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介绍:A drone with a camera that follows you. Throw it in the air.

更新时间:2016-12-24 02:22:26

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Paul Prins: Wondering how good it is at avoiding obsticals in the environment. Things like trees, chair lifts, wires. Anyone know if it has radar or something of the sort? The shots in the video were all in pretty open areas.

Saijo George: Great Idea.. Everything looked great till I learned that it can't avoid obstacles. Will need to wait till someone figures that out.

Michael Wieland: Could lily also wait on a pod until I call it? @microdronesgmbh has launched a rescue system for swimmers. It carries blow up lifebelts, currently delivered by lifeguards at a remote control.
Lily could be called ba a SOS button on my apple watch and fly by only when needed? We simply equip all lakes and coastlines with lilys ....

Ashot Tonoyan: Super-cool idea! The next step should be live streaming! Think of Meerkat/Periscope-like functionality.

Rakesh Agrawal: Also see Perceptiv Labs, a YC company from this last batch. They're making drones smarter with computer vision, though their focus at the moment isn't consumer but film makers.

Eric Metelka: Put the tracker in an unknowing friend's backpack and watch them freakout as they try to run away from skynet

Matthias Fenz: From my point of view, this is definitely the most awesome product I encountered here! I want it! I need it!

Would this also work for my dog so I could always check where he's roaming? ;)

joel: Im almost sold except for the 20 minutes of Battery Life! Elon Musk probably needs to add a charging stations to help with this? Elon, mind lending a hand?

Paul Tomkinson: LOOOOOOOOVE this product! Awesome guys!!

Kent Fenwick: If you live in or around Toronto, I started a timeshare for one :)

Sam Houston: Neat drone. Is there any detection built in so it can avoid other other drones? I'm imagining a scenario where multiple snowboarders has a Lily following them down a mountain, how does it avoid other Lily's, the chairlift, trees, etc?

Kirill Zubovsky: Met one of the founders at Coffee Bar a while back and saw the device, looked really really slick. Props on making something gorgeous!

Stefanos Kofopoulos: Probably the smartest and easiest to use drone out there. No set up required.

Daniel Disselkoen: I want 2 of these, stick trackers to each other and make them perform a ballet!

James Rose: I was totally sold until I read it crops video to keep you in shot. Time will tell how well it works with real world use, instead of a well made marketing video

Nicolo S: This looks amazing! I can't wait to see what people do with it :D
Not 100% sure about the 20minute battery life, but I guess it makes sense so you can make it so compact!

AlexSalkever: Cool product! We need to add you to our Drone Startups DB - Can you upgrade the camera to higher grade for additional capabilities?

Noah Lichtenstein: I had the opportunity to meet the founders of Lily in person and check out a live demo. I was really blown away by the performance and their attention to design. Not to mention a really slick marketing video. Object avoidance is definitely a challenge, but one that all drone/flying camera/uav companies are tackling, and I wouldn't be surprised if a highly successful company dedicated to this challenge is built. I also like the use of an internal camera. As the owner of a DJI Phantom Vision 2 with a now-busted cameral + gimbal, I like that Lily is designed for a more rugged use case--from removing the external payload to the flexible blades to the design of the motors themselves. Looking forward to seeing the final product.

Benjamin Milsom: Just amazing! But shame that it can't avoid objects.

Samuel Beek: Can it run periscope?!

David Berkowitz: I typically hate first-gen products but had to pre-order this one. Had to.

Mathieu Gosselin: Little suggestion: plug that to an occulus rift and watch yourself be a third person video game character ;-) Or i dunno... out of body experience sounds cool

Aaron McKeehan: Plus its affordable. I am curious though, to know how well its tracking is of one person. If that one person is in a large group of people, could it get confused and follow someone else?

Nick Haase: Very cool. Why not launch via Kickstarter? This is perfect for it.
Also, how does this compare technically to the Zano? It seems much larger although perhaps a slightly simpler learning curve.

Mikee Shattuck: This is incredible! I want to film everything with this. Does it have a 3 axis stabilizer?

Karen X. Cheng: @paulprins "At this moment, the Lily Camera does not have any obstacle avoidance capabilities (cost and design choice). We have found that most outdoor activities do not need obstacle avoidance because Lily can follow the user's path. But again there are no guarantees that Lily will not hit anything while it is following you. If Lily is about to hit an object you can press the middle button on the tracking device and Lily will stop, hold its position, and continue to film you."

(From the YouTube comments)

Michael Wieland: @benwtnb @paulprins @karenxcheng Do you know fleye ? They solved the housing:

Aaron McKeehan: @matgosselin Though, this might have relevance if you are in the military, and you do have a third person viewpoint on a head set of sorts.

Mikee Shattuck: @titanas rad! $500 was too good of a deal to pass up. I had to buy one. I'm more exciting to see what else the market will bring like this.

Mikee Shattuck: @kitsched footage looked pretty great as-is, I know I'm just gunna end up using this to make home movies of my kids anyways. 👧👶

Antonio Flores: @aaronmckeehan I agree! It seems better from that perspective

Aaron McKeehan: @matgosselin I prefer first person, personally :)

Arsh Singh: This is awesome! Only if it could avoid obstacles...
Periscope on Lily is a perfect use case for the new gen. Looking forward to the release.

ben Watanabe: @paulprins @karenxcheng This looks great, but the lack of obstacle avoidance sounds very risky for their core use case shown in their video of action sports. Can't imagine someone being able to notice the Lily about to hit the ski lifts while snowboarding or otherwise.

Seems like some kind of housing like this might be necessary in that case:

But also seems like a liability for the user/company.

That's what I've decided in my 5 minutes thinking about their product with them probably considered all these issues in their years of development 😉

Looks great and is exciting

Paul Prins: @karenxcheng you're a super sleuth Karen - no one can take that away from you. Thanks for sharing that here. Disappointing it doesn't but their choice makes sense. As a former semi-pro freeskier this drone blows my mind.

Stefanos Kofopoulos: @mikeeshattuck totally! It's so good

Matthias Fenz: @eamonncarey A really good idea!

Stefanos Kofopoulos: @samuelbeek according go their specs page not right now. The Lily app currently supports: Change camera settings, Create custom shots, Edit and share content

eamonncarey: @alternative3 I was just thinking the same thing. Maybe they could build in a speaker so you could make some noise or yell if they're doing something they shouldn't....

Stefanos Kofopoulos: @mikeeshattuck yes. According to their specs page Lily has:

Three-axis Gyro

Hari Jeevakumar: @eric3000 Haha!

Mighty Alex: @matgosselin I can't even imagine how strange and amazing that would be :)

Aneela: @samuelbeek Lily + Periscope = lifechanging....we wont need facebook anymore...friends can just log in to our "always on" feed!

Justin Jackson: @titanas really well done marketing. Lily's done a great job of helping consumers see how this could fit into their lives. That snowboarding demo sold me in the first 30 seconds. ;)

Stefanos Kofopoulos: @aub it's amazing and can create a whole new category of high quality DIY film makers.

Aubrey Johnson: @titanas This is awesome. Can't wait to see how people use this while surfing / if that's possible.

Janos Rusiczki: @mikeeshattuck @titanas The 3 axis gyro is part of the flight controller and all of the multicopters nowadays have it. As for a gimbal (which stabilizes the footage) the Lily doesn't have one, but they might be using other tricks to stabilize the footage from software.

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