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Luca Carlucci: That's cool! Any ideas when this could get to Europe?

Johnny Quach: Are you partnering with the retailers because at first thought it seems to compete with the buy button (isn't this a bit scary for retailers?). Also, do products go to you first then the user?

IlBel: 1 billion dollar idea!

Divyansh Patel: @4nkush Nice launch!! Totally excited to try it! Any planning to launch it in India? As the people of India would definitely love this product.

Dan Polaske: Looks great guys! Excited to give it a whirl. Tried a similar service when Shop It To Me was doing this.

UX comment: I would guess some users would get discouraged from entering their address as the first interaction with the site. It feels like this step should happen once more value is conveyed and it is a bit more clear how the whole process works.

Sachin Dev Duggal: Been using this in early beta when it was becoming - I owe my sneakers, jeans, glasses, shirts, work_uniform... okay I think you get the picture. Love the new pivot - don't have to take out my credit card shopping online. Hopefully they can support all the stores we bounce too... going to miss the concierge (or is it still there)

Paul Bleicher: It's simply the best shopping experience you can get. No headaches & great support. Highly recommended

Floyd Miller: Seriously, the best thing I've ever seen on product hunt in the past year. Solves a problem that is a huge headache. @arush

Quick question (excuse me if already asked): is there a risk of people using this to "rent" clothing?

Kelsey Whelan: My goodness this is going to be dangerous. Just tried my first item. 😍 A lot of these retailers already make returns p easy, but psychologically it feels like much less of a commitment when I'm just 'trying' something.

Nice work!

Thom Stoodley: @4nkush great idea! Although I'm now stuck looping in the onboarding section of the site. This part is confusing and at nowhere did it say US only yet you list a number of UK stores. I assume you have some details of mine now but how can I cancel or postpone signing up?

Ankush: People keep telling us that we're crazy. That it simply can't be done. That this is just how ecommerce works. But we don't want to live in a world where we're not in control of what we spend our money on, and that's why we had to build

We're tired of finding out that it doesn't quite fit right. That the fabric is itchy. That we have to wait 14-days for a refund. We built for the rulebreakers. The girls and guys who take risks. They embrace life. They say 'yes'. They say 'why not'. They say 'I'll Try it'. is invite-only, and we're excited to open our first ever batch of invites to Product Hunters today! We hope there's more of you who share our vision to fix online shopping, and we want to hear your thoughts here in the comments.

Graham Hunter: I have used it and can attest. It is seriously amazing. I love the fact that the chrome extension just adds "Try it" buttons to my favorite ecommerce sites (especially Zara)

Jeff: UX: I can't go back to Step 0 after I give you my cell during the onboarding process.

Walter Reid: Just did a little exploring, this is a really, really neat idea! Kudos to your group for even attempting an idea such as this

Jack Wheeler: Is it just me, or is this button the Trunk Club poison pill?

Anthony Douglas: Got sneakers, backpack & shirts through them even when they were in beta! I don't think I've ever known a team that hustles like the squad! Congrats on the launch!

Stewart Rogers: This looks really cool, but I can't find anywhere up front or in the FAQ that tells me if this is USA-only. I'm assuming from the list of shops, but then we have many of them in the UK too. Worth clarifying this to save people time and effort...

Taylor Martinez: 👏👏

Tom Moor: Hey @4nkush, neat idea as I signed up for Trunkclub myself just days ago.

The immediate question that comes to mind is what is your secret sauce? what is stopping the retailers like Bloomingdales just implementing this themselves? It seems like if they are doing the shipping and returns then they're already doing 99% of the work?

Laurent Desserrey: Cool product. Congrats on the launch. Just curious, how did u get the domain name? :)

zain: "How long it take you to get this fly?", I tell em not long, A large part of my wardrobe was styled and personalized by the team. When returning goods, you can request a driver to show up promptly within minutes for pickup, the whole process is super seamless.

Going to the store to shop, not even once.

Nebojsa Radovic: Love the product, used it a while ago and got the most awesome shirts I have. The guys are quite knowledgeable and love what are they doing, which makes this service the go-to spot if you are too lazy/busy to do shopping. Easy and super convenient.

Jim Carter III: I'm a big fan of this founding team. @4nkush & @arush are killing it and I've had a blast watching this venture grow. Been using the product for a while and it gets better each time I need to wardrobe-up. Congrats on the public launch today gents!

Jaime Jorge: This looks awesome. does it work with Shyp, so i can try for free AND have someone do my returns? That would be insane.

Austin Smith: Is there a way to try (pun, acknowledged) this without the Chrome extension? Access to read and change all data on all websites is pretty intense – but this concept is pretty cool!

Justin: @4nkush Great concept, but how is this different from Trunk Club, ThreadLab or any of the other services like this? What's the benefit? I'm just trying to compare.

Mathieu Gosselin: @4nkush wish you guys were in UK! And would work with shoes as well. I'd definitely give it a try if you do.

Arush: @frederik_vl you're getting confused with the design of the Product Hunt page, the virtual fitting room product is Fitle, not

Arush: @lombardinelson @jaimefjorge It is insane, i use Try x Shyp myself. It's a Tryp.

Ellie Wheeler: @4nkush What a great concept - I would love to learn more and also intro you to a company that would be a complimentary & diversifying fit as a retail partner -- ellie at greycroft

Ankush: @marketergraham Cheers Graham -

Ankush: @therealsjr Good point, Stewart, thanks! It is US-only at the moment -- we'll add that to the FAQ. 👍

Arush: @lombardinelson Hey Mark, thanks for checking us out, we're rolling out new retailers all the time, who are you looking for us to integrate with?

Arush: @derickdowns Thanks Derick, I think there's a lot more we can do here, we're just getting started :)

Ankush: @shib88 Thanks Shib, not soon enough apparently!

Ankush: @iangelidaki Thanks Ioanna - look forward to hearing what you think of your first experience 😁

Ankush: @drew @4nkush Cheers drew, will do 👍

Liora: @dpolaske Absolutely. I'm signing up now and definitely discouraged by you asking for my address - I've barely even seen a value prop yet!

Ankush: @massarogi Sorry about that Giancarlo -- looks like PH traffic is causing us some issues, give it a few seconds and try to refresh. If you're still having problems shoot me email to and we'll get in touch directly and troubleshoot.

Arush: @lindzora Appreciate you taking the time to drop your comments Lindsay, looking forward to serving you

Arush: @jackbwheeler ha! for some people who prefer to choose their own clothes, perhaps. Different strokes for different folks, ya know? Trunk Club, StitchFix and Warby Parker are all building great businesses for specific customers using the same try-for-free model.

Arush: @uxboy Sorry about that Michal, what are the values you're using? Maybe I can push a fix

Jeff: UX: I shouldn't have clicked so quickly (a little excited here, sorry), but now I can't go back to Step 0 after I give you my cell during the onboarding process.

Ankush: @johnnyquachy This comes up a lot and is a super important question, so thanks for asking it, Johnny!

At first thought, this is what people assume - but actually increases AOV and Net Revenue because we encourage people to Try more items than they would if they had to pay for it themselves. The retailers still get paid -- so they get their revenue. Lots of customers click the Buy button but never checkout - this is a massive problem for retailers and always will be. But with this friction is totally removed.

What we've learnt is that by moving the purchase point further along in the process (i.e. when the clothes are in the customer's house) the likelihood of conversion is much higher. This makes sense because the customers can actually touch, feel and Try the products. It also works great for those items that you're not quite sure about, the things you like but you're not ready to pull the trigger on. increases the chance of conversion because once you have stuff in your home you are way more likely to keep it.

Regarding logistics, the products are sent directly from the retailer to the customers (normally within 2-6 business days depending on the retailer)

Vladimir Korshin: Hey @billymauro, thanks for the questions.

1. Great question, but we need to keep some cards close to our chest.
2. Whenever an item is sold, we make some money from the retailer for facilitating the sale. There are other options down the road but this works for now.
3. Things happen. We do our best to maintain an excellent level of customer service. When customers have issues they can go online and chat with one of us 24/7, and we'll work with retailers to resolve the issue.
4. This is already a huge challenge and we have a ton of work ahead of us to get it right. If we can do that, we will have no shortage of options.

Mark Lombardi-Nelson: @jaimefjorge This would be insane!

Ankush: @ao619 Cheers Armando!

Ankush: @fahmsikder Thanks Fahm

Arush: @liora_ @dpolaske Thanks Liora, feedback noted! Hope you enjoy the service

Ben Wheeler: @eniac What are the shirts?

Arush: @fahmsikder Thanks Fahm, lots of people put a lot of hard work into this, much appreciated.

Arush: @diligentdil Hey sorry about that buddy, we're getting there, one step at a time!

Arush: @marketergraham Thanks Graham, let us know if you have any other feedback during the rest of the experience, we're always listening.

Ankush: @bl_paul Thanks Paul - grateful for supportive customers like you!!

Arush: @zainali Glad to be of service Zain, FWIW i get all my food from Instacart :)

Ankush: @matgosselin @4nkush Thanks Mathieu -- not in the UK yet, but does work with shoes and accessories as well as clothing! Basically anything that is sold on the supported sites that can be returned.

Arush: @sachinduggal Thanks for your custom Sachin, happy to have you as such a long-time supporter!

Arush: @bencera_ We share your excitement Ben! There are no fees. One of our major design goals when building was to make it "the same, but better" from a customer point of view. You are correct, we get paid from the retailer-side like most ecommerce marketplaces.

Arush: @annebot Hi Anne! I'll defer to Ankush, who has far more experience in retail and fashion than me!

Arush: @lhfaria Hey Leandro, thanks for stopping by. Logistics costs are the responsibility of the retailers. Nowadays Free Shipping and Free Returns is pretty much standard online, and it is a minimum quality requirement to join our platform. Many power-online-shoppers are already doing themselves, we just make it incredibly easy for the rest of us.

Ankush: @otymartin Sorry Martin, we need to make that more explicit in the FAQ - will let you know when we're live in Canada! Appreciate you checking us out 😁

Ankush: @lhfaria Hey Leandro, good question - this comes up a lot too! Shipping and Returns are always Free with One of the requirements we have for the retailers/brands we work with is that they have free shipping (which is pretty standard for most decent retailers now) and provide a pre-paid shipping label to make returns for our customers super easy.

Arush: @jffrybrwn Thanks Jeff! Noted, please keep the feedback coming

Ankush: @sonnyt Exactly... what an excellent way to put it, Sonny!

Mark Lombardi-Nelson: @4nkush Solid Model!

Ankush: @zainali Cheers Zain - "I tell em not long," 😏👌

Just to clarify we don't currently offer the pick up returns service - however with companies like Shyp & Uber solving the logistics layer we're confident that Trying for Free is going to becoming even more seamless in time.

Ankush: @gehnibo Thanks Luca. Not soon enough by the looks of it! We'll definitely do another launch on PH when is available in Europe 🚀

Ankush: @corleyh That's right Corley - Each company has different metrics that they focus on - but increasing conversion, new customers and ultimately net revenue is the goal for retailers. However, and maybe more importantly, we're thinking about consumers. The real goal is to set a new level of expectation for online shopping. First free shipping wasn't ubiquitous, now it (nearly) is. Then Zappos innovated with making returns easy and free and most good retailers have followed suit. However, online shopping is still not perfect and is difficult for many -- by enabling Try for Free we believe a number of the pain points will be addressed to bring the experience closer to par with shopping offline.

Re: retailers - we're big fans on Barneys too! We're adding new retailers all the time - and we're not averse to working with big ones, small ones or even directly with brands. There's a lot still to do!

Ankush: @dpolaske Cheers Dan - look forward to more feedback when you get your first batch of Tries.

Re: onboarding flow - you're absolutely right, next update does exactly what you mention 👏

Lindsay Martin: @4nkush Indeed, you guys do offer a wide spectrum. I didn't notice UO & Zara. Thanks for answering & good luck!

Tyler Hayes: @4nkush @ldesserrey Could you go into more depth? This is the perfect community where we'd appreciate learning about who you are and the technicals of how you were able to pull this off 🚀

Ankush: @choi_kl Hey Kilim, right now now we're focused on making sure the Try Button is ubiquitous so that customers can discover and Try products directly on retailers' sites seamlessly - but a 'feed' of products on is definitely something that would provide value to many of our customers.

To be able to execute on this to the level that we and our customers would expect of us we would require much more data (and technical resource) than we currently have. But, for sure, it's something we're keeping an eye on! Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming! 😁

Ankush: @annebot Great question - at the moment this is determined by the retailers that we support. For example, J. Crew does both tall & petite sizes, Asos have large plus size selection, Reformation & Shopbop do petite sizes, stores like Bloomingdales/Neiman/Net-a-porter have ranges that go up to XXL & XXXL sizes.

Again, as we add more stores the selection will improve even more, hope that helps!

Arush: @kelseymwhelan Kelsey - great to hear. Retailers are getting more savvy about returns, so are companies like Shyp and Uber. We're betting big that annoying returns are going to be solved soon, making the market to Try even more appealing for the general public

drew olanoff: @4nkush would love to chat, drop me a note at drew@techcrunch

Tom Moor: @arush it does make sense! The value of being able to have some sort of 'trust' profile of a user across retailers seems like a particularly interesting part, especially if you are sending out hundreds of dollars worth of goods at a time...

I remember that when 'wonga' came out in the UK doing payday loans their secret sauce to approving loans in minutes was related to checking your social networks amongst other things to get an idea of how trustworthy you might be... eg How many friends does this person have, how broad is their network, do they have a verified email address etc. Interesting stuff :)

Arush: @tommoor Exactly! The traditional ecommerce model was designed for a world with no trust and no data to replace that trust. The amount of data available in the public domain combined with the incredible advancements in fraud intelligence means that we can definitely solve this problem - and soon!

Drew Moxon: @arush Well said. It was certainly a joy to watch and use BRANDiD evolve, and as an early user it was so clear that the site was getting more and more focused—not just polished and made more shiny, but simplified, reduced, and improved. Great job testing, learning, and iterating to what works for your customers.

Anthony Douglas: @arush hahaha! You guys are awesome!

Dilyar Batur: @4nkush @diligentdil Amazing website, signed up using Facebook, saw some awesome magic happen on top of my screen, got super excited, filled out my shipping information, next button didnt work, OMG, it's USA only? :( WIll you guys show some love to Canadians soon?

Arush: @thetylerhayes @ldesserrey Hey Tyler! We totally get it, and I promise you we will share the story someday, it's a good one ;) We'll dedicate a proper blog post to it. Thanks so much for your interest, we really appreciate it.

Arush: @stooodley Hey Thom, thanks for checking us out, so sorry about that, we're working on our US-only messaging. For now you can just enter fake data and cancel your account when you get inside. Lmk if you have any issues

jack rometty: @rometty_ wait, I googled further. not Rent-A-Swag. my question is: will you eventually be able to rent clothing? then I'll never need to shop at malls or donate clothes if kids outgrow them.

Ankush: @rometty_ Ha! This is actually a really good question Jack. Let me clarify - this is not a rental service. The clothes are always new - and you can only return goods if they are in line with the retailers return policy - unworn, undamaged and with tags. With you simply get to Try the clothes at home before you purchase them.

Ankush: @ldesserrey Thanks Laurent! It took us a long time and a lot of hustle to get It helps that our team doesn't take 'No' for an answer 😉

Arush: @nicoprincen Hey Nicolas, firstly thanks for taking the time to check us out... and GREAT QUESTION.

Our design goal while working with retailers was to make the user experience the same, but better. That means you never pay more that what the retailer charges. We give you the power to put clothes in your home with unprecedented ease and zero cost.

Ankush: @dnlrussell @ldesserrey absolutely, but worth the hard work in the end, Daniel!

Daniel Russell: @4nkush What a great get! Domain name sales can be a real pain so I'm sure it wasn't easy.

Ankush: @eniac Thanks Nebojsa! Appreciate the support and custom, keep coming back for more 😁

Ankush: @yoavanaki Thanks Yoav! Great to hear so many people want outside of the US too. Re business model - yes at the moment we make our money from driving revenue to retailers and long term there are additional areas where we can monetize with scale.

Ankush: @walterareid Thanks Walter -- you're right we were told that we're nuts to attempt this, but it just makes so much sense. You don't pay to try clothes in a store, why should you have to online? The main thing is customers love it, so that was all the motivation we needed to find a way to make it work.

Tyler Hayes: @sachinduggal For the rest of us who are just finding it for the first time, what was the pivot? And what was the old domain name?

Arush: @bl_paul Thanks Paul, we could definitely improve in some places, so appreciate the support ;)

Arush: @amfsd Much appreciated, work hard, play hard, Try harder.

Ankush: @divjpatel I would love to launch in India, Divyansh! Step by step 👣😊

Ankush: @noinput Love having customers like you Jim! Thanks for the continued support 👏

Arush: @nilefrater Thanks for taking the time to check us out Nile, we're seeing incredible demand all over the world. We have close ties to the industry in the UK so we'll definitely head there soon :)

Austin Smith: @4nkush @awwstn figured it was something like that. I think I'd have been more comfortable even with a little pledge before I click that says "X is why we need this access, Y is what we will use if for, and we are committed to not using it for Z"

Mark Lombardi-Nelson: @4nkush @jaimefjorge Literally the coolest thing that's ever happened to me on Product Hunt.

Arush: @brandonwaselnuk that's a great suggestion Brandon, we definitely get a lot of demand for this internationally. Thanks for taking the time to check us out!

Arush: @awwstn Thanks for taking the time to check it out. Unfortunately this is the standard message every chrome extension of our ilk has to use, what our code is doing is actually far less scary. We simply inject the Try Button on supported websites, and to do this, we listen for applicable stores that are clearly stated in our FAQ. Of course I completely understand that some people may not be comfortable with this, but we hope we're offering a great service and great value in return for your trust.

Arush: @lombardinelson @jaimefjorge you da man Mark

Ankush: @arush @awwstn To add to that I love the way @GetPoint address this step in their onboarding -- we should learn from that and provide some clarity to users about what we actually do. Thanks for bringing this up though, I'm sure its something others wonder about.

Arush: @karangoel Thanks for giving it a shot, we're excited to have you on board! Thanks for the great suggestions, I'll share this with the team.

Shipping is always free. You'll see your breakdown once the orders have been confirmed via email and in your Orders page.

To return, simply use the pre-paid label in the package, and you'll be given the option to enter the return tracking number when you mark what you want to keep / return. A lot of our customers just use Shyp to do their returns and you'll get a free shipment on us with this link:

As for the shipping times, this is always the same as you would receive shopping directly from the retailer. Right now we don't support paying for faster shipping, we always use the free option. Thanks for your patience!

Ankush: @salimahirji Thanks for reaching out, Salima. Can't wait to be live in the UK, seems like we're gonna get a great response! At the moment we're focused on online retailers - we're getting tons of inbound interest from both small & large retailers as well as many online-only brands. Re: offline stores, if the goods are available locally to try on is probably less attractive - would make sense for a customer to simply reserve the item in store and go try it on. Have I understood your question correctly?

Ankush: @lindzora Thanks for the comments :) We've had loads of interest from a wide variety of retailers and brands, both big and small - so we're working on adding as many as possible. Regarding high vs low end -- we're still learning about where the sweet spot is. We currently have quite a wide price range as we support retailers like Urban Outfitters & Zara as well as Net-a-porter & Barneys. Hope that answers your question!

Ankush: @diligentdil Thanks Dilyar... 'viralism' - love it 👏 Jump on Google Chrome and let us know what you think!

Ankush: @kelseymwhelan You nailed it, Kelsey! The psychology of being able to Try for Free without any risk or commitment is something that's intangible and hard to explain, but once you use it you get it. Thanks for the feedback!

Ankush: @brandonwaselnuk Great unsolicited advice!

Ankush: @hiimfloyd Wow! Bold statement, Floyd - thanks!

There will always be those that try to game the system, just as traditional ecommerce companies will always experience some level of fraud. However, we don't accept returns from customers if the goods are not accepted by the retailer (i.e. unworn, undamaged or without tags).

Look forward to hearing what you think once you've used the service - I hope we live up to your "best thing i've ever seen on PH this year" statement!!

Walter Reid: @arush @karangoel Can you return the item in-store? Sometimes I like to order things at the office, but trying them on and returning them to the store might be less of a hassle (especially if I order from the same place)

Ben Broca: @bencera_ is there any fees from a consumer perspective? or do you guys get paid by the e-commerce site to bring it business?

Ghobs: @4nkush @ghobs91 While I'm sure there will be people that try to abuse this, there will also be the occasional user who may just be super picky/indecisive. Granted, the fact that they're trying on clothes that they specifically picked will probably minimize this.

One thing you can do is include a "premium" tier of Try that costs a small monthly fee and allows more than X amount of trys per month.

Ankush: @ghobs91 Not a bad idea, something we've thought about. The way you earn more Free Tries at the moment is by doing positive actions à la Dropbox. You start with 5 free Tries and get +1 for certain behaviours... like inviting friends that in turn Try.

Mark Lombardi-Nelson: @arush Express would be my number 1 request. (That's my pretty please with Cherry's on top/I'll use your product every month if you had this retailer request.) I have a list of preferred retailers though if you're taking recommendations!

Arush: @awwstn wow that's powerful and succint copy, just the way I like it! Thanks for dropping by :)

Ankush: @chipxsd Thanks Klemen - super loyal customer from the early days! Thanks for the continued support ✌️

Arush: @jffrybrwn Excited to see what your feedback is on the rest of the process!

Ben: @arush @hello_benhere Ah ok gotcha, no problem. I suppose adding a few items will normally take care of that minimum anyway, so it's probably a non-issue :)

Ankush: @walterareid @karangoel unfortunately at the moment we don't support in-store returns. You need to use the pre-paid return labels to ensure you are not charged after the 10 days expire.

Arush: @hello_benhere Hey Ben, you're not the first to point that out today! Seems we messed up our messaging, apologies. Some retailers only offer free shipping over a certain amount, and we make that obvious before you Try, but we should mention it earlier. We're working with the retailers on a better solution to this.

Ankush: @ghobs91 Hey Andrew, there is no 'requirement' to buy atm - but hopefully you'll Try stuff that you want to buy not just return 😁 We're still experimenting with mechanics around how to incentivize good actors and disincentivize bad actors. For example, at the moment new customers can Try up to 5 items at once. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Michael Sitver: @4nkush You might want to change your Favicon. It's very similar to

Arush: @ellie @4nkush Hi Ellie! Thanks for taking the time to comment, please do reach out to Ankush at a@try [dot] com

Ankush: @moxon @sachinduggal Cheers Drew, great to hear from such a solid product person like you!

Greg Muender: @4nkush keep up the fire! Great job :)

Anuj Tyagi: @4nkush @divjpatel Awesome product, I ignored it as I thought some big clothing brand of US has launched (because of domain name), but it's by luck I saw this post today.

Arush: @thetylerhayes I'm glad you asked! Thanks for taking the time to check us out, and sorry for the slow response but we wanted to get this one right:

This is actually a great Product Management 101 story, and I’ll follow up properly with a blog post, but here’s a short answer. Our previous product, BRANDiD, always had this feature, but our go-to-market was completely different, and it was lost in a sea of other value props. BRANDiD helped men discover clothes, try them for free, and had on-demand pickups for returns. For customers that got it, all our metrics were up and to the right. But we were battling too many problems (discovery, try-for-free, returns), it became difficult to scale and to explain to new customers. We systematically tested what features to cut and which parts were really valuable to certain segments. As soon as we opened up try-for-free to heavy online-shoppers, we cut our codebase and operational cost by more than half, and quadrupled our revenue. Here’s some of the feedback we get everyday:

"I'm simultaneously terrified and amazed!"
"Um this is AMAZING and seems really dangerous to feed my online shopping addiction"

People say do unscalable things in the beginning, and that's great for finding out what really matters to customers. But then comes the moment when you have to operationalize and execute at scale. There’s so much more we would love to do to reach our grand vision of fixing online shopping, but as a small startup, we’re now hyperfocused on solving only 1 single problem that’s never been solved before - Try for Free.

Arush: @tommoor Hey Tom, firstly, huge fan of Sqwiggle, thanks for asking the most interesting question of the day so far! The concept of try-for-free is so simple, but at scale quickly turns into a minefield of fraud, under optimized inventory and order-management mayhem. Just in the last few months, we've had some major retailers who’ve wanted to implement try-for-free themselves, but have the following roadblocks:

1) How do we disincentivize bad behaviour and allocate inventory to those most likely to “keep"
2) How do we technically integrate the backwards payment model into legacy ecommerce systems

We've solved the second problem today with our sophisticated crawlers (plus our credit facility) that use the retailers' existing web stores basically as an ordering API. The first is harder and is also incredibly valuable. Retailers are in the business of sourcing and merchandising inventory, whereas we’re focused full time on optimally placing that inventory in the right peoples’ homes with a sustainable conversion rate. At the moment this means ID verification and understanding customer behavioral patterns across retailers.

Hope that makes sense!

Sachin Dev Duggal: @thetylerhayes the real pivot was about removing the bells and whistles and focusing on a core offering. As an early customer its definitely a cause to ponder as you were used to asking someone on a chat to order you 10 pairs of shoes so you could jump up and down on each of them in the comfort of your home without taking out your card but I think the new version sets the expectation right for the user - all it took was once to receive a "let me try as many as a I can" order in pieces and the euphoria disappeared and became complains. Kudos to the team to see where the "elasticity" of expectation was going to change from being their headache to where it was very evident to the user that its going to always come in from each etailer...

plus a hidden gem is that now you have all your shopping itemized in one place... so you can always go back to that perennial question "where did I get this again"

Ankush: @jaimefjorge Great question Jaime! Yes, you can use with Shyp -- we'll send you the items to Try for Free and you can use Shyp to collect your returns in the cities they operate. If you don't already have Shyp you can use the link to get your first pick on us:

Tyler Hayes: @sachinduggal Thanks Sachin, it's nice to get an actual answer :)

also, super interesting take

Brandon Waselnuk: @4nkush @brandonwaselnuk Glad it was useful! PS Ship to Canada ;)

Amritpan: @4nkush Is the invite for producthunt still open? I just attempted to sign up and a status bar seems to run at the top, but otherwise not going anywhere.

The following information is related to the job

Lyft: A ride whenever you need one--- Software Engineer ---San Francisco & Seattle

Product Hunt: The place to discover your next favorite thing--- In-house Designer---San Francisco

InVision: Prototyping & collaboration for design teams--- Senior Graphics Engineer---New York City

Skurt: Tap a button, get a car delivered to your door--- Software Engineer ---Los Angeles

Gimlet Media : A network of high-quality, narrative podcasts--- Editorial, Production & Engineering ---Brooklyn, NY

Babbel: A more personalized social network--- Senior Product Manager ---Berlin


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