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介绍:Simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

更新时间:2016-12-24 12:02:11

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Seth Louey: #ProductHuntReview: I could go on and on about how amazing Carrd is, but let's start with the bad first... Ok, I tried to write something negative and couldn't. My one piece of feedback is that there should be a Product Hunt icon for profiles, but that's about it. The on boarding and ease of use is ridiculously flawless. It took me longer to write my content than to figure out the look and feel of my Carrd page. Bravo... bravo!

Boris Karulin: Great work! Would be interesting to know the tech background of Carrd.

Bradley Tayne: Seriously love this, thanking you all it helps so much.

Aram Shahinyan: So basically it feels like an advanced alternative to I do love the simplicity, design and overall UX. Everything is precisely clear and simple. I do believe there is still much room for improvement. Great job, keepit up!

Lynn Fredricks: I like the concept and the presentation. Simplicity and ease of use - these are great for starting up, but what exactly is the added value compared to '' style sites? Id guess if you focus on ongoing utility for the user, rather than just set up, then this will have some longevity. This could easily be something like a 'public face' and a 'private face', where the public face is your communication with the world, but the 'private face' is a collection of links, notes, and integration - a personal message center.

Bill Lewis: This app is killer I used it for my regular day in day out office furniture business to set up a landing page for my Craigslist ads. I did spend the $19 on the pro kit for the extra features. Will be using this fro the Space HQ launch for our landing pages Killer job guys this does exactly what ti needs to do and it WORKS!!!

Idris Bhavnagarwala: This is awesome @n33co! Upgraded to the Pro Plan. (Still tinkering around with it)

If all the links opened in a new tab including the social icons, it'd be more convenient. Secondly, if there was an option to enable a drop shadow for the "box," it would kinda give a material UI feel to it. Especially, when using a solid background colour. Lastly, an option to add a custom favicon. :)

Everything else is awesome. Loved it! :)

Mike Peters: Relly good design. It takes me 5 minutes to create professional view webcard. Like you project. Good luck in your promotion!

jordan fish: Love this - just paid for pro. Small things:
- UI button on 'I agree to the terms' box difficult to find, I was stuck for a while
- Couldnt get back to the URL/settings page when trying to find how to change that again

Mario Gabriele: This is beautiful.

Bill Lewis: I've used this now to build several landing pages and the program really does work well i' simple enough anybody can use it. I'd love to see AJ now take this concept into being able to build out a full blown site

Herman Schutte: Nice and straight forward. How about adding an option to add your Product Hunt profile to the list of social icons?

Roman: Reminds me of a lot.

Nik Sharma: Very cool! Just made mine - - although since it's simply a bio, trying to figure out where all to use it.

Sebastian Rumberg: It even supports emoji's and animations. I really like it :)

Would be great if I could remove the underline from URLs.

Bill Lewis: Simple enough for anybody to use for a bio, landing page, feature test, etc. This is a fantastic tool for the non dev back round people to build a killer page Best thing I've seen on PH so far this year

Rob Petrozzo: @n33co really well put together. Super thoughtful design + transitions in the outputs- has the same understated attention to detail that drew me to Pixelarity over other options. 👏🏻👏🏻

Marko Vuletic: I love the fact that you don't even have to register/login to start playing around!

aj: Hey folks! Carrd is a project I've been building off and on since last summer. It's my first "major" solo project since HTML5 UP / Pixelarity, and definitely the most complex thing I've ever attempted to build on my own (more on that another time), so I'm super excited to finally share it with the world (well, the world outside my Twitter following at least :)

The concept behind Carrd is pretty straightforward: it's a free service for building and hosting simple, responsive, one-page sites for ... basically whatever, be it a personal "business card" style site or a "coming soon" page with a Mailchimp signup form to capture emails. It's fast, super simple to use, and 100% free, though bonus features (like forms and custom domain support) are available with the (entirely optional) $19/year Pro plan. A few quick examples I whipped up:

And a couple using forms if you're into that sort of thing:

Now I know there are *tons* of other products in this space already (including some really great ones featured right here on Product Hunt), but having been in its orbit for some time I think that's simply a function of how big the space is (which totally makes sense; everyone's needs are a little different). So, my goal with Carrd was to create a product that really focused on simplicity and ease of use while still being capable of building attractive/functional sites. Based on early feedback I think I've come pretty close to that goal, but as I'm sure there's plenty of room for improvement (as indicated by its "kinda-sorta-beta" state) please let me know what you think :)

Gabriel Reynard: For a Beta product I must say: AWESOME! This is a great tool for everyone who don't want to spend much time on development or has no re$ources to do it. Congrats! 👏

Nick Coates: Awesome job @n33co! Whilst some say it could be a crowded marketplace for services like Carrd, you've definitely made it stand out by making it clean & simple 👌

Danny Fiorentini: this is sick.

Sunyan Lee: Very cool project AJ. Are e-mail sign-ups and tracking (+some basic analytics) in the works? If you offer a service like that for free I would use this over something like LaunchRock in a heartbeat because of how it beautiful and easy to set-up everything is.

Zac Nielson: I run a creative agency that focuses on website design, and even I want to use this for my personal single page site. Already have it up! So easy, so elegant, I love it. I like to keep a close eye on industry trends and new brands, and I think this is something that has a massive amount of potential, good work!

Ryan: Love it - took 5 min to make this beautiful site :)

aj: @isocialfanz Cool! Let me know what you all think :)

aj: @bradleytayne Glad you like it! :)

aj: @askdaylen Sorry, just saw this comment :P Not supported just yet, though that *might* change at some point.

aj: @rui_catalao Pretty sure I replied to this, but for posterity:

Free accounts = Build up to 3 sites per account
Pro accounts = Build up to 10 sites per account
Pro Plus accounts = Build up to 100 sites per account

Noah Chestnut: @n33co Great work! Any chance building a payments feature such as Memberful ?

Andu POTORAC: @proki_x @n33co There could be. :-) aj, I'll get in touch.

aj: @bentossell @aadi193 Indeed! Go for it man -- the more choices the better :)

aj: @bentossell Nice! And yes, glaring oversight on my part. I'll get it fixed :)

Ben Tossell: @n33co Missing a trick.... need to add a Product Hunt button to add to my profile :)

Looks really awesome.

Set up my site here:

One day when I get time I'll make it better 🙄

elad: @n33co Amazing!
Theres any way I can add video background to my page?

Jascha Brinkmann: @ajlkn @mrsharma Any updates on this? :)

Aditya Ahluwalia: @n33co absolutely brilliant loved it... we are also trying something like this but it is now where as good :P can we think something together BTW here is mine :)

aj: @reot004 Hey thanks! :)

aj: @katy_cierna Looks great! Glad you like it :)

aj: @arunpattnaik Hey, try scrolling down in that panel.

aj: @ultimodesastre Definitely among my favorites. Nice job man :)

aj: @abderhasan Cool! Hopefully you and a lot of other folks :)

aj: For anyone reading this now: a *ton* of cool stuff has been added to Carrd since it debuted on PH (much of it in response to feedback I got from here :) If you're curious, check my Twitter feed (@n33co).

aj: @salaverryphilip @youplus Emailed!

aj: @rfreling For posterity, this has since been addressed :)

aj: @workstationw Thanks Bill!

aj: @faraujoj Nice!

philip salaverry: @n33co just discovered your product, I love it! I am having a problem publishing my page (the publish button is greyed down)... can you help? if yes, pls email me at to advise, thx.

aj: @franciskim_co Hmm, at this point about 8 months (off and on, though in recent months I really kicked up work on it).

Matt Gardner: @n33co Loving it. Congrats for kicking me off for my personal homepage :) Immediate premium, hope you made some good coin today! Excited to see where it goes.

P.S. Please for the outline buttons add some hover effect in css ;)

aj: @scotty_webb Nice! And I can't believe I forgot to include an Unsplash icon. Will definitely fix that :)

aj: @chuckkahn But I'm taking it a step further with giphy integration pretty soon, so that'll be nuts.

David: @n33co with carrd 😬

aj: @mrkyol Basically just following Google's webmaster guidelines (which IMO is pretty much all you need to do these days; Google's really smart :)

aj: @blovgren Thank you Bryan!

aj: @craigjbarber Thanks Craig!

aj: @clddsh888 Think I already verified your account manually?

Ada Chen: @n33co Thanks, but it should be my own problem ( I set sth wrong) can you send me again, thanks!

aj: @zabimaru_ichigo Nice!

Kela: @n33co sure, it's

aj: @clddsh888 Got your email. I'll get it sorted out!

aj: @jacilynh Woohoo!

aj: @workstationw Really appreciate it Bill! Glad you like the service!

aj: @zabimaru_ichigo This is awesome! What's her site URL, if you don't mind my asking?

aj: @bwm748 Thanks Bill!

aj: @thenathanruff Oh yeah, definitely need to do this.

aj: @miscalzoncillos Awesome!

aj: @dmuellr Should be fixed now!

aj: @miscalzoncillos Basically the #1 requested feature right now so you're not alone. Will address that :)

Deron Sizemore: @n33co Very cool. Thanks! Never heard of Skel but will definitely check it out. I'll drop you a quick line via email as well about something that crossed my mind.

aj: @tomcharde Nice!

aj: @tomcharde @brianball Yup, that would do it. I need to make this clearer though.

Tom Charde: @brianball Click outside of the content box to access the background element and manage options.

aj: @deronsizemore Hey thanks! As to your question: just jQuery. Everything else is either mine (Skel, jquery.touch) or custom.

David: @n33co Hi! I miss the favicon and few features more... but great job! I will go to Pro account ;)

Matt Gardner: @n33co Wicked! Also I noticed your image uploader converts to png. I wanted to use a gif ;) Is that possible, or even linking to one hosted elsewhere?

aj: @cobionecanobi Thanks! And yeah, couldn't agree more.

aj: @modernty As in building your site on Carrd, but hosting it *elsewhere*?

Tyler: @n33co I'm referring to hosting, not simply using a custom domain. Any news on that?

aj: @aparkhills Hey, at least it's not one of the many other crappy names I initially picked out :)

Joe Goldstein: @aramiggs It definitely reminds me of, but functionally it's probably closest to Tackk

Idris Bhavnagarwala: @n33co Sounds good! Will be waiting for all the new features. Again, keep it up. This thing is awesome! :)

aj: @tomaswilliamsa Thanks!!

aj: @thatmattgardner Definitely coming :)

aj: @shoemates Weird, what happens when you try to use it?

aj: @idris3396 Thanks so much Idris, really appreciate it!

New tab for links = Definitely in the works (for all links).

Favicon = Also in the works!

Drop shadow = Not sure if I'll add a setting for just this, but I do have something else in mind. Will keep everyone posted :)

aj: @topcities Thanks!

aj: @huntergray Thanks man!

Hunter Gray: @n33co beautiful design. Congratulations and great job on the release.

aj: @recal1brate Haha! Thanks man, really appreciate it :)

aj: @rueter Thanks Steven!

aj: @thatmattgardner Thanks Matt! Your site is looking pretty awesome btw :)

And yup, totally adding :hover styling to that (as well as other stuff).

aj: @andreanaomi777 Thanks! Pulling that off wasn't easy :)

aj: @workstationw Definitely a use case I was targeting. Thanks!

Alexander Kehaya: @n33co awesome

aj: @dmuellr Hmmm unicode should work fine, but I saw you emailed me just now so we'll pick this up there.

aj: @sethlouey Wow! Thanks dude :)

PS: "Missing Product Hunt icon" has been upgraded to "Severe".

aj: @munipandita @modernty Oh yeah, custom domains and subdomains are both supported with the pro upgrade (example =

aj: @dovidmehrentreu Looks great!

aj: @wilwired Thanks so much! Very much appreciate that :)

aj: @chuckkahn Yup!

aj: @batmanc It's cool; I know the feeling.

aj: @munipandita Cool! Let me know how it goes.

aj: @unseenvision Odd, should let you do that. Mind picking this up via email?

aj: @mrsharma That's a good enough use case IMO :)

aj: @karulin Going to be writing a post about that actually. Learned a *lot* of new stuff along the way, which I suppose is the best part about doing something yourself.

aj: @robpetrozzo Thanks man!

aj: @noahchestnut There is now! Thanks for the idea :)

Dominic Mueller: No worries... Just doesn't accept unicode yet... unicodes won't save... yet ;-)

Muni Perez: @modernty there's an option with a lock, it may be a premium feature to be implemented soon, I guess? Anyway it will be really interesting to have that.

elad: @n33co Ok , thank you :)

aj: @lynnfredricks IMO the added value is the ability to use it for more than just a personal profile. I don't know if I want to take it too far beyond what it is currently (as is the case with what you're describing, though that is indeed an interesting take), but it's still early days so we'll see.

aj: @proki_x Not yet but planned (once I figure out a good way to do it)! Can use gifs for now though :)

aj: @juhaelee Thanks! Hilariously those weren't even part of the original plan; users would just start with a blank canvas (basically the "Blank" option on the "Choose a Starting Point" screen). Ended up adding them during the closed beta b/c users had issues discovering all the stuff you can do with the builder.

aj: @navidmirzaie Thanks! Mobile still needs some work though IMO.

aj: @troy_ruediger Cool!

John Proksch-Whaley: @n33co This is really awesome AJ. Will definitely be using for our next product launch!

Deap Ubhi: @n33co Great work!

aj: @adigold1 Thank you!

aj: @nithinkumar_g Thx!

aj: @cruzheres Thanks!

aj: @sekrabbin Happy to hear that! That (the price) was one of the harder things to figure out :)

aj: @deapubhi To be honest I've actively avoided using (and even looking at) competing products. I wanted to force myself to figure out my own solutions to stuff from scratch.

aj: @pradeepdotco Woops, yeah that would do it :)

aj: @aramiggs Yep, it's kind of a half-step between that and more hardcore site builders, but I think it's a sweet spot for a lot of folks. Anyhow, let me know if you have any suggestions :)

aj: @jordanfish Ahh yeah :P

jordan fish: @n33co OHH publish opens another panel! I thought it was the action to publish. Got it, thanks

aj: @francisperron Nice! Phone UX still needs a bit of work I think, but it's getting there.

aj: @markoxvee Glad someone pointed this out! So I actually planned this waaaaaaaaaay early in the process because I *hate* having to sign up just to try something I might not even like. Plus, I figured just turning people loose on the site w/o needing to sign up beats the hell out of making an elaborate demo video to show it off.

aj: @rumberg Hmm yeah, link styling is definitely something I need to add!

aj: @vahen Okay yeah, I think the FontAwesome folks were running into this as well. Might implement a workaround.

aj: @gadgick Thanks dude!

Irfan Arif: @n33co lol ah that's probably it

aj: @shauntrennery Nice!

aj: @dannyfiorentini Thanks!!

aj: @jordanfish Hmm, on the publish panel?

PS: Thanks so much! :)

aj: @gaurav_1405 Thank you!

aj: @weheartscott Thank you!

aj: @danielmeng07 Thanks!

aj: @kleaklass When you go to publish it'll actually ask you for an email/password combo so it can set up an account for you when it's done. No need to subscribe to anything though.

aj: @vahen Hmm, running adblock? Has a habit of blocking anything containing a known brand name (like twitter).

aj: @gabrielreynard Thanks! Yup, that's what I was targeting :)

aj: @zacherynielson Nice!!!

aj: @romanzadyrako Yup, check out my reply to @aramiggs

aj: @mikepetersss Thanks!

aj: @sunyanlee Email signups = for capturing emails? If so that's in there. Analytics = taken care of if you're okay with using Google Analytics.

Pradeep Singh: Oh that was because I changed the background to white! I can see the options now!!

Ben Tossell: @aadi193 @n33co keep at it! I'm sure aj would agree :)

aj: @hermanschutte Good idea! Added to my to-do list :)

aj: PS: No invite (or even log-in) required. Just click "Choose a Starting Point" and have at it.

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