meerkat streamers have always been able to save streams to their phone afterwards. Do they mean it'll save the entire stream data including user comments, the timing of hearts, etc?

Nicolas Nemni: I did not suggest the solution. I stated what in my opinion is the cause.

The definitive solution does not exist. I guess for apps based on social nets to work would be to be platform independent.

Possible solution: meerkat could integrate also with Fb. In this way they would have an advantage on Periscope: since Periscope is owned by Tw, they will be somehow blocked by Fb (as twitter did with meerkat).

Possible solution 2: meerkat could ask access to address book to get list of contacts on the app (as Whatsapp does).

Skyler Shaw: @_jacksmith @benln Astronaut Chris Hadfield just shouted out to me on a Scope. Would love to save that. I'm able to save my own Scope, but can I save his too? Thanks!

David McGraw: @_jacksmith I, along with a few others I know, really had a hard time sticking with Meerkat because you'd need to be on the ball to catch a stream. Most of the time we all missed a stream. Caught a few lucky breaks for really long streams. Having replays helps in a big way, but more so than just re-watching.

Opening Meerkat to a blank screen is not fun at all. I love having vision into some of the streams outside of my connections. I also like having those replays to go through.

For the concerned broadcasters who really don't want replays to persist, delete it after the stream (scroll to the bottom of the end stream view)

Beyond that, the app is just much more polished which makes for a smoother experience all around. Private broadcasts. Web player. Discovering/following people. Clean interface. Etc.

Joshua Nguyen: @ChrisVoss @chrisvoss why do you think so? less features, less community (unless you already have close friends who adopted?), less discoverability. Just curious.

Dil-Dominé Jacobe Leonares: @austenallred @kayvz Regardless congrats to you and the team, Kayvon!

Kayvon Beykpour: @austenallred Totally respect your opinion, but personally I don't look at this as a David vs Goliath story. We've been working on Periscope for a year. We may be crazy, but we just have this inkling that if we're successful in building what we think Periscope *can* be, that it'll be a good thing for the world. And we decided that doing it with Twitter would let us make that vision come to life faster.

The fact that another company like Meerkat had a similar idea with a different approach is a GOOD thing. Just like Periscope, and every other startup out there: they're just hustling to build something they care about and make it come to life in the best way possible (which they may do independently, with VC support, without VC support, as part of a bigger company, or whatever other vehicle makes sense for them). I think the world benefits from having more tools to choose from, and a marketplace that's hungry to innovate/differentiate to create value for users.

I don't think it's a battle between two companies. I think that we each have our own battle against ourselves to build something great, that holds up against our ideals and continues to evolve and grow. That path for each of us may end up being similar, or totally divergent.. but I think it's just too early to tell. I say that because from my perspective, Meerkat's just not on the top of my mind. Top of mind is the 11+ months worth of pent up excitement/planning around what I know Periscope is capable of if we keep building/executing.

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