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介绍:Tesla's latest, wicked fast, electric SUV

更新时间:2016-12-24 06:16:48

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Ouriel Ohayon: saw one on the road a week ago. looks awesome but at 140k$...

Jaydeep Singh: I don't see this selling. It looks ugly. It's expensive. It's way past the price point of most consumers.

Even if you are a rich boy who wants to show off his rich boy toys, your toy should at least be nice to look at.

Genia: not only can it reach 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds but it can filter air to the quality of a hospital operating room.....

....your move, auto industry....

Dwayne Samuels: This is the game changer.

AJ: OMG! Finally, a practical reason for winged doors!

Michael Kolowich: My Tesla Model X was delivered 2 weeks ago, and I must say I am smitten. I can't stop driving the thing, it's so much fun. Mine is the 90D model -- didn't need the performance upgrade, this car has plenty of pep.

What I like: adaptive cruise control and autosteer; comfortable seats, even in 3rd row; an incredibly smooth ride, over-the-air updating of software; nationwide free high-speed supercharger network; panoramic front windshield; the massive touchscreen.

What I don't like: the nav system is not as smart as the rest of the car; doors that open automatically while I'm working in my garage; a bit more wind noise than expected.

Net-net, has there ever been a more sophisticated car?

Jack Shalom: Great car and all but I'm more excited for Teslas that can pull 745 miles on a single charge within a year or two and fully autonomous Teslas by 2017. That to me is innovation at levels never seen before.

Blows my mind how traditional car manufacturers can't or won't release a car with 300+ range, yet Tesla has no issue breaking every rule for us all. God I love Elon Musk

Bernard Leong: I am all for electric cars, and I just need it to be cheaper so that I can afford it in Singapore.

Ryan Hoover: I love how Tesla announces new vehicles: livestreaming late in the evening. I'm waiting for the stream to start now but Jalopnik reports a price point above $100k, 0-60 mph in 3.8s, and sexy falcon doors.

UPDATE: 0-60 in 3.2s 😳

UPDATE #2: @zpower from The Verge wrote a good piece on this beauty here along with this first drive:

Melissa Joy Kong: I don't even have a driver's license. But I want this.

Aaron Batalion: The beyond best-in-class safety features means that if you ordered one for yourself... and you are not the primary driver of your kids... you have to give it to your partner... or you're an asshole.

Happy birthday to my wife. Arghh... :(

Greg Gerber: Elon is crushing this demo

Hussein Yahfoufi: Anyone else can't wait to see what Tesla has in store for the next roadster?

Ed Choudhry: Biodefense mode though?! ::Queue the walking dead intro theme ::

Mohsen M Khali: Brain and beauty

Kimberley: I have so much love for Tesla (Elon inc.) I just wish the price point was lower to see more conversations. Especially in Australia, we need to see more of them on the road.

Riz: Need to launch a few more products on PH so I can get one of there. Great Hunt Ryan!!

Brent Chow: Psh not impressed Tesla team, the SpaceX Crew Dragon has an escape acceleration of 0-100 mph in 1 second. 😜

Nick Zieber: I want one.

Sean Do: That price point tho... Another car to add in my daydreams.

Tori Bunte: Super legit.

I'm a Tesla and Elon fangirl, but *come on* cheaper Tesla. I am sooo over admiring from afar :(

Joseph Hsieh: Finally. refuge for the soccer dads and moms out there to be cool (yet eco conscious?)

Sam Sperling is: I think the Model X seats are borrowed from the Crew Dragon http://www.spacex.com/crew-dragon . Wonder if any other rocket components made it in.

James Wahba: "You want to know what I have? Doors that open like this" Get that man a Tesla Model X https://youtu.be/IJIAOosI6js?t=9s

jack rometty: Elon's public speaking skills have wildly improved. good for him!

Taylor Edmiston: @hellobrent You'd be so good at HN 😂

Rezki El Mokaddam: @jameswahba < this guy f@&ks!

Rezki El Mokaddam: @cam_pj that comment of yours made me lol :D

Derek Shanahan: @jameswahba Came here for this. Faith in PH community continues.

Iz: @annebot Is this in terms of disposal or carbon emissions in manufacturing?

Ryan Marr: @paulmwatson @ryanmarr Touche! "Speaking of stuff, the X is cavernous. No one could tell us the internal volume—you’d think someone at Tesla would have had that figure—but one engineer said you could carry a sheet of plywood. Another said the X would easily swallow a surfboard. And yet another said you could carry a load of two-by-fours. Suffice it to say, this thing will swallow as much cargo as any normal person would carry. Tesla offers an accessory hitch that holds four bikes or six pairs of skis, and can be attached to the back of the car in just a few seconds."

Paul Watson: @ryanmarr apparently 2x4s were mentioned by Tesla engineers.... http://www.wired.com/2015/09/tes...

Aaron Hanson: @jameswahba these are not the doors of a billionaire

Ouriel Ohayon: @clarklab @ourielohayon agreed, but still i think it is a very high price.

Clark Wimberly: @ourielohayon with cars, it really shouldn't be the outside that counts: http://www.theatlantic.com/techn...

MB: @choi_kl @rrhoover it reminded me a silicon valley episode.

Ouriel Ohayon: @cam_pj @ourielohayon if you ask me the cayenne looks much better from the outside

Robleh Jama: @rrhoover This thing is 🍌's

Dave Branson Smith: @9uuso At least you'll get the chance to buy in Europe. I can't think of a parking spot in Tokyo where you could open those doors 😭 #firstworldproblems

Dave Branson Smith: @hellobrent Car vs space vehicle. Appropriate comparison 😆

PJ Camillieri: @ourielohayon I think a Cayenne Turbo S retails for $157k... and it does 0-60mph in an astronomical 3.8s :-)). The Model X is a steal, isn't it :-)?

PJ Camillieri: @rrhoover I think there is a typo in the main banner. It says "MORE INFO" instead of the usual... "GET IT". Are you trying to tell us something 😂?

Justin Jackson: @9uuso 😱

Juuso Haavisto: @mijustin At least you don't have to deal with euros. Despite USD/EUR conversion, euro prices are (at least in my country) at least 10'000 more than the USD ones, bringing the expected euro price of Model X to 142'000€, which is about $215'000 CAD.

Atif Rafiq: @rrhoover they should launch it on product hunt

Kilim Choi: @joshbarkin @rrhoover those are the doors of a billionaire! 😉

Atif Kazmi: @rrhoover looks decent, but you can't ignore an SUV that can go 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. Ludicrous indeed! Haha

Josh Barkin: @rrhoover those dooooors!

Francis Pollara: @rrhoover door and windows. Here it comes

Justin Jackson: @rrhoover Starting model is $132,000 USD.

Which is $177,064.80 Canadian dollars. 😩

Tori Bunte: @rrhoover a mic drop of the most baller degree

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