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介绍:AI that turns your photos into artwork in seconds

更新时间:2016-12-24 19:04:15

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David Webb: I've been loving Prisma's UX and speed of transformation, however, I've been a bit underwhelmed with the output quality and resolution. Prisma's look great but seem to be more of an overlay of a style on an original image, whereas with something like Pikazo, it feels like a genuinely new piece of content has been generated. I think there's a lot of room for both of these apps but am looking forward to improvements to Prisma's output (and hopefully allowing users to select their own styles).

For example, here are some hi-res pikazos and some prismas:

If you click through on each of these you'll see how the true resolution.

Pikazo Hi-Res Output

Prisma Mononoke Style

Paul Watson: Impressive, understands objects so it's not a mess. Took this and created this and

Anand Soni: Great work ! Any plans for Android Users.

Ryan Hoover: Love Pikazo and Malevich. This is also very well done.

Here's a photo of @staringispolite from our tour of SF MoMA last weekend:

Manana Samuseva: My favorite app "from Russia with Love". Good Luck Prisma-team. Go!

Jen Lee: This looks great! (Can't wait for the Android version). I wonder if any amateur comic book artists will use this for quick mockups.

Vamshi: When can we expect for Android?

Bram Kanstein (@bramk): Very cool!

Praveen Durairaju: The app does a great job of what it is intended to do. Kudos to the team :)
One issue i had was, to apply artwork for an existing photo, i'm made to scroll through thousands of photos instead of going directly to the album view to select the picture of my choice.

Pawel Janiak: Seriously, this app is like cheating your way through the artist's struggle. If I had a time machine and went back to tell my teenage self that I could make art like the 3 pics below, he'd try to slap some sense into me.

Andrey Usoltsev: Hey, Product Hunters!

Prisma transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art.

Btw, see those cool pics made by our users and follow us on Instagram

Maxime Pico: I've been showing it around to everyone for the past few days, it is incredibly awesome. It makes me feel like I turn my "okay" photos into works of art.
A bit of the feeling of the Instagram filters in its early days!

Ryan Marr: I'm curious how you're running this. Server side rendering with ? Keeping the conversion to under a second sounds like a big technical feat. I've personally looked at developing some cloud hosted autoscaling Neural Style systems for video and the horsepower required is out of control.

Dima Blover 🔸: It's Briiliant application!
Congrats with successfully campaign on Product Hunt.

Ben Tossell: New game.

Prisma your homescreen (what you can fit in anyway)

cc @rrhoover

(I only have 5 rows on my homescreen and then the bottom one is: Phone, Whatsapp. Messages, Twitter - for all of you dying to know)

Jeremy Drysdale: Hey there. This looks great and I'm wondering when you'll be releasing an app for the 85% of phones which run on Android? Good luck with it, though!

Chris Carlson: This technology is incredible. I'm sure it'll be purchased and incorporated into a larger app soon.

Julian Lozano: Very impressive, had to tell my friends with iPhones to download it. I hope for an android release soon!

Chris Short: This app is going to be a ton of fun with pics of kids.

Garry POUPIN: Nice app, juste need a feature to order custom products with the artworks printed on it, like a

Ben Tossell: Really similar to Pikazo - what is the differentiator here?

The stealth launch a few weeks ago got picked up in Russia and Prisma have finally launched internationally :)

EDIT: after playing around with it - I too, think its awesome.

Serkan Ünsal: great app! Some filters are a little bit slow but I think you'll speed up soon.

Sandeep Singh: Do you also have plans to create desktop/browser version? People would love to play with their stored pictures on a home computer using a webapp?

Nick Snopov: Nice app) Illustration - is really awesome! And very userful for storyboarding) One familiar storyboard specialist said: Prisma - it a very serious breakthrough to the new level for creating storyboards.

Nir Ben Yona Shein: Fantastic app. I've been using it for the past two weeks and I love every minute of it.

H.Murchison: @schnelle @jeremydrysdale more reasonable numbers. Would be nice if it translated into paying customers

Alex G. Aguirre: @usoltt
1. Prisma is so fast! indeed
2. Brilliant people you are
3. i wanna see them all with every single photo!! Love the results.
So.. Hats off. Thanks!!. And bravo.
BTW :my full comment is beyond this line. I summarized it with the bullets above cause it got dense, and just in case you do or don't have the time needed to read it... 😅 cheers
fast indeed!. I've been using it a bit and compared to other similar software I tried recently (for MAC OSX) Prisma is so fast and! But not only for the time it takes, also for the beautifulness of the results!. I wanna say that your app (in fact it's not the app.... I'm guessing it is you people, as a team, as individuals, your work, your heart, humour and crazy skills ...and humbleness and luck... maybe) at the end Prisma sets the bar high so high at least for synergizing art and science, and this I don't know but I'm sure it sets that bar high for the vast and pretty computing it does to make art... from pixels. Bad thing is that it is also setting the bar for "waiting" so f..king low that the triangle filling up will be: an eternity!!! "come on!! I wanna see them all!!" 😂: just joking.
Again, bravo and hats off, for real. 👏 and to let the people use it freely... it's brilliant.

Best wishes for you people!

Bhuvan thaker: @usoltt Where is the Android version?

Gibson: @usoltt I know this is always lame to ask but , will it take time to make it to android?

Dhananjay Yadav: @aseemrohatgi @usoltt Good Question ! Apple currently has approximately 3% Market Share in India, and growing at the rate of 62 %, which is decent considering India 240 million mobile users more then overall population of many countries. Besides, I have observed that about 60 % Snapchat users in India are from IOS Users, and if you dig deeper you will find the same with Instagram & Pinterest as well. These are the users that are ready experiment with creative stuff.

Aseem Rohatgi: @dhananjay_yadav @usoltt. India is an android market and prisma currently is not available in android, how come it's popular here then?

Jared Schnelle: @hmurchison @jeremydrysdale You know, there are reliable statistics out there. Unity (the game engine) releases hardware stats. Here's mobile: You'll see android is 71%, iOS is 26%. Not 80% as mentioned, but pretty close.

Niv Dror: When you hear that Facebook might acquire Prisma by the end of the week:

Vazgen Badalyan: @stinhambo I agree! I'm sure there will be many more who will pay for this kind of real personal artwork.

Dhananjay Yadav: @usoltt Currently, The two things which are creating most amount of buzz online are - Pokemon Go and Prisma. Haven't seen any filter taking-off in such a big way especially in India. Would love to see, How Prisma evolves overtime, as it has got a massive potential.

Also, would you be looking towards integrating with other platforms, similar to the lines of Giphy & Bitmoji.

Steven Hambleton: @vazgenb We've done this (manually) and created some small canvases of our children which look beautiful using Prisma filters. I'd happily pay a fee to have my photos transformed and shipped in an album or canvas similar to Apple Photos.

Tierney Coren: @usoltt I got it, and my first reaction was: I would pay for this. For new features, for upgrades. And I normally hate microtransactions and that stuff. But this app would be the first I'd be willing to pay for a dozen features individually, because it's so damn good.

Andrey Usoltsev: @jeremydrysdale Thanks! Android app is coming very soon!

Jus: @nivo0o0 I don't get it how come the peach app isn't themed..... oh i get it now thats a twitter sticked right?

Tim Shim: @usoltt Loving the app, Andrey. Any thoughts on releasing an API for developers? ;)

Omar D. Samuels: @usoltt Oh, that's good to know. Hopefully this will make it back to the top of Product Hunt when that happens. :) There doesn't seem to be a way to sign up to be notified.

Andrey Usoltsev: @bentossell
1. Prisma works really fast! Processing of 1080x1080 image takes less than a second.
2. Prisma is totally free, no in-app purchases etc.
3. Tens of art styles available right now. New styles are added very often.

H.Murchison: @jeremydrysdale Here's the thing. If 8 out of every 10 phones sold where Android why is Prisma on iOS first? Are they that dense? No they are not. Not all Android phones sold are smart phones with Google App support. Android runs on feature phones as well and plenty of them. Developers must design for the "real" market not activations. Every iOS device is a smartphone and 4 year old phones can run the latest OS. Both platforms are compelling

H.Murchison: @jeremydrysdale lol do people really believe this?

Damien Cluzel: @usoltt Effects are so cool, I'm gonna share a pic on my Facebook and see how it reacts ;) Great job!

Adam Carmack: @usoltt This is amazing. When will it come to Android so I can stop stealing my wife's phone?

Christopher Leach: @usoltt Don't know how you pulled this off buts it's magic!!!! I had to use a g2.xlarge instance on EC2 to achieve the same effects! Well done

Noah Henscheid: @usoltt @jeremydrysdale like the sound of that! We Android users have lots of love to give 🤗

Amir E. F. Gerges: @julianlozanoaz can you do a signup page to get notified once its available on the play store ?

Andrey Usoltsev: @basictechy Android app is almost live :)

Jesse Hu: @usoltt Any insight into how it's so fast? Thought it was client-side rendering for a second, but then realized it's still sending/fetching from the server.

Adithya Shreshti: @usoltt Hatsoff to the team behind!!!

Been using from past 3 days and showing it off to family and friends 😀👍

Would love to see how this grows with more filters and features 😀

Sagiv Ofek: @usoltt what about Android?

Ben Thompson: @usoltt Andrey, I saw this in my twitter feed last night and gave it a spin. Very impressive. I'm a snob when it comes to 'cheezy photoshop filters' but Prisma really shines. Well done!

Wider/full size images are a must.

Loving the Heisenberg filter for a rough sketched look:

Richard Robinson: @usoltt Any plans on a Mac app and/or non-square cropped photos? BTW this is my all-time favorite photo editing app!

Ahmad Awais: @usoltt Can you share when will it be live? @basictechy

Andrey Usoltsev: @mamunsrizon Android app is almost here)

Mamun Srizon: @usoltt You guys are amazing. Looking forward to it and feel free to LMK anytime if I can help with anything. Cheers!

Andrey Usoltsev: @alexabian Thanks! Not-square photos will be available for processing later, maybe... Stay tuned ;-)

Jeremy Drysdale: @hmurchison 2% out, apologies: (2015 - Q2) Android - 82.8% Apple - 13.9%

Andrey Usoltsev: @ohthanksgee Android is right around the corner :-)

Andrey Usoltsev: @bohdanvorona Coming soon...

Andrey Usoltsev: @julianlozanoaz Thank you! Android is coming very soon.

Andrey Usoltsev: @sivola I just can say that it will be free for our users forever)

Andrey Usoltsev: @simonstjohn Cool! Thank you!

Andrey Usoltsev: @irshadpc111 Thanks!

Andrey Usoltsev: @pvariel Thanks!

Andrey Usoltsev: @edwyn Check it now. We just make it available in all asian countries! 🚀

Stephen Chip: @thebent I also would like to see support for full size images. Maybe offer a full image size, FB, Twitter, G+, etc.

Fraser Smith: @usoltt Great news. I'm already using it on my iPad, a native version will be excellent.

Andrew Hart: @usoltt Are the photos or contents of photo libraries at any stage being uploaded to a server, or is any information about me being uploaded?

Leonel More: @usoltt I see Android is on the backlog. Any plans to implement it on the web, like "upload your image and select your style"?

Great stuff :)

Ryan Hoover: @bentossell here's mine:

Niv Dror: @usoltt I made Tesla Art

Pascal Vuylsteker: @usoltt @seanatkisson A desktop version would definitely be good, but what I would buy at once is a version that would produce picture in higher resolution in order to be able to print them

Shaked Lokits: @usoltt Happy someone did something with neural style 👍 Good Luck!

Tamrat: @usoltt This is just too good!

Anton.Bal: @bentossell Prisma is iOS only ;)

Andrey Usoltsev: @adithya Great! 👍 Thank you!

Andrey Usoltsev: @cynicalgrinch Cool to hear that :) Thanks!

Andrey Usoltsev: @dimablover Thanks)

Andrey Usoltsev: @rodrigo_leles Cool :) Thanks!

Andrey Usoltsev: @jnsdls Yeah!

Pawel Janiak: @usoltt this is the best app I've ever used man!

Ryan Marr: @enotius Yeah this is the paper that I looked at when trying the video stuff.

Alex Weber: @usoltt also very interested in Android :-)

Andrey Usoltsev: @thebent Thank you, Ben! Nice shot, btw)

Anton Pronkin: @ryanmarr check this

Andrey Usoltsev: @richardr0924 Thanks, Richard! Everything is possible ;-) Stay tuned!

Andrey Usoltsev: @thebent Thanks, Ben!

Andrey Usoltsev: @mattnavarra @bbcwales Ha! Cool :)

Alex G. Aguirre: @usoltt ✌☺︎ glad you got them.

Andrey Usoltsev: @bentossell @chrismessina ;-)

Ben Tossell: @chrismessina yeah after playing with it for a bit I see the draw - agree, really well done!

Kudos @usoltt & team

Andrey Usoltsev: @edosadikovic Thank you!

Andrey Usoltsev: @joehobot Thanks! I can't uncover our plans yet. But, I can say that the app will stay totally free for our users.

Chris Messina: @bentossell it's really well done. Seems more like Malevich though.

Andrey Usoltsev: @johnnyquachy Just try and you will see the difference :) (Sneak peak: Prisma is much faster, giving amazing results and it's absolutely free)

Andrey Usoltsev: @vova_tereschenko Thank you!

Andrey Usoltsev: @stanmassueras Thanks, Stan!

Andrey Usoltsev: @stefanmimikry Yeah) Thanks!

Andrey Usoltsev: @lwesleylittle Just play with it for a while and you'll find your favourite style for everything!

Andrey Usoltsev: @urieli17 That's true) Thanks!

Andrey Usoltsev: @itsviabenjamin Thanks!

Andrey Usoltsev: @cl0_0p Just WOW! Huge thanks from the team for this kind words! 💜

Andrey Usoltsev: @mattnavarra @thenextweb haha) Cool :-) Thank you, Matt!

Matt Navarra: @usoltt We loved it over at @TheNextWeb. Told the guys about it last night and got them to write it up today. It was (unsurprisingly!) popular :)

Andrey Usoltsev: @seanatkisson Thanks! We had some thoughts about it) But, we don't have certain plans for it yet.

Andrey Usoltsev: @frassmith We love bigger screens so much, but there are only 24 hours in a day :) iPad app will be available later.

Andrey Usoltsev: @odsamuels Yes. But, Android is on the way!

Halyna Zhyrko: @usoltt @jeremydrysdale I'll be waiting for it as well :)

Andrey Usoltsev: @suholet Спасибо! :-)

Andrey Usoltsev: @jenleeny It would be great :) Android is coming...

Andrey Usoltsev: @jeremydrysdale Thank you)

Andrey Usoltsev: @vladislavkors Thank you!

Andrey Usoltsev: @anthony_young Thanks!

Jeremy Drysdale: @usoltt Great! Thank you for the swift reply and good luck!

Andrey Usoltsev: @andrey_pavlov Спасибо)

Andrey Usoltsev: @bramk Nice to hear :) Thanks!

Andrey Usoltsev: @serkanunsal Thanks! We will ;-)

Andrey Usoltsev: @mttrffmnt thank you!

Andrey Usoltsev: @acelik not yet, but it will be published soon.

Anil Celik: @usoltt Would love to hear about the algorithms you used. Do you have a blog post about it?

Andrey Usoltsev: @acelik nice to hear 😄 thanks!

Andrey Usoltsev: @oliver_curting @bentossell That's true)

Andrey Usoltsev: @nick_grey Wow) Another cool way of using Prisma, btw

Andrey Usoltsev: @vova_tereschenko Thanks!

Oliver Curting: @bentossell It seems to be free.

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