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介绍:Photos from the past, meet scanner from the future

更新时间:2016-12-26 13:34:29

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RoryBro: @dflieb - great video, and a kickass product to boot. I think the scanner is really innovative - reminds me of holding down to shoot videos type of innovation.

Chuck Kahn: What it also needs to do is determine the date the photo was taken and embed that into the EXIF data of the scan.

Ben Tossell: Excuse my language but this is shit-hot

Great choice of background music in the video too 🔥

Andreas Duess: Fun video, but the actual opposite is true - if you want to keep a photo forever you don't scan it. Because in a hundred years from now, the jpg standard won't be around anymore. Hell, google might not be around anymore. A well developed photo, on paper, will be.

Apart from that minor niggle, this looks like a kick-ass product.

Gabriel Delattre: Well, tested and not approved. Really slow on iOS 10 with an iPhone 6S. Quality is poor:
- glare present without flash
- out of focus on some point
- not sharp and clearly not High resolution except in the pixel dimension :)

On this google product the promise is not here.

David Lieb: Here's a great video explaining the tech at a high level:

Frank Thelen: Happy Unfade user, works with all clouds

Sam Wilkinson: @dflieb Are there any plans on applying the underlying technology to document scanning? Scanning cards, passports etc is super painful with every app I've tried.

Mariana Montes de Oca: How was this not a thing already? bye iPhone, I like where this pixel is going.

Pietz Prove: im totally in love with that girls voice & mood

Mikael Löwgren: Awesome! Love the video! I noticed when scanning some photos, I had some notes on the back of the photo. Would be great if it was possible to add a comment to a photo too. The photo quality was great!

Eze Vidra: Brilliant video too

Chuck Kahn: App didn't remove my flash when "scanning."

Seb Jachec: Out of interest, does photo processing happen on device/offline or online?

Christoph Wagner: As we don't have the budget of Slack for taking out an ad in the NYT the "Unfade" team welcomes you here on Product Hunt. Great addition to the space!

Dima Blover 🔸: Wow. It's blow me eyes. Fantastic, my archive photos will never be lost again.

Joshua Dance: Direct download link -

Nikunj Kothari: Amazing, love love the video! @dflieb any reason this is put in a standalone app instead of integrated with Google Photos? Do we expect to see more standalone apps from Google Photos?

Tom Bielecki: Pretty cool! I wonder if it works on documents too, I know that's not an intended use case though.

What it does:
• Detects edges to rotate and correct perspective
• Removes glare
What it doesn't do:
• Remove dust and scratches

I'm still waiting for Google Photos/Snapseed to get some kind of noise reduction

Kaitlyn Luera: That was an awesome intro. I installed it immediately. Can't wait to try it out tonight.

Nico Bistolfi: Loved the racoon

Lewis Holland: @dflieb awesome video and looking forward to using it!.

Austin Sandmeyer: This product video is 🔥! 🙌

Alan Cassinelli: Perfect for digitally capturing polaroid photos so you you can Instagram them :)

Alexander Isora 🌀: Gonna scan them all! 💃

Ross Rojek: @dflieb Really spectacular job. My wife will be all over this once the holidays are over.

Ross Rojek: @rrhoover @bentossell You kids make me feel old. Get off my lawn before I go back in the house and pick up my phone that's attached to a wall and call the police.

Aneela: @dflieb this is great to back up old prints. But the bigger issue is digital photos are stuck and essentially any app is a graveyard. Does googlephotos have integrations to make printed scrap books. I dont want my 3yo staring at a computer screen. And honestly neither do i!

William Pitcher: @nikunj @dflieb probably because you don't need it nearly as often as a regular photos app.

David Lieb: @nikunj We think that scanning photos isn't something you'll do daily -- it's more like something you'll do a handful of times when you get access to the printed photos. So it didn't make much sense to incorporate directly into Google Photos. Plus, this lets us offer PhotoScan to people who aren't yet using Google Photos.

Yoji: @dflieb @tombielecki This would be amazing, look into reading the IR channel :)!

Steven Diffey: @narendra @dflieb You can edit the date/time once uploaded to Google Photos

David Lieb: @sammycdubs We're focused on photos but it works pretty well on any rectangular image

Hugo Fauquenoi: @bentossell Took me a while to remember the song!

Agusti Fernandez Pardo: @sammycdubs Scanbot it's the only one that I still have installed after iPhones and years have passed, dont use it that much though

Tom Klaver: @heymarimon They released it for iPhone and Android haha

Antonin LAPICHE: @tombielecki I like to use Office Lens for documents and whiteboard:

Bryant Peng: @bentossell Xaphoon's definitey getting a big royalty check

Slaven Radic: @wagca Tried PhotoScan now and really disappointed with output quality, and from reading a few other reviews I'm not the only one (on iOS the native camera app takes much crisper photos of photos, glare be damned). Have you compared Unfade quality with PhotoScan, how do you guys compare?

Christoph Wagner: @icyber0n PH is probably not the right forum for a pricing discussion. Shoot me a DM on Twitter, I am always happy to discuss this topic.

Vahagn Mkrtchian: @wagca "The Unfade team welcomes you here on Product Hunt for only $4.99" and that's a really big difference for a lot of people

jeff!: @dflieb is there any other privacy or data capturing info to be aware of?

Narendra Rocherolle: @dflieb Does this let you assign date and location to the scan?

Tamás Rátkai: @rrhoover @bentossell OMG this just sounds so unreal! :D:D:D Like before the cars people were riding horses. Funny as hell!

David Lieb: @melissamonteee Release timing was important for us for exactly that reason -- we want to make lots of family heroes over the holidays.

David Lieb: @sammycdubs We haven't invested too much in severely curled edges, but I think there are things we can do.

David Lieb: @tombielecki Dust and scratches are definitely things we're studying.

Will Schwarz: @rrhoover @bentossell There was a time when pictures didn't move?!

David Lieb: @nikunj Yeah, I think if we saw a large overlap b/w PhotoScan users and Google Photos users, we'll at least think about a tighter integration. But only if we think it's good for users.

David Lieb: @iamsebj It all works offline. Why? Well, when you go home to grandma's and want to scan all those old photos, what are the chances the internet is blazing? :)

Tom Bielecki: @dflieb Last week I was scanning photos and trying to recover them in Photoshop. The "Dust & Scratches" tool worked surprisingly well.
The other major step was removing fading.

Sam Wilkinson: @dflieb How does the image processing handle height? (e.g. Photo with curled edges)

Seb Jachec: @dflieb Awesome. Makes sense, just had to check, thanks! :)

Ryan Hoover: @bentossell "People took REAL photos, printed on actual paper."

Matt Gardner: @loganchadde Thanks!

Logan Chadde: @thatmattgardner should be available now:

David Lieb: @thatmattgardner It's rolling out, so might take a bit

Nikunj Kothari: @dflieb That makes sense. I really liked Motion Stills and saw you recently integrated that with the main app. My initial thought was Google Photos is going to build standalone apps and then integrate with the main app as they become popular which is why I asked the question. Similar to what Instagram is doing with Boomerang and Layout

David Lieb: @dubstrike @nikunj Nope, it's us :)

Gabriel Delattre: @chuckkahn yes, and try to print back that poor quality...

David Lieb: @nikunj We'll do separate apps if/when it makes sense, but no specific plans atm.

Wojtek Witkowski: @nikunj @dflieb Classic Google. Probably a different team working on each app.

David Lieb: @joshdance It's rolling out now on both app stores

Ben Tossell: @rrhoover wtf is that?!

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