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介绍:Easy, elegant email for Mac

更新时间:2016-12-24 16:57:05

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Lucy Eind: Looks awesome, going to give it a try!

Sohel Sanghani: Hi PH, we're excited to be here again! Special thanks to Kate & Ben, for being very responsive and helpful!

Canary is an exciting new email client for Mac that offers a full set of powerful features with one key difference - your emails are not stored on a 3rd party server.

Every facet of Canary has been designed in accordance with our core philosophy of ensuring complete user privacy and offering reliable & snappy performance. Unlike other apps/services, using Canary is not contingent on providing access to your data.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve worked closely with our amazing group of beta testers to continuously refine & enhance performance and UX to ensure that Canary is a joy to use. For a limited time, Product Hunt users can download and try the beta right away via our website!

Website :
Twitter :
Slack (feedback / support - Tweet for an invite) :


-Read Tracking
-Unified Inbox
-Gmail Labels & Filters
-Attachments Browser
-Quick Reply
-Powerful Search (that also works offline)
-Universal IMAP Support (including Exchange EWS/OWA)

P.S. - Canary for iOS is in the pipeline, launch date & signup details will be announced on Twitter shortly.

Johannes DeMattia: My goto client for e-mail on the desktop, it's really good and keeps improving.

OscarAlaniz: I have been using Canary for some time now. I think it is the mail client that gets as close as you can get to perfection. Nice design, light, easy to use. Awesome product.

Shahin: Congrats Sohel! It's indeed a fine Mail Client. Glad I had the chance to beta test it :)

Alex Barnes: Great job! I was using Polymail but the bugs added up and became too much of an issue for me. This mail app has been great for me --- no bugs so far, great interface, super fast and all the features I need. Well done!

Anthony Collini: Interesting. I'm all about apps that offer increased user privacy.

Derek Nuzum: I REALLY want to make this my default mail app, but it's not going to unseat Airmail 2 at this point. Some differences in UI between the two. I like the Canary seems to load the actual message as it would render in Outlook and how that looks to others, but the overall layout and display of Airmail 2 is just easier for me to read. Their sections and contrast is better. Canary is just a bit lacking in contrast and difference between the left bar and the two reading panes. Really great work so far. Looking forward to seeing more!

Danial: It's been a while I'm using this app, it's very lightweight but in case of tracking email, I still use Mixmaxx with Gmail and that work perfectly better than any.

Chantal Marin: Error 522. Connection timed out. Not working?

Axel Thorsen: Very cool idea, especially in regards to comfort. Good job guys.

Danny Fiorentini: For years I've been reluctant to use a desktop client for no particular reason, but I'm converting now! Everything has been great so far and I'm up and running.

Questions: is there a way to make my Unreads "sticky" at the top? That seems to be my only request at the moment!

Great work.

Steven Barragán: How do they make money? 😕

Enes Emini: At first I thought: "Not ANOTHER email client for Mac, how many more are there gonna be!?"

But I must admit you guys have done a great job. A performant native mac application, that's what I want! I won't name any, but there have been a few email clients built on electron, which is basically a chrome wrapper with some native app features, and these apps are just as powerhungry as chrome itself. A No-Go for a simple Mail Client.

I really want to give this a try!

chris: I've been using this since around the first time it was posted on PH - it's made a TON of progress and is an honestly great email client. The developers are really quick with changes and incredibly responsive to feedback. It actually reminds me quite a bit of Sparrow, and I mean this in the best way possible.

The other incredibly important thing to mention is the focus on privacy that the developers have. Unlike most other mail clients (Outlook on iOS, Polymail, Nylas, etc.), they're not running anything through their own servers.

Definitely give it a shot if you're looking for an email client.

Ton: I'm a big, big fan of Canary Mail but I'm a bit confused as to what it is doing on the featured page of PH. I'm happily running the lastest beta-version 0.6 (123). Is that the official release? And what the heck does '2.0' mean? Has there been a version 1.0 that I have missed completely?

Gareth K Thomas: Have been using this for last couple of weeks and it's already the best Mac email client I've tried (and I've tried a lot!). It seems like a simple thing to get right, but yet so many miss the mark. This is a simple as possible, with all the features I feel I need. Updates roll out very quickly, and the Canary Mail team are very open to suggestions and feedback. Fantastic.

Roy Raanani: @sohelsanghani is the tracking for the entire email or on a per recipient basis? Thanks!

Kim Schulz: Would love to see this for Linux some day. Need a better email client there.

Yohan: love it! the only reason I'm hesitating to use it is because there's no dark UI :) will you add this later?

Giulia Cian Seren: Thanks for the great product team Canary!

Just started using it and I hope I'm never going back to Mail :)

Please fix the attachment feature. If I want to attach a file but see the preview first (with space bar) when I close the preview I also close the attachment window and I have to click again. Am I doing something wrong?

Also it'd be very useful if the first folder you see when you click on attach would be the last one you used :)

Anyway, keep up the great work and I look forward to the next updates!

Ben Belser: Wowowow. Awesome work, you guys. Was just pulling out my hair a few days ago over the sad state of desktop mail clients, and voila, here you are. As for desktop clients, there are barely any contenders, and even among the best there are too many compromises. In my opinion, Canary nails most of what I want, and it does so with with panache.

On a related note, I think it's silly that so many of the new mail app developers keep B-lining for mobile. Yes, everything is going mobile, but the mobile mail space is already super crowded, and the existing solutions are just fine. Apple's Mail app for iPhone isn't amazing, but it gets the job done, whereas Apple's Mail app for desktop is a buggy monstrosity. If you accept that mobile and desktop will probably merge at some point in the not-too-distant future, it makes sense to penetrate the market from the other angle (desktop), where the competition is small-time at best.

Anyway, great job again, @sohelsanghani and team. Just made this my default mail client.

P.S. The one thing Canary needs is an undo send feature. Super croosh.

Jonas Petermann: It is really a wonderful email client. Very fast, responsive and with tracking, auto-theme, attachement view etc. it has some great features. Can't wait to beta test the iOS version!

Mohammed Shammout: wow this thing is so good looking, I'll be trying it for few days and it might be my new email client.

Tamara Tashna: beautiful! cheating on polymail for canary mail right now.

Tijn: @jonas_petermann wow! speedy. 🏅

Jonas Petermann: @imrat I'm already #2 😉💪🏼

Tijn: iOS just announced. About 250 free spots left. If you join via my link I'll get ahead in the queue 😉 @jonas_petermann

Sohel Sanghani: @sachinduggal Hi Sachin, just noticed this - will address pending issues via Slack. Thanks!

Sachin Dev Duggal: @sohelsanghani also your faq doesn't work on your website so I was trying to find out how the read tracking is done but cannot get the answer

Federico J: @sohelsanghani Thanks! I'll DM you right now

Mathias Østergaard Madsen: @sohelsanghani Smooth! Thank you :)

Sohel Sanghani: @mastergaard Hi Mathias, you can paste your rendered (not raw) HTML signature into Preferences -> Signatures. Happy to have you onboard!

Sohel Sanghani: @esbvn @thedannychang Indeed: !

Esteban Aravena: @sohelsanghani @thedannychang nice! will it show up when I'm composing a message? thanks!

Sohel Sanghani: @esbvn We've just added Giphy support (in Version 126) - thanks @thedannychang !

Sohel Sanghani: @rohit We'll have an option to tweak global font size soon!

Sohel Sanghani: @federicojarach Yes, we'll fix the attachment issue soon. For feedback, we use Slack - DM us your email if you'd like an invite!

Rohit Gupta: @sohelsanghani is there a way to make compact inbox view with single line (i.e. subject on same line with sender). also would be great if there was a way to increase the system font size...

Sohel Sanghani: @mistakenlyiteps Hi Steffi, if you do, would love to know what you think!

Rohit Jha: @sohelsanghani was trying to search for it in the Prefs..apologies!

Sohel Sanghani: @jharohit We already have a dark theme, which auto-toggles based on the time of day! Or you can set it as default via Window -> Appearance

Yohan: @sohelsanghani oh didn't see it sorry! That's perfect thanks !!

Giulia Cian Seren: @sohelsanghani yup I noticed - I had 10 attachment windows buried between my other full-sized windows lol. Appreciate the fast & personal reply!

Sohel Sanghani: @madavvero Nice catch! Closing the preview is sending the attachment window to the background - we'll fix that. Also makes sense to default to the last used folder. Thanks Giulia!

Sohel Sanghani: @yohanology We already have a dark theme, which auto-toggles based on the time of day! Or you can set it as default via Window -> Appearance

Sohel Sanghani: @eightblossoms Haha! We won't tell 🤐 😉

Sohel Sanghani: @dotproto @steven_barragan1 Good point, will update the site with this info.

Simeon Vincent: @sohelsanghani @steven_barragan1 You might want to add that to the site. Honestly the first thing I looked for was "how is this app monetized." For core apps (email, calendar, etc) privacy, data security, and - by extension - monetization strategies are quite important to me.

Wil Parker: @sohelsanghani Great to hear! Thanks for getting back to my question! Also, is there a way to clear the activity stream?

Sohel Sanghani: @esbvn Hmm would be nice to have!

Sohel Sanghani: @bluespringstn Thanks for the Twitter DM, invite sent!

Sohel Sanghani: @jeminyou Thanks Jemin! And those are both great suggestions - adding them to our to-do list!

Jemin You: @sohelsanghani This is great app! Just wish it had keyboard shortcut for navigating inbox, sent, etc, and able to navigate with n, p key without needing to click list of email after changing folder. Other than that, I love this app!!!! Thank you!!

Sohel Sanghani: @steven_barragan1 Hi Steven, Canary is in beta currently, which is free to try. We'll have both free and paid versions when we launch on the App Store!

Sohel Sanghani: @siuyee Hmm so enter doesn't work, but clicking on it does? Will fix that.

Sohel Sanghani: @wilparker82 Snooze will sync across devices, without going through our (or any third party) servers. Let's call it magic!

Sohel Sanghani: @sharad_venkat Thanks Sharad! Welcome your thoughts on how to make Canary equally appealing from a distance!

Sohel Sanghani: @d3f3nd0r Hi Suman, have your tried clicking on the 'Exchange?' checkbox? You can manually edit server and username info if auto-discover fails.

Sohel Sanghani: @rubengarciam Google Drive and Dropbox integration at a minimum! We'll look at other services based on user interest.

Suman Gandham: @sohelsanghani Tried to configure with my OWA account but never worked out. Never recognises the server.

Ruben Garcia: @sohelsanghani looks fantastic! What are the plans for the "services" tab on the settings panel? Looks disabled so far

Sohel Sanghani: @pfista Tracking pixels (with no personally identifiable information) for a limited time, if read tracking is enabled. None otherwise.

michael: @sohelsanghani Thanks for the info! What data do you store on your server?

Sohel Sanghani: @pfista Hi Michael, Canary connects directly to your email provider. We don't store user credentials, access tokens, or emails on our server. And the local database on your Mac is encrypted.

michael: @sohelsanghani I'm interested in learning more about what "complete user privacy" means in technical terms. If I give you access to my gmail account and all email data, what data (if any) do you store on your servers?

Deekshith Allamaneni: @sohelsanghani Sounds great. Thanks for the app.

Sohel Sanghani: @cyberhec Hi Marc, you could try setting up aliases for your Gmail account - Canary does reply from the correct alias (the one the email was sent to). If it doesn't work as you'd expect, we'll be happy to debug via Slack.

Sohel Sanghani: @adeekshith Canary auto-detects events in email body text, and lets you add them to your preferred calendar app (.ics event invites are also supported).

Sohel Sanghani: @rrrraulsc Hmm yes, a shortcut would be useful!

Desmond Duggan: @sohelsanghani Got it. Well best of luck, I'm excited to try it out :)

Sohel Sanghani: @desmondduggan2 We don't have Send Later yet - we'll add it only if we can do it well without a server component!

Mathieu Guerville: @sohelsanghani not yet, thanks. I actually added the IMAP accounts instead, that worked great.

Sohel Sanghani: @mikhailt Thanks Mike! And possibly, but maybe a little later in the development cycle.

Desmond Duggan: @sohelsanghani That's great to hear! So all email is stored locally, very cool. How do you technically handle send later?

Sohel Sanghani: @mattmg83 Hi Mathieu, have you tried adding aliases via Preferences -> Aliases?

Sohel Sanghani: @desmondduggan2 Thanks Desmond! Canary uses SSL to connect securely to your email provider. The local database on your Mac is also encrypted. And most importantly, we do not ask for or store your credentials, access tokens and/or emails on our server - unlike many other new apps/services.

Sohel Sanghani: @john_tans Thanks! You can customize shortcuts via Preferences -> General -> Keyboard Shortcuts

John Tan: @sohelsanghani Taking a while to get used to the shortcuts and the UI, but great job!

Sohel Sanghani: @chrisdolle 👍🎯

Sohel Sanghani: @kevinwonlee Canary currently needs IMAP enabled, but we'll reach out if this changes!

Kevin Lee: @sohelsanghani thanks for the quick response. I have tried that, but I've been told we don't have imap for our Exchange EWS (hence auto-discovery fails). I tried entering the manual info, but I'm assuming the incoming/outgoing server is different from the normal server address I use. In my other mail app(s), I provide one server URL and one endpoint URL. It starts working from those two. Thanks

Sohel Sanghani: @blendahtom Hi Tom, we'll look at adding those features if it can be done well without having a server component.

Tom Masiero: @sohelsanghani Also a boomerang or reminder feature on emails?

Sohel Sanghani: @kevinwonlee Hi Kevin, have you tried clicking on the 'Exchange?' checkbox in the login screen? Then if auto-discovery fails, you can manually enter your server / username info.

Sohel Sanghani: @sliggzy Thanks Rya, we've been lucky to have an amazing group of beta testers who've given us great feedback - the least we can do is listen!

Sohel Sanghani: @andrealbuq94 Yes, please DM us your email and we'll send an invite!

Paul Martens: @sohelsanghani Yah, I figured that as soon as I closed out the app. Cool THX.

André de Albuquerque: @sohelsanghani Thank you very much. Do you have any Slack channel or something for anyone to be more informed to your updates?

Sohel Sanghani: @andrealbuq94 Yes, Zoho should work. We may add Send Later if we find a way to do this reliably without a server component.

Patrick Perey: @sohelsanghani Good point. Gotta love those edge cases ;)

Sohel Sanghani: @fbara 😊😎

André de Albuquerque: @sohelsanghani And what about any Send Later options?
Do you support Zoho?

Sohel Sanghani: @jad_chaar 🙌 👍

Sohel Sanghani: @patrickperey Yes, but it wouldn't send if you're not connected to the internet, if you've quit the app, or if you've put your computer to sleep!

Sohel Sanghani: @paulmartens You may need to create an app-specific password if you have 2-factor enabled.

Sohel Sanghani: @andrealbuq94 For starters, we don't store emails on our server - Canary connects directly to your email provider, which means there's never any downtime on our account. And we already support most IMAP providers.

Patrick Perey: @sohelsanghani Couldn't you store the written email as a "draft" locally and have an in-app script to send it later?

Sohel Sanghani: @patrickperey Thanks! 1. Click on the glasses icon in the top bar, or look for checkmarks in emails (sent via Canary) in the sent folder. 2. Hmm we will, if we find a way to do this without having to store emails on our server.

Sohel Sanghani: @imkarthikk Sounds good!

Sohel Sanghani: @ajaffarali We currently have a limit in place for the number of emails we sync in the beta, but we'll be removing it soon.

Sohel Sanghani: @jobordered Thanks! We've tried to make things intuitive for both Gmail and other providers, but we'll see if there's a way to improve!

Sohel Sanghani: @mazlix Thanks! And yes, we're working on a keyboard shortcut for Snooze!

Sohel Sanghani: @zedsq Thanks for this thoughtful comment, Zaigham!

Tom Masiero: @sohelsanghani Is scheduling on the road map?

Sohel Sanghani: @itsthisjustin Hi Justin, we'd love to discuss specific ideas to refine UX via Slack or Twitter DM. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to help!

Sohel Sanghani: @dundeevc Thanks Mark! You can right-click on a message in the message list and select 'Move To', or drag and drop onto the relevant folder name / icon.

Sohel Sanghani: @chantal_marin I think @r3volution11 has summed it up nicely: "(Canary) doesn't try to reinvent email – it's just email done well." 😊

Sohel Sanghani: @texasjuicer @chantal_marin Thanks - we'll investigate asap.

Ben Belser: @sohelsanghani Re. undo send: Woohoo! Glad to hear it. As for the tagline, you're very welcome. Keep up the good work!

Michael: @chantal_marin I only use goDaddy for all of my email accounts.

Sohel Sanghani: @dsuliman Yes, if IMAP is enabled on the server.

Sohel Sanghani: @chantal_marin @texasjuicer We're keen to resolve any IMAP incompatibilities asap - just request a Slack invite if you'd like to help us do this!

Chantal Marin: @texasjuicer not all emails work. I tried some of my startups email and depending on here it is hosted it will not allowed you to (ex : goDaddy website don't) try using a gmail account and it works :)

Chantal Marin: @sohelsanghani good job. Do you know What differentiate you from them or all those slack email startups?

Sohel Sanghani: @texasjuicer Hi Michael, which email provider are you using?

Sohel Sanghani: @chantal_marin Hi Chantal, our website should work now. If it doesn't, please DM us on Twitter for a direct download link!

Sohel Sanghani: @benbelser "Canary nails most of what (you) want, and it does so with with panache" makes for a great tagline 🙃 Glad to have you onboard, Ben! And yes, we're working on undo send.

Sohel Sanghani: @demattia Cheers! 😊

Sohel Sanghani: @eminienes Hi Enes, thanks for your note. Happy to have you onboard!

Sohel Sanghani: @novica93 Hi Nikola, please send us your email (Twitter DM?), so that we can invite and debug via Slack

Nikola Novakovic: @sohelsanghani A quick question, why do when I click archive some mails get archived and some don't ? Maybe because I have over 250+ archived emails or ?

Danny Fiorentini: @sohelsanghani Cool! Cheers man and keep up the good work.

Sohel Sanghani: @dannyfiorentini Hi Danny, thanks for the note! You can preview unread emails by selecting the 'Unread' filter via the top bar. But making them sticky is also a nice idea - we may add that soon :)

Ton: @sohelsanghani Awwwright. That explains the 2.0. Just wondering what'll happen when Canary Mail 0.6 will turn 1.0. A whole lot of Googling I suspect :-)) Version numbers aside I'm looking forward to the Slack'd daily new features extravaganza of Canary Mail for iOS :)

Mario Rossi: @sohelsanghani @t55 Now it makes sense! Looking for it right now.

Sohel Sanghani: @t55 Hi Ton, we're still in beta! But since the app has been redesigned with a lot of new features since we were first featured on PH in Feb, this post is titled 2.0 (123 is the correct, latest version) 😊

Sohel Sanghani: @saturngod Yes, it does now!

saturngod: @sohelsanghani Is it supporting filter the unread email only ? When I try the beta version before and that function is not included.

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