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介绍:Simple, beautiful, powerful email for iOS

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Jack Smith: insane execution from the team, to be able to knock this out in just a few weeks. perfect timing to be 'launching' this on the day that MailBox is shutting down.

I still haven't found something close to MailBox yet, but the way Polymail is heading, it looks like it could exceed Mailbox in the future

Ralf Spettnagel: So, here it is :) I have the polymail betas on OSX and iOS and I must say, the guys are doing a unbelievable good job! Big applause! Seeing evolving this Client is fun and I just can’t wait to see it finally in the stores, best and cleanest mailboxapp replacement (or any other client) I have tested (and am testing)...

Dan Ra: They were the clear heirs to Mailbox's throne with the Mac app. And they will do the same again with the iOS app. For inbox zero fans, there's no other choice. Beautiful design, thoughtful UX, no feature bloat. All hail!

Simon Burns: This is awesome - so excited for you guys! Love the interface, and the productivity features.Email tracking + rapportive-esque social lookup is unique in the mail client landscape.

What has been the most interesting insight from looking at the analytics on beta users? Features used more/less than expected? Weird edge cases that have popped up?

Congrats on launching! 🔥🔥🔥

Nik Sharma: YESSS!!!!! Best push notification EVER.

Brandon Foo: Hi everyone! Thanks to @nivo0o0 and the Product Hunt team - and thanks to the Product Hunt community for your amazing support in making Polymail OS X Mac App of the Year and the 3rd most upvoted product on Product Hunt! https://producthunt.com/tech/pol...

We started Polymail with the vision of creating the most beautiful and powerful email experience across desktop and mobile. Today, we’re excited to share Polymail iOS - bringing the great features of our OS X app like Email Tracking, Contact Profiles, and Send Later to a simple, lightweight mobile experience for your iPhone and iPad!

Here’s a highlight of some of Polymail iOS’s best features so far:

- Per-Recipient Email Tracking
- Contact Profiles + Relationship History
- Read Later
- Send Later
- Undo Send
- One-Tap Unsubscribe

We’re still testing Polymail iOS in Alpha, but as a special thanks to the Product Hunt community, we’d like to share iOS Alpha invites with the first 2,000 people who sign up on our site via Product Hunt today!

🚀 Sign up for Polymail iOS: https://www.producthunt.com/r/49...

We’re also proud to announce today we’ll be officially launching Polymail OS X in Beta - we’re opening up OS X invites to everyone who signed up before, and all existing Polymail OS X users will also be getting a few OS X invites to share with their friends!

Thanks again to everyone for your support - while we’re a small team, we’re working hard to make Polymail available to everyone as soon as we can 💌 Look forward to chatting with you all!

- Brandon & Team Polymail

Chris Mann: Since receiving access to the OSX app and now the iOS alpha, I have found myself increasingly more productive. The beautiful design and stunning features have blown me away, but most importantly this team’s ability to anticipate the needs of their users is incredible. Fantastic work, guys! I know for sure that I’ll have my whole team using Polymail as soon as possible.

Ben Tossell: Oh snap. It's out.

The beta came from lowercase alpha. Now it's public!

I still use gmail. But mobile is up for grabs as Gmail app is so bad :(

Jason Chen: Been hearing all the praise for Polymail OS X, and excited to finally see if it lives up to the hype after signing up for the wait list a couple months ago. If it's half as good as people say it is, I'll be a loyal supporter!

Bence Bogar: this was love at first sight! I have been using polymail alpha (?) osx and ios for a while and it makes me really satisfied. i am so sorry gmail i think of you with gratitude but i have to move on. kudos to the polymail team!

p.s. i hope watchos version is coming soon. https://dribbble.com/shots/24459...

Trooper: So if you're feeling sad and depressed since our beloved Mailbox is gone, not to worry. Polymail for iOS is here to save the day! I am an early adopter of the app and have been testing the alpha for a few weeks now. Some of the things that the app has will make you forget all about Mailbox entirely. Having Recipient Email Tracking, Undo Send, and One-Tap Unsubscribe are a God send for me! The app is smooth and syncs rather quickly. It's still alpha so of course there are some things that are not ready for general public consumption at this point in time. However the small team of devs are dedicated to making this app great! Do sign up for the beta and the devs will get to you as soon as they can to get you in. Overall, the app is great. I love it, and I am sure you will too! Go #PolymailforiOS or go home.

Nick Abouzeid: This is, by far, the best email client I've ever used. I wandered between different apps for months (Mailbox, Gmail, Inbox, and then Outlook) before hearing about Polymail, meeting the team, and trying it out for myself.

What can I say other than they've managed to tie together the best parts of Mailbox, Sidekick, Fullcontact, and Inbox all in one, and managed to fit it into a quick and responsive iOS app?

If you're not on Polymail yet, you're missing out.

Niv Dror: Polymail needs no introduction, after winning the first ever Golden Kitty Award for Mac App of the Year and currently being the 3rd most upvoted product of all time: https://www.producthunt.com/tech...

The team has been working hard on their iOS release, and now it's out! When they mentioned back in December that they're aiming for a mid-March release I thought that was ambitious, with the Mac being in 'Alpha' (ahah) and all... but it's the end of February and here we are!

I've been beta testing the iOS App for a few weeks and it's great. All the features that you love on the Polymail Mac app, on your iPhone. I believe there will be 1,000 codes available for the iOS app so look through the comments and check it out!

Congrats to @foolywk, @bshins, @shahan312, @varadhjain on getting this out so quickly. It's a quality app. 💌🚀

Aref Abedi: Super impressed by the Polymail team and the way they work with their users, listening to every single input and idea! Amazing app, simple yet very powerful! Keep up the good work!!

Nienke: I spent years looking for the email client that's just right for me -- an inbox zero philosophy, minimalist design and a companion app for Mac. While there are countless iOS mail apps, I never found one that was *exactly* what I wanted.

So when I got an invite to alpha test Polymail three weeks ago I was very happy to see that it was like Mailbox 2.0: all of the good features and none of the bugginess on OSX (yes, even the alpha version of Polymail was less buggy than the beta version Mailbox on OSX!). Since then the devs have iterated at an insane pace, delivering an iOS build well before the promised timeline. It's a pleasure alpha testing with them, they are very responsive to suggestions and often manage to incorporate them within a few days! I can't wait to see where they will take Polymail, I have no doubt it will be a killer app when released in the App Store!

Vedran Burojević: Polymail seems like a combination of Sparrow and MailBox. Finally a great mail app for iOS! :)

Lyle McKeany: I was a Mailbox early adopter and was not happy when they decided to shut it down. I've tried several others and Spark came the closest to filling the void, but it wasn't quite right. Polymail to the rescue! They've done an amazing job, they squash bugs and iterate insanely fast, and their product is better and more powerful than Mailbox ever was. Nice work!

Max Czernin: Mailbox was cool. But After testing Polymail on OSX for some time and now finally on iOS I can say: The Polymail team did not only crack email (again). The app has great features like Tracking, Undo Send and One click unsubscribe. They are even working on IMAP Support.

This set of features together with the great UI makes a combination that i couldn't find anywhere else. Keep it up!

Baard O. Hansen: iOS app is just as awesome as the OS X Mac App. And the guys behind it keep pushing updates on both platforms. You get the feeling that they listen to their users, and follow up swiftly with new and better releases.

Ryan Minnick: tl;dr: Polymail is the best email client for OS X and iOS and it hasn't publicly released yet. Get excited.

Iterate. Ship. Engage. Listen. All four are qualities that are essential to producing a world-class product. By taking a problem that everyone has and applying great design and smart technology, Polymail has created a fully-viable replacement for *all* third-party mail applications in a span of time many would have thought unbelievable.

Personally, I've used/demoed/implemented every third party email client imaginable on Mac and iOS - and none of them kept me or other end-users engaged for longer than a few weeks. Each required a new methodology for email management and left a mess of my standard webmail interfaces.

Polymail did the smartest thing imaginable - their entire system is based on the behavior of email, not forcing users to change how they prefer to triage email and send replies - their sorting, filtering, read-later, send-later, and email tracking features all are fully-baked components of the product and fit into a normal user's workflow. This has taken me to inbox zero for the first time ever, with confidence that I'm not just applying filters or adding useless folders to my accounts. It has also left me with huge confidence in the team for future functionality and features.

The entire team is engaged with the alpha-testing community, regularly involving testers in interviews, answering one-on-one questions about bugs, and having fun making the ultimate cross-platform email tool.

Much love for the Polymail team for both the OS X and iOS versions.

Connor Hicks: I got the PH push notification that this was posted and I was ecstatic. I haven't even opened Polymail yet and I've already deleted Outlook and CloudMagic.

Jason Whitehorn: Ive been an Alpha Tester of Polymail OS X since inception...and now I have the perfect harmony of Polymail's iOS offering. If I'm at the airport or waiting somewhere - going through my emails and sorting through emails by priority makes returning to a "zero inbox" almost effortless. A few quick swipes and my one-handed world is in grasp. If I'm tired of having to swipe the same emails away to oblivion, Polymail gives me the option to "unsubscribe" those pesky emails right from my phone.

Its not over complicated. In fact...it isn't complicated at all. I don't have to go to multiple screens to find what I need. I navigate from one primary screen to do everything with simple swipes and easy clicks. Swipe. Click. Beautiful. Easy...done. Polymail.

Abdel-Muhaimen Madi: Amazing ❤️

Sydney Liu: Congrats @foolywk, @bshins, @shahan312, @varadhjain!

I've been using iOS app for a week now and have to say i'm amazed. Easily jumped off Google Inbox for this. It has some minor bugs as all new products do, but the pros easily out-weigh the cons. I initially thought the number of features packed into this would make it feel cluttered. Not even slightly the case! It's FEATURE PACKED and feels so clean and intuitive!

High quality and amazing. Much needed iOS app!!!

Kevin Tran: Although Half-Life 3 has yet to be confirmed, I can confirm that Polymail iOS is indeed out (in alpha) and is awesome. Just my preference, but I like pretty apps and Polymail certainly fits the bill. The features are consistent with the desktop version and it continues to get better through each iteration.

TL;DR It's lit

kevoh: @dshan @foolywk Any updates on this? Native priority inbox support?

Derek Shanahan: @foolywk Right, so that's not what I mean. I don't use those filters. I use Priority Inbox.

Jérémy Macq: @foolywk Mea culpa, I've just checked it once more and now there is a toggle for that ! I don't know when did you update this, but it's awesome.

Nikola Novakovic: After I posted this notifications started working haha :D so it's all good

Matthew Davis: @rorallo @polymailapp I'd like to second this. Security is a major issue when it comes to giving a 3rd party access to all my email. What kind of encryption do you use?

Sam Huber: @foolywk @nivo0o0 looks great, I'm a user already. However is there any way to link custom IMAP domains or just Google / iCloud for now? Most of my addresses are neither...

Lucas Grohn: @csdmedia do you still have an invite?

Tony Diefenbach: @foolywk Hey Brandon, any chance you have another invite? Been searching fur an iOS mail replacement. Thanks!

Ama: @shahan312 can I get an invite? I've reached out multiple times for one but no response. I've been using the Mac app for some time now too and it's been great!

Narendra Rocherolle: @joshkerr no invites yet! love this app.

Josh Kerr: @narendra Do you have any extra invites for Polymail? I'd love to give it a try.

Peter Chaly: @bshins @tweetsbymichiel Yep, +1 from me too for this feature. Also I noticed only some (not all) labels being replicated in my Gmail account when I create them in Polymail. (Overall, loving the OSX and iOS versions though!)

Patrick: @sigvard thanks bud. The desktop app is great - so no way I'm ditching iOS. I'll just be even more pumped when the App Store shows updates ;o)

Sigvard Alarcon: @patricklamond Oh for sure, just strange as I am on iOS 9.3 beta as well. Definitely improved enough to be a daily driver on my end though. Good luck!

Patrick: @sigvard still only working on a manual sync (pulling down to refresh mail). It was still showing mail from yesterday (when I manually synced). It's ok though - it's a beta. I also wonder if it could have something to do with being on iOS 9.3 beta?

Sigvard Alarcon: @patricklamond Push actually started working (not perfect since the badge doesn't update until I go into the app) out of nowhere over the weekend (pre-app update) so maybe try it out again?!

Patrick: @sigvard not so much for me.. I had to stop using the iOS app until the syncing is faster/works.. have it sitting, waiting for updates.

Stef Gonzaga: @foolywk @nivo0o0 Congrats on being hunted! :)

I'm a current beta user for the OS X version. Would it be possible to get an invite for the iOS app? Let me know!

Vitaly Matveev: @foolywk @nivo0o0 Hey Guys, I've received in an OS X invite from a friend but don't have Mac. Could you help me replace it w/ iOS invite?

Donald Hruska: @reot004 From an implementation standpoint, it works like other email trackers (injecting a small image), but it isn't as obvious because the HTML to include the image in the message text is base 64 encoded and looks like garbled characters to the naked eye.

Shama Hyder: @bellauccella @foolywk @nivo0o0 0 would love an invite. thank you!

Ryan J A Murphy: @_jshmllr @foolywk Thanks for this, Joshua! Any idea what gauntlet we have to survive in order to get an invite?

Hal Gottfried: @jeff_steinke so far airmail is my go to on the IOS but I have a feeling Poly will replace that

Jeff Steinke: @thibautdavoult @foolywk @nivo0o0 Couldn't sum it up better myself...Spark and Outlook are "doing the job" but I'm felt longing for something better now that Mailbox is gone

Hal Gottfried: @pieroborgo agreed ... Fingers crossed !

Jacob Langvad Nilsson: @foolywk @nivo0o0 I signed up months ago, but haven't received a Beta invite. Could you please send me one?

Brandon Foo: @opdondertje Thank you so much for all your contributions to the Polymail community, Nienke! We really do 💌 you!

Brandon Foo: @julie_limb thank you, Jules! 💌

Brandon Foo: @nivo0o0 💌💌💌💌🚀🚀🚀🚀

Hunter Gray: @foolywk same. Would love to try out the full immersion (OSX & iOS) experience of the product.

Brandon Foo: @rebeccall80 Hi Rebecca! If we miss you today, you should be able to get a Polymail OSX beta invite from someone on Twitter! (hint: me) 💌

Brandon Foo: @d2v3 thanks, Dave! IMAP support is coming in the next month or so! 💌

Brandon Foo: @_mitchellporter thanks Mitchell!

John Kegel: @foolywk @nivo0o0 Nicely done! Can't wait to try Polymail out.

Carl Consing: @bshins I'll let you know once I get an invite ;)

Ryan Edsall: @jtzou @foolywk @nivo0o0 @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain I just got my iOS invite. If I receive any OSX invites I will be happy to share one with you. Assuming that's what you're referring to. :)

August Noble: @foolywk @nivo0o0 looking forward to trying it. Congrats again.

Brandon Shin: @zmpritch @foolywk Thank you Zach! Excited to bring you on as soon as possible!

Brandon Shin: @desmondduggan2 Thank you Desmond! We love markdown too! Definitely something we're considering!

Brandon Shin: @bencksphoto Thank Ben! we love having you with us!

Brandon Shin: @willychu We're excited to get you on Willy!

Ben Smith: @foolywk Any more invites available? Its one the few apps I've been anxious to try and am still on the waiting list for. Thank you! benasmith71 at gmail

Brandon Shin: @insanedoughnut Thank you Naseem! 💌

Brandon Shin: @brelange_ Thank you Breanne! We're glad to finally get enrou onboard!

Conner Drew: @foolywk glad to be a part of it!

Brandon Shin: @cmconsing We'd love to hear what you think!

Thibaut Davoult: @foolywk @nivo0o0 The list of feature is all I needed to know to sign up! I'm currently using Spark on iOS as a replacement for Mailbox... It's doing the job, but Polymail had me interested ever since the mac app so I'm looking forward to trying it on iOS.

Piero Borgo: @foolywk this is awesome! Polymail quickly became my daily driver, now I feel unconfortable with others email clients on iOS, good to know polymail is coming to my pocket too! Signed up for the alpha, can't wait to test the app :)

Brandon Shin: @leachy114 Thank you Christopher! We're glad you love it and we're working hard on getting everything ironed out!

Chris Mann: @bshins Thanks, Brandon!

Brandon Shin: @pddro Thanks Pedro! We think you're of the highest quality too!

ashpole: @bshins And when it's there - Polymail is gonna be one killer app! 😎

Brandon Shin: @barihard Excited to hear what you think Bari!!! and glad to get you in!

Brandon Shin: @ashpole Thank you! We're working on hard on bringing full IMAP support in!

Brandon Shin: @muurtegel Thank you Maarten! we're incredibly happy to have you with us 💌

Brandon Shin: @mortjac Thank you Morten! We cant wait to get you on and hear what you think!

Brandon Shin: @dzwilkerson Thank you Dan! we got a lot planned!

Brandon Shin: @mattnicolae Thanks Matt! can't do any of this without you!

Peiman Rafiezadeh: @bshins can't wait!!

Brandon Shin: @tannerhearne @foolywk Thank you Tanner! very lucky to have your support!

Brandon Shin: @peiman5 Can't wait to hear what you think!

Michael Lu: @foolywk @nivo0o0 Have been holding my breath for an invite for months now! Any chance of getting one through anyone here?

Brandon Shin: @samhkpk Thank you SAM! It would be too much for us to leave you!

Brandon Shin: @jrdbacosta Thank you João! We're very lucky to have you with us!

@jason_: @bshins I'm looking forward to it, I love what you guys are doing, thanks Brandon!

Brandon Shin: @joelauge Thank you Joe! can't wait to hear what you think!

Brandon Shin: @carlzeta Thank you Carl! Glad to have you with us!

Brandon Shin: @_n1ks We'll get you on as soon as possible Nikita! Can't wait to hear what you think

Brandon Shin: @jason_ Thank Jason! We'll get you on soon and can't wait to hear what you think!

Brandon Shin: @goeric We'll get you on as soon as possible Eric! Can't wait to hear what you think1

Brandon Shin: @jessica___lynne @foolywk @shahan312 @varadhjain Thank you Jessica!! We love http://enrou.co/ You are all doing such amazing things! Android soon!

Brandon Shin: @trevoru We're excited to hear what you think Trevor!

Brandon Shin: @thepaulthompson Thank you Paul! we can't wait to get you on 💌

Brandon Shin: @dimitryjacobs Can't wait to hear what you think Dimitry!

Brandon Shin: @arnz8o8 Thank you!! We couldn't have done it without your help!

Brandon Shin: @mantritech Thank you Rahul! we're just glad we can help!

Brandon Shin: @adamslieb Thank you Adam! we're excited that you chose us!

Brandon Shin: @neoighodaro Can't wait to hear what you think Neo!

Brandon Shin: @samujjalp We'll get you on as soon as possible and can't wait to hear what you think Samujjal!

Brandon Shin: @jterrell Thank you J! Very happy to have you as a part of us! 🙌

Brandon Shin: @fholgado Thank you Federico! 😂We love Mailchimp!

Brandon Shin: @joshuaarnao Thank you Joshua! Happy to have you with us💌

Brandon Shin: @thoughtsofone Thank you Chris! we're so lucky to have your support!

Brandon Shin: @mespi Thank you Mark! happy to have you on Polymail 💌

Brandon Shin: @delk Thank you Ryan! It's an honor and is amazing having you with us 🚀Thank you for the love on Twitter and everything that you've done for us!

Brandon Shin: @diogenispanagio Thank you Diogenis! We're excited every single second you use it too 💌

Brandon Shin: @grizzwithak Thank you Kris! Can't wait to get you on!

Brandon Shin: @brody_berson Thank you Brody! We love every minute that you're around too!

Brandon Shin: @ericqhargrove Thank you Eric! We love you too! 💌

Brandon Shin: @sethbwilliams Thanks Seth! We'll take a look into it and very happy to have you as a part of Polymail 💌

Brandon Shin: @dhulser Would love to chat sometime about what doesnt stick Dylan!

Brandon Shin: @scottradamson We'll be coming soon Scott!

Brandon Shin: @marcinator Thank you Marcella! grateful to have you as part of Polymail!

Brandon Shin: @adamjt Thank you Adam! We're very excited to have you as a part of the journey!

Brandon Shin: @mike_lehmann @foolywk We're coming for you soon Mike!

Brandon Shin: @benresnik Thank you Ben! we're just glad to have you ☺️

Brandon Shin: @nickherbold Thank you Nick! we can't do this without you!

Brandon Shin: @charlestruluck_ Thank you Charles! You've no doubt been an instrumental help both in helping others and helping us make Polymail special 💌🙌

Brandon Shin: @mark_donne Thank you Mark! and appreciate your help making the product better every day!

Brandon Shin: @marques_ph Thank you Pedro! We think you're pretty cool too 🚀

Brandon Shin: @eightblossoms We're very happy too Tamara! Can't wait to get you on!

Brandon Shin: @jasonwolfgang Thank you Jason! We've got a lot planned for you! 💌

Brandon Shin: @lindelof Thank you and excited to hear your thoughts!

Brandon Shin: @chezacke Thank you Chez! We're so glad to have you on the OSX and excited to hear your thoughts for iOS!

Ryan MacCarthy: @foolywk Polymail on my Mac earned "default mail" status within a few hours. Polymail for iOS has been on my wishlist for sometime. Can't wait!

Brandon Shin: @jchen623 Can't wait to hear what you think Jason!

Brandon Shin: @semurat Thank you Jorge! glad to get your feedback and we'll work hard to get your #1 spot!

Brandon Shin: @trooper311 Thank you for joining us so early! We're very committed to making it the best it can be for you Trooper!

Brandon Shin: @chris_m_mann Thank you Chris! congratulations on the coming launch for BizHaus in El Segundo!

Brandon Shin: @revyd Thank you Dave! and thank you for the help shaping Polymail to where it's at right now!

Brandon Shin: @itsevanwalden Can't wait to hear what you think Evan!

Brandon Shin: @sandyeyles Thank you for the love Sandy! Very glad to have you with us!

Brandon Shin: @swinnythepooh Thank you Ben! we're lucky to have you! 💌

Brandon Foo: @n8vtaylor Thank you, Nate! Love having you a part of the community 💌

Chad Keck: @foolywk Awesome to hear and really looking forward to seeing that happen. Hopefully not too far out. Good luck!

Claudiu Danaila: @theleovogel If you still need one, I have an invite.

Nik Sharma: @foolywk hey Brandon, I'm getting random push notifications throughout the day. thoughts? also not getting notifications with new emails

Leo: @foolywk leo@leovogel.com

OscarAlaniz: @foolywk @nivo0o0 Awesome!!

Brandon Shin: @ryanminnick Thank you Ryan, wouldn't be anywhere without your help and support 🚀

Brandon Shin: @panutat Thanks Pat!

Brandon Shin: @istx25 Thank you Willow! you've helped us out so much make Polymail special! 💌

Brandon Shin: @jonas_petermann Thank you for your support Jonas! and for helping us squash 🐛s

Brandon Shin: @chrisfnicholson Thank you, very happy to have you on Polymail 💌

Brandon Shin: @mike_grant_ Hey Mike just followed you on Twitter! Feel free to DM me and we'll get you set up with that 💌

Walid Ark: @bshins @foolywk Sure! thanks to guys to bring such a great product to us!

Brandon Foo: @jasontna thank you Jason! Its been a pleasure having you with us since the early days 💌

Brandon Shin: @madgraphism @foolywk Can't wait to hear what you think!

Brandon Shin: @imagehunters Thank you! We're lucky to have you with us 🙏

Brandon Shin: @burojevic Thank you Vedran! Happy to get you on 🙌

Brandon Shin: @ralfspettnagel Thank you for the support Ralf! We're so glad to have you on Polymail 💌

Brandon Shin: @freddieiboy Can't wait to get you on Freddie!

Brandon Shin: @elsattar Thank you Sattar! you definitely help set us in the right direction!

Brandon Shin: @jbschaff I'm surprised too sometimes

Brandon Shin: @walark @foolywk Hi Walid! thank you and excited to hear what you think!

Brandon Shin: @angeliqueangiea Thank you Angie! We hope we didn't keep you waiting for too long!

Brandon Shin: @abdomadi 🙏

Brandon Shin: @_jacksmith Thank you Jack! It's easy to execute when we get feedback from users like you!

Brandon Foo: @_jshmllr we can't thank you enough for being a part of the community, Joshua! we do consume a fair amount of caffeine, huh... ☕️💌

Brandon Foo: @chrisdolle thanks, Chris! 💌

Brandon Foo: @daniel_schwartz thanks, Daniel! 💌

Reony T: @jasontna Ah okay! So my question is, how do you know from the UI standpoint, they're getting read? Do I get a notification? Or an email or something? I'm not seeing anything like that for Tracking.

Brandon Foo: @jasongraphix thank you so much for your kind words, Jason! We're thankful to have you with us - cheers for making MailChimp such a great product for us, too! 💌🙈

Brandon Foo: @mattmoberly thank you so much, Matthew! We appreciate your patience and support and look forward to "getting there" with you! 💌

Brandon Foo: @rui thank you Rui! 💌

Brandon Foo: @pddro @mattmoberly hey... email is not trivial! Fun fact: did you know the average professional spends 30% of their work day on email? 😜

Brandon Foo: @nilefrater sorry about that, Nile - I definitely understand how that might seem annoying, but we're a small team working as hard as we can to get both iOS and OSX ready for a full public release. If by some chance we miss you today, just find me on Twitter 😉

Brandon Foo: @ourielohayon invites are coming soon! 💌

Brandon Foo: @leefinkel thanks a bunch, Lee! 💌

Brandon Foo: @jesse_wallace thanks Jesse - we'll be sending out iOS invites soon! If you're already on the list, you should be good 💌 and Exchange support is coming soon!

Brandon Foo: @whatupnature thank you so much, Paul! 💌

Brandon Foo: @ryanminnick thank you so much, Ryan! Proud to have been the first to get you to 📭0️⃣!!

Brandon Foo: @sighdrose thanks so much Connor! 💌

Brandon Foo: @grantwall thank you, Grant! 💌

Brandon Foo: @josiahsp @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain thank you!! 💌

Brandon Foo: @dreamingonyx Thank you Allyson! 🐼

Brandon Foo: @nickabouzeid thank you so much, Nick! 💌 appreciate having you with us!

Brandon Foo: @arefabedi thanks, Aref! 💌

Brandon Foo: @realsimonburns Thanks for the support, Simon! I think one of the biggest things we didn't expect was how many Office365 / Exchange users there were, even on Mac! As for features, our one-click unsubscribe has probably been the biggest sleeper hit so far - still early though , so looking forwarding to sharing more interesting insights soon!

Brandon Foo: @theleovogel @nivo0o0 hey Leo! Would love to share, feel free to let me know your email! 💌

Brandon Foo: @ktranada 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Brandon Foo: @lylemckeany thanks Lyle! 💌

Brandon Foo: @peiman5 @nivo0o0 @mrsharma we'll be sending out the first batch of iOS invites in a few minutes and will be sending the rest throughout the day! 💌

Brandon Foo: @nivo0o0 @mrsharma *there will be (at least) 2,000! 😜

Brandon Foo: @bncbgr 💌 thank you so much for the beautiful WatchOS icon design, Bence! ⌚️

Niv Dror: @cohix 🔑

Brandon Foo: @adammarx13 @bentossell @nivo0o0 @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain thanks Adam, we're excited to hear your feedback! 💌

Leo: @foolywk @nivo0o0 Does anyone have a Polymail OS X beta invite? I'd like to try it out.

Cody: @foolywk Awesome! I was just telling a friend about how much I am loving polymail and wanted an iOS app for it!

Shahan Khan: @daniellim Yes, on our todo list, along with Office 365 and IMAP :)

Pedro A. Wunderlich: @mattmoberly "Let's face it...email is not going to be reinvented. It is what it is..." Well said. These guys are just about providing a great experience while doing something so trivial as email.

Ryan Minnick: @passingnotes They are two different invite systems for the time being. @foolywk posted a link to the iOS invite form at the top of this page.

Shahan Khan: @epoppel We'll be sending them out throughout the day in batches in order of requests.

Paul Miller: @shahan312 I'd like an invite as well.

Sydney Liu: @bentossell I also stuck with gmail on my computer, but switched to Polymail iOS and have been loving it on my phone!!!

Adam Marx: @bentossell @nivo0o0 @foolywk @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain Up until now, I've been using Inbox because it's the best thing I've found thus far. Gmail was ok for iOS, but I thought Inbox was a clear improvement for me. However, I'm excited to use Polymail now that it's on iOS and see how it works. It's amazing that the team was able to launch an app with so many features so quickly, and I'm intrigued to see how they evolve in the near future!

Tigran Hakobyan: @foolywk @nivo0o0 @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain Love Polymail so much Brandon! I never encountered any better mail client than Polymail! Hoping to get an invite for iOS soon!

mastodon: @ibaard Yup, it's been great. Fast updates and processing email is fast and makes sense.

Niv Dror: @foolywk @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain 😮😮😮😮😮

Ryan Edsall: @foolywk @nivo0o0 @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain That's fantastic news Brandon. I too have stopped using all other email clients thanks to Polymail for OSX. I'd be honored to share some invites as well as get my hands onto the iOS beta. Glad I checked Twitter tonight.

Brandon Foo: @nivo0o0 @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain Thanks again, Niv! And actually we'll be inviting the first 2,000 Product Hunters who sign up today! 💌

Varadh Jain: @opdondertje We <3 you, Nienke! Thank you for being such an early supporter of ours 💌

Ben Tossell: @nivo0o0 @foolywk @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain Gmail on mobile doesn't cut it so I MAY be in the market for an iOS alternative...

I havent stuck with the Polymail mac app as Gmail does what I need it to on my laptop (different story on mobile)

May have to try it...

Elliott Poppel: @shahan312 how are invites being distributed?

Brandon Foo: @czerninm thank you, Max! 💌

Dave Brown: Polymail Mac OS is absolutely amazing. I spent the last 5 days trying to accept that I wouldn't be able to find a client as good as Mailbox. Any chance I could get a iOS invite? My email is wakeb0ardn@gmail.com

Jannis: @shahan312 @mad102190 @rorallo @polymailapp so except for drafts no user emails reach your servers? The app talks IMAP directly, without proxying anything through your servers?

Stas Kulesh: @foolywk @nivo0o0 Hi guys, weird thing happened, I got an invite from a friend and installed Polymail OS X, it is awesome and everything, but for some reason I cannot use my Polymail credentials to log into Polymail iOS. Am I doing it wrong? stas@kulesh.co.nz is my email. Ta.

Joshua Miller: @ryanjamurphy @foolywk

Slack channel polymail-champions.slack.com

Joro Kolev: @hgottfried do you have iOS invites by any chance?

Hal Gottfried: @1ndus I left Cloud Magic and went to Airmail once the search portion went to cr@p but you know what I think Polymail may just replace Airmail which replaced Cloud Magic which replaced Outlook which replaced Spark which replaced Molto which replaced Mail which tried to replace Gmail.

Hal Gottfried: @xo8bit Hmm, It seems you have decided to go to the Apple store this weekend?

Hal Gottfried: @iridscntdrifter I too have an invite or two left, willing to trade. ;)

Lynne d Johnson: @chuckreynolds do you have an invite for the mac app? Would love to try it.

Brandon Foo: @sydney_liu_sl @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain thanks Sydney! 💌 everyone here should also check Sydney's awesome product, Pencil! https://www.producthunt.com/tech...

Brandon Foo: @ibaard thanks for being a part of our community, Baard! 💌

Samujjal Purkayastha: Thanks @bshins, got mine this morning! And loving it so far! Eagerly waiting for when you expand your attachment options :)

Talia: @kam1l I would love one please!

Ryan Edsall: @florisvaneck @foolywk Allright it's sent. :)

Floris van Eck: @foolywk can you sent an invite to florisvaneck@yahoo.com?

Floris van Eck: @rezn see above :)

Floris van Eck: @csdmedia florisvaneck@yahoo.com

Nikhil Goel: @foolywk @nivo0o0 Would love an invite! ngoel36@gmail.com

@ChuckReynolds: I've got to say that I'm very picky about email apps and haven't continued to use one on my mac after testing for years... until Polymail... It's just good. Couple minor settings I'd like to see added but everything so far I've been living with and it's a great app. Been looking forward to the IOS version for a while now - in fact, had a FB thread about it yesterday.
Anyways... just want the IOS version now too. Thx
cc @foolywk

Ryan J A Murphy: @foolywk @_jshmllr How might we join this fabled Slack community..? <_< >_> ^_^;;

Reony T: @jasontna Ah okay! Does this currently happen on Beta for Mac? Cuz I haven't seen anything like this. Do I have to look at my Sent messages?

David Simpson: @mccauley_jay @foolywk I've brought this up to them too, they are a smart bunch and have a few different ideas to monetize and I wouldn't be surprised to hear them start testing soon

nilsej: @theleovogel send me ur email i will send u invite

nilsej: @radujudele send me ur email i will send u invite

Brandon Shin: @purisid Excited to hear what you think Sid!

Rebecca Lerner: @foolywk Thanks! Love to see fellow Angelenos on here!

Shahan Khan: @mad102190 @rorallo @polymailapp Privacy and security is very important to us. We don't store messages on our servers, with the exception of drafts, which are deleted on send. Would be more than happy to go over any specifics. Our privacy policy is at https://polymail.io/legal/privacy

Ryan J A Murphy: @shahan312 @daniellim Piling on here: the ability to turn conversation view off would be a huge benefit in line with these features! I still rely on individual messages instead of the thread, as API-integrated actions (a la Zapier/IFTTT) act on the entire thread when using conversation view. (E.g., I have an IFTTT recipe that sends emails to my todo list if I put them in a certain folder, but with conversation view on, it'll create one task for each email in the thread.)

Jason Whitehorn: @reot004 I've been testing Polymail as an Alpha since inception. From a practicality standpoint I can tell you that test emails have shown that the receiver does, in fact, automatically send a "read" receipt back. The beauty of this platform is that I can send the same email to three people and be able to tell WHICH of those three people opened the email. Pretty sweet.

Jason Whitehorn: @reot004 Yep....you can easily set up notifications in a variety of ways. I set mine to notify me when the email is first read. If you want...you can set it to show each time someone opens it. I also get a notification on iOS. I can easily see a lightning bolt indicator beside the original email showing me how many times the email has been read/opened. Pretty cool feature to have.

Tom Charde: @melissamonteee I have an extra if you still need one.

Brandon Foo: @simpson thank you so much for the kind words, David! 💌

Brandon Foo: @1ndus hi Indus! Great question - similar to CloudMagic we provide a beautiful, modern mobile email experience - but we also provide native features unlike other email apps, such as Per-recipient email tracking, Send Later, Undo Send, One-Tap Unsubscribe, and more! 💌

For a full rundown of the features which really set Polymail apart, check out: https://polymail.io/features

Jay McCauley: @foolywk After Mailbox said they were shutting down, I was looking everywhere for a replacement also. I've been using Airmail for Mac and iOS the past month or so, and have been playing around with Polymail also.

Do you think the fact that Mailbox was free ultimately led to their demise? If so, are there plans to monetize Polymail down the road? I love free, but paying for something feels like it's something that'll be more sustainable in the long run. I really like Polymail, but the fact that's it's free makes me a little apprehensive about jumping on board completely.

Would love to hear your thoughts!



Brandon Foo: @rod_argumedo1 @bshins thank you Rodrigo! 💌

Brandon Foo: @vascocoimbra thanks for the support, Vasco! 💌

Brandon Foo: @jamesallworth thanks, James! 💌

Brandon Foo: @deeechap thank you, Deanna! 💌

Brandon Foo: @melissamonteee hey Melissa! if we happen to miss your invite today, feel free to find me on Twitter :)

Ryan Edsall: @jtzou @foolywk @nivo0o0 @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain Jonathan if you can DM me your email via Twitter @rezn or here with your email where you'd like the OXS beta to go I will send it in about 2 hours once I'm home with my MBP. :)

Brandon Shin: @deeechap Thank you Deanna! we're happy to have you on Polymail 💌

Melissa Monte: @thibautdavoult @foolywk @nivo0o0 I feel the same! I'm using Spark, but not a fan overall. Can't wait for this. I really hope I'm not too late...

Brandon Foo: @samir_doshi thanks, Sam! Right now, we plan on eventually launching a premium version with even more awesome features! 💌

Brandon Foo: @dragosdm thanks, Dragos! Can't wait for to hear your thoughts on iOS, too! 💌

Brandon Shin: @iamjbecker Thank you Jeremy! We love you too! 💌💌💌

Brandon Shin: @besvinick We'll be bringing that on for you soon Adam! Thank you for the support and would love to chat soon about anything else you might need!

Brandon Foo: @steftheo11 @polymailapp Thanks, Stefan!! 💌

Jordan Whalen: @foolywk Will do tomorrow if I dont see one today. Super excited! Already gave out both my OSX invites to some friends I've been hyping up Polymail to and their digging it :) Thanks for making such great stuff!

Brandon Foo: @gustavomanolo hi! if we missed you today, feel free to reach me on Twitter for an iOS invite! 💌

Brandon Foo: @unseenvision hey Patrick - if you don't end up getting an iOS invite today, feel free to reach me on Twitter!

Brandon Foo: @villeimmonen thank you, Ville! 💌

Brandon Foo: @ihgann thank you so much, Ian! 💌

Brandon Foo: @dshan hey Derek! We have the ability to turn on Gmail filters (social, promo, updates) that should result in the focused inbox experience you're used to! Let me know if that works 💌

Brandon Foo: @jordandwhalen hey Jordan - if you don't end up getting an iOS invite today, feel free to reach me on Twitter! 💌

Brandon Foo: @ghobs91 hey Andrew, if by any chance we miss you in the iOS invites today, feel free to find me on Twitter! 💌

Josh Muccio: @foolywk @nivo0o0 YEESSSS!!! Finally a suitable replacement for Mailbox RIP

Freeman LaFleur: @foolywk @nivo0o0 Have been loving the OS X alpha! You've been killing it with the updates. Looking forward to getting an iOS app invite!

Peter Vogel: @foolywk @nivo0o0 I'm loving Polymail and it will be my default email app once it supports IMAP. Any idea when that might be?

Jonathan Tzou: @rezn @foolywk @nivo0o0 @bshins @shahan312 @varadhjain If you have an invite to spare, would love one!

Brandon Shin: @stevekirtley Thank you Steve! reading this comment makes us so so happy 💌

Brandon Shin: @pddro @foolywk 😂

Brandon Shin: @vouder17 Thank you Wouter! Absolute pleasure to have you on Poly 🙌

Brandon Shin: @tweetsbymichiel Thank you Michel! Working hard on it and thanks for sharing the feedback! We're definitely discussing implementation

Brandon Shin: @leachy114 Thank you Christopher! We're working hard to make it better!

Brandon Shin: @legerlotz Thank you Kurt! we cant do it without you!

Brandon Foo: @jadanzzy thanks, Dan! 💌

Brandon Foo: @devankoshal thank you, Devan! 💌

Brandon Foo: @jordanfish hey Jordan - Android is the next stop after iOS! 💌

Brandon Foo: @bryceoflife we'll be sending them out throughout the day! In fact, they should be coming quite soon 💌

Brandon Foo: @walark @foolymk @bshins @shahan312 they're coming up! 💌

Brandon Foo: @cantgetagoodsn thanks so much for being such an active member of our community, Conner! Looking forward to building much more with you 💌

Brandon Foo: @ggarnhart thanks, Greg! 💌

Brandon Foo: @sandissauka thank you, Sandis! 💌

Brandon Foo: @kamobit coming right up, Kamo! thanks 💌

Brandon Foo: @ric0seq 💌

Brandon Shin: @totencough Thanks Brad!! You've got a command of words that I'm jealous of & your feedback has been our Water of Life 😉

Brandon Foo: @tnsrig @polymailapp @producthunt Thank you so much! After iOS, Android is next! 😜

Brandon Foo: @ckeck hey Chad - we definitely have plans for a Windows app in the future! Thanks for asking, and glad you're enjoying OSX so far! 💌

Wojtek Witkowski: @theleovogel I can send you one. What's your email?

Shahan Khan: @epoppel Yes, Polymail supports aliases 😊

Nik Sharma: @mrsharma update: Polymail hooked it up and sent me an invite 😎😎

Peiman Rafiezadeh: @nivo0o0 @mrsharma but when???!?!?

Connor Hicks: @cohix and then we all realize there is another invite required. @foolywk hook us up? 😍

Niv Dror: @mrsharma there will be 1,000!

Nik Sharma: @mrsharma update: damn it. I need an additional polymail iOS invite code 😕

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