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介绍:Share products you use at work,explore what others are using

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Akshay Katyal: I have been using Siftery for a couple of days and it is no doubt an amazing product!
Recommendations are very close to perfect. I just signed up for 2 products suggested by Siftery and deployed one of them in production! Great work by the team.

Ben Tossell: I love this idea and had one very similar while building Marketing Stack last year.

Obviously the team here have done a way better job then I could've.

@auren @ayanb @vammok where do you see this going?

How do you entice startups to add the products they are using? (whats the benefit for them?)

I love how you have "YC portfolio companies" collections etc.

Would be great to be able to see which admins added which products and which removed which. Example: If I didn't know Product Hunt ever used X, I could see if it was added by another member of the team and ask them if we did use it previously.

Somak Roy: Do you envision Siftery as the definitive repository for all kinds of products, not just SaaS? I mean traditional enterprise business apps such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, and so on?

Nick Talwar: What software products did you use to create Siftery and what do you recommend other companies use?

Stephan Uhrenbacher: agree this can be big - and any saas company will game their siftery index by distributing for free to a lot of companies - new kind of seo.

i personally would like an approach where people rate which of the 100 tools they pay for they couldn't actually live without.

Kevin William David: Been using siftery for almost a month now. Share what products your company uses and Siftery recommends you what products to use. You can check out the software products that Uber, Dropbox, Slack, Product Hunt, and 130,000 other companies use. Siftery also tracks over 5,000 software products with a list of companies that use them. For ex, Checkout what products Product Hunt uses, discover which companies use Google Analytics , explore products used by Unicorn companies and discover products used by portfolio companies of 500 Startups & Y Combinator.

I love their onboarding. You’ll need to login but it’s very slick. Once you click on a few products you use, you are navigated to your own page and their recommendation engine kicks in to suggest products based on what you already use.

P.S They have a huge database of products and now has become one of my hunting grounds to discover what products to hunt on Product Hunt :)

hannahbastian: Siftery looks really neat, way to go guys. In the past, I've used Gartner, Forrester and a few others to research vendors before. These market research companies have a reputation of being pay-to-play. Curious - how does Siftery decide which products and vendors show up on your site?

Siddharth Arun: I love this idea and I've been using Siftery for a couple of weeks now. I build products for startups - and a platform like Siftery really helps me understand the softwares/services that other startups use. I can then recommend those to my clients and build around it. Very, very useful. And their onboarding process is brilliant.

Nacho Martinez: This will be the analysis product that will use more since I found producthunt. It's great.

Leonel More: Great and very useful tool @vammok @auren @ayanb. I check Thoughtworks quarterly "radar" publication for new dev tools trends, but Siftery let me get an instant snapshot checking companies I respect.

Do you plan to add a follow feature? (so to be notified when a something changes for a specific company, etc)

Chris Duell: This is a seriously cool product, I'm amazed how many tools are in the system, I'm not even sad that you guys are going to beat us to top position today by a mile (we made envisage).

You're getting a well deserved response from the community for a fantastic tool. Well done!

Amir Moin: This is a game changer. It's one of those ideas that you wonder why no one thought about before.

Avinasha Shastry: This is a great idea! I recently built something similar but in the lines of what libraries do you use during development targeted towards developers. How did you get the initial data going? Did you scrape the web? Also how are you planning to monetize? Will you charge for leads? This looks super helpful to me as a seller.

Mikkel Ulstrup: Awesome! I've always wondered what other companies uses in their everyday life. Simple design and easy maneuverability.

Dimitri: This will eventually become a whole new abstraction layer for building companies and impact VC just as AWS has changed the economics of building companies. Have you guys raised funding?

Eddie Siegel: I had a great experience with Siftery a few weeks ago. While I was filling out our company profile, Siftery suggested that we might be interested in MixRank. We were actually in the market for a tool to help with our sales outreach efforts, so the timing was great. I hadn't heard of MixRank, but I set up a demo based on Siftery's recommendation and it ended up being a really good fit for us. We also then went back to Siftery and used their database of products to find all of the relevant alternatives to MixRank so that we could make sure that we were making the right choice, and Siftery uncovered a bunch of alternatives that I hadn't found by googling and asking around. Ultimately we ended up signing up for MixRank, which I probably wouldn't have heard of if it weren't for Siftery's recommendation.

I'll definitely be coming back to Siftery in the future whenever I need to do this kind of product research.

Alex H: Love the idea and I love how it suggests apps that might be a good fit for your company based on what you already use. Sadly, Adobe Premiere is not in your database yet! I need to add that app! :D Great work so far and I can't wait to browse some other companies to see what they are using! This will be really helpful in making sure you have the proper training before walking into a job interview!

Shane Green: We started using it a month ago and think it is great. Kind of easy to just start browsing around without even an explicit purpose. One thing I'm sure is on the road map is a chance to better understand why certain decisions were made, including regrets/mistakes. Those can be just as enlightening (and might even point to a reason why you SHOULD use something that didn't work for someone else). Congrats on a great launch!

Thanasis: This is actually awesome! Its very interesting to see what other people use even more to see what big companies use! Is this a feature that @ProductHunt should consider ?😉 Nice job! @vammok @auren @ayanb

Alan Garrec: At first I thought it was a curated list of tools/services, but it's much more than that! Clearly a lot of work has gone into this, congrats to @vammok and the rest of the team.

Danny Lowney: This is wicked. Starting to have a play - thanks @vammok @auren @ayanb!

Liora: I work at SaaS startup and it's really amazing how many of the tools we use are already listed on our profile by the Siftery Bot! What you've built is truly remarkable, really impressed by what I've seen in the short period of time I've been playing with it.

Auren Hoffman: and for those of you who'd like a longer overview, I posted more about Siftery's story on Medium:

Ryan Hoover: I understand why you're doing this but as a user it's frustrating to visit a site with an immediate email paywall:

Somak Roy: How deep is your data? I'd assume that's what the recommendation system is based on?

Auren Hoffman: @bentossell whoa ... that is actually an amazing idea. one could text or ask directly from slack or twitter. (or even from email if one was old school). this is definitely something I hope we can do in the future. anything to make the buyer experience better. thx!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @ricricucit it's in the works Enrico :)

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @munipandita thanks Muni, glad you liked it! we're indeed seeing a traffic spike, so the site has briefly slowed down. it's time we doubled down on that infrastructure :)

Ben Tossell: @auren I think it would be awesome to build (in the future) a bot for recommendations.... Text XXXXX 'What companies use HelpScout?' OR 'Alternatives to Optimizely' etc etc

Would be awesome :)

Vamshi Mokshagundam: huge thanks for hunting us @kwdinc! six months in the making, we’re super excited to share Siftery with the Product Hunt community.

we created Siftery to make software discovery easier and more meaningful. over the last couple of years, we’ve been lucky enough to see the software-eats-the-world phenomenon unfold. even a small startup like ours uses over 60 different pieces of software to run the show today, so that’s something! many of these products weren’t our first choice though. we had to chop and change quite a few times to get to a stack that worked well and we were happy using. this was the case with our previous companies too and those of many of our friends. so we got thinking. in an era where trying out almost anything is free or cheap, why are so many companies wasting valuable time working with products that they ended up chucking?

turns out (this is our theory anyways), not enough companies start out with the right options in the first place. Siftery is our attempt at solving this. by making it easy for anyone to explore what top companies like Uber and Airbnb, or any other company like yours uses, we can get you started on the right track. the best part though is our recommendation engine that suggests software to you based on the exact products you use. the more products you enter, the better the recommendations for you and everyone in the Siftery (and Product Hunt) community. so all product hunters out there, do join the party!

ryanmtaylor: @auren @bentossell I showed the product to a couple of folks and the consensus was it's a great tool. Now if we only had a place to discuss some of the features and implementations of these separate applications, it would have value far above what it already offers.

Ayan Barua: @somak_roy Before we launched we got about 600 of our friends to give us data about their companies -- and that was really helpful. We also programmatically crawled 130,000 companies (looked at their DNS records, crawled their web sites, looked at their mobile apps, and more) to get to about 11 products per company. That gives us a lot of data and most companies will at least have some interesting information.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @talweezy love the question Nick! we're a young startup, but we use over 55 products to run shop. here's a list, obviously, in the form of our company profile on siftery some of the products we love are Algolia (which powers all our search -, Clearbit (whose awesome APIs we use to get company logos), InVision (we use this heavily to collaborate on design), Inspectlet (awesomest tool to see videos of users interacting on the site), and Gusto (which makes managing our payroll painless).

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @hannahlbastian our mission at siftery is quite simple. we want to help businesses better discover and better buy software. and that means our recommendations not only have to be good but also be free of any bias. as the community shares more information about what they use and what doesn't work for them, we can do a great job on quality, automatically floating up good products.

and to remove any scope for bias, we'll never take money from vendors. there are companies out there who are more likely to recommend products that pay them, but we believe that this approach ultimately does a disservice to the company which buys the software.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @somak_roy we certainly do! our fledgling community has already shared a lot of data not just about on-premise enterprise software products but also on services and marketplaces they use.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @shanegreen one of the things we decided early on was to make it very easy for anyone to discover what other companies or companies like them are using. it's a personal curiosity that i've always had, and a lot of my founder friends seem to share this too. as you mention, knowing the 'why' behind decisions is also very interesting and this is something that we hope to roll into Siftery as we grow.

Eddie Siegel: @somak_roy I was pretty impressed by the quality of the data when I first played around with it. I basically never found a legitimate product that was missing from the database, and I also didn't find any of the normal cruft/bad data that you normally see in databases like this.

Lex Evan: building on @rrhoover, I'm even more hesitant to sign up with my work email.

Auren Hoffman: @rrhoover the main goal of Siftery is to get product recommendations. and Siftery recommends products based on your stack. so we want to know what company a user is in so we can give them personalized product recommendations. of course, come to think of it, we might want to rethink the login wall on this page -- you make a good point. see our groups page (no login):

Joost Schuur: @vammok @rrhoover I was annoyed when I first saw this, but honestly, hearing that this was actually 'hotly debated' and that you still chose to go this route makes me even more disappointed. I would never link anyone to one of your pages if they knew they were greeted this way.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @_pulkitagrawal this is a great idea Pulkit! if we'd given you a list of suggested products based on the nature of your business when you were just starting out, what other information would've made you trust this as good for you?

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @bentossell right now we track around 5000 products. some of interesting ones you might want to check out profiles for would be (, Segment (, Greenhouse (, Extole (, Influitive ( and Culture Amp (

Pulkit Agrawal: @bentossell @vammok what would be cool for new companies starting out: add your product idea / customers etc. and get a list of key tools to start with for the relevant functions you'll have (e.g. an on-demand startup may use text messaging solution). You could even hack this together easily using a Typeform (which @trychameleon uses and is on Siftery!). That way you could tap into new startups and stick with them on their journey, and of course it saves a lot of time scrabbling around to find the best tool (which I often do on Product Hunt..!)

Ayan Barua: @itamarro Thanks Itamar!

Sam Doshi: @kwdinc cool thing about this is the instant context that it provides.. these days with the TMI overload that exists --- it's the curated web that allows us to make decisions --- curious how this will play out as the world get more and more complicated and curated sites themselves will need to be curated exponentially!

Sam Doshi: @bentossell @auren Have always wanted to peek into goings on at juggernaut startups. Interesting idea! When I used to sell enterprise software - I wanted to have something like this to share with my potential clients so that they can garner context and feel the safety in numbers... will keep this in my collection for sure.

Ayan Barua: @manavo ayan AT siftery, all ears!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @cbenkendorf thanks for the feedback and insightful questions! as a platform, we're exclusively focused on serving buyer needs and that means we don't build for or encourage its use for lead gen. at the moment, we limit the number of customers shown for any given product to 120, so as to avoid abuse. we do honor requests to take down proprietary data, although a good proportion of what we have is in the public domain.

Ayan Barua: @jindalish Thanks Ish! Glad you like the product. Feedback and ideas welcome!

Auren Hoffman: @clickbyclick thanks Dave. and please send us feature ideas, suggestions, etc.

Pulkit Agrawal: @vammok well i assume i would have found Siftery first, because it was credible in this space and offered this service, and even if I did some of my own research afterwards, I can see it being a valuable service

Auren Hoffman: @lemaido awesome. and please send us feature requests and more.

Ben Tossell: @vammok @auren I know you can see it already, but it would just be a convenient way for people to look up stuff super quickly. Also a lot of companies are/and will be taking advantage of the increasing chatbots this year (check out this post by @chrismessina ) - it is a big movement and with all the amazing data you collect, it could be an amazing addition to your offering.

Ayan Barua: @junesix Teaser data is in design right now :)

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @uhrenbacher i agree that there's a chance companies will try to game the system. the way we float up products isn't just based on customers numbers though -- it also accounts for whether a product is a good fit with a company's existing stack. love the idea of marking out products that you can't do without, this is something we'll definitely think of adding to the product!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @rrhoover this is something that was very hotly debated internally. we ended up deciding on the login wall to make sure that our early users feel that they're participating in a two-way community, with every user investing at least a little. there are other parts of the site that are open though (groups, categories) and we plan to slowly open up as user group matures.

Ayan Barua: @luffrj Thanks Luffrj. Glad that you are liking it :) Feedback and ideas are welcome!

Fletcher Richman: @ayanb yay!!!

Ayan Barua: @fletchrichman Thanks for the suggestion. This is actually in the works :) We will make it very easy to add a product to your company profile.

Auren Hoffman: @mrmatthewellis thanks Matthew! and please send us bugs or feature requests

Auren Hoffman: @rickats for things like Trello, we rely on the community of Siftery users to tell us. and as of now, 415 companies have told us they use Trello -- see

Auren Hoffman: @temi_koemei thank you. and please let us know what additional features would be helpful to you

Rick Kats: @vammok would be great if you put us under /modern :)

Rick Kats: @vammok how would i go about adding ? we've got quite a few customers as well

Mark Osborne: @vammok thanks!

Auren Hoffman: @itsdavelux thanks. We started working on Siftery in May and it took a pretty large team (and working almost every weekend) to get us to where we are today. thanks for recognizing the team's hard work. of course we still have a lot of work to do so please send us feature requests, etc.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @junesix @rrhoover that's an interesting idea...we'll definitely think about this alternative. thanks!

Patrick Wang: @vammok @rrhoover Understand the rationale but I think at least showing teaser data is worthwhile before the login wall. "Login to see the other 14 products used by PH"

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @idris our goals are somewhat similar, but Stackshare has so far focused on the dev community and we're building Siftery as a discovery platform for all b2b products and services. while the "sharing products you use" part is common, we also have a large programmatic discovery and graph-based recommendations component -- the idea is is float up relevant products that are a great fit for your company based on what you already use and what others like you use (and are happy with). and thanks for the compliment on design!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @anthonygawonlee glad you liked the service! would you have any feedback or ideas for us?

Auren Hoffman: @ryanmtaylor @bentossell we are working on a comparison feature and more advanced discovery that hopefully will help you. hope to ship in March.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @hoangloi thanks for signing up Loi!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @miguelreng sweet music! glad you liked it.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @ram_rayavarapu those are kind words indeed Ram! glad you got to see the value and potential in what we're building.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @kteare thank you! i noticed Chat Center has just one customer who verified on siftery -- why don't you add a few more so it has a better chance of being discovered? here's the page

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @mposborne thanks for checking us out Mark! here's RollHQ's profile...

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @alainmevellec you can just add the url if the product isn't in the database yet. it'll take a while to appear though (we have a small verification process before a product gets into the DB). btw, here's Sellsy's product profile, go ahead and add customers now :)

James Widmer: @vammok Thanks for the response Vamshi. Where are those client lists pulled from then? Are they personally added from employees at those companies? I am wondering because Siftery lists 101 clients for my company, but we have over 1500 clients worldwide.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @jamesgwidmer my pleasure!

James Widmer: @vammok Fantastic! Thank you for the information (and sorry if you have explained it many times over already)

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @jamesgwidmer for your company, it's a mix of our bot identifying your products being used at those companies and publicly available information we pick up from the web. you can also add info about who your customers are directly -- just use the "add" button to manually add them or "upload" button to send us a list (we'll parse it for you)!

ryanmtaylor: @bentossell @auren This! Please. We have an immediate need for this exact function. Looking for alternatives to XMatters and Pagerduy.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @_jacksmith our who-uses-what map is a mix of user submitted and programmatically discovered data. on the user side, we have both buyers and vendors adding information, and on the programmatic side, we employ a variety of techniques (sifting through DNS records, html and javascript on websites and apps etc) to find product usage fingerprints.

Auren Hoffman: @_jacksmith The best data comes from the community (you) which is why we are so excited to be launching Siftery on Product Hunt. We also programmatically crawled 130,000 companies (looked at their DNS records, crawled their web sites, looked at their mobile apps, and more) -- that gives is a lot of data and most companies will at least have some interesting information.

Ouriel Ohayon: @auren i remember a company tried to do this in b2b, it was a YC company measuring how you were using software with a downloable. there was also

Auren Hoffman: @ourielohayon absolutely! it is like a B2B version of what you pioneered!

Auren Hoffman: @siegeleddie that's an awesome story. really glad Siftery helped you find the right tool for TapFwd! and please keep sending us feature requests so we can continue to serve you.

Ouriel Ohayon: @auren looking forward. reminds me what we did with mobile apps and discovery in a way !

Auren Hoffman: @ourielohayon definitely in our product road map. knowing a company uses a product is a good first step -- but knowing HOW they use it (and how long) is much better. we hope to get there. great feedback!

Auren Hoffman: @tariktech not sure. could actually be a bug. will look into it right away

Tarik Kurspahic: @auren - one more question: Is there something preventing me from adding Personal to Personal? I add it, then it goes away when I come back...

I'm sure it will be no surprise, but the most used tool at Personal is ... Personal :)

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @jamesgwidmer thanks James! our recommendations are largely driven by a collaborative filter that suggests products to a company based on what they already use and what other companies with similar stacks use. in general, the more customers you have on Siftery, the higher the chance of getting discovered. diversity also helps - the more "types" of companies you have listed as customers, the higher the chance of getting recommended.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @alangarrec thanks Alan!

Auren Hoffman: @alangarrec @vammok thanks! and please send us feature requests and suggestions.

Auren Hoffman: @liora_ thx! really glad you like it. let us know what features you'd like to make Siftery even more useful to you

hannahbastian: @vammok Thanks so much for the response, that's great to hear. I'm definitely in favor of a non-bias recommendation approach to allow for more organic discovery and product matches. Glad that Siftery supports this!

Auren Hoffman: @tariktech good find on Mashery. don't know why we did not have them. I just added the product:

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @bendersej thank you. now that's something every maker loves to hear!

Auren Hoffman: @idris and really glad you like the design. we spent a lot of time on it. James, our designer, will be really happy with your comment :)

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @yuvals thanks much! we missed out on a few roles but plan to add these and more soon.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @yapedmond we're curious too on where our user community takes us! one of the first use cases we had in mind when we started building Siftery was social proof -- who else is using this product we're interested in? glad you found us useful!

Danny Lowney: @vammok absolutely! Well done for smashing it on PH today! We're one behind at Sup ;)

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @jamesgwidmer thank you James! is there anything you thought we could do better on?

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @ross good to hear you enjoyed taking Siftery out for a spin!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @vingar thanks for the encouraging words, happy to have been useful!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @dadiomov would love to get more ideas and feedback from you Dimitri! stay tuned for a funding announcement soon...

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @nachobuey that's great to hear, thanks Nacho! siftery and Product Hunt serve two very different needs though.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @metalhaze awesome to hear that Alex!'s Adobe Premiere ( add away!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @amiranywhere thanks for checking Siftery out! do send ideas and feedback our way...

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @musolek do try it please and send some feedback our way!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @joostschuur onboarding individuals and those with personal websites certainly is something we have to figure out better. thanks for bringing this out!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @leonelmore great to hear you like the Siftery experience. the follow feature is definitely on the roadmap!

Joost Schuur: @vammok I realize the signup process asked for my work email address, but I think a lot of users signing up aren't going to do that and might have personal Google Apps accounts that they're using. The amount of users in a similar scenario might merit some consideration.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @cliffgry not at all. we currently actively track around 130,000 companies on siftery, some of which are startups but many more that aren't. some interesting startup profiles are of Uber (, Airbnb (, Product Hunt! (, but we also have profiles for larger companies like LinkedIn ( and Starbucks (

Auren Hoffman: @bramk thanks so much. startupstash is such a great tool

Chris Duell: @vammok envisage is actually a tool that is part of elevio, so elevio is the main product

Andrea Hill: @vammok thanks! Doing some early consulting with some folks, but so far the desired output is very variable so it's been hard to productize.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @duellsy we have Envisage/Elevio's profile here: add a few customers so it gets discovered?

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @gorajtweet thanks Raj! send some feedback our way please!

Chris Duell: @vammok very cool, can I ask what tool you're currently looking at?

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @duellsy thanks for the kind words chris. just checked out Envisage, cool product. we're actually evaluating one like it right now!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @prateekdayal thanks for the vote of confidence! ping us with more feedback and ideas please :)

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @afhill just checked out Martin, very cool concept indeed. have you already signed up customers?

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @afhill thanks and yeah, we missed out on a few -- product, community, design. will bake them in soon enough!

Ayan Barua: thanks @mikkel_ulstrup! Huge shoutout to @jmsdono for his design chops.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @bentossell the idea is very simple -- the more we know about what products a company currently uses, the better our recommendations are. so the benefit for a startup to sharing products they use is that they get to discover other products that are a great fit for them, and the whole community can dip into that knowledge as well. we don't currently display who added a product to their company (although we have verification mechanisms in place to ensure accuracy), but we do plan to, at a later point in time, facilitate networking around products as well.

Ayan Barua: @foleyeo Thanks for the kind words Niamh!

Thanasis: @vammok Thats a very good thing!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @avishastry makers and sellers are an important part of the Siftery community but we do not plan on monetizing them or charging them. our goal is to eventually build premium tools for buyers and not ever take money from the seller. that way, we can make sure our recommendations are always seen as unbiased and in the best interest of the buyer.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @bramk we loved startupstash when it launched last year. any sage advice you'd have for us?

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @joostschuur as you rightly point out, we have some important roles missing on the onboarding flow. we're working on expanding this at the moment. we ask for information on your stack to bootstrap our recommendations -- the more we know about what you use, the better products we can surface for you.

Joost Schuur: Plus, I signed up with a personal Google Apps account, and it started to ask me about my own tech stack. I didn't feel like contributing to Siftery's own database like this just to sign up. Thought that was a bit too aggressive (yes, there is a 'Skip' button).

Yakov Karda: @vammok Right, thanks a lot :—)

Ayan Barua: @somak_roy Thanks for asking this question! We have on average about 11 products per company right now (and we have over 130,000 companies that we track). Some companies have over 100 products listed on Siftery. As we grow our user base, we hope to significantly add to the number of products we have for any given company. Our goal is to get every new user to Siftery to tell us 3-10 products that their company uses.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @yakovkarda there's a lot more livechat tools in here: ... and Chatra's right here: (you can add more customers, btw)

Ayan Barua: @somak_roy The best data comes from the community (you) which is why we are so excited to be launching Siftery on Product Hunt.

Ben Tossell: @vammok yeah likewise.... but having 800M users on your messaging platform, you can bet that businesses will take note. (or should!)

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @adsahay our first goal is to help businesses better discover software, so we'll be laser-focused on doing this well. our next goal is to help them buy better, an app store is a great idea!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @bentossell interesting this...didn't have FB messenger down as something a lot of businesses use. i could see why though, almost everyone advertises on FB, might as well use it for other work needs.

Ben Tossell: @vammok yeah for sure, I think Slack should be first. I'd consider FB Messenger afterwards, after the increasing number of businesses joining here and their opening up of Chat SDK

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @bentossell this is certainly something we'll think about! a slack bot in the making, may be ;)

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @bentossell you could see what companies use Help Scout right now --

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @swarooph Siftery is free right now and we plan to keep it that way because we believe product discovery is a problem we could all do without. that said, we do plan on launching a premium version towards the end of the year to help larger companies better evaluate and buy software. as a company, we build tools for buyers (never for sellers) and hope to be a true advocate of the buyer.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @dannylowney what's a product if it's not fun ;)

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @dinakaplan good to know you found it helpful!

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @siddhartharun thanks much! anything else we can do to add more value to makers like you?

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @mrdhat great to know you've found interesting products via Siftery!

Auren Hoffman: @dannylowney thanks for trying it. and please definitely send us feedback.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: thanks @stephanejuban! we'd love to get ideas and feedback.

Vamshi Mokshagundam: @tnsrig we certainly were inspired a little by Product Hunt!

Kevin William David: @_jacksmith They reached out to me a month back. 500 Startups invested in both our companies. Met the founders 2 years ago in a 500 startups event.

Ben Tossell: @vammok it is certainly a good place for companies to start looking, especially if they have no idea. Certain solutions work for certain companies so I like that their are recommendations of others similar.

How many software products are currently on Siftery?

Jack Smith: @kwdinc it looks awesome. how did you discover it?

The following information is related to the job

Quartzy: Free lab management platform--- Application Engineer (Marketplace) ---Palo Alto, CA

Gimlet Media : A network of high-quality, narrative podcasts--- Editorial, Production & Engineering ---Brooklyn, NY

InVision: Prototyping & collaboration for design teams--- Senior Graphics Engineer---New York City

PrepScholar: SAT/ACT Prep that's customized to you--- Product Manager ---Boston

Canary: Smart home security for everyone--- Product Designer ---New York City

Product Hunt: The place to discover your next favorite thing--- In-house Designer---San Francisco