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介绍:A brilliant screen for your ideas, from Microsoft

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ALASKANJACKSON: A software company builds hardware that is superior to apples
Provides the software and cloud services that support the apple eco system
Has the broadest range of consumer VR products
Has the leading AR product (HoloLens)

Take a deep breath and understand that when everyone was talking about MSFT losing the mobile battle they were busy winning the one that has yet to be

Niv Dror: The new Microsoft Surface Studio is f***ing brilliant.

Troy Osinoff: If this was an Apple, I'd buy it.

Apple Fanboys Everywhere

Reony T:

Bret Prins: Apple fan boy here.... This new Surface Studio is STUNNING! Wow. Hate to say it but I'm jealous of Windows users for once. (Which is great because Apple should build one)

Julie Delanoy: I'm secretly loving this very much, a lot. I'm confused about my feelings right now. 😳

Aurooba Ahmed: This is SO COOL! That dial, the integration with Adobe CC, the beautiful trailer. That screen angle to make it like a draft table is perfection. I can't believe Microsoft made a device I actually could see myself buying, this is blowing my mind.

Mathias Elmose: Would love to see how the dial could be used for video production. It could be a very natural way to edit video.

Mark Szymik: Brilliant. Microsoft made a better iMac than Apple :)

Alessandro Schiassi: Next time someone asks me "If you are a designer how come you don't use Apple products?" I'm going to show him/her this video!

Dave Legion: As a Mac lover, Macs can Mac-off. This is glorious.

Erik Finman: I really love this video ad. Love love love it! Love the music, love how it shows all the different use cases. This is what I always wanted those surface tables to be.

Lynn Fredricks: Really like the look of this, but it seems quite expensive.

Noah Kim: I can't believe this thing isn't getting more love. If it had a mac logo on it, I'd bet 10 grand that it would be #1 hunt then stickied.

There's so much going on here that's awesome I don't know where to begin.

The hinge design (a huge huge deal for large scale drawing tablets).

That AMAZING knob control which I don't even understand how it sticks to the monitor.

The SCREEN itself, the thinness wrapped in a super rigid aluminum chassis and that resolution.

The pen. Assuming it's still Ntrig and not Wacom, but if it's good, this is a HUGE threat to Wacom.

And aside from all that, the fact that it's all powered by the internals that are equivalent to a high end gaming PC.

I love and use Apple err'yday, but stuff like this just reminds me of how brainwashed people are when it comes to brand association. :(

Alex Abian: Wow, I can imagine the uses in Photoshop and Lighroom without having to spend crazy $ on a Cintiq! And with 28" ❤️

Chris Messina: I swore the first 45 seconds were an Apple launch video, and then I saw the rotation knob (I'm sure it has a fancy name) and realized that it must be a Microsoft product.

Still, pretty polished and seductive; if only it ran macOS!

Andreas Klinger: Is… is this the first Desktop Computer ever made by the company that made Windows?

Chris Li: I'm in awe of the Ads company that made this video for Microsoft. The music is intentionally tuned down seconds before the knob's debut and then, boom!

Luke: The "Creative" team over at Microsoft must have said.. "What if we just straight up ripped off Apple for all future products?" Et Voila!

Al Rayhan:

Harry Pho: It's still Windows 👎🏻

Pietz Prove: holy cow, what a beautiful machine, but i still think its gonna be a tough sale. this is clearly aimed at designers and where im from 99% of designers use macs. by now there's an entire ecosystem of sketch and prototype apps that are macOS exclusives. all that aside, its great that microsoft is stepping up its game!

Ben Slaney: This is gorgeous, and that 6k resolution screen should be amazing. It's such a shame that it has a 980m graphics card in it. It could fit a 1080 pascal instead which is on the 16nm process instead of 28nm and has a huge performance advantage for less power use. This really is like something Apple would put out.

Michael Abehsera: I miss the days when Apple used to innovate. This product is gorgeous and deserves a lot more attention then fucking horrible as of late Apple products.

Mawunami Akoto: Looks cool. The 12.5mm flat screen which is said have 63% more pixels than a 4K tv is a winner. A bit pricey though, starting at 3K

Reony T: @wuss I'm considering getting one of these to replace my PC sometime. Because of the specs, not only would it be beautiful for design (would run a Mac VM for all the design apps), I could play Overwatch on it with these specs too! 😁 🎮

Michael Kirlew: @leozakour Agree 100%... Great hardware design! But not a fan of the software. Put MacOS in it and it's party time in my brain!

Jonathan Howard: @wuss I love and use Apple erryday too, and own a windows gaming PC. I really would love this to be an iMac & cintiq killer, but I'm wary of Microsoft's execution. Illogical brand loyalty is a real thing, but keep in mind the Microsoft brand isn't just an icon etched into that beautiful aluminum chassis. It also signifies decades of history with sub par software, trouble with bluetooth, printers, and drivers, display scaling issues, hardware that falls apart faster and takes more IT resources to solve. All packaged in a form factor that, while beautiful and impressive, isn't a differentiator in 2016. I very much hope the reviews blow those worries away but IMO they're real, and perhaps seem like blind brand loyalty from the outside

Noah Kim: @marktmcewan I feel you Mark. I just can't relate. Pretty much since windows 7, I've rarely encountered a crash and never a virus. Granted maybe it's just because I innately don't do dumb things w/ my PC like open weird files, or the fact that I build all my PC's, etc.. But Windows has been solid for me post-Vista. It's been as equally reliable as OSX for me. I could easily claim that OSX has actually been more unstable (more freezes, restarts. etc.), but that wouldn't be a fair comparison since I spend the majority of my time in OSX so the metric would be skewed. There's also the delineation between OS issues and 3rd party software issues.

I don't ding an OS for 3rd party software causing crashes, which I noticed seems to be a double standard when comparing the 2 OS's.

Windows crashes for any reason whatsoever = Windows sucks.
OSX crashes for some reason = Hmm, I wonder what app caused it.

Admittedly, I find myself playing devils advocate a lot (and end up sounding like a crazed anti-Apple fanboi) because I find it rare to be able to have a balanced discussion when it comes to Things Apple Makes vs Everything Else.

Holly Chisholm: @staringispolite I'm curious as to what software you think is sub-par on windows.

Andreas Mitschke: @wuss and because it is Microsoft you can bet they do not use any crap low gamut IPS panel like Apple did for years with their age-old unrevised white LED backlit IPS panel in their cinema display.

This is a beauty and it isn't 16:9, but we should wait for first reviews of the pen sensibility and performance as also if there is any surface friction for the pen. It's tasty, eye-candy and functional - seems like an incredible move, but reviews will tell.

* It's a 28-inch 4,500 x 3,000 panel, no words about color range, full gloss seems to not have additional surface friction, which is sad and thus maybe no competition for cintiqs.
* The Dial has no additional gimmick to adhere to the screen, it is literally hold in your hand.

Mark Thomas McEwan: @wuss I think the majority of us are not brainwashed by Apple, they are not perfect. But most of us here have done the rounds of buying and using PC and Mac, It looks great, nobody is questioning that, but for me, I expect it will be a disappointment to use, Id bet on that, Sluggish, Crash Ridden, Bloated Mess of an OS, but pretty, Wish my Mac was touchscreen and tilted like this.

All the Brainwashed Apple Brand Junkie's

Diego Zaks: @andmitsch @wuss The Dial has a soft rubber bottom that's supposed to stick a little to the glass. It doesn't stick too well though, with the screen fully down (20° incline) it still slides ever so slowly...

Lynn Fredricks: @trevin Not always, no. On the other hand, it does set perceptual value point for other vendors to value compare against, just like other Surface products.

Iago Melanias: @markszymik Without a better OS. Still not a choice.

Tudor Baidoc: @leozakour exactly my thought. Love the hardware, but hate the software inside it.

Jonathan Howard: @dpencilpusher Details aside, sure. Hope is the operative word there. For people to shake off those associations, they'll have to have fixed all those issues, not introduce new ones despite running the full supply chain for the first time, show a sustained thoughtful consistency through the software, and get enough people to buy that it attracts that same level of care from 3rd party developers.

There's never been a better time for the to do this, with iMacs aging and that largely disappointing Macbook launch, so we'll see!

Dapo Olaopa: @staringispolite Problems with bluetooth printers and drivers were largely because hardware and software were coming from different places. Now that the whole thing comes from MS (the advantage Apple had), this shouldn't be much of a worry. Unreliable hardware was as a result of OEMs trying to undercut each other on price, another wahala MS has gracefully thrown out the window. I hope this thing stands the test of time.

Dapo Olaopa: @gopietz It's my biggest problem with Windows; even when you find very very very good hardware (e.g Dell XPS 13 or Asus ZenBook or the Surface series), many of the best creativity apps (design, digital art, music, software dev, film) are Mac only

Kevin Jantzer: @harry_pho If only one could run MacOS on it

Steven Hambleton: @harry_pho This. x 1,000,000.

Pietz Prove: @trevin @iambarronroth You're right Trevin, but especially Photography feels like macOS territory as well. At least from my experience. CAD probably not so much. And lets not forget that the twist-knob-thingy wont be supported by these tools out of the box. So another question is: How fast will software companies other than adobe implement this technology?

I havent done any research on this topic, but it just feels like that the potential market for such a windows machine is rather small. At least right now. Maybe this is more about branding?

Sam Sabri: @lukedeannif I want to live inside your reality distortion bubble. it must be nice

Ben Lew: @wuss Irrational brand loyalty is real, but so is Windows. I had the Cintiq Companion that ran Windows and I can't count how many times I came to it, amped up to begin creating and had to spend 20-30 minutes waiting for an update or troubleshooting wifi or some other hardware issue, it was a nightmare and it really did hinder my creativity. This product is cool af though and I hope it does very well so that we'll see more versions of it in the future.

Barron Roth: @andreasklinger woah. yes!

Trevin Chow: @iambarronroth I'm confused, what are you agreeing with? that designers can't switch to a PC because of reliance on sketch? From your comment it sounds like you are actually disagreeing with @gopietz

Barron Roth: @trevin agree with @gopietz, but those sketch / prototype apps are all replacements for Adobe's suite, which is very capable. I personally love Sketch, but everything I use it for can also be done in Illustrator / Photoshop / XD

Luke: @trevin See my other comment.

Luke: @drobe008 Take a look at the above photos. Then go peruse the Apple website. Then look at what Microsoft products looked like 5 years ago. Then get back to me.

Nikolay Bonev: @wuss completely agree with you man. The product looks awesome, but yet again something you are overlooking is that the fact that it doesn't have the apple logo on it, cuts its life-span in half. 2 years max and this thing will be hardly working, bugging out and driving you crazy.

Anyway, if you don't care about this, the product looks amazing! I am personally just tired of having to change windows devices every 2 years because they are not working after that(Custom built PCs are an exception)

Can't wait to test it.

Pascal Andy: @wuss yes brand is a powerful thing and it take time to build it. MS hurted themselves for so many years... do you really expect people to rush in ?

Leonardo Zakour: Just add macOS (for desktop mode) and iOS (for tablet mode) and this is brilliant.

Jonathan Howard: @wuss The cost/maintenance point was referencing this report from IBM

Here's hoping the positive possibilities you mention (e.g. Microsoft taking over on hardware meaning improvements there) end up going well in the reviews!

Lasse Rafn: @wuss

Trevin Chow: @lukedeannif I'm so confused by your comment. What products are you talking about?!

Trevin Chow: @gopietz this would be an amazing workstation beyond UX designers. Think photographers, CAD, etc

Trevin Chow: @lynnfredricks Quality products cost money. 'Nuff said.

ALASKANJACKSON: @mijustin time will tell. in the meantime it's fun to speculate.

Justin Jackson: @alaskanjackson the only way you win the battle is by making sales. Microsoft has created stunning (critically acclaimed) products in the past... which no one bought.

This *could* be different, but with the high price (and the existing lock-in macOS has) it's going to be a hard climb.

Daniel Roberts: @lukedeannif could you divulge what apple products this is a "straight up rip off"?

Noah Kim: @staringispolite Fair point, but if you itemized what the Surface Studio is a conglomeration of, there's not as much risk as you would think. I'd be most concerned about the sturdiness of the hinge and the execution of that knob (THAT KNOB.. i mean, on it's own it's its own PH).

Aside from that, touch/ntrig is tried and tested from Surface 4, Windows 10 is Windows 10 (which is also my main home PC for gaming as well, but it dual boots into OSX/hackintosh). Display scaling issues in my experience, have been less of a Windows 10 issue, and more of a 3rd party support issue since Windows development isn't as tightly controlled as Apples/Macs. Windows 10 itself has come a long way with display scaling and hasn't really been an issue for me (admittedly OSX is still better).

I could be wrong, but I don't think MS has been making hardware for decades either.

Break down the special use case for the Studio, you'll probably have less issues with display scaling than you think, because most of the major creative suites/software have "retina" UI's for Windows.

I know this will come across as trying-to-hard, and it'll sound like I'm some anti-Apple fanboi (which is far from the truth), but tbh, the most issues I've ever had with any of my hardware has been Apple by far. Between iPhones and Macbooks, I've had issues of varying degrees with at least 1 out of 2 devices across 5+ devices over the years. Not quite apples to apples since my PC/non Apple stuff is multiple brands, but I just don't really come across that many issues with my Android phones and/or chromebooks and Windows laptops (all my PC's are custom built, so don't include those in this metric).

Just within the last 3 months, my wife's 2014 macbook air (basically latest generation) developed a dead horizontal line of pixels on the screen, that, per usual, is a known issue with this laptop. 1 month prior, her iphone 6S developed a weird problem where it wouldn't power up and the home button overheated (again, upon googling appears to be a very common problem relating to the fingerprint sensor malfunctioning). My current work laptop is a 2014 Macbook Pro 15", and the anti-glare coating has started rubbing off on 1/3 of the screen making it look like it has leprosy (again, known problem). It's trackpad has also begun sticking to the point where the Macbook becomes unusable because it thinks you're always depressing the touchpad. In contrast, all of my non-apple devices (which outnumber my apple devices) in aggregate, in the last year, have only had 1 problem. My S7 Edge got a weird "particulate" in the lens that popped up in all my photos.

I know this is all anectodal, but it's still my personal reality. I've owned 2 Surfaces (the 2 pro and 3 pro). Both have been solid, but just not for me in the end.

TLDR version is, I never buy extended warranties, but I always buy Applecare. It's too big of an investment and too poor a track record for me not too.

EZE: @wuss Couldn't agree more!

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