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jack rometty: (crazy idea)

change commenting completely:

organize into "maker questions"/"product suggestions"/"general discussion"/"bugs and problems".

set up key generation. remember BEME? that discussion was 200 messages of people asking for keys. 😷. it'd be very cool, albeit difficult, to have a company (BEME, for example) give PH 200 keys to be raffled off among the community.

Sam Dickie: A PH Tech Expo held each year with the top 100 voted products invited to showcase their products! In London of course ;)

Kelly Kuhn-Wallace: Actively recruit product hunters from geographies outside of North America.

Ryan Hoover: Last month we shared a preview of a big update to (thanks for all your feedback). Soon, we’ll have a beta to share with a small group of friends (proof!). If you’re interested in playing with something new, joining our private Slack group, and helping us build the future of Product Hunt, apply to our Super Top Secret β.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear your ideas. What would you like to see on Product Hunt? (crazy ideas encouraged 😀)

Jack Dweck: This!

Also, a Music channel! 🎶💃

Olivier El Mekki: > (crazy ideas encouraged 😀)

Ok :) I want to see this used on /books \o/ :

More realistically, I loved the work done on collections recently. What I miss the most in main interface is to see on a product page in which collection a product has been added, so I can discover related products in collections I may not have found while searching (without using my extension that does just that, that is :P ).

Ovi Negrean: Work on the ALGORITHM!

It's NOT OK that a product with let's say 300 votes is below one with 200 votes.

I do understand that you factor in where the votes came from (direct/homepage) and I agree this is a good criterion but it should have a small weight.

What I DON'T agree with is that the number of hours a product is on the website is a factor.
This way everybody launches at lunch or even dinner time and gets to the top with 100 votes.
And that top is then sent to the email list the 2nd day.

All products should start on the page at the same time - so people submit for the next day so each gets the same chance.
If a product is on the website for 24h, everybody will have same chance.

I do understand that timezones come into place, but you can factor that on how you show the order (but with a smaller weight), but not on the final top.
Especially because hitting the next day - top 5 email is so important.

Hope this helps :-)

Yoav Anaki: PH Movies would be absolutely rad.

Andrew Huggett: 'Ideas Hunt' would interest me. I suppose like many of us, I'm always getting ideas for new products but never have the time to pursue them (or they require skills I don't have). If I could share product ideas that get upvoted and used by someone else then great.

David Iwanow: Hmmm I would be thinking a trending list... based on platform.. I don't have an iPhone so don't care there is a new App that I can't use anyway.... maybe something of a filter?

I would think categories would be interesting even if powered by tags so it would be possible to easily browse collections of analytics apps... I would also suggest a guide for how many people might have saved this item to a collection...

Ed Choudhry: A crazy idea ?..Ok. An accredited investor upvote button that is limited for investors (e.g.weekly) Which then, with enough upvote, puts them in the running for Session/batch/tribe/ season 1 of PHaccelerator 😜 or you get golden ticket to YC

Ben Wheeler: More clarity on how products make it to the front page, and what happens when a regular user posts a product vs designated curators.

Daniel Landy: I'm sure you've gotten this one before, but invite others to help update your collection and somehow edit ones root path so if I'm interested in books and not tech I land on books.

Gabriel Loftus: It would be interesting to allow for crowdsourced idea generation/ hacking... E.g Allowing people to post ideas, have them up-voted, critiqued and eventually built through the product hunt community.

Ross Currie: One suggestion would be a purge (or archiving) of products that are no longer 'live'. It's amazing, but perhaps not, that so many products have launched and disappeared in the time that ProductHunt has been alive. Perhaps a way to report these products

Daniel Landy: Crazy idea: I think one thing I would like to see is more quality discussion. I think a good way to do that would be to show your IQ based on the votes you receive for your comments. Then there could be levels of cats like naive kitten all the way to smart lion. It would encourage people to want to comment and share ideas. When someone sees or hovers on your profile, you will see their PH IQ level.

I hope I can be a smart lion 😼

Carlos Villaumbrosia: @rrhoover I would like to see a category for courses. There are so many education platforms/bootcamps out there and it is very hard to filter. This would make sense to me specially after seeing that you guys created a category for podcasts

ben Watanabe: I'd love to see the "Upcoming" section get a little more shine. There was a conversation on Maker Hunt the other day between some very heavy users of PH that they'd just discovered it and weren't sure when it had been "added." It would be great if more people were involved there before things pick up speed.

That plus more emoji! 😁👍 which judging by the screen of the beta is a direction you're going. Just don't be afraid to go all the way and make something game changing like Hipchat 😉

Merrick: Pure design hunts. Obviously involves product. But like type, posters, architecture, ID, etc.

Randi Barry: Easier "Following" of people on desktop. At the moment to hover and follow it takes you to the persons profile instead of just following them, or Following people back in your own profile is not so friendly. Works better in the app. Love PH!

Ali R. Tariq: Love the community involvement to help with the future of PH. Keepin' it real.

I'd like to be able to search for products the way I would naturally ask someone for it. Maybe a PH SearchBot that I can naturally ask things like:

"Are there any products that would help me to convert Sketch designs to HTML?"
"Show me products that would help me improve my writing using the power of the community."
"Show me products that have been made by Jonny Appleseed"

Or even

"How has ACME 3000 done since they got hunted last March?"

That last question can then gather PH stats along with relevant info from Alexa or Mattermark, etc.

Hrishi Mittal: A crowdfunding section aimed at the cat community to help them fund their gif habits.

Abe Storey: @rrhoover I would love to see a channel of Product Hunt named Dollar a Month Club. Users that wanted access to this channel would pay $12 per year. Then, they could submit/vote on ideas for what to do with everyone's collected money. The post with the most votes every month would be done ie) Buy a billboard in San Francisco that says "We are all human! Be nice!"

Christian Montoya: I'd like to be able to suggest products for lists curated by other people.

Matty Mariansky: Some ideas, sorted most-practical-first
-A way to see a single-page, readable, copy-pasteable list of all voters (so I can thank them etc, follow the interesting ones, or just browse thru). Would this allow spamming? Maybe open it only to the product's maker.
-Open up adding "similar products" to a wider audience, this is missing or not complete a lot of times - a lot of viewers are experts in a certain field and can easily add good product matches
-Hall of fame section, with best products, makers, hunters, voters
-Add team location to every product, and show it on a map together with the similar products (is there a niche industry growing in that town?)
-"Product journey" - Next/Previous buttons on every product page, leading to the next most-similar product. This could lead to some surprising insights!

jack rometty: @rrhoover a sleek & updated mobile app would be lovely. 📈

Abe Storey: @rrhoover @abe_storey I would too! It'd be a fascinating social experiment plus a good way for Product Hunt to monetize (take a commision on the $12). :)

Jeff Needles: @edch2020 sounds like you've traveled back in time from the future?

Ross Currie: @rrhoover Meanwhile, I'll throw my hand up to close CrowdLoot and run the crowdfunding vertical.

Ryan Hoover: @rometty_ BIG update coming to the iOS app. I'm not happy with what we have now.

Ryan Hoover: @frazras @benjiwheeler we have an upcoming section and products that don't get a ton of love are collapsed behind a "see more" link.

Ryan Hoover: @benjiwheeler 100% agree. We've thought a lot about it and are inching our way toward something new but it's also one of the more "risky" changes. It's not as simple as opening it up to everyone -- doing so would result in hundreds of posts on the frontpage.

Christian Montoya: @oelmekki @benwtnb tbh i didn't realize there was an upcoming section and i've been using PH for a months...

Ryan Hoover: @yoavanaki I love movies. How do you imagine it would work? Some movies are announced months in advance, sometimes with a trailer. Others are available for streaming online.

Sam Dickie: @rrhoover you should head over for the Product Hunt Hackathon in London on the 6th November! (guest appearance) Convince him @bentossell

Jason M. Camps: @rrhoover Articles section. Please! I'm tired of wading through a million clickbaity "25 Secrets to Increase Your Productivity, Become a Genius, Growth Hack Your Startup, Build Muscle, and Find the Man or Woman of Your Dreams" posts before finding something useful, insightful, or actually inspiring.

Ria Blagburn: @jasoncrawford @rrhoover Totally agree! I've hunted a few Kickstarter projects and would definitely love to see these in a separate section. Perhaps tags could be used to filter things like this?

Ryan Hoover: @rossdcurrie we currently flag these posts with a lovely 👻 but they're still discoverable. Even though the product is no longer available, I believe there's value in the "archive" of discussion.

That said, we should devalue it in search and filter them out from collections.

Olivier El Mekki: @ovinegrean You're basically asking to remove protection against vote rings :)

Mubashar Iqbal: @rrhoover Would be great to surface some comments from hunted products. See what people are actually saying about the products hunted today not just the voting...

Ryan Hoover: @oelmekki I love GIFs. Perhaps every products should include an accompanying GIF. 😁

I agree, we should surface more collections on the site. The new front page will put more emphasis on this and we're making some tweaks to the product pages to better highlight these as well.

Ed Choudhry: @rrhoover @edch2020 I forgot to mention the auto-scheduler (with enough investor upvotes) to "the pitch" podcast or blab where over 1k investors would watch live (finders fee?) , I was refueling the delorean, side note: you guys know October 21, 2015, the time Marty puts on the clock and to save his future self is upon us.

Ryan Hoover: @samdickie87 haha, that would be fun. I've never been to London!

Rohan A. Smith: @rrhoover @benjiwheeler You could then "paginate" your front page, kinda like hacker news. Where selected product go to the front but if a user clicks "more", they could see the other user submitted products. These products could then be ranked by votes or a combination of metrics.

Ovi Negrean: @rrhoover If that post with many views would have been so VALUABLE to the community, it would have gotten more up votes as well. It's easier to game views than votes.

I understand you want to show a 'trend' as well, so you can play with the positioning or some visual representation during the day of, but after that (and the email), votes should be thing that matter most.

And about posts before 5AM .. that's why all the products should start at the same time.

Ryan Olsen: @rrhoover It would be cool to see 3D printing files that people could get and print out. Even if people don't have a 3D printer, more and more libraries are starting to add them as services people can use.

Ross Currie: @rrhoover Hit enter on the form too soon and now my submitted response to "Why do you use ProductHunt" says "I do it for the kittens"


Sam Dickie: @rometty_ This is a brilliant idea and would allow certain people with different interests and skillsets to comment, providing more streamline organised comments.

Ryan Hoover: @decktonic we've thought a lot about that. Our concern is that collection creators will be spammed with suggestions. This happened when I took over the on-startups Medium collection a while ago. I started to receive tons of emails and requests from writers asking for me to add their essay to the collection. It was frustrating.

That said, I think there's a way we could do this to help people create and update great collections without frustrating the community.

Christian Montoya: @rrhoover @decktonic I was wondering if the fact that you could only submit approved PH products would mitigate that. How many products get added to PH each day? Also, if there was a limit to how many products you can suggest for collections, maybe that could help?

Paul Robert Cary: @yoavanaki Totally agree! People should be making short documentaries about their companies and the process through which they built their products. It's hard to know about the team behind the product (not just the official Makers).

Ryan Hoover: @hrishio this has been suggested many times and I'm confident a subset of the PH community would use and love it; however, I'm not sure it's the most important thing for us to build or something even the majority of PH users will regularly use. I could be wrong though!

Ryan Hoover: @nicolasegosum 🙊

Julian Lehr: @rrhoover
> Ability to edit hunts after they've been published
> Better search (filter or tagging options would be awesome)

Ryan Hoover: @decktonic @benwtnb it's intentionally subtle. We see a lot of duplicates and things posted there that aren't appropriate for PH (e.g. events), but we do want to make that more useful and a better source for surfacing great stuff.

Paul Robert Cary: @chrismessina @rrhoover Agree - something like a natural language search "An iPhone app that organises my contacts" or "productivity tools my friends upvoted"

Ryan Hoover: @prcary check out InVision's DESIGN DISRUPTORS if you haven't already. cc @clarkvalberg

Ryan Hoover: @danoliverlandy the new front page will encompass all channels -- tech, books, games, podcasts, and more. I'd also love to add support for collaborative collections!

Chris Messina: @rrhoover personally, better search and the ability to schedule hunts.

Jason Crawford: @rrhoover A crowdfunding section would be cool, as a way to discover interesting Kickstarter, etc projects to back

Jeff Needles: @rrhoover @rometty_ Polls for makers would be amazing. Structured by the maker, in a simple fashion (I referenced as an example)

Ryan Hoover: @jsneedles @edch2020 how'd you find out about the Product Hunt Accelerator!!? 😜

Jeff Needles: @rrhoover @jackdweck YES. Emoji reaction to a product. One per user per product.

Ryan Hoover: @mmariansky great ideas! I'm not sure we should make it easy for makers (or anyone) to "spam" people on Twitter with thanks. I know some people get annoyed by it and the appreciation often isn't genuine.

We do have next/previous buttons to browse through posts on the front page and/or collections, but I think they could be more obvious and "fun". :)

Ryan Hoover: @jackdweck haha, I love music and emojis. 😁🎶

Ouriel Ohayon: @rrhoover like i said once, the app store of the web :)

Ed Choudhry: @hrishio :)

Jeff Needles: @rrhoover @danoliverlandy +1 for collaborative collections :)

John Clover: @rrhoover I'd love a bridge outside of the techo chamber. Not sure what that would look like, but I feel like the things I see on PH are well curated versions of things I'm going to see eventually through my normal channels. There's a whole world out there that PH's curation could introduce me to.

Ryan Hoover: @rometty_ LOVE the idea of creating context and different experiences around comments. @jsneedles once suggested we add polls. We could add formal reviews too. What else!?

Steve Young: @rrhoover how about a pre-launch tab of products coming out soon and folks can easily become beta testers with a click of a button.

Ryan Hoover: @davidiwanow good call. We're working on a tagging system to better categorize everything and give people a way to dive deep into specific platforms, genres, etc.

Ryan Hoover: @ovinegrean "It's NOT OK that a product with let's say 300 votes is below one with 200 votes." I respectfully disagree.

We used to use a stack ranked algorithm where the top upvoted product was always at the top which resulted in only products posted before ~5am getting much attention. If a post gets 50,000 views and 200 upvotes and another post gets 10,000 views and 300 upvotes, clearly the second post is more interesting to the community.

That said, we're working on changes to the algorithm so it's more scaleable and a better representation of what the community finds interesting/useful/worthy of being at the top.

Ryan Hoover: @shloky very interesting. There's a ton of data captured within PH that we aren't yet exploring. We're starting to expose more social signals and will soon better surface products trending among your friends. But there are less obvious things we can do here, too.

Ryan Hoover: @abe_storey haha, that's awesome. I'm so curious how the money would be used.

Ryan Hoover: @nathancharley uh-oh! Would you mind email us at with reproduction steps?

Ton: @rrhoover I would like to see better search as suggested by Chris. And an upvote for a dedicated crowdfunding / Kickstarter / Indiegogo tab. Plus: the option to edit one's hunt (including deletion). And maybe seperate tabs for Mac, Win, iOS, Android and Webhunts.

Ryan Hoover: @benln it will come... but first we need to nail the iOS app. Big update coming. :)

Jon Catchpowle: @ourielohayon This.

Ryan Hoover: @dredurr all great ideas! We could do a better job of curating images and enabling people to make each product page look awesome.

P.S. I've enjoyed your hunts, Deandre. Keep it up. 🙌

Ryan Hoover: @farkasdan good thoughts. It's tricky because many people like the "scanability" of PH.

daniellevine: @chrismessina @rrhoover Sort and filters in search would be fantastic. Especially sort by date, number of up votes and number of comments

John Clover: @rrhoover I'm using Facebook so wrong apparently.

Randi Barry: @stevepyoung @rrhoover second that Steve!

Ryan Hoover: @radiofreejohn honestly, I think Facebook does a pretty good job with event discovery already. We could build an "event hunt" but I'm not sure it's the most impactful thing we could do.

Veronica Belmont: @chrismessina @rrhoover seconded.

Ajay Goel: @thesameerk @parttimesnob Thank you! I was straddling the line between trying to be entertaining and insightful, and I was afraid that it could have come across as resentful or offensive, so I'm glad you found it to be the former!

Ryan Hoover: @kkdub one of the best parts for sure. 😀

Virginia Barnett: @rometty_ @rrhoover So agree about context for comments, visually I'd like them with tags that are color coded, similar to what you do with Maker/ Hunter

Sameer K: @parttimesnob Great Article Ajay!!

Olivier El Mekki: @benwtnb Totally agree that upcoming section could get some love. I was thinking the other day that some random recent item from it could appear at the end of home list, to give them a chance to be upvoted and reach home, even if poster is not very well connected.

Matt Lhoumeau: @ourielohayon @rrhoover I agree with Ouriel!

Yoav Anaki: @rrhoover @yoavanaki Ha. Great points. I guess every movie could have an embedded trailer, along with a link. Upcoming/available is already handled very well on other verticals. Maybe PLATFORM, when it comes to movies, could be replaced with just FORM - documentary, thriller, short, etc. Movie discovery is such a pain that PH could totally sweep in and become the most awesomest movie discovery platform ever!

jack rometty: @vbarnett323 @rometty_ thats an awesome idea!

Lyle McKeany: @jackdweck add my vote for a music channel

Paul Robert Cary: @rrhoover @clarkvalberg Checked it out and signed up for the full documentary! I will comment on there 😀

Adam Phillabaum: @chrismessina @rrhoover Totally agree on the 'scheduling'. I've had a few thing I wanted to 'Hunt,' but haven't had the energy to stay up late enough to give them the 'fighting chance' they need to get ranked well.

Pieter Walraven: @rrhoover @danoliverlandy

Kelsey Whelan: @rrhoover I was just typing a comment when I saw and clicked a shiny play button in the media section. When the video was finished and I closed the dialog, my comment was gone... which was sad bc I'm a lousy writer and it prolly took me like 10 minutes to write. Keep it dirty for me 🙏

Ryan Hoover: @vbarnett323 great idea. I'd love to create a timeline for products, from pre-launch, launch, to updates.

Kelly Kuhn-Wallace: @rrhoover @seysconstantijn This is kind of the best part of being a PH staffer, right? Working directly with makers and founders?

Ryan Hoover: @danoliverlandy haha, I like that. We've been chatting about implementing a system that gives people recognition for adding value to the discussion as determined by the community. There's a 95% chance we'll release something like this soon.

Ryan Hoover: @seysconstantijn we try to manually reach out to makers when their product is posted; however, we miss some. We haven't found a reliable way to automate it outside of asking the community to hunt them down but not everyone will do that. :)

Ben Wheeler: @rrhoover The care in what gets to the front page is a crucial part of what makes PH a great experience, but sometimes the way that's working seems very opaque, especially when creators post "how i became top 10 all time on PH" posts that seem completely out of step with what PH tells creators to do on the FAQ

John Clover: @rrhoover how about PH for events? 😎

Virginia Barnett: @rometty_ thanks! Just piggybacking off your ideas 😸

Jeff Needles: @ovinegrean No. You're wrong. Time as a factor is so crucial, it's not about a product having longevity but about it being so cool and so new that a lot of people in the community want to upvote it real quick. If that # of votes is fewer than a stale product with 1.5x the votes... the newer item deserves to be crowned a victor. It was able to gain a substantial amount of support in a shorter amount of time. Upvotes <> Value. Upvotes contributes to value, but should never be considered the only factor therein.
Also, @rrhoover has a lot more information than you on his community, both qualitative and quantitative to provide us with what we'll value most. Not just what be the most popular after a day of being on the site.

Paul Robert Cary: @rrhoover

- Better organization of product assets/media: UI, Content, Tools, Tech Stack, etc.

- AI-based relatedness, so posters/commenters don't have to remember similar products

Dave Branson Smith: @stevepyoung @rrhoover Yes! Our team does a number of one-day hacks and want to get the community's feedback on them, so we toyed around with the idea of collections for "WIP" products, beta products, etc. This would give makers the feedback they need when they need it most, not after they've put all the time and effort into design, marketing, etc.

D 0'clock: @rrhoover @vbarnett323 ICYMI, I've been digging recently. Beautiful and great for users to dial-in to specific points of time of interest. is purely informational - I'd imagine a timeline on ProductHunt could be much more than just informational for makers & users!

Ryan Hoover: @d0clock @vbarnett323 Startup Timelines is really neat. I'd love a more comprehensive version of this for the nostalgia alone. :)

Virginia Barnett: @thisdickie Come to sunny Florida 😎😂🍹🌴 or do regionals with a global domination throw down in Florida. Can't blame a girl for trying, I love it here.

Ryan Hoover: @hallojona that site is crazy. I too, welcome the weird.

Ryan Hoover: @vbarnett323 that's a fun idea. It might surface existing products or things that should be made. :)

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