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介绍:The new face of email is fast, elegant, powerful, expressive

更新时间:2016-12-26 13:32:14

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Rahul Sethuram: Great looking stuff, bummed that I can't try it out just yet, I had a couple questions:
- Do you plan on releasing a desktop app (or even web client)? I always like to have the same interface and organization for my email across devices.
- Does your product handle HTML in emails?

Alex Bouaziz: I've started using Hop a few weeks back, it's crazy fun and super efficient! Congrats Erez & team you guys are doing an outstanding job. I know you can be the change email needs!

Jack Smith: i tried using this the other day, but unfortunately it didn't sync any of my emails properly

Hillel Fuld: Super duper team and execution here. @pilosof, would love to hear more about what the future is for Hop. I have dreams. Haha

Yuval Haimovits: Super awesome! It looks like you thought on everything!

David Ehrentreu: Was always looking for a solid app like this! Good stuff!! 👍

Elliott Black: Super product and a more efficient way to follow long email chains on-the-go than other e-mail apps. Hoping for calling/facetime integration with other messaging apps too!

Stowe Boyd: Really cool. I like the calendar integration as a real context-switch savings, but the chat UX makes email young again. Why hasn't Google done this, like years ago?

Seb Kreutzberger: Just downloaded it and played a bit with some test emails. Here are my comments:
1. the onboarding is absolutely mind-blowing!
2. do you store my emails on your servers?
3. smart virality idea with putting a referer link under each email. It seems to also contain the was-email-opened pixel. But still, can I turn it off for some more serious email conversations? :D
4. everything worked 100% out-of-the box. Great!
5. I think you are onto something huge! Very well done, I am already a believer!

Tomikelavi: I've been trying it for quite a while in a previous version. This one looks promising. I'll go for it again. Great job guys.

Benjamin Southworth: Epic. Been hoping someone would attempt this. :) Looks awesome.

Noni Israel: Love the on-boarding flow, really unique! Awesome work guys!

Moshe Blizinsky: Awesome .loving it so far. will similar app be made for desktop?

Or Arbel: Finally! 🎉

Liam Boogar: Hey guys! Great product - looking forward to trying it out! Haven't had a great email app since Sparrow got acquired by Google :-)

Curious to know how you guys are powering email search today - can you tell me more about the tech stack there?

Dror Cohen: הי וסחטיין נראה מעולה!!! אפשר הזמנה?

James Currier: It's clear the tech behind this is amazing. It's faster than any other client. Groups feature is great. It's the best of messaging and the best of email.

Uri Eliabayev: Looks amazing! I'm going to try it now 😊

Kelly O'Conor: Honestly, loving it so far. Agree with @nivo0o0 that the sign up process is brilliant and easy. However, the app icon itself is the same as the Twitter Engage app.. Maybe just my layout OCD but something to consider, @pilosof

Chez Ackerman: I tried this in at earlier days and liked the idea. Pretty psyched to try it again now that it has evolved more. Great job guys!

Niv Dror: Ok so I'm super excited about Hop, which I've been testing for the past few weeks.

1. The sign up process is brilliant. Code for early access is: producthunt

2. It makes your inbox feel just like Messenger. You get through your inbox much faster because it feels less formal, and when you're talking with other Hop users there's even the "typing..." signal. It's just like Messenger.

3. Personal Fav: There's a GIF button that, whatever you search for, it auto-overlays the search term on top of the first option 😊😊😊 which makes your GIF responses (effortlessly) seem very personal 😜

Code for early access is: producthunt

Gigi Levy: Great product! The most innovative mail product out there!!

Erez Pilosof: Update:
we're seeing huge demand, temporally we have to queue new users :(
we'll notify you in the coming days, sorry for the issue, we want to provide a great experience
** Code for early access is: producthunt **

Gooooooood morning Hunters and thank you @nivo0o0 for hunting us!

We started Hop 3 years ago with a vision of building a whole new email experience.

I love the openness of email and its asynchronous nature. I love that everyone has it. I love that it simultaneously serves us on so many facets of life, ranging from work to interest to commerce.

So if it’s such an amazing medium, why do we feel frustrated about it too often?
Sign of times. After all, email is 45 years old and its protocol wasn’t really planned for the way we communicate today.

Our inspiration was modern communication (which simulates a natural conversation flow), while keeping all the good things email has. We designed Hop to help you get things done, to prioritize stuff, to be responsive and respectful of everyone’s time, and most importantly: to be more expressive and effective in communicating.

We have been working tediously to build an innovative layer over open email protocol with flawless synchronization to the different email service providers.

It’s a seamless yet crucial layer of what enables us to provide you with what you’re about to experience.

We are launching here with an exclusive code for you, our Product Hunt friends. Download the app and use the code “producthunt” to sign up!

Here's a shortlist of Hop superpowers:
—Conversation view: for easy reading and encouraging brevity
—Important messages vs. everything else: we sort for you. What you see is what’s important
—Groups: open, effortless communication
—Actions en masse: one tap to clean up inboxes faster than ever
—Swipe like a boss: gestures let you shortcut like a ninja
—Visual U/I for attachments: find files visually
—Arsenal of expression: doodles, gifs, videos, and voice recordings to comment with more expression than email has ever had
—All seeing-All Knowing Calendar: one view aggregates all events from Google Cal, Apple cal, and Facebook

Rahul Sethuram: Another comment i have is subject vs. person delineation. I can have emails to the same person about different subjects that should not be threaded. I can't tell from the screenshots (no access to product yet) if this is the case or not. I think this is an important distinction for email vs. chat.

JG: Are there plans to parse out email footers such as confidentiality statements that could take up a full screen?

Bruno Nascimento: @bendrissmehdi @chrismessina @vadivelk @redboy asked for the same directly on Hop, this is what I got back:

"We use the highest encryption standards including per message encryption key."

I asked for more details but didn't get an answer yet.

@pilosof @guygamzu


Found on their privacy statement:

5. Securing The Information
We take reasonable technical and organizational measures to guard against unauthorized or unlawful processing of the information collected and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, or misuse or alteration of your personal data, but cannot guarantee the security of your personal information.

Erez Pilosof: @nscmnto @bendrissmehdi @chrismessina @vadivelk @redboy AES 256 based

Ian: @guygamzu @gethop As far as I can see, swipe to delete is not an option in Notification Centre, that's what I need most. I never archive anything to All Mail.

Guy Gamzu: @stephanehaddad try it, and you tell us ☺️

Guy Gamzu: @stoweboyd contact us via chat@gethop.com and we will walk you through it

Guy Gamzu: @ianmayman you can definitely delete (and bulk delete) via swiping. Contact chat@gethop.com for guidance on this or any other nuggets 😊

Bruce Kraft Jr.: @pilosof looks great! Could you guys add possibly a night theme for us night owls who send email late??
Keep up the great work!

Guy Gamzu: @massironzitti @gethop we are on google play - you have a link above under Get it

Massi: @guygamzu @gethop any plan for Android?

Guy Gamzu: @robedarling resolved? if not yet please ping us chat@gethop.com

Guy Gamzu: @jastwo_singh try it with a secondary q test email. just so you know what you're missing 😜

Guy Gamzu: @deanbrady thank you!
1. Yep. we have already built the infrastructure for that. we will get to it after making sure all the popular services work smoothly
2. You are right. This is a limited access version to product hunt community and we will be clearer on many other features as well. The current Groups works very much in line with common IM services like WhatsApp & Messenger - just this is email and open to all.
3. On the home screen you see all threads, but you can activate 'other' to automatically bundle all emails you never corresponded with to one place. You can move contacts and convos from main to other by swipe and tap the 🕓

Erez Pilosof: @zeid_marouf please contact us at chat@gethop.com it can be many things ...

Guy Gamzu: @pietro_blu_giandonato note taken. please make sure your settings are 'Inbox' and 'Archive on Send' is turned on (under settings / advanced)

Menj: @guygamzu thanks :)

Guy Gamzu: @horiacernusca receiver gets a regular email msg. in fact, if you tap on the 'bubble' you can see the entire thread in the 'traditional' view

Guy Gamzu: @menjxo @robedarling @menjxosorry @anthonyonesto @maique @parwinder
Sorry for the inconvineince... we had a massive onboarding demand and we are currently making some improvements to let everyone join in

Guy Gamzu: @_pascalandy yep

Guy Gamzu: @pietro_blu_giandonato yes. pls select the entire thread list (by multi select - long press on the profile of convos or simply the √ mark of yesterday, last month etc) and tap the archive at the bottom

Guy Gamzu: @jerg5 sure. via settings / email account / signature / customize and use the 3 dots on the top right for extra functions

Igor Stefurak: @pilosof can't add my Gmail account with 2-step verification :(

Mehdi B: @chrismessina @guygamzu Would love to have an answer of this before using it. Very good product though.

redboy: @guygamzu #2 = dealbreaker.

Erez Pilosof: @shtooova please contact me chat@gethop.com

Steven H: @pilosof hm I got kicked out after it was working all day yesterday

jin kolesnikov : @pilosof wait til you back and ready for new users

Guy Gamzu: @bluespringstn @anthonyonesto to make sure you're issues are handled promptly - kindly contact our support chat@gethop.com

Mehdi B: @vadivelk we're on the same boat, better ask Erez or Guy :D

Carl Consing: @pilosof Thanks. I knew I should've signed up earlier! hah. Looks a lot like mailtime.com. Any big differences? Can't wait to try Hop!

Erez Pilosof: @cmconsing we're seeing huge demand, temporally we have to delay new users :(
we'll notify you in the coming days, sorry for the issue, we want to provide a great experience

Carl Consing: @pilosof I used the producthunt code but it says its full :(

Erez Pilosof: @james_requa 👍

James Requa: @pilosof no worries, congrats on the launch! looking forward to testing it out when things settle down a bit.

Guy Gamzu: @mistakenlyiteps http://gethop.com/s/about/privacy/

Erez Pilosof: @james_requa we're seeing huge demand, temporally we have to delay new users :(
we'll notify you in the coming days, sorry for the issue, we want to provide a great experience

James Requa: @pilosof tried using producthunt code but not working

Vadi: @bendrissmehdi what do you mean by encryption? end to end? I was about to download but i wait for an answer to this question

Steffi: @guygamzu Glad to hear that. Do you have any privacy policy we could reference with?

Erez Pilosof: @nivo0o0 tnx for reminding me my age ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 😜

Erez Pilosof: @hgsigala sorry for the issue, busy servers, working on resolving

Hector G Sigala: @pilosof keep getting stuck at adding my google account. Tried restarting app. Hope if gets fixed soon!

Erez Pilosof: @benjamineevans @_jacksmith
sorry for the issues, it's currently random, we have some busy servers today ....
working on fixing that :)

Benjamin Evans: @pilosof @_jacksmith @gethop Problem seems to be with Gsuite Vs Gmail accounts. It was easy to add my gmail account, but when I tried a Gsuite account I was asked for permissions, then the app stalled at 'add your email account' screen.

Erez Pilosof: @_jacksmith please contact us chat@gethop.com

Ben Tossell: @pilosof Nice job. looks awesome and I'll be giving it a go

I am, however, in two minds whether this format is a good thing or not.... I wonder if emails should feel more like messaging or whether they shouldn't.

It totally makes sense in one side of it for sure....theres just something in my brain making me think about it ha.

Ben Tossell: @guygamzu nice. I'm definitely intrigued!!

Guy Gamzu: @adam2453 sure. Email me to guy.gamzu@gethop.com

Guy Gamzu: @carrie_ivens Hi, it's totally seamless. That's the beauty of it. email is open to everyone - nothing changes. For example, when you tap on each of the chat 'bubbles' - Hop opens the 'traditional' view of the message

Micha Kaufman: @chezacke @nivo0o0 Hit the upper left corner account icon, choose you account, and there you will find on the bottom the Signature settings - select all and delete

Guy Gamzu: @bentossell hi! What the messaging format ends up doing is encouraging brevity. Emails can be long-winded, but the messaging format encourages people to get to the point faster. Plus, its much nicer on the eyes than traditional nested chains. BTW, Tapping on the bubble loads the original 'traditional' msg.

Erez Pilosof: @chrismessina @guygamzu everything is highly encrypted

Erez Pilosof: @joshuaarnao yep :)

Guy Gamzu: @pietro_blu_giandonato thank you 🙏

Erez Pilosof: @lsherman press the icon on the top left for the menu and choose "add account"

Erez Pilosof: @bbzeven @erez @guy we had an issue, please update the app

Jeremy Gollehon: @guygamzu @bbzeven @erez @guy Same issue here with G Suite email account.

Erez Pilosof: @brandononearth hop supports both regular to,cc email groups, and real persistent groups over email !

abhishek: @liamboogar Even I am curious.

Aryeh Mergi: @chezacke go to settings and select the email account for which you want to change the signature.

Aryeh Mergi: @yan_liang_sim Its currently in the Later menu, "Move to Other"

Joshua Arnao: @pilosof is custom IMAP support on the roadmap?

Guy Gamzu: @skreutzb Thank you for sharing the comments.
1/ Thanks 😊
2/ yes
3/ Sure! goto settings / account settings / signature and customize it to your liking (html pasting works too)
4/ Oh, cool 😎
5/ We sure hope so... its been 4 years with no daylight ;))

Nicholas Sheriff: @pilosof @nivo0o0 @chrismessina @guygamzu

How do you secure the emails on your server?

How is this diffrent from Mailtime?! Or any other email in realtime "messenger" format?

I'd like to know the answer to this pretty important question myself!

This is my fear:

"FriendFinder messed up in a few ways. For one, the company either stored user passwords in plaintext, without any protection, or hashed them using the notoriously weak SHA1 algorithm, according to LeakedSource."

Chris Messina: @guygamzu re #2: how do you secure the emails on your server?

Niv Dror: @dror_cohen the invite code is: ProductHunt 😛

Guy Gamzu: @mistakenlyiteps BTW, try the "Require Touch ID" feature...

Pete Liesenfeld: @nivo0o0 this is amazing!!! Weird question: I've got 2 phantom "unread" messages that I can't seem to clear off, who can I contact?

Guy Gamzu: @stevenoutloud Wow; Thank you 🙏

Guy Gamzu: @mistakenlyiteps Thank you!! we are constantly improving UI and UX; pipeline is loaded but we are always happy to get specific feedback and adjust priorities accordingly.

User privacy is sacred. Each user is our customer, not our product.

Guy Gamzu: @bbzeven @erez @guy we have received several auth issues from users with Android and google apps. It is inconsistent though. We are looking into it now

Pietro Blu Giandonato: @guygamzu I already do this, but the app shows every time older and older emails, month after month. For me this is really annoying. I definitely prefer a clean inbox, without old emails that moreover have already been archived. Can I suggest the implementation of a setting to enable/disable this function?

Justin Bauer: @bbzeven @erez @guy I'm on iPhone and having the same issues, it's just hanging after clicking "allow".

Guy Gamzu: @rich_allen please do and don't forget to share your thoughts with us

Guy Gamzu: @rubenvivanti great! looking forward for your feedback

Guy Gamzu: @dovidmehrentreu Thank you David

Guy Gamzu: @yuvalhaimovits almost everything 🤓 yet only 5% of our roadmap is deployed...

Guy Gamzu: @chezacke awesome; looking forward to your comments

Guy Gamzu: @moish we love you too Moish 😍

Guy Gamzu: @mathieuspiry Thank you 😊

Guy Gamzu: @dror_cohen Sure! tap the "get it" on top ;)

Guy Gamzu: @bouazizalex thank you!

shahar yakir: @pilosof @nivo0o0 Awesome work Erez! Make E-mail great again!

Niv Dror: Also, fun fact, @pilosof is also the founder of walla.co.il which was like "the internet" for Israeli internet users in Web 1.0 days (was my homepage for years as a kid 👶)

Rotem Yakir: @nivo0o0 @pilosof Hop is super cool and sleek! BTW Niv, it's awesome that you like the personal GIF - it's us :)

Moshe Blizinsky: @tom1077 @pilosof i have no idea. just asked if they will make one.

Bi Nguyen: When will it be launched?

Rotem Yakir: @pilosof @nivo0o0 Great job Erez! Good luck!

Erez Pilosof: @a12rj please contact us chat@gethop.com

Moshe Blizinsky: @pilosof waiting patiently.

Erez Pilosof: @moishe_blizinsky yep :)

Erez Pilosof: @leblack613 voice and video calls are in the cards ;)

The following information is related to the job

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Quora: Share and grow the world’s knowledge--- Product Designer ---Mountain View, CA

MailTime: Go through your email as fast and easy as text-messaging--- Software Engineer ---San Francisco

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Buffer: Simple, powerful social media--- VP of Product---🌎

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