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介绍:The simple and connected calendar

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Sebastian Klett: Can´t wait to try this one ! The open Roadmap on Trello is a great idea and is something more products should do !

Donte Ledbetter: "The sun will rise again." I thought it was a movie intro for a sec. Looking good!

Jerome Collomb: Thanks guys for this app. Big fan of Sunrise since its creation. Happy to see a replacement!

Chez Ackerman: Invite requested. Is there any kind of API if an outside app wanted to integrate in?

Brian J King: Just sent in an email requesting Basecamp 3 integration, can't wait to get an invite for Kin! Looks lovely, keep up the good work.

Joshua Galan: I requested an invite twice (regular link and PH) and still haven't received an invite :'(

Ouriel Ohayon: no mobile?

Zac Davies : Any plans for an accompanying iPhone app?

Alexandre Mouriec: I am so happy to see Kin Calendar on Product Hunt.🎉

@troblous shared it with the Remotive Slack Community 2 months ago and I am using it since.
As a Sunrise user, I was so sad when I heard of the shutdown. When I stopped using Sunrise Calendar, I used less and less my calendar. Now with Kin, I am finding what I loved about Sunrise.

Yes It's not perfect and there are lots of work to do but I am sure Kin is the best calendar app you can choose if you want a good calendar app to be productive.

Adrian Rubin: Getting a more efficient calendar is always something I might be looking for. I look forward to using this tool.

Yann: Hi everyone,
Just to let you know that we guarantee an invite in the next 48hrs for people who sign up through ProductHunt 🚀 😍

Christopher Leach: Can't wait to try this out

Kumar Thangudu: The reality of calendars is that we should stop looking at calendars, period. The technology exists to make this possible. exists for a reason. When I want to meet with someone, it should be 2 or 3 clicks, and all the contextual details of my calendar should be "o-authed" in and the system should automatically prepare my phone call, skype call, or whatever without me ever having to look at an actual calendar or type in a pesky pin number.

SMS would be the best channel to manage all of this and the early adopter group should be encouraged to have ridiculously detailed calendar events with location/etc... recorded.

Emmanuel Boukris: Do we got our notes from sunrise transferred ?

Lucas CERDAN: I've been testing quite a few calendars since Sunrise announced that they would be closing. Kin is still pretty young but I like the direction it's going.
Take my upvote, and count me in to use it.

TL;DR: definitely Sunrise's next of Kin :)

Julie Delanoy: Hey there! Are you crying because Sunrise is living its last hours? I know I do. These guys have been working on a replacement for Sunrise and, even if there is still work to do, their calendar is already working very nicely.

Usman Latif: Love the pitch. Waiting for the invite anxiously.

Sylvain De Muynck: Excellent job! Congrats ;)

Thomas Howard: I've been freaking out for several months because I couldn't find a suitable calendar replacement for Sunrise. When I found Kin about 2 weeks ago, I finally felt relieved that someone was stepping up to fill the large hole in my life that Sunrise is leaving behind!

It's not up to the par that Sunrise set quite yet, but they have a very solid start and are improving on it rapidly, so I'm sure they will get there in the coming months.

Nick Huggins: I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and it's the best Sunrise replacement I've come across. Can't wait for the iOS app. Great job guys!

James Wahba: One of my favorite features that sunrise had was the calendar keyboard and the ability to past a link for the times that I was available.

Is there any chance this could be on Kin's road map?

Desmond Duggan: Is Kin currently only available on web? If so, are Mac native and iOS native in the roadmap?

Amrith Shanbhag: I have a feeling that this is gonna be beautiful once everything is complete with more integrations.. The 🌞 will definitely 🌅 again 💯 can't wait to see it ;)

Matthieu de Luze: Congrats 🙌
It's the best replacement to Sunrise that I've tested 👏
Can't wait to test the app, keep on improving it guys 👌

Austin Sandmeyer: It's a clear time for Sunrise alternatives... 2 TODAY (at least). There will definitely be a showdown. But nevertheless, I'm a big fan of Kin. I look forward to what it will be in the future. After using it for a little while, there are a lot of rough edges to work out. But nevertheless a put together product.

Yann: @lefteris_kathijotes DM us (@Kin_Today) your email address ;)

Phil V. Sassen: I've signed up a couple of days ago ... :-(

Yann: @arthurcmenard DM us your email address on Twitter 😉

Arthur Menard: @troblous hey guys, I signed up over 2 weeks ago and still didn't get an invite, is it normal? Please bring me back to an amazing calendar experience :)

Yann: @markgammon DM us Mark 👍🏻

Mark Gammon: @troblous @kin_today Same as others, signed up several times and no invite..?

Yann: @liambws Bookmark the link you got in the invite 😉

Yann: @thenathanruff @travis_murdock DM us your email address on Twitter @Kin_Today 👍🏻

Yann: @travis_murdock DM us your email address on Twitter @Kin_Today 👍🏻

Andrei Oprisan: @troblous @jaggermeister @kin_today Hi Yann, looking forward to my invite!

Neekunj: @troblous i signed up through product hunt . i didn't receive the invite 😟

Yann: @mezkur7 Hi Ahmet, DM us your email address on Twitter (@KIn_Today). We'll check.

Yann: @khw77 We don't have any video so far. We're focused on our beta and on getting feedbacks to improve. Sign up and then DM us your email address on Twitter (@Kin_Today) for more info 😉

Yann: @jaggermeister Hi Mike, DM us on Twitter (@Kin_Today), we'll check ☺️

Mike Jaggers: @troblous Heya, I was just curious about the 48hr signup mentioned here... I think I signed up like a week ago? ;) I'm sure you are swamped. I just entered my interest again in case something went wrong the first time.

Steven Hambleton: @troblous David Cancel is a very customer driven person and believes that roadmap shouldn't be published as that follows a product driven belief. I think I got that right? @dcancel

michael: @troblous Are invites going out soon? It's been over 48hrs for me!

Yann: @stinhambo @klettseb @dcancel Hi Steven, we're curious to know why you disagree on this. Can you share your opinion?

Yann: @travisweathers We integrate with Trello and have a public roadmap for other integrations:

Yann: @petergreeny Thanks a lot for your feedback, that's exactly the kind of thing we need during this beta 👍🏻

adrian: @petergreeny @troblous @kin I agree with the facebook events still being shown after declining

Peter Green: @troblous @kin
re-installed again and gave it another few minutes (more than most users would if they didn't like something from the first try). A couple of things i'd suggest:

- Add the 3-week view (i personally use only that view)
- Let me undo changes or deletings
- Let me better control what events I see and how.
- The worst: connected facebook, see invites - great! can decline - even better! but then they stay on my calendar - wtf. Especially love the ones that span for 1 month.
- Allow me to change event details inline
- Design it up. There are 100s of UX little things that will make this cal better than the others. The popup that opens with edit info - you can't tell to which time slot it relates. I'd just re-use google's approach of a lil window "under" the mouseclick (and hide the map under an extra click - it's too noisy)

Yann: @abslide Hi Abbas, DM us on Twitter (@Kin_Today) your email address, we'll check.

Abbas Jaffer: @troblous Yann I signed up with my email during that window but didn't get an invite :(

AJ Batac: @troblous

Stu Greenham: @troblous @kin_today Done - thanks 👍

Yann: @stugreenham Hey Stu, send a DM to @Kin_Today with your email address we'll check.

Stu Greenham: @troblous I never got my invite :(

Yann: @petergreeny Hi Peter, what are the core features that you need and that Kin doesn't handle at the moment? Don't hesitate to email us at

Yann: @rossdcurrie The more different calendars you use, the more Kin brings value. If you only use a single Google account, indeed it's quite similar to Google Calendar 👍🏻

Ross Currie: @troblous Just got my invite today. Logged in, hooked up my calendar... Not seeing what value this adds on top of Google Calendar, except for the fact that I can add multiple accounts. Certainly useful for all those Facebook Event invites that I somehow keep missing, I suppose.

Yann: @marielchandra @muygalan We already sent a couple thousand invites and are still sending others as we still have thousand of people waiting like you 🚀 We really are doing everything we can.

Harry: @troblous Signed up through ProductHunt and did not receive an invite within 48 hours

Menj: @troblous thanks!

Yann: @neekunjnshah @hrygrfn @iamtobu @menjvillalobos We're sending tons of invites and doing our maximum to keep Kin running great for everyone ☺️
DM us on Twitter your email addresses, we'll check where you are in the queue 👍🏻

tobu: got the invite, thx!

Elijah Elkins: @zowesiouff Awesome! I'm looking forward to getting an invite and using it... Sunrise broke my Calendar heart, but I'm on the rebound. ha

Marie Lotode Chandra: @troblous Thanks.

Marie Lotode Chandra: @troblous @muygalan I haven't received my invite either :(

Yann: @muygalan Hi Joshua, we're sending as many invites as possible at the moment 🚀
To be honest, this PH launch has been way crazier than we thought. We're catching up as fast as we can 😅

Yann: @elonrubin We’re exploring different opportunities (API, calendar-based AI, opensource…) and will see which one provides more value both for our users and Kin.

Ben: @elijahelkins We need it too so you can bet we'll try. If you encounter any issue while using Kin, we accept all feedback with a massive preference for constructive harsh feedback ;)

Ben: @shaunnestor @troblous Considering there are other folks tackling that problem and doing a very fine job (Vyte for instance), It's not really in our plans to bump it up on our roadmap.

tobu: @troblous Awesome. Signed up yesterday, still waiting for an invite. In the meantime sunrise is still up for me.

Yann: @oplante Sure 👍🏼

Olivier Plante: @troblous @ourielohayon let's talk Yann - could be handy to partner with you guys :) - ping me on olivier (dot) plante (at) thingthing (dot) co

Menj: @troblous Thanks! ;) waiting for my invite. :D

Yann: @menjvillalobos We're going through all the signups right now and sending as many invites as we can. As several thousand people sign up, it'll for sure take some time.

Menj: @troblous can I try Kin Calendar? :)

Ming Yin: @bencksphoto ya, it's a little bit too business style and the UI has too many distractions. Most importantly, it doesn't support connections with Trello, Asana and many other management tools.

Yann: @thomas_howard1 ...and we aim to continue improving it rapidly 🚀

Yann: @webbuzzau Exactly! I love having my Eventbrite tickets and my Meetups in my calendar <3

Yann: @stinhambo For the early adopters, we set up quite a lot of ifttt recipes to be able to know who on Twitter was complaining about Sunrise sunset. We then manually contacted these people to let them know we were in the same situation and were building a solution.
We didn't want to start with random early users: we wanted people that could give us harsh feedback because they were used to Sunrise.

Ben: @stinhambo A quick example: EventKit on iOS, if you build your app around it, you're basically limited to supporting what the stock supports (on top of being platform-locked to iOS / macOS)

As for 3rd party calendar API providers (the likes of Google Calendar, Office365, or even the ones we "consider" as such even though they are not: Trello, Wunderlist etc ...), you're very quickly limited by their abilities: that API doesn't support push? well I guess your app will not and will poll and drain your users' battery, If you have a layer of indirection between the 3rd parties and your users, you can poll on that layer and push to your users, yes it's not gonna be instant push (you're still polling somewhere) but at least you reduce the pain for your end users (no more battery drain, no more insane bandwidth usage)

Ben: @jadojodo @troblous It's been added to our public roadmap where we can gauge interest for each feature:

Ben: @jf181 @troblous Kin is using your outlook colors for each category yes ;)

Steven Hambleton: @zowesiouff That sounds like a tasty discussion! Do you mean 3rd party calendar API providers? @troblous

Ben: @stinhambo @troblous 3 months with lots and lots of challenges. On the technical side: working on the integrations, building an API without relying on some of the frameworks that powers pretty much all others calendar apps (which "limits" them in a specific way of doing calendaring).

Jordan Finnigan: @troblous Any plans for integration w/

Ben C.K.: @kalasoo did this too...barely using it...I actually hate the UI. Can't wait to try Kin

Ross Currie: @troblous going to sign-up JUST because of your pokes at Sunrise shutting down. Well done.

Kix Panganiban: @syswarren This is exactly what I need! Thanks for this!

Steven Hambleton: @troblous How long did it take to build and what challenges have you found on the way? Also how did you find early adopters (I hadn't heard of you before now!)?

David Cancel: @stinhambo @klettseb LOL

Steven Hambleton: @troblous Looking forward to it!

Hjörtur Hilmarsson: @brianjking +1

Andrew Mutavdzija: @lucascerdan Signed up, excited to try. Any essential features adopted from Sunrise? Any distinguishing ones?

Yann: @mikeorren Referrer + query string by PH 👌🏼

Yann: @emmanuel_boukris Kin connects to your existing accounts on Google/Facebook/Trello/Eventbrite/Meetup/... We don't transfer anything from Sunrise.

Mike Orren: @troblous Is that seen just through the referrer link?

Yann: @davbrau Next milestone is the iOS app. For the rest, it's on our public roadmap and it'll depend on the votes: 🚀

Chris Mann: @troblous @syswarren Can't wait to try it! Just signed up for an invite

Alan: @troblous wasn't just normal autocomplete - seemed to pull contacts in from *everywhere*, almost to the point of creepiness. Probably because I had multiple gmail accounts + contacts linked.

Yann: @andym_dc @lucascerdan Essential: multi-accounts for Google and integrations: Facebook/Eventbrite/Meetup/Github/Trello. The distinguishing ones will come later 😉

David Braun: @trobous what are the next major milestones on your roadmap? when will an accompanying iOS app follow?

Nathan Brown: @syswarren Thanks, needed a Sunrise replacement!

Anaël ICHANE: @andym_dc @datarade This is why bullet journal still win a lot of people. :)

Andrew Mutavdzija: @datarade Sure, except no. Please no more SMS nothingness. More importantly, many people are visual learners/perceivers/etc. Looking at a visual representation of my day allows me to see a visual representation of my day. That's a good thing.

Yann: @as_austin Thanks Austin. Rough edges are part of the beta, we'll do everything we can to remove them 😉

Nathan Elliot: @troblous @syswarren YESSSS!!! Thank you for the product and the hunt.

Yann: @chriscchan Not before this fall.

Yann: @datarade That's the future :)

Yann: @zacdavies The iPhone app is in private beta right now, we aim to release a more public beta very soon. It'll be announced by email so that we can add people on testflight 👍🏼

Steven Hambleton: @klettseb @dcancel disagrees..

Yann: @ourielohayon iOS is in private beta, the public one is coming soon (you'll be notified by email). For Android, you'll have to wait a bit until this fall 👍🏼

Yann: @desmondduggan2 Only web right now. Mac and iOS are coming 👍🏼

Yann: @alanmnichol
1. The Meet feature was awesome, we'll see if in the mid-term we can implement it.
2. Invitees autocomplete will definitely come to Kin

Yann: @bentossell 😅

Yann: @usman_latif 👍🏼

Yann: @edtheron We loved Sunrise, we were early users. When Microsoft announced that they would shut down, we tried other calendar apps...and didn't find THE one.
So we're building it.

Yann: @ambonium 👍🏼

Yann: @jayworld 🎉

Yann: @jameswahba It's a tricky feature that is in our "Ideas" backlog on our public roadmap:
Depending on the votes, we'll put some resources to work on it in the future.

Matthieu de Luze: @bentossell @troblous 😹😹😹

Yann: @mrcalexandre Thanks Alexandre 🎉

Ben: @chezacke There is an API but it's still far from being publicly documented [0]. It has been mostly stable for the last couple of weeks and someone really into it could already start building stuff with it. That said, we're still miles behind some of the APIs we've had the joy to play with while connecting Kin: shootout to Github's, Todoist's and even Google Calendar's which are honestly some of the best APIs I've seen out there.

[0] I've added an item on our public roadmap to gauge interest

Zac Davies : @troblous Fantastic! Looking forward to learning more about it :)

Yann: @donte_ll 😂 We should have made a trailer

Ben Tossell: @troblous

Couple of things to point out...

haha, cheeky:

Think you need to extend this block more than 2 hours today 😛

Yann: @matthieudeluze PH France 🚀

Yann: @suriteka Thanks Jonathan!

Yann: @zaccherinij 😍

Yann: @lucascerdan Thanks Lucas for all your feedback during the first weeks of work when things were just starting 😍

Yann: @syswarren Thanks a lot Julie for your hunt 🐐🐐🐐

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