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介绍:A smart phone number

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Hal Gottfried: There's really not a whole lot of details on the site, the app page or here for that matter. It sounds like several other tools on the market. Maybe you can explain a bit about it

Jason Shultz: No Android version makes me a sad panda.

Hussein Yahfoufi: Looks great! I've been using Google Voice since day 1 and it still works like it did back then, seems like Google forgot the thing even exists! My number: 858-346-5195

Cam Hunt: I've spent the last year working on this. I'm so incredibly proud of the work we have done. I'm so lucky to work with Lauren and Austen, and I'm so excited for the future of Listen.

My Listen number is (503) 360-9780. Text me!

jeff!: i thought the icon was a guy with a really long nose...

Arjun Ram: Love what @laurenleto & team have done with Listen. Was glad to be part of the beta launch and they listened to feedback. Lauren, I had no clue that you could have it installed on two phones and get it to ring at the same time. Might wanna highlight this feature. SMBs/Support teams would happily pay a couple of bucks for just this feature. Regardless Im glad to see an alternative to Google Voice.

Kevin Fessenden: With the many discussions around bots these days it's great to see a startup working to fix traditional voice and text and in such an elegant way - a bot-killer perhaps?

Eric Friedman: Working alongside the Listen team for the past 6 months, I am very excited for today's launch. I put my Listen # on my biz card and the idea of managing a phone number like a social stream makes a lot more sense in 2016 than the traditional carrier way that acts like a pop up when your phone rings.

Roberto Sanabria: Very glad to see a team taking on G Voice with a passionate interest on redefining the phone number experience. More innovation in this space is a great thing!

carlos garcia: Edit - looks more of a Google Voice replacement. Have two iPhones and several Androids with SIM cards. Having one number that rings multiple phones and receives texts/mms would be golden. Nice!

Margaret McGraw: Downloaded today on my iPhone! Great job

mark calvo-cruz: Hey @laurenleto, this looks awesome and I just downloaded the app, but I have a question.

What should we do with our old phone number? What I really like about this is that it seems to be what iMessage should be but isn't (maybe Apple will copycat in future iOS upgrades), should we be telling friends & family to update our number in their phone? Is there a way to forward future incoming messages & calls to this new number? Are there any assurances that this will be around 5 years from now?

Conway Anderson: @laurenleto + @camh + @austenito Congrats on the successful launch! Excited to see where Listen goes from here. So far this feels like what Google Voice should have been.

Tarik Kurspahic: Hi @laurenleto - the idea and app seem awesome. How do you plan to monetize?

James Ramos: As a journalist this is FANTASTIC. I have a Google Voice but it's clunky and the crossover with Hangouts gets weird after a while. Some people don't even trust my GV number. Now I've got a real number I can give out to contacts/sources that doesn't confuse with personal calls. Super cool!

Ryan Hoover: Texting or calling a traditional phone number is still the best way to get in touch with someone (if you know their number) but it's still trapped in old tech. Love the idea of wrapping a phone number within an app to give people more control and features, but continue to support traditional means of communication for those that don't have the app (yet).

Here's my number: 541-236-9102. Text me! 😘

Joel Wish: This is so dope. Have thought for years this should exist and finally someone made it. Looks beautiful too!

Elliot Grossbard @ElliotOneT : Would be great to have in Android.

Lauren Leto: Hi Product Hunt-ers,

I’ve spent the last eight years working on text and voice products. We launched Listen today, our solution to the many ways our current phone numbers fail us. I hope you get as excited as I am when you try Listen.


bryan s arnold: I think this is legit awesome! Love the concept and love the design. I believe I'll be using this right away! Really shocked it's not upvoted more today. Just Brilliant!

James Hill-Khurana: Really excited to try this! When will it be available in the Canadian store? 🙏🏼

Giordano Brachini: Wow! How can I be notified when an Android version will be ready?

James Hill-Khurana: Do you have CallKit Integration with iOS 10, and if not, do you plan to?

Nick Haase: This is awesome!
Feature request I've wanted for regular text messages for years:
Scheduled texts. I occasionally need to text someone something I think of in the middle of the night but don't want to disturb them after hours.

Current workaround for me is a reminder on my phone but scheduling would be ideal

Gene Fan: Congrats @laurenleto and team! This is really awesome.

Jonah Price: @laurenleto Lauren! Psyched to see you launching something again! (I miss the old days on bnter.) I know you just launched, but whats the timeline look like for an android app? :D

Simon Dingle: Love this idea! Well done @laurenleto and team. Unfortunately I can't join up because of my location, so adding South Africa to the list of requests. Pleeeeeeease 😬

Lauren Leto: @israelvicars Hi! We're working on ability to port. We're also adding in VM transcription soon, but email notification might not be until early next year. :( I hope you still keep an eye on us!

Lauren Leto: @kevinfessenden <3 thank you!

Lauren Leto: @wilparker82 adding ability to delete account but we think 'changing' # might be a paid feature

Lauren Leto: @blakefolgado Not by end of year but hopefully soon after:(

Lauren Leto: @_jacksmith hey! latest update fixes incoming call errors. let me know if that works! <3

Hal Gottfried: @austenito With over 20 years in Telecom i get it. I guess I see several other apps that offer quite similar things or have offered and then decide to start charging (looking at you Conovi). However if it works, I will use the heck out of it! I would love to have the ability to have either (both really) multiple "listen" numbers on a device and multiple devices that it would alert! Keep up the great work ! (Since all the other cool kids are doing it -- Reach me at my number new number: 1 (913) 278-1066)

Abhilash Jain: @neekunjnshah I sure hope it does, this product is a great solve!

Hal Gottfried: @_pascalandy trying now

Taylor Hook: @laurenleto @jtvhk @nathansudds Short-code connectivity is restricted to major carriers, and a few of their MVNOs. It typically covers around 98.7% of total subscribers. They won't deliver to virtual numbers as they aren't hosted by those carriers, they are hosted by a number of CLECs (Bandwidth/Level3). Best practice that should be employed here is to a number lookup, determine if it's a virtual number and send via another virtual number. However most of these companies don't want this, as it's pretty simple to purchase a large batch of numbers and cause mayhem.

Lauren Leto: @bauermetal hi! answered below and can't link but:
Data is transferred to and from the client with TLS. Our database is encrypted at rest by using AES-256, block-level storage encryption. Keys are managed by Amazon, the individual volume keys are stable for the lifetime of the volume.

All calls, texts, and media are deleted from Twilio via their Delete API see

BUT unfortunately we can't ensure security of SMS because it travels through many other companies. We can't change that. Phone numbers as a system have historically been unsafe and carriers are a main reason for that in many ways, including this most disgusting way:
I left ATT and ported my # to Listen

However, we plan to build end-to-end encryption for users who are talking to other Listen users.


Lauren Leto: @bauermetal thanks! we look forward to having you. :)

Justin Bauer: @laurenleto Thanks for the quick reply! I'm looking forward to trying the product as well as E2E Encryption in the future!

Justin Bauer: @cruzcalvo you can tell your iPhone to forward to your new number in your iOS settings

Justin Bauer: @laurenleto to build on this, when we live in an age of a paranoid internet from spying, how can you ease the mind of people essentially sending all of their data through you? Are people's phone calls passed through? How does this work for the non-techy and can they feel safe?

Nathan Sudds: @laurenleto The question that I'm hoping you'll be answering with a yes is... can I receive a security verification text message from services like Google or whoever uses text to send a code to verify. The current virtual number services I use have this problem -- if you can fix that, I think a lot of people would be interested! All the other features you mentioned sound very cool, this would be a huge benefit for such a small thing. Oh and Android :)

David Lumm: @lbrkr @camh If they're using Twilio as the back-end is should be very easy to transfer it to anywhere that Twilio works, including the UK.

Arpan: @laurenleto @neekunjnshah Looking forward to using this in India

Lauren Leto: @jtvhk I ported my personal phone number in. I sometimes have a SIM, sometimes dont–and I use no other messenger apps other than Signal–so, my whole world is on this app. We're gonna have good support :)

Parker Woodward: @laurenleto it's definitely tough to take over someones phone number...but once you do its yours...and a feature like this for spam calls would absolutely push me over the edge...and shove fistfulls of dollars into your hands :)

Jimmy Jacobson: @laurenleto Big fan over here!

Parker Woodward: @laurenleto That's cool...just hard to ignore all the robo calls, you can mute 1,000 and still get just as many calls, would be nice to mute one and then label as a robo call so other Listen users would for thought :)

James Hill-Khurana: @laurenleto It seems like only the big carriers + a few partners have shortcode support, which is a shame. Twilio has a tiny bit of documentation on it.

Lauren Leto: @jtvhk @hook_taylor @nathansudds That's weird–why not I wonder?

Cam Hunt: @nickatloot Yup! That's a planned feature

Ram Srinivasan: @parkerwoodward @laurenleto Not sure why. It has worked wonderfully in both Android and iOS devices for me.

James Hill-Khurana: @laurenleto @hook_taylor @nathansudds Also, Twilio numbers can't usually receive shortcodes, which Apple, Twitter, and others use to send verification codes. :(

Tarik Kurspahic: @laurenleto @shortformernie - Really love that you are taking security seriously from the start 👍

Tarik Kurspahic: @laurenleto No worries... I know that stuff has real cost which is why I asked :)

Like I said, I am really curious how the PH community thinks about this. Thanks!

Jennifer Harris: @laurenleto @jtvhk still not there...

Lauren Leto: @tariktech Feel free to text or call me to talk more but I'm hesitant to talk in-depth about our future monetization plans because I think they radically differentiate ourselves from competitors. (Read: not sticker packs!)

I really really want to keep calls/texts free but international stuff and the sheer mass of texts any normal social app creates *does* add up. Now, Listen-user to Listen user communication is easier to keep cheap hence why we're focusing after launch on making those features so that *both* sides of the conversation want to be on the app.

Tarik Kurspahic: @laurenleto -> Understandable... The interesting thing here is that you have a great lock-in mechanism (it's a giant PITA to go back to a bunch of people and ask all of them to change the number they have for you), so knowing what kind of commitment ($) you are getting into up front may help/hurt the adoption :)

Happy to try it out and provide feedback, but curious if it will hold people back a bit from giving this number out to everyone until they know the pricing, or maybe it's not a concern for them.

To the rest of this thread: I am curious if you have questions about it, are just happy to check out a new product, or are truly committed to going all in without the pricing info up-front? I am asking in part out of selfish concerns about launching future ideas :)

Lauren Leto: @plusjames Thanks!

Lauren Leto: @hook_taylor @nathansudds Totally, but hopefully we can prove legitimacy to point where it does work? For example, Google Voice is an accepted 'carrier' to receive verification codes from Apple.

Lauren Leto: @shortformernie Data is transferred to and from the client with TLS. Our database is encrypted at rest by using AES-256, block-level storage encryption. Keys are managed by Amazon, the individual volume keys are stable for the lifetime of the volume.

All calls, texts, and media are deleted from Twilio via their Delete API see

BUT Unfortunately we can't ensure security of SMS because it travels through many other companies. We can't change that.

However, we plan to build end-to-end encryption for users who are talking to other Listen users.

Lauren Leto: @gpuntob email leto@uselisten and I'll put you on list

Lauren Leto: @tariktech We have a few different paths that we're working on. For now, focus is on keeping calls/texts free in exchange for early user's feedback and patience.

Taylor Hook: @nathansudds @laurenleto The issue around verification is that they purposely lookup VoIP and Virtual numbers, then block those numbers as they are the most prevalent in malicious attacks on the app or platform. Not likely going to work universally for all services.

Lauren Leto: @allnick Yeah, porting is WAY different than forwarding. They are not even related. With porting–you own the phone number. You take it with you wherever you go. You can easily 'merge' it to a different phone service. GoogVoice lets you have two GV numbers.

If your contacts are connected to you via a phone number and you can take that phone number anywhere–what's the issue?

For example, I ported my ATT phone number that I've had for a decade to Listen. I ditched my phone plan. If Listen failed, I'd port my number to Google Voice, or back to ATT (though I'm pretty distrustful of carriers now)

Lauren Leto: @hgottfried hey! yep, one of hardest things about explaining Listen to new users is that it *sounds* like other products. but what we're really doing is redefining what it means to be a phone number.

everyone who builds a phone service builds voice with a set of expected behaviors and we believe some of those expected behaviors are wrong. that's why we let you disable voicemail or mute a contact or receive calls as push notifications. a lot of people don't like phone calls so why shove calls in their face? if we *have* to have a phone number for things like; making a doctor appointment, calling a loved one, receiving verification texts for login-why not try to make it behave better and give users more control?

Nick O'Neill: @laurenleto "Porting" is different than "forwarding", right? I just generated a new number with you guys. So should it shut down and I move over contacts that I used with your service I cannot "merge" them into my existing one.

Sorry for all the questions. I wanted to offer a service tangential to this in the past but the costs were prohibitive. I want it to work but I also think this is a massively risky undertaking and don't want to end up with a broken contact list as a result of issues. There's so much potential here but that potential comes with significant operating expenses!

Not sure how reassuring you can be at this point but it's difficult for me to confidently move everything over without some knowledge of this protection.

Lauren Leto: @jyonah Thank you! Not by end of year but hopefully early next year <3 Hope you're well!

Nathan Sudds: @laurenleto Thanks for sharing your experience, Google is a good start --- I haven't needed Apple or Chase, I'm trying to remember the other services that I've struggled with before getting the text. I could get around it with Google by having them call with the code, but text is preferred and a lot of services don't have the call with code option.

If I was on iOS, I'd definitely be trying this out. I've got a Canadian number with another service, they aren't great but I don't get a lot of calls or texts that way -- mostly use messenger apps. Because, long term travelling :)

Lauren Leto: @allnick We <3 Twilio and we're willing to invest the money because we believe it'll make us the money.

However–if we ever got to point where we had to shut down, we'd allow users to port out their numbers. We're already working on tools to ease in porting phone numbers between carriers, GV and Listen. Part of our mission as a 'better phone number' is to make porting simple and quick.

James Hill-Khurana: @camh Perfect, I already figured it out! It works great. 😊

Cam Hunt: @jtvhk We do, although the default setting is incoming calls are *all* shown as notifications, in the Listen settings, turn off "Receive calls as push notification". Now calls from people in your contacts will appear like a normal call

Nick O'Neill: @laurenleto Hey Lauren. I'm assuming you are using Twilio here. How are you covering the ridiculous costs of messaging and calls? What happens if you run out of money?

Matthew Straub: @laurenleto Sounds awesome! 🔒

Lauren Leto: @matthewmagellan We completely agree. We actually are leaning towards end-to-end instead of iMessage's asymmetrical encryption but would love to hear argument otherwise. We built this version with expectation that most early users would be talking to people who WERENT using Listen. Now that we've launched, we're going to be building Listen user to Listen user features. (Including encryption!)

Lauren Leto: @husseinyahfoufi We agree!

Lauren Leto: @androidlove Hey! Just use same log-in phone number :)

Mark M. Whelan FRSA: @rrhoover I am sure Tim Ferris would love this....

Lauren Leto: @malihsoufian Yup! That's how auto-response works–we've been thinking about renaming it to 'Busy mode' though–status is also good!

Cam Hunt: @xial I grew up in 541!

Lauren Leto: @tomflemming For sure <3

Lauren Leto: @androidlove hey! we receive texts/MMS and can ring multiple phones provided app is downloaded on all those phones (but not yet on android, sadly). we are a full-featured phone service, we just put texts/calls into our app instead of dumping them into your iMessage/android text app

Cam Hunt: @androidlove We don't have an Android app *yet*, but Listen will work on multiple iPhones!

James Hill-Khurana: @laurenleto Thanks, really excited. I've been wanting a "Better phone number" forever. The only thing I'm worried about is support in the future when I give the new number out to everyone.

Myna Moments: @laurenleto :)
notification please?

Lauren Leto: @tomflemming We hope soon!

Lauren Leto: @xial We're based in NYC + We'd love to be platform-neutral within next 6 months! Basically, if that's what you want, we want to make it for you. :)

Lauren Leto: @elliot_grossbard And we'll get to you ASAP!

Lauren Leto: @crrob Thanks, Roberto!

Emilio Ramirez Eguia: @neekunjnshah @urielo I second that... need support for numbers in Mexico =D

Uriel Rodríguez: @neekunjnshah @laurenleto Not available in Mexico numbers :(

Lauren Leto: @nathansudds Google works (just did this AM). Chase bank seems weird. Apple does not work. I learned this hard way and had to search everywhere for my RK after I ported my personal number to Listen. All other services I use work for text verification.

Lauren Leto: @rrhoover Group texting is only a Listen-to-Listen user feature. We wanted to launch focusing on our 'phone service' features (so, Listen user texting or calling a 'non' Listen user) and now we'll be adding in our more 'social messenging app' features. These include: group texting, self-deletion on texts, end-to-end encryption, and adding messages to calls (so, I'm calling my roommate in middle of the day because the bathroom flooded, I can add, "PICK UP THE BATHROOM FLOODED" or whatever I want to the call screen so my roommate knows it's worth picking up the call while at work).

Lauren Leto: @warrenalfred Definitely–the next few updates will focus more on Listen-to-Listen features such as that. For version 1, we wanted to focus only on features that worked for Listeners users talking to people who weren't Listen users (since we knew that'd be main scenario at launch)

Soufian Malih: @laurenleto fantastic! Can you please add one feature that everyday i wish my phone had?: Status.
Basically I'll set my status to "meeting", for example, so that incoming calls from my inner circle receive an auto-responder, kind of "Soufian is in a meeting"

Parker Woodward: @ram_srinivasan @laurenleto Sorry Ram...I tired Truecaller, it didn't work for me

@DEXIGENT: @laurenleto I agree. Something more descriptive of the awesomeness inside Listen. Perhaps something more like:

"A shareable phone number with smart controls."

Ram Srinivasan: @laurenleto @parkerwoodward These features already exist as part of Truecaller - which has a robust, constantly updated database.

Soufian Malih: @laurenleto Awesome! Glad you like it. My wife sometimes worry when i'm not responding. that will help :)

Lauren Leto: @tonybrix @austenito @camh THANKS!

Tony Brix: @laurenleto @austenito @camh Here is the FAQ for domain ownership change

Lauren Leto: @malihsoufian Oooo but I like that inner circle twist...GREAT idea

Lauren Leto: @parkerwoodward you can go into settings on iphone and forward calls to your listen #–so people call your personal number and it rings via Listen–it won't be a cure (yet) but it'll definitely help a lot (a lot of our beta testers did this)

Lauren Leto: @ericfriedman thanks, E ROCK

jeff!: @laurenleto ok, that makes way more sense that a guy

Lauren Leto: @parkerwoodward and this point about carriers is totally messed up and unfair and the exact reason why we want to take over phone numbers

Lauren Leto: @parkerwoodward YES! we've definitely been thinking about this–quality of contact. If X amount of people on Listen have muted/ignored/never talked to that number more than X minutes–we can say with high confidence that it's spam.

Carriers have no incentive to protect you from spam because more texts+calls=more $ for them.

Lauren Leto: @neekunjnshah We hope!

Lauren Leto: @the_real_jw yeah, his name is pat and he's an odd looking elephant but we love him anyways

Lauren Leto: @tonybrix @austenito @camh weird! how do we change that?

Sammy Schuckert: @laurenleto Looking forward!

Lauren Leto: @parkerwoodward @rrhoover If you use Listen we have a default setting where contacts ring your phone 'like normal' (read: full screen) and people who are NOT in your contact book ring your phone as push notifications. So spam calls are in no way as intrusive when you're on your phone–plus you can mute them afterward and never see a call from that number again :)

Parker Woodward: @rrhoover Your crazy for posting your number... Good thing Listen has auto-response When will it have call block for spam calls??!!!

Greg Worrall: @lbrkr @camh definitely want to know the answer to this. Do we have a UK equivalent? I need this sort of service in my life.

lbrkr: @camh Thats ok. I just wish it was flagged up before I downloaded that app. I presume it's a nightmare not worth entering to make it available to the UK?

Neekunj: @laurenleto looking forward to it

Lauren Leto: @adamdepasqua We like you!

Lauren Leto: @sammyschuckert I hope we can get there within year or sooner–I don't have as much knowledge around Eur telecom as I do US but if you guys want it, we'll get there.

carlos garcia: @laurenleto
Just installed it and will try it out, so grateful you guys a tacking the Google Voice void. Any MMS support to multiple numbers coming???

Lauren Leto: @neekunjnshah We hope so! Not scheduled, sadly. But we really, really hope to be there within year.

Lauren Leto: @writamvar_bugga @camh Only area codes–you should be receive results for 323, 310, 213 and 424 ->LMK if you're still having issues!

Bryan Irace: @jtvhk Yes, they do!

Neekunj: will there be international launch? i an based in india so will it support indian numbers in near future?

Lauren Leto: @jtvhk in an hour or so!

Ryan Hoover: @laurenleto LOVE the auto-response feature. When will group texting be supported?

Lauren Leto: @anderson760 boom, will update when we can. thanks for your help!

Joe Anderson: @laurenleto would love those kinds of examples on that homepage. Common uses cases / problems would help make it click, much quicker. Great job!

Lauren Leto: @joelwish Thanks! Most of our design work has been done by @camh–he's a triple threat: iOS, design, +drinking :)

Lauren Leto: @rrhoover woo! good insight. text ya later :)

Lauren Leto: @ambonium hi! good feedback. i assume you mean the tagline, "a smart phone number"? Does "a better Google Voice" make more sense to you? basically, we want to convey that we're a full-featured phone service that acts more like how a phone number *should* act nowadays. Google Voice was a great product which sadly hasn't been updated in a LONG time. so we built our own. would love your feedback!

Cam Hunt: @ambonium Sorry, what caption?

Cam Hunt: @lbrkr Yes, it's US-only at this time, sorry!

Lauren Leto: @bsuto thanks!

Brian Sutorius: Nice TLDR at the end there. Listen looks nicer than GV or Burner, happy to try it out!

austenito: Hi @hgottfried. Thanks for checking us out. Lauren wrote a blog post that will hopefully shine some light on why we built Listen.

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