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介绍:A curated directory of marketing resources & tools

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Devan Sabaratnam: Great collection of resources - I am a big fan of @StartupStash, and this complements it nicely!

Olivier El Mekki: Happy birthday, Ben :) Congratulation for the launch, let's curate the web ;)

Russ King: A very belated happy birthday Ben! Great resource. You can spend hours looking around for all the latest tools. I don't want to waste the time but I don't want to miss out on the tools either!

Hüseyin Erkmen: Hi, Will you update always or not?

Craig Barber: Nice work gents! Great to see you launch. Remember to add a 'suggestions' form and have a think about the addition of a blog to keep the buzz going.

Daryna Kulya: Great job, @bentossel and happy Birthday! #1 on PH - what a great Birthday surprise :) Would love to see the Enterprise version of this too and happy to add suggestions.

Mubashar Iqbal: Had fun working on this with @bentossell, and what a cool birthday present!

AJ: Dude! This is great! Thanks for creating it and definitely pumped to see this evolve.

gabe roeloffs: Congrats on launching this ben! I really liked the early version that you showed me. As a technical person, I'd love to learn more about marketing and this is a fantastic resource for that.

Bram Kanstein (@bramk): After Makerbook, The Weed Stash and Template Stash, here’s yet another Startup Stash inspired site! This time by @bentossell and @mubashariqbal - for marketers.

Oh, and happy bday Ben! 🎉🎉

Ed Moyse: Congrats on the launch! I could spend a long time on Marketing Stack...

Brittany Berger: Happy birthday, @bentossell! This is a great resource - bookmarking for the next time I need to add a new tool to my own stack. :)

Morgan Brown: Great collection of stuff!

Ingo Joseph: Thanks for mentioning as a free stock photo resource. We also provide free videos. You might want to add to your videos section.

Mitch Robinson: Big fan of this. It's great to see a single resource base to help marketers become more well-rounded and "full stack".

Everette Taylor: Love it Ben! And Happy Birthday bro

Shib Hussain: This is amazing and exactly what we've been looking for! Nice job.

Ranjita S: @bentossell have added to my Curated Products collection -

Ryan Robinson: Congrats, @marketing_stack! Love this. Reminds me a lot of Startup Stash, but with some much appreciated attention for the marketers ;)

Ram Gangisetty: @marketing_stack Happy B'day & Congrats!!! Search feature within a category could be useful. Search by paid vs free??

Derick Downs: Happy B-Day @bentossell ! This is a great resource. Thanks

Ben Tossell: My first Product Hunt launch, on my birthday :)! Thanks @bramk

Marketing Stack is a curated directory of marketing resources and tools (inspired by Startup Stash).

There are currently 28 categories with around 260 resources/tools that cover a few key areas of marketing; Analytics, Content Marketing, Collaboration, Automation, Customer Experience and Miscellaneous (blogs, PR, newsletters, link shorteners etc). In each category, there is a maximum of ten resources that have been curated by me. The resources and tools have their logo, quick description and link to their site however, they are not in any particular oder!

When looking for marketing resources and tools, there are so many to filter through. After seeing how useful Startup Stash (and also Makerbook) is, there needed to be something similar for marketing.

This is the MVP and I am always looking to tweak from the feedback of others so please feel free 

Shoutout to @mubashariqbal for dev help and @danielkempe for design help!


Ram Gangisetty: Amazing warehouse of resources!

Brad Yasar: @bentossell Happy Birthday Ben!!

Archie Hicklin: This is absolutely dope. Happy birthday dude and thanks for this 🚀

Violeta Nedkova: @bentossell Happy birthday, Ben! Love the stack. :)

Ben Tossell: @swami108 I grabbed it thanks

Ben Tossell: @pyro979 just hadnt bothered renewing the domain while on vacation. will be back up today/tomorrow

Yuriy Shikhanovich: @bentossell site is down, is that permanent?

Sam Alter: @bentossell I think they're definitely worth including. Marketing Automation can be a pretty big category on its own, with prices all over the board. Might as well make it as comprehensive as possible, maybe use a pricing filter ($/$$/$$$, similar to Yelp)?

Abhay Ghatpande: @bentossell @bramk @mubashariqbal @danielkempe great work! it's actually usable as compared to, which is tremendous work, but very difficult to use in practice.

Vanessa Bright: @samalter I upvoted :-) Talking with a few startups, the decision between several marketing automation tools seem to be a decision, and some are switching from one to another. Marketing Automation section could be helpful, even if you won't include Eloqua :-) Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot are often considered with their plusses and minuses. The list would be helpful!

Rodney Rumford: @bentossell Job well done. Very helpful.

Andrew Quarrie: @bentossell Thanks Ben. Most people just don't have the time nor expertise to craft their content. Sometimes we all just need a little help :) Thanks again!

Erik Torenberg: @bentossell Happy Birthday Ben!!

No joke - Ben is one of the best PH community builders I've seen. It's been a pleasure building PHglobal with you.

Ben Tossell: @v4violetta @bentossell thank you Violetta!

Gabi Brito Barbosa: Wow this is awesome! Thanks @bentossell and happy bday!

Ben Tossell: @thenotoriousgbb @bentossell thank you, glad you like it :)

Ben Tossell: @earemu thanks :) it took me a while and went through around 800 initially!!

Ben Tossell: @cgimmer Thank you Chris, I will check them out :)

Ben Tossell: @mitchrobs Thanks Mitch!!

Ben Tossell: @bramk Thanks!!!

Ben Tossell: @oelmekki Thanks Olivier!

Ben Tossell: @go_neatly thanks for your support!

AJ: @bentossell @alanaut24 Sweetness!

Evan Varsamis: @bentossell Happy Bday Ben :)

Ben Tossell: @evanvar @bentossell Thanks :)

Ben Tossell: @shib88 thank you! appreciate it

Ben Tossell: @mrwongsteven Cheers Steven!!

Ben Tossell: @morganb Appreciate it Morgan :)

Ben Tossell: @yasarcorp thanks!

Ben Tossell: @everette Cheers man.

Ben Tossell: @dsabar me too! Thanks a lot.

Ben Tossell: @suparchie Cheers! Appreciate it!!

Ben Tossell: @datbayev thanks a lot!

Ben Tossell: @kurtybot hey Kurt, if you want to email me I will add it to the review list :) got lots on there at the moment but trying to get through them as soon as possible!

Ben Tossell: @theryanrobinson the same thought process I had :) and credit for Brams support too!

Ben Tossell: @ingojoseph good point! will re-consider that :)

Ben Tossell: @eriktorenberg very kind of you Erik!! Thanks :)

Ben Tossell: @huseyinerkmen26 Hey! yeah, will be updated :)

Ben Tossell: @kohjingyu Hey, luckily a developer I met through community was kind enough to build this for me :)

I also think he has now got the most products made on Product Hunt! @mubashariqbal

Ben Tossell: @andygcook Cheers Andy, As with many launches, there was an issue with adding the email haha. You can email and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Ben Tossell: @alanaut24 Thanks Alan - will be adding categories and always evolving!

David Diamond: @bentossell well done Ben, really awesome

Ben Tossell: @david_diam Cheers David, appreciate it!

Ben Tossell: @edmoyse cheers Ed. Hopefully people of all levels and positions can get value from it!

Ben Tossell: @bberg1010 thanks Brittany :) glad you can see it being useful!

Ranjita S: @bentossell Happy birthday, Ben! Enjoy :)
This is a awesome stuff, and its a full stack list for any marketing needs.

We at helps startup to pitch their startup to publishers and also manually submit startup details to top 25+ startup directories/blogs, so both services under one umbrella, saves tons of time.

If you like it, you might want to add to PR/Press collection box.
(fyi also emailed to you)

Ben Tossell: @ramgangisetty thanks for the feedback. I am thinking of adding some icons to determine paid vs free and then that could help with a filter function!

Ben Tossell: @samalter I found some of these more geared towards the Enterprise level, I tried to keep it mostly startup friendly. Hubspot is in the Inbound Marketing section. I'm thinking whether to have an enterprise filter in the future - do you think this would be useful? (thanks for your feedback - it is something I have been thinking of)

Ben Tossell: @ranjita_rs @bentossell thanks for your feedback! I will reply to your email ASAP :)

Ben Tossell: @craigjbarber Cheers Craig! Yep will be working on that!!

Ben Tossell: @gaberoeloffs thanks mate. appreciate it :)

Ben Tossell: @darynakulya :)! It sure is! Ok I will definitely look at exploring that too.

kurt braget: @bentossell Hey Ben, if you have a tool, for example a Feedback tool, how could you get it added as a resource? Thanks!

Ben Tossell: @iangelidaki thank you very much! :) glad you like it

Steven W: @bentossell happy birthday and congrats!

Gavin Donovan: @bentossell this is awesome. Thanks for creating it!

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