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Kimberly Muñoz: Here's a few first thoughts:

There's a lot of things from Google Now and tabs, combined with some functionality to make your inbox your to-do list.

This really helps you sort email quickly. It takes advantage of the tabs in Gmail to create "bundles" to let you find email quickly.

They've changed some terminology around, "archive" is now "done." They have a feature called "Pin" which is like star-ing an email, but Inbox-only as far as I can tell. Most of these are quick to pick up.

*EDIT:* Here's a list of common terms between Gmail and Inbox:

The one real problem I have is that it's for addresses only. If you do serious work on a Google Apps email address, you'll just have to hold tight and switch between two apps for now.

@ChuckReynolds: So it's like Mailbox then?
edit: eh has features like mailbox but seems like more G+ and wave-like stuff too

Jeremy Cai: I'm using it now... holy cow, this may have replaced Mailbox for me.

mina: Love the look and feel so far, but I'm confused about several things in terms of transition from gmail to inbox. Some early thoughts:

1. does done = archive? what does marking something as done actually do? do I have to take an action on every email by explicitly marking it as done?

2. why don't my starred gmail messages automatically transfer over as pins? Maybe it's just me but the way I use stars is to mark messages that need me to take action on them.

3. Purchases tab is amazing - level above what gmail used to do with the auto track package button. I wish I didn't even have to click on it though - it would be nice to have the expected delivery date as a glance.

4. Some things are misclassified, i.e. marked as Travel or Purchases when they shouldn't be, and I can't seem to fix it.

Patrick Cuttica: Casual observation after using Inbox for less than 24 hours:

There is no obvious Delete action. In fact, I don't think the word "delete" even appears in the app. The "Done" button (equivalent of Archive, I think) appears on the message surface; "Move to Trash" is buried in the menu. The swipe actions allow you to "Done" or "Snooze" a message, but not Delete.

It almost feels like they want a clean inbox + treasure trove of Archived messages that you've potentially forgotten about (up to 15GB worth!) that are ripe for ad targeting :)

To be clear, this is not meant to be a cry of "invasion of privacy" or "Google is evil"; rather—if this was part of the motivation—I think it's brilliant.

David King: My reaction to Google launching Inbox:

Ryan Hoover: From what I've initially gathered, Google is centralizing the many inboxes we all have (email, to-dos, flight reservations, receipts, etc.). Here's a lovely GIF:

Seems like something that should be a part of Google Now/Android notification tray.

Thomas K. Running: Any word on when this will be available for Google Apps users? :(

Eric Metelka: So...who has invites?

Rick Klau: Just got another batch of invites. First 5 replies to this comment get an invite.

Jeremy Cai: I should also note for current users that there is a functioning website as well at

o(^^Q): 1. Best product I've seen developed by a non-research team at Google in 3 years.
2. It's like Mailbox if Mailbox could do what Mailbox hoped to do.
3. Glad it's finally out for everyone to use.

Marc Köhlbrugge ⚡️🔥⭐️: I'm not sure I want Google–or any ad-supported service for that matter–host my todo list (here come the todovertisements!), but it's encouraging to see at least one big player innovate in this area. Looking forward to try it out!

In case anyone is interested in the topic of structured inboxes, I [theorized]( about this before and there's now a team at Assembly [working]( to make it a reality. There seems to be quite a lot of similarities with Google's Inbox, although I'd say it's a bit more ambitious and useful to people that get a lot of emails. (Google seems focussed on casual email users.)

Rick Klau: Blog post:

Adam Waxman: Seems to be a mixture of Google Now, Gmail, and Mailbox so far. I like the tightly coupled integration of email and reminders. Would love to be able to manage my inbox and todos in one app.

I'm using the iOS version and it's got the full material design aesthetic going (completely expected from Google). Really nice onboarding, empty states, and animations. The compose button has a nice Path-like animation that allows you to choose from a couple of your favorite contacts in 1-touch or compose an email / create a reminder.

The 'Bundled in the inbox' section (Travel, Purchases, Finance, Social) looks very promising. Having the relevant flight info at my fingertips will be really nice. I guess only time will tell if these features are enough to switch me over from Mailbox on mobile. If there is one company who I think could do it it'd be Google.

Max Ade: I have a few invites. Tweet/DM me your gmail address and I'll add as many of you as I can...

Bram Kanstein (@bramk): OMG they replied!


Owen Williams: Hard to express how excited I am for this, but that's slightly surpassed by my disappointment that Google Apps users can't get it... again. I'm sure we will eventually after a long wait.

Kenny Chen: First impressions of Inbox: really slick, love the material design, will probably be my new default mail app, the web app is just like mobile.

Rick Klau: The Verge:

Tyler: The invite system is a cruel tease for early adopters. Anyone want to share?

Max Ade: I've used Mailbox and Inbox - love the snooze feature in both. Inbox does a great job of grouping similar emails together to archive all at once. Waiting for invites to come in, but I'll be sure to share when they do.

Aaron Batalion: Absolutely love this. We all live in email, and google has more info than anyone to make that a better experience. Can't wait to play with it.

The site says send an email to It bounced with an SMTP 550. Ha!

Omar El Amri: This was front page on Hacker News this morning. It'd be nice for someone who's used it to compare it Mailbox.

Ken Norton: Can't remember ever being more excited to share a Google product with the world. Has completely changed how I use email.

Dharmesh Shah: @rrhoover Will add my request for an invite, if someone has them.

Chris McCann: @ghobs91 @BrettdeM @niket @rrhoover same here, I want to check it out :)

Andrew Zusman: @kennethn better than Wave? I remember how excited I was when Wave came out :-)

Nathan Sudds: @UXAndrew @tonysheng @eric3000 If anyone is sharing invites, definitely interested too

Joseph Hsieh: @adesome Following you now to get one of those coveted invites!

Eric Metelka: @niket Thanks for your insights.

Lachlan Campbell: @bramk @kimberlymunoz For now, yes. They say it's coming to Google Apps accounts soon.

Derek Shanahan: @eric3000 Who's got the Invitez! is bouncing:)

Derek Shanahan: @bramk Been using this alongside Mailbox. Not a huge win IMO - the swipe is opposite direction too which is maddening. The files surfacing is nice, but not daily use. The "important" box isn't enough of a win either (and I get like 200-300 emails a day so you'd think it would be).

Excited to try Inbox.

Eric Metelka: @dshan @bramk I use both too (before Inbox). You can now choose the swipes in Mailbox, so you could map them to be the same as Acompli.

Bram Kanstein (@bramk): @eric3000 @dshan @bramk Ok I need this!

Anuj Adhiya: @UXAndrew Wave had so much potential

Graham Earley: @eric3000 I'll throw my name in the invite hat!

Yuval Shoshan: @camillericketts Me too!

Bram Kanstein (@bramk): @kimberlymunoz what? It's not for Google Apps?

Kimberly Muñoz: @bramk I got a notification that inbox is only for personal Gmail accounts at this time.

Alex Manthei: @niket except it's not out for everyone to use ;) as it's invite only at the moment, right?

Eric Posen: @niket @rrhoover Would also love one! Thanks.

Lachlan Campbell: @bramk I know! And they literally replied to me in less than 3 seconds...when I hit Send and the window closed, the message was already there!

Bram Kanstein (@bramk): @kimberlymunoz @bramk cool thanks

John Siwicki: @rklau Thank you!

Bradley Mahler: @AnujAdhiya @UXAndrew Agreed! I was surprised when it didn't find its way into G+. It could have been a great differentiator vs. Facebook. Every wall post could turn into a live group chat.

Rick Klau: OK, that's 5 invites out. Will come back when I have more to share!

Eric Wilson: @NathanSudds Oh hey there Nathan :) Let me know if you stumble upon some invites!

Jaime Jorge: @kennycheny @virjog Please do share one when you have them! :)

Jaime Jorge: @virjog @jaimefjorge @kennycheny Thanks for the follow up Viral! :) If Friday you can give me one, I would be really grateful! Thanks friend

Viral Jogani: @jaimefjorge @kennycheny I received one, but don't have the ability to invite others yet. Apparently, only Googlers (and a few selected individuals) can invite people right now, while new users have to wait till Friday to receive 3 more invites.

Kyle Hufford: @rklau Invite please :-) myname@gmail

Mike Khristo: @niket @rrhoover hook it up! =)

Andy Keil: @adesome Rad.

Chad Fullerton: @niket @rrhoover I'd love an invite! Inbox is exactly what I've been looking for to merge my todos and emails into one centralized spot. I use gmail like this currently with 'starred' items in a priority inbox layout. This takes it a step further. Love it!

Tracy Ingram: @niket yes if Mailbox was what mailbox was supposed to be... +1 invite

Nathan Sudds: @ecwilson @NathanSudds You know I wouldn't leave you hanging, and keep me in mind if you get some first!

Pieter Walraven: @rklau Received the invite, much appreciated! Can't wait to play around with it!

Laura Gluhanich: @rklau laura.glu@gmail please!

Pieter Walraven: @rklau

Cheers Rick!

Rick Klau: @toddg777 Gmail only at the moment. Sorry.

Nick Zieber: @paprikaxu Let's collab to find invites.

Honey Raj Varma: @niket @rrhoover @eriktorenberg Invites woohoo :)

Chad Fullerton: @eric3000 I'd love an invite if anyone has any!

Yvo Schaap: @niket would love an invite:

Todd Goldberg: @rklau Hey Rick. Can you send one this way? Thanks!
todd [AT] eventjoy [DOT] com

Yvo Schaap: @eric3000 +1 for invite

Dagny Prieto: @PCutty When gmail first launched, there was no delete button either. Seems like Google is still gunning for this type of behavior. I get it (deleting things makes them non-searchable), but I still want to delete most emails I get.

Viral Jogani: @jaimefjorge Sent you a tweet!

Eric Metelka: @malaparte @niket Can confirm this is what the Sparrow team has been working on:

Tony Sheng: @eric3000 +1 the invite thirst is real

Greg Rosen: @rklau @grosen @kennethn See thats not fair... now I'm dying to get my hands on it. High praise.

Omar El Amri: @rrhoover This seems to work like @paulg wants email to work:

Andrei M. Marinescu: @eric3000 @niket had the same thought RE: Sparrow team.

Ghobs: @kennycheny @virjog Me too please :)

Andrew Zusman: @tonysheng @eric3000 Absolutely real...even *I* want one and I'm not a bandwagon jumper on stuff like this usually...

Chris Messina: @eric3000 Inbox was under development long before Mailbox sold to Dropbox.

Kenny Chen: @virjog I don't have any yet

Ghobs: @BrettdeM @niket @rrhoover I'd appreciate an invite as well, my inbox is a zoo!

Eric Metelka: @niket From your comment in #2, was this a response to Mailbox? Also curious if anyone from the old Sparrow team worked on Inbox.

Viral Jogani: @kennycheny Hey, can you share an invite please?

Rick Klau: @grosen It's more than organization; lots of action-oriented enhancements to act on content within the messages. The time management tools (snooze messages, for instance) are also key. As @kennethn said, it's totally changed how I manage my inbox in the last few months.

o(^^Q): @eric3000 Someone asked if this was like Mailbox, and my response is that I think both of these awesome teams are trying to help people communicate better and be more effective.

I think in terms of execution Inbox is ahead of Mailbox thanks to integrations with Google's other services. I have a ton of respect for both teams and wish them well as we try to navigate digital communication.

o(^^Q): @rrhoover Invite on its way, bud.

Brett deMarrais: @niket @rrhoover would love an invite too!

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