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介绍:A friendly contact widget for your website

更新时间:2016-12-26 11:28:02

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Noah Kim: Awesome, just installed on my site :).

One piece of feedback, I'm only using the email link w/Pepper, but it has this arbitrary "Classic" label on top of the email address. When you have social links with a section called "social", the "classic" label makes more sense, but on it's own, it doesn't make any sense.

Maybe an option either show/hide or edit the labels?

Thack ☁️: I like this a lot. Really want to use this for our charity's websites. How much does it cost to remove the 'Get PEPPER for your website' link?

Johannes N : Thanks for hunting PEPPER, @nikgraf!

We’ve built PEPPER with the goal of making it easier for visitors to get in contact with a website’s owner – through various social medial channels, phone, email etc., without the need to CTRL-F to find that hidden ‘contact’ link in the footer.

Thanks for giving PEPPER a try, we’re very much looking forward to your feedback!

Luca Hammer: Just added it to my blog. Setup was fast and easy. Thanks!

Anthony Stylianou: Hi Johannes,

This does look interesting. Have you looked at home much time a user would be saving using PEPPER vs not?


Elizabeth S Hunker: This actually looks great - will throw it into my strikingly page asap to test. @swat_io @nikgraf

Reuven Cohen: i like it.

Michael Kamleitner: Quick update: you can now switch the labels from "...Us" (Company) to "...Me" (Persona)! Hope that helps for using Pepper on personal blogs, websites etc. Let us know what you think!
/CC @ashishsinghxyz @luca @findabhilash

Marc Anthony Rosa: Such a slick experience - it took 5 seconds max to get set up and live on my site. Way to go team!

liran: nice one!

Michael Kamleitner: We've setup a showcase gallery with sites where you can meet PEPPER, the friendly contact widget :)

Michael Kamleitner: We now got a language switcher, thanks @neuling2K! :)
Any help with translations appreciated, @zuluglobe @jonathannabais!

Markus Wagner: simple and works, love it

Nick Coates: Neat idea & beautifully executed! Congrats! Looking forward to using this 😸

sivaram: Simple and Sweeeet, Well executed. Looking forward to use it. :)

Vladislav Arbatov: Telegram is missing.

Florian Lettner: Great widget, will add it to our brand new website tomorrow. :-)

James Tattersfield: Great product. Have you thought about adding in a toggle to change it from 'us' to 'me' - e.g. 'Tweet Me' instead of 'Tweet Us' - for personal / profile / freelancer sites?

Stefan Miodrag: Awesome product @jollife, however for some reason when I click the button, it takes a while for it to show up and I can see the HTML for a second. Might just be on my end.

Pietz Prove: to me the speech bubble implies a chat, but actually gives me a list of different contact information. maybe in the future you'll add simple contact forms or actual chats. that would make it more useful.

also, with the "Get PEPPER for your website!" banner i'd never use it. you're probably planning more features for paying customers, but i cannot see myself becoming one. i can get essentially the same functionality with one of a million different snippets available for free on the web. with a snippet i can also control dependencies, fonts, color, layout and design.

but i guess this is targeted at people with very little web dev knowledge. best of luck!

Ashish Singh: More Platform Requests :

1. SoundCloud ( share music playlists, collections, new song release etc. )
2. Medium ( latest post, profile )
3. Pinterest ( boards )
4. Amazon Wishlists ( people use it on personal blogs )
5. GoodReads Readlists ( people use it on personal blogs )
6. Quora ( profile - some businesses answer FAQs etc there. )
7. 500px & Flickr ( for Photographers )
8. Strava - for Running, Cycling, Swimming Stats .. ( people use it on personal blogs )

Checkout all the options www.About.Me offers. It's worth considering all of them :)

Germán Castaño: Nice, simple and with a clear goal in mind. I really like it. Nice job!!

Gareth Fuller: This looks great! I'll use it on my next project.

Couple of extra little things I'd be looking for:

1. Custom color selection for widget button.
2. LinkedIn social channel (maybe there is a reason you didn't add this).

Faizan Patankar: You are freaking kidding me..... The implementation is so easy and seamless. Got it on my site in under 3 mins. See it in action

Ashish Singh: Is there any way I can embed it in WordPress sidebar? Like a widget.

Thanks.✌ 💯

Lex Na Wei Ming: @_subnet Hey! I just installed the plugin via WordPress. Would like to check if the whatsapp function is working as intended. When I click on via my phone, it opens a new browser with my number instead of launching the whatsapp application. If I'm not wrong Whatsapp doesn't have an API available to launch its application via any means, just curious if I'm doing something wrong or...?

Michael Kamleitner: @arastuz Thanks for your detailed feedback! At the moment we don't plan to offer custom titles / sections, although we've had a few requests in that regard, so, maybe in the future if we see more need from users...

Mobile: yes, it does!

Michael Kamleitner: @otymix Very cool, thanks for using PEPPER! :)

Michael Kamleitner: @lex_na_wei_ming Thanks for giving PEPPER a try! You're right, WhatsApp doesn't offer an API, and also no way to link to a profile/chat on the web :( This is why we really only can disply the phonenumber, not much more we can do :( sorry!

Michael Kamleitner: @adrianrubin1 thanks for your feedback! This is exactly the reason we've built Pepper / and now made it whitelabel - we just want to see as many websites as possible where it's EASY to find contact links :) No more STRG-F searching!

Michael Kamleitner: @gopietz Hi... surprise - we just added the option get rid of the "Get PEPPER..." link :) Hope you like it!

Michael Kamleitner: @davethackeray Hi... surprise - we just added the option get rid of the "Get PEPPER..." link :) Hope you like it!

Michael Kamleitner: @gopietz Hi... surprise - we just added the option get rid of the "Get PEPPER..." link :) Hope you like it!

Johannes N : @garethafuller thanks Gareth! We're really proud of our little assistant! We added a lot of features in the couple of days - and still have two on our roadmap (whitelabel, wordpress plugin). so stay tuned: There will be exciting announcements in the near future!

Gareth Fuller: @jollife Nice! Will check this out when I can. Congrats on your launch by the way, seems to have gone very well! :) A Great example of side-project marketing as well I guess.

Stephen: @chris_crompton1 @jollife @nikgraf Touche. This is cool, but the icon is misleading - Most users click that when they want to chat on-screen/in-app. And I want to chat with them!

Michael Kamleitner: @izzydoesizzy Thanks for your kind feedback - glad you like Pepper! :)

Michael Kamleitner: @ashishsinghxyz Just added: Medium! :)

Michael Kamleitner: Good news, @ashishsinghxyz We've added a Color Picker today! :)

Michael Kamleitner: Now deployed: Russian! We still would need help with french, btw! :)

Johannes N : @ashishsinghxyz custom color picker is now available!

Johannes N : @signar custom color is now available! :)

Johannes N : @gopietz custom coloring is now available for PEPPER - thanks for your feedback! ;)

Johannes N : @garethafuller Hi Gareth, we deployed the custom color selection couple of seconds ago! :)

Michael Kamleitner: Now deployed: Polish! :)

Michael Kamleitner: @jonathannabais Just shoot me an email at :)

Jonathan Nabais: @_subnet @neuling2k @zuluglobe ok nice what do I have to do?

Michael Kamleitner: @ashishsinghxyz just added Soundcloud :)

Jia Chen: @_subnet That's good to hear. I hope you guys can make it happen soon. The site I plan to use on is

Michael Kamleitner: @ichenjia we've been looking into the option of integrating intercom with PEPPER - it should be possible, but I'm not sure yet if & when we gonna implement it... which site do you plan using PEPPER on, if I may ask?

Jia Chen: @_subnet Then we will have two floating icons at the bottom. It may cause confusion. Any chance you guys can make it a simple button.

Michael Kamleitner: @ichenjia you can of course always align PEPPER to the left side!

Michael Kamleitner: @corey_gwin Glad you like it! :) Let us know the URL you're going to use PEPPER in, if so :)

Michael Kamleitner: @neuling2k @zuluglobe @jonathannabais Now deployed. Espanol! :) Keep em coming!

Moritz Kobrna: @_subnet @zuluglobe @jonathannabais 😎 💪🏻 🎉

Michael Kamleitner: @zuluglobe would you help us out with russian? we're doing the feature today :)
get in contact at :)

Michael Kamleitner: @jtattersfield That's a very good point! We're already thinking about a solution for this... to be quite honest, we didn't think about personal use in the beginning...thx for your input!

Michael Kamleitner: @garethafuller @jollife So, we just added Linkedin support, just for your! :)

Michael Kamleitner: @jonathannabais Thanks for your feedback - this is a top priority for us too - stay tuned :)

Ankit Bhatia: @jollife @neuling2k Yeah I really want this in my meteor app :D

Johannes N : @ankitbhatia @neuling2k might help you!

Michael Kamleitner: @jonathannabais @jtattersfield That's something we've discussed, but in the spirit of ease of use decided against at the moment, sorry! :)

Jonathan Nabais: @_subnet @jtattersfield nice move
but what if we prefer Facebook rather than Like Me?
Let us change the title and it would be perfect :)

Ashish Singh: not the popup, just the icon :)

Ashish Singh: @_subnet true! though i'd love to try out the widget too. no pressure. i'm already loving the one you guyz built ;) so. thanks. and cheers.

Ashish Singh: @_subnet Got it . thanks. Personal vs Company. Thanks a ton guyz ! \m/

Michael Kamleitner: @ashishsinghxyz Thanks a lot, so glad you like our widget and decided to use it :)
The "us" vs. "me" thing is already high up on our wishlist!! :) Will come soon!

Michael Kamleitner: @jonathannabais @jtattersfield We've just added this option! :)

Jonathan Nabais: @_subnet @jtattersfield and I'm sure that I won't be the only one

Jonathan Nabais: @_subnet @jtattersfield I'm going to use for my personal website, you should consider this really

Michael Kamleitner: @florian_lettner Cool! :) Custom colors is already high up on the wishlist :)

Florian Lettner: @_subnet Thanks, just added your widet to the site. It's really great. Maybe you could allow to define custom color codes

Michael Kamleitner: @erikbenjamin Thanks for the suggestion! Currently, unfortunately not, but it's definitiley something on our wishlist!

Michael Kamleitner: @derschiefen Thanks :) Tell us the URL of your website, we might do a best-of gallery soon :)

Michael Kamleitner: @florian_lettner Fretello is looking great, all the best for launching!

Michael Kamleitner: @wuss Looking great! All the best for launching the app!

Noah Kim: @_subnet Sure, it's We're actually releasing the app to the app store in the next week or so and haven't made the URL public yet (the site is live, but we're not directing traffic to it).

Michael Kamleitner: @chrisunderdown @jollife Thanks for giving PEPPER a try! eMail links work for me, on iOS9, strange. Can you give me the URL you're running PEPPER on? Thx!

Faizan Patankar: @_subnet You would be twice as awesome if you did that :)

Michael Kamleitner: @vadima Makes sense - added! :)

Florian Lettner: @_subnet it's We also launched today

Nick Meagher: @chris_crompton1 @jollife @nikgraf I was thinking the exact same thing, I would love to see integrations with products such as Intercom or just a real-time chat feature in general.

Michael Kamleitner: @codymclain Cool, glad you like PEPPER :)
Feel free to tell us the URL of your website, I want to setup a bestof gallery tomorrow or soon :)

Michael Kamleitner: @florian_lettner Awesome, glad you like it! Let us now the URL of your website, we'll build a best-of gallery soon :)

Michael Kamleitner: @signar thanks for your feedback, glad you've chosen PEPPER for your site!
custom color picker is already high on the wishlist, coming soon! :)

Michael Kamleitner: @deltaspark thanks for your kind remarks! let us know on which website you've implemented PEPPER, we're going to do a showcase gallery over the next days :)

Michael Kamleitner: @ashishsinghxyz Sorry, not at the moment! We also believe it's better/easier to find in the bottom left/right corner, kind of a already well-learned pattern, dont you think?

Michael Kamleitner: @freeman_faiz Awesome!!! So happy you had an easy time integrating our widget! We'll be setting up a best of-gallery these days, and would be happy to include your site :)

Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach: @luca schaut super aus!

Michael Kamleitner: @markus_wagner Thanks Markus :) Let us know if you're going to use it on any of your sites :)

Michael Kamleitner: @davethackeray Thanks for your kind feedback! We have currently no plans to introduce a paid version, however we understand that some of you would prefer full whitelabel. We're thinking about a solution, maybe for NGOs etc.!

Alon Tamir: @_subnet awesome, the challenge for us is the growing number of widgets competing for space. This could be the ultimate all in one! Excited to watch this develop.

Michael Kamleitner: @wuss thanks for the feedback! I've put your request to our wishlist! Let me know of your URL, we might build a showcase gallery in the days coming! :)

Michael Kamleitner: @germancastano Thanks a lot :) Let me know of your URL, we might build a showcase gallery in the days coming! :)

Johannes N : @andreanaomi777 awesome - hope you liked it!

Pame Valdés: @_subnet Great product! Congrats. I'd also consider, it's getting a lot of traction vs Intercom chat.

Michael Kamleitner: @pamevls Yes, however you could still switch it to the other side of the screen (not ideal). For Intercom, integration with that is already on our wishlist! :) Thanks for your feedback!

Michael Kamleitner: @thejfkshow Thanks for your feedback! You mean users won't click this?

random data guy: @jollife @garethafuller Company pages on LinkedIn have the structure name}

To get a different company link, you need to contact their support.
An alternative might be to use a link shortening service (eg. bitly or

Michael Kamleitner: @mrkevinhype Thanks for your feedback! Intercom is already on our wishlist, and should definitely be possible - stay tuned :)

Gareth Fuller: @_subnet @jollife Sweet!! Just tried it out and it seems to work well. 👍

David McGill: @jollife Awesome!

Chris Crompton: @jollife @nikgraf Will there be support added for other services like Intercom or That way the web visitor can see live chat as an option to connect as well?

Michael Kamleitner: @marc_rosa thank you so much! :) 5sec? wow, pretty fast!

Vladislav Arbatov: @_subnet Nice!

Michael Kamleitner: @vladzima Oh noes - fixed! :)

Michael Kamleitner: @anthony_stylianou Thanks for your kind feedback :)
Re. your question, that's a tough one. I guess, if every site I've ever search for contact info would use PEPPER, I could have easily saved days in searching! ;)

Michael Kamleitner: @sivaram636 Thanks a lot :) Let us know if/where you're embedding PEPPER! :)

Manuel Frigerio: @jollife @garethafuller LInkedin would be cool. I don't know why you say there is no easy link. This is my LInkedin url: right under my profile picture in my profile.

Michael Kamleitner: @roberdam Thanks for your kind feedback, and giving PEPPER a try! Looking great on!

Michael Kamleitner: @atamir Thanks for your kind feedback! Re. chat: we tried to keep everything clean & simple for now, but you never know! :)

Michael Kamleitner: @ankit_t_ Thanks for your feedback! For now, we wanted to keep it as simple as possible, but this would definitely be a nice extension!

Michael Kamleitner: @lirantad Thanks! :) Let us know if/where you're embedding PEPPER! :)

Michael Kamleitner: @ashishsinghxyz thanks for your extensive feedback! :) color picker is our 2nd most requested (after language switcher) feature right now so, I'm confident we'll deliver that soon : ) stay tuned!

Michael Kamleitner: @zuluglobe Thanks for your feedback - this is a top priority for us too - stay tuned :)

Johannes N : @a12rj great - thanks for your feedback!

Michael Kamleitner: @garethafuller Thanks for the input. Maybe we should just allow users to add *any* URL (either company or personal) to the Linkedin option, @jollife?

Michael Kamleitner: @gopietz Thanks for your feedback, from my side as well!
While, as @jollife said, we don't aim PEPPER being a complete chat solution, we'll definitely think about integrating the FB Messenger widget, f.e.! Stay tuned!

Johannes N : @mattaussaguel PEPPER will be free forever, as it's just a companion for our main app, (which is the perfect partner for pepper).

Gareth Fuller: @jollife Ahh I see what you're saying.

Well, it is possible for a LinkedIn user to adjust their URL so that it is "human readable", e.g., this is mine - But I see that a lot of users have the path /firstname-secondname-idnumber which I guess isn't as 'pretty'.

For companies, the URL is

So as far as I can tell, all you would have to do would be to switch /in/ with /company/ depending on the user profile/company page setting. and then append their input username.

So for me, I'd select 'user profile' then provide you with my username 'gareth-fuller'. With that, you could construct the URL

Maybe I'm not seeing the difficulty here.

Johannes N : @garethafuller but is there a "human readable" url? we tried it and always ended up with some strange and very long urls (no one knows if this is just a temporary url)

Johannes N : @findabhilash hi abhilash,

thanks for your positive feedback! we do not want fully customizable links because this might break the layout. but we already think of adding a switch for "personal/company"-use. then all texts would switch to "visit me", …

Johannes N : @gopietz of course, making money, is always the goal. but not with pepper itself :) we just want to get a good audience for our main app

Pietz Prove: @jollife awesome, looking forward to it. i just read that you don't plan on making money with pepper. that also neglects some of my criticism :)

Johannes N : @gopietz

thanks for your feedback!

1. we already have a wishlist item for "removing the pepper label from the widget"
2. Of course there is a ton of other widgets with exactly the same use case - but we haven't found one with a solid list of included social platforms.
3. About chat: You're absolutely right. We wanted to keep it simple for our initial launch. If there are a lot of customers who would like to see a chat integration, we're prepared to add this to the widget as well. Until then, there are a couple of good icons to indicate that this is NOT a chat solution.
4. Contact form is definitely on our wishlist!

Gareth Fuller: @jollife I see what you mean about (2). There doesn't seem to be a clean way to know if it's a company page or a user.

I know it's not ideal, but maybe just offer a choice once the LinkedIn channel is added (user profile or company page) and adjust the URL's to suit the selection?

Johannes N : @garethafuller Hi Gareth,

1. we thought about this, but wanted to keep the UI very clean. We might add this feature in the future!
2. There is no easy link for linkedIn, so we decided against integrating linkedIn. Do you know of any easy to get link for your company/user profile?

Johannes N : @stefanmiodrag1 thanks, @neuling2k is already investigating!

Johannes N : @gadgick Thanks Nick! We really appreciate any feedback! Would love to see some peppers out in the wild! Please share your link with us!

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