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介绍:The new MacBook Pro with TouchBar and more

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Adam Barger: Was fully intending to be a buyer but for the time I'll sit this one out. No compelling reason to upgrade.

Yann Bertrand: That price though

Kwame Som-Pimpong: TouchBar is meh. I really think Apple needs to figure out how it's going to tear down its current suite of hardware and build something new from the ground up.

Ryan Hoover: I don't think most people really care about a "faster processor" but emojis support... 😍💰

Ouriel Ohayon: Good luck if you use a wireless keyboard with your macbook...

Giacomo Lawrance: Looks good. However is it true that Apple killed the Air? Loving that emoji bar, finally a nice update to an Apple product! ;)

Might recover the poor sales on the iPad Pro and the iPhone 7.

As a certain Twitter user said: Microsoft announces a 28-inch, beautiful computer with a touchscreen display. Apple adds a tiny sliver of an iPad to the MacBook Pro.

Vadim Baryshev: - No 32G options
- No phisical function keys
- No ESC!!!
- No DDR4
- No MagSafe
- No USB-A
- No card reader
- No kaby lake processors

In the end of 2016? Pro? Pro for what? For sending emojis?
I'm used several generations Apple computers during last 6 years, because of they are the best for my productivity, not because it's just have an apple logo.
I'm still happy with my current MacBook, but time doesn't stand still, and I dont't have any option to buy a new (modern) apple hardware in 2016-2017. It's very sad.

Steven Rueter: Now I just need to quit programming and become a DJ

Stanley Idesis: Not buying until they remove the headphone jack. What do they think this is, August 2016?

Scott Miller: Will this be the fastest product to get 1000 likes ever?

Brendan Hufford: Wait, so they dropped the coolest feature, the magnetic power cord, and put in an emoji bar?

Syed Irfaq R. ⚡️: No Kaby Lake, though! But Touch Bar <3

Ben Tossell: Dont care what anyone thinks... I think the TouchBar looks Cool AF

I hate my keyboard now.

'Microsoft has a touchscreen though....' - yeah but its Microsoft...

EDIT: seems my 'yeah but its MS' has touched a nerve with some of you.... its my personal opinion ✌️

Daniel Shneyder: What's the point if you can't go beyond 16GB of RAM?

Mark Thomas McEwan: I think I'm the only person in the world that hates Emojis - the quicker they go away the better

Jack Dweck: Take my money

Deekshith Allamaneni: This is still stuck with 16GB Ram 😒

Eric Nunlee: For designers and video editors this MBP update means nothing without a RAM upgrade to 32GB. Thanks but no thanks. I'll wait until they figure that obvious issue out.

Mawunami Akoto: Generally, I was expecting to be really wowed by the new MacBook Pro like I was wowed by the Surface Studio yesterday. After waiting for so long I was really expecting more. More RAM, 7th Gen Kaby Lake and a totally new design. The new MacBook Pro feels a bit like a refresh.

Francis Perron: Its a slick laptop until you have to plug 4 dongles in order to make it work.

cj little: Eagerly awaiting the build to order specs! I know a 2TB SSD is an option (hooray!), but what about the 32GB of RAM that I know I need?!

Adam Bowie: Zzzzzzzz. Weak update. Apple is adding gimmicky features like this OLED bar rather than focusing on improving the specs. Same thing they did with iOS10 and the iMessage features we all used for one week only. The 2015 Pro model is plenty thin. They should have kept same thinness and instead bumped up the battery life, the processor speed, and ramped the RAM to 32GB. The specs on this are no better than the ones on my early 2015 Macbook Pro.

James O'Sullivan: Ergonomic nightmare. I would expect this type of gimmick to be on a samsung, not apple. Everything has gone downhill since we lost Jobs.

Ketan Anjaria: So now on a Pro machine I gotta get more dongles for my SD card and dongles for my drives (that I just bought) and more dongles for HDMI? That's BS. I can understand the logic on a consumer machine but not when Apple is supposedly great for photographers/creators and the like.

Hameto: Anyone else think TouchBar is positioned weirdly? Why not between the trackpad and keyboard where ppl hands are 100% of the time.

Ghobs: @bentossell "Yeah but it's Microsoft" is the kind of blind fanboy-ism that's given Apple little motivation to innovate.

Tristan Pollock: @sisedi preach

Ben Mildren: @bentossell yeah but it's Microsoft seems like the such an awful statement to base purchases on. MS is killing it right now and Apple is stagnating IMO.

cj little: Interesting response from Phil Schiller posted by MacRumors:

*Question from David:* The lack of a 32GB BTO option for the new MBPs raised some eyebrows and caused some concerns (me included). Does ~3GBps bandwidth to the SSD make this a moot issue? I.e. memory paging on a 16GB system is so fast that 32GB is not a significant improvement?

*Schiller's answer:* Thank you for the email. It is a good question. To put more than 16GB of fast RAM into a notebook design at this time would require a memory system that consumes much more power and wouldn't be efficient enough for a notebook. I hope you check out this new generation MacBook Pro, it really is an incredible system.

cj little: @brunolemos I still fancy myself a software engineer, and certainly am still quite a nerd. So my largest consumption of memory typically comes from running multiple virtual machines. And I'd love nothing more than to be able to run two VM's with 8ish GB each (leaving 16GB for my native OS). And come to think of it, even running native in 16GB with another 16GB to a primary VM would be lovely.

Another (not so primary use case) would be to be able to run analytics on largeish data sets in memory. Loading a couple GB dataset into memory for analytics and processing on my local machine just makes me smile.

Mohan Belani: @eonpilot @sisedi I wish they had kept it though :(

Noah Kim: @bentossell If you like touchscreen interfaces integrated into a laptop, coulda bought this 4 years ago.

Coleman Oates: @sisedi this is great.

cj little: @jackdweck 15" loaded = $4,299. They make you pay for the 2TB, that's for sure. I'm going to wait for a 32GB refresh for now, so in a bizarre reversal "Keep my money". :-D

Pravin Singh: @eonpilot @sisedi 2say

Stanley Idesis: @eonpilot yeah but when you interact with the new touch bar, it gently tattoos the apple logo onto each fingertip

Eric Nunlee: @ibcj I have been waiting on 32gb for the past 3 years. It's ridiculous to run todays "RAM heavy" professional software and browsers on 16gb of RAM. Huge mistake!

Noah Kim: @twalkerp Sounds weird, but it's actually so old it's been phased out of their product lineup.

Eon: @sisedi Seriously though you know this touch bar is going to be 👌 for XCode/snippets/clipboards etc etc. Productivity here we come!

Allan Yarmulnik: @ecwilson lol

Andreas Mitschke: @wuss @bentossell aaaand the razer blade comes equipped with way more power in a similar form-factor.

Though, it does not come with an Apple industrial design and an inferior OS. You do not fit in occupying a table at starbucks. :D

Luke Robert: @759nelson @mildrenben outdated graphics cards? are you taking the piss?

twalkerp: @wuss this is pretty awesome but don't see it for sale. Failed? I do wish apple made a separate keyboard. I don't think MBP is crazy cool I'm sure the engineering and power consumption was tricky. I'm not buying one though. But if I had more discretionary money and no kids I would.

Eric Nunlee: @mawunamiakoto 32 GB not even close. I need speed and power. I would never store that much on a laptop anyways - Capacity is what the cloud is for.

Vlad Rafeev: @mburns87 Next time you'd better reference to MacRumor's Buyers Guide

Nick Simard: @kidbombay But they kept the headphone jack, so that makes up for losing USB, HDMI, MagSafe and card slot, right? Except based on their new iPhones, they see headphone jacks as obsolete. Oh, Apple.

Bruno Lemos: @ibcj what do you use the 32gb for? (my current macbook has 4gb :()

Jake Fisher: @bentossell I agree, when do you think we will see a Magic Keyboard for sale with a TouchBar?

Alessandro Schiassi: @laef I know, right? What's next? Laptop with touch screens?!

Dorell James Paza Galang: @aabarger I thought I'm going to get one but nah, I'll look for another one sadly.

James O'Sullivan: @markszymik "Hey Apple, I hate charging things, can you fix that?"
Apple: "Now you have to charge your headphones too"
Me: "Ok, yes, I will buy AirPods. Cannot wait till they come out"

Patrick: @_yannbertrand +~250 average from previous versions...

Patrick: @brendanhufford at least this way we will drop our mac books more often.. hoorayyy...
Seriously, I really miss the magnetic power cord! And where is the glowing apple logo?!

James Campbell: @benedictslaney the base doesnt even have a touchbar

Pascal Andy: @james_osullivan agreed

Aleksei Zhurankov: @dwayne_charrington @bentossell how long did your chinese kb last though?

Aleksei Zhurankov: @759nelson exactly, everybody just bought on that pretty video, what a cheap mentality. Functionality wise, I don't want my screen to be a full touch screen, it's already has too many fingertips. I'd better buy an iPad Pro and use it as a drawing tablet. And Windows... f no.

H.Murchison: @peterjdonoghue I can't justify the price without Kaby Lake. I realize Apple can't afford to wait another 3-6 months

H.Murchison: @kwamesompimpong that will need 3 more major revisions to the ARM. I think we are close

Dwayne Charrington: @bentossell

>yeah but its Microsoft...

Pretty ignorant statement to make. Apple put an OLED screen on a MacBook with 3 year old hardware specifications and they're revolutionaries? I remember buying a Chinese no-name branded keyboard on eBay years ago that had a screen on it. This isn't a new thing.

Apple are good at industrial design, but their software has taken many steps back and the internal hardware which is non-upgradable (thanks soldering). A nugget of gold on the outside and outdated laptop on the inside. At least Microsoft moved to i7's which are awesome for video editing and multi-tasking.

Remind me again the maximum amount of memory a MBP can be configured with again in comparison to the Surface Book?

Drew Goodwin: @hameto_ if it was placed near the trackpad, your hands/arm would cover it while typing. It's basically a small screen. Since the content is dynamic, hindering visibility would be a mistake.

Christian Chung: @759nelson for equivalent specs the Surface Book is cheaper...

Cameron Roe: @rrhoover It's all about the DJ now... scratch support? check ✅

Matt Burns: @bentossell why did i just buy a macbook pro last mth... fml

Giacomo Lawrance: @hayden_evans Still a pity to see the air go.

Bo Wang: @jackdweck I don't look at the keyboard when i'm typing though, not for me.

Samuel Polat: @sisedi 😂

Pete ☕️: @desmonddantzler @hameto_ They did show how customizing the bar was really fluid as the two screens were close to each other. I do agree ergonomically it seems awkward at first, but I think when you start to use it it might be better placed. Also, it's where the function keys were, its extending their use.

Dwayne Charrington: @sisedi I guess they're still working up the courage to remove the headphone jack on the MacBook.

Naseem Raad: @rrhoover did you see the interview with Craig, they why they spent 1/3 of WWDC talking about iMessage instead of other things. He said, when we do better performance bugs and whatnot no one cares, but the second we add 2 emojis the whole world goes crazy! 😂

Daniel Shneyder: @unclemimo Correct, I have the previous generation with 16GB RAM - it is all soldered to the board.

Nelson: @_yannbertrand it's cheaper than the SurfaceBook, what do you mean?

David Chang: @bentossell very bold innovation! Love to see how users will adapt to it and create new user experience.

Alex King: @ibcj I totally agree. I'd be all over this if it had a 32gb ram option.

Hayden Evans: @giacomolaw the 13" without the Touch Bar is intended to replace the Air.

Eon: @morroworks ProdHunt is the launch-party where the confetti never settles🎉

Stanley Idesis: @eonpilot yeah I'm pretty stoked but won't be getting one anytime soon

Francis Perron: @jipiboily Its just sad we need to buy dongles or dock at the price they are selling it :( No we're good, I have a early 2015 13", I'll stick with that for now and let the industry adapt to usb-c/thunderbolt3.

Jean-Philippe Boily: @eonpilot @pointum that one apparently charges up to 60 watts, the new MBP comes with a 87W power adapter...maybe they'll do a MBP specific one?

Andreas Mitschke: @bentossell Looks to me like amongst the most dysfunctional things ever seen. It's a gimmick I would expect from a gaming keyboard.

I'm faster with my shortcuts and mouse than I would ever be with that battery absorbing gimmick bar.

Jean-Philippe Boily: @francisperron now waiting to see a great dock to have only one thing to plug in this little beast at home. I'm actually super excited! Can't wait to get mine. Did you order for all the team @ GitMarket? ;)

Jean-Philippe Boily: @mittsh @ibcj @jackdweck yeah, I was expecting to be able to get a 32GB too...but well, they took my money for an almost maxed one (besides SSD, 1TB is enough for me).

Desmond: @hameto_ I was thinking the same thing. Our hands spend most of the time on the trackpad, seems counterintuitive to not place the touch bar near it.

Eon: @sisedi At least they removed the glowing apple logo on the back

James Requa: @ericnunlee totally agree. Seems a silly move with most storage now moving to cloud for them to focus on increasing that while sacrificing on RAM.

Jack Smith: @mburns87 if you bought it less than 30 days ago, you should be able to return it. Apple has a very liberal return policy, so you can return even used items

Nelson: @mildrenben killing it with outdated I/O: no USB-C on a $3k computer, outdated graphics cards, etc.

The concept is nice, but I don't need it, I can't draw anyway.

Eric Wilson: It can power two external 5k dispays and the internal display is retina DPI. 4k in a 15" monitor would be pointless unless you're wearing binoculars and sitting 1 ft away.

David Antonio Atías Martínez: @nxc I got the previous version of the Macbook Pro Retina and I can't add extra ram because it comes attached to the mother board. This will be the same?

Micha Mazaheri: @ibcj @jackdweck I agree 16GB max is a little disappointing…

xOpen: @sisedi

Eon: @pointum There are breakSafe-Magnetic-USB-C's now:

Ketan Anjaria: @mg this is backwards. Now I have to carry more stuff which doesn't help. I actually have to buy a SD card reader which I haven't had to purchase for 5 years.

Matt Galligan: @kidbombay Think about it this way though: every port is every port. There may be a dongle, sure. But this thing is way more forward thinking this way.

cj little: @eonpilot Man, I see that now. What a drag. I'll hold on for the 32GB refresh I guess. :-/

Mawunami Akoto: @ericnunlee that's so true

cj little: @ericnunlee Have soldering iron, will travel!

Mawunami Akoto: @ibcj 2TB is pricey

Eon: @ibcj 16gb ram is the only option apparently

Adam Sturrock: @bentossell @jackdweck The emoj-iBar 😎 (sorry couldn't help myself)

cj little: @jackdweck I wanted to resist. I tried to resist. But yes, please just take my money. And more of my money for ever accessory I currently own but in USB-C form...

Ben Tossell: @jackdweck emojibar FTW

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