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介绍:Messenger for WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Slack & Hipchat

更新时间:2016-12-24 12:00:08

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Ryan Hoover: Feature request: an OOO auto-responder for all the things 🙏

Mauricio Salazar: Really nice idea and very much needed. I feel we go through this cycle of having 209384 chat apps every now and then.

I have one question @smalzner : what about privacy and security?

Igor Yuzovitskiy: Any chance of iChat integration? Complete autonomy of all chat applications from one place.

Fedotov Maxim: Would love to get Viber support

Miguel Amador: Tested the memory footprint is less than using the apps for each in separate. Getting 1gb with Skype, Slack, Hangouts, Whatsapp and Messenger on! Usually the individual apps used 400mb each.

Pedro A. Wunderlich: Installed and hooked up Slack, Messenger and Whatsapp. Great experience, straight to the point. Got up and running in no time.

Not sure about the icon design. Is it a hipster mustache passing as a bridge? Why not just the mustache and lose the two pillars that look like walrus fangs?

Dr. Nitin Bajaj, DBA: Great product! Plans to support Skype for Business (Lync)?

Miguel Amador: There is a horrible thing with this kind of things. Probably not your fault but electrum. In the Mac, the close button should minimize by design, not close the app. I want it running in the background and giving me notifications. Not close... Slack manage to do it well on Mac. Any ideas about this? I do not use the Hangouts Chrome App for the same reason, as I end closing it by default and not receiving notifications.

Fabrizio Rinaldi: Kudos, this looks really neat and handy! I've used it for a little while and here are my 2cents:
* Cmd+W should only close the window but keep Franz running in background and fetching new messages
* The app could really use a manu bar item indicate new unread messages (like we do with
* Maybe it could also lose the native top bar, it kinda gives aways the webapp nature of the app
Congrats, I'm really seeing myself using this daily :)

Sebastian Moser: This is really cool!
It'd be great though if there were a keyboard shortcut to switch between the messaging apps similar to tab switching in browsers (cmd + shift + "{", cmd + shift + "}", ctrl + tab, ctrl + shift + tab)

If you're using a German keyboard yourself, I realise the ones with curly brackets don't make much sense there, but they do on English ones :)

Thomas Schranz ⛄️: You might know the problem: You might prefer Whatsapp and Telegram but a handful of other people you know are mainly using Facebook Messenger or Hangouts or Skype. Same with team messaging platforms like Slack and Hipchat. So you run a combination of open tabs and native applications but it feels a bit like the days before Adium and Trillian.

Franz is a quite elegant take on this. One Mac app that unifies them all. The nice thing about Franz is that unlike in other cross-platform messengers like Adium where some features of some platforms only work some of the time Franz is actually using the web based messengers underneath so whenever there is a new sticker pack or a new way to share gifs Franz supports it immediately.

xi0n: Quick question, can you arrange that when hitting the red square, the program is not really closing but just minimized (like a lot of other software on mac) . I don't like to have a lot of open windows in my dock (that's why I never use the orange button :-) ) .

Lukas Gauster: Really cool stuff! Will try it out. Also, I love to see Grape in there ;)

Louis de Vaumas: That's a great idea! Do you intend to support custom HipChat urls? We use (self-hosted) but I can't put in this url.

Shane Mileham: iMessage support? This is great, but I typically switch from Messenger to Messages, so is it possible for the desktop app to read and send iMessages? If so I'd absolutely use it.

Akshay Bharwani: Any plans for Windows?

Stefan Malzner: In case you have any questions about Franz, feel free to ask. I am more than happy to answer all of them.

Guney Can Gokoglu: If you guys could add more screen shots of the app to your site that would be very good.

Dhruv Agrawal: Amazing product. Can think of just improvement right away: Keeping the application session ON on closing the app window using the red "x" button like most Mac Apps. That is something I don't like about Chrome apps - also the WhatsApp app on my dock :)

Thomas Peham: This is an awesome product! Is there any possibility to re-arrange the messenger tabs inside Franz?

Josef Trauner: This is really just a great product! One small feature request! "Mute all button"

Ariella Cheskis-Gold: Just downloaded it! Currently liking it a lot. I'm a project manager and use different tools to communicate with different team members and external clients. Sometimes it's a lot to have Google Hangouts and Slack and Skype open. I would love if LINE could be added.

Rudi MK: Love this. Brilliant. And what I also love? The whole historical explanation behind the name.

Ben: Great App, could you please modify it so, that the app does not completely quit on click the red X close button? That's kinda OS X default to not quit completely ;)

Dakota Younger: Uh...can we make more of these and less Trump sh*t? This made my morning (I don't get out much).

Ben: @__tosh Please open-source this!!!

Stefan Malzner: @adamengst @shanemileham this is definitely a very interesting idea 👏

Konrad Holubek: @smalzner @arturogoga was struggling with it for a while. Thanks !!

Christian Torres: @__tosh For work is excellent!

Maxime Pico: @smalzner @josef_trauner Up Stefan, this would be super awesome for distracted people like me :D And thank you so much for this (already) amazing product

Stefan Malzner: @batkom we are working on a fix for sending attachments in skype and it will come with one of the next updates. Skype calls is a bit trickier but we are working on that one too.
About logging you out of Skype and HipChat... can you please head over to and open a ticket, would love to get more information.

Michael Batko: @smalzner love it but theres 3 things which i hate
1) i cant receive pictures (skype - shows up as not authorized)
2) cant audio/video call straight from franz i always have to log back into skype
3) it keeps logging me out of skype and hipchat and i need to relogin

Stefan Malzner: @__tosh Thank you so much for hunting Franz. <3

Rajarshi Nigam: @themiguelamador This is actually a relatively easy fix with Electron, the main fix is just removing this code:

app.on('window-all-closed', function () {

unfortunately Franz doesn't seem to be open source.

Miguel Amador: @stephanduq This is a general problem with the framework behind this apps, rather than Franz only.

Paul Stoellberger: @pddro +1 for that. much cleaner icon

Romil Mittal: This is great, thanks for the hunt.

Dominic Coryell: @smalzner @byte_down Sure this is on the radar and really challenging, but this would be AMAZING. Great job on this product. I love it so far.

Stefan Malzner: @louisdv thank you very much for bringing this up! I honestly haven't thought of that yet.
I will look into this. Anyone else using HipChat as a self hosted service?

Eric Wu: @ariella_cg Agreed! if they can add LINE support will be great!

Stefan Malzner: @themiguelamador it's fixed in the latest version! :)

Abinash Mohanty: @__tosh Bravo! Awesome creation! Also, are you planning to make this cross platform?

Stefan Malzner: @nadia_yun from our website :)
Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria had a rough time following the downfall of the Austrian Empire. Why not give someone with the presumably exceptional communication skills of an emperor a second chance?

Nadia: @smalzner What is the brand story behind the name Franz?

Lizzy | ILUZIE: @smalzner Sweeeet

Stefan Malzner: @akshaybharwani you can sign up for the windows beta at the website. We'll start roll out next week.

Alok Jariwala: @__tosh it might be great to have a mobile app for it which could be challenging but worth it. I think if you make it paid $2 to $5 orpeople will pay for it 😄 may be more .

maique: @__tosh Thank you for putting this together. SO handy when you have people on all the networks.

levelsio: @__tosh Love this! So useful. And such a smart implementation by making it all web!

One thing, could you add auto focus of text field when I cmd-tab into the app?

Inês Silva: @josef_trauner Completely agree!

Thomas Peham: @smalzner woohoo! That was fast :)

Stefan Malzner: @tompeham you can now re-arrange the tabs in the latest version

Justin Mitchell: @smalzner Fantastic! I've been using it non-stop. Saves me extra windows and I'm all for that.

Stefan Malzner: @mehedih_ you can now sign up at the website to ger the windows beta next week

Stefan Malzner: @itsthisjustin this is fixed in the latest version

Stefan Malzner: @damiencasoni sorry, will add this info. However, starting the rollout next week.

Stefan Malzner: @benmarten fixed in the latest version :)

Damien Casoni: @smalzner @aparkhills I subscribed before reading this comment and assumed that I'd have access to a Beta version of the app for Windows. Please be more specific for next users, state that the Win version is in development and the mailing list is just to be informed when it'll be available. ;)

Mike Heininger: @smalzner looking forward to it!

Lizzy | ILUZIE: @smalzner is it here yet??? ;)

Ishan: @smalzner looking forward for the windows release

Stefan Malzner: @malikelbay thank you very much 😊

Francesco Nacchia: @smalzner Thank you! I write you a personal message. :-)

Stefan Malzner: @frenklive thank you very much! We are currently evaluating new services and will update Franz as soon as possible

Arun Pattnaik: @smalzner That was fast!

Stefan Malzner: @arunpattnaik please update to the newest version on the website

Arun Pattnaik: @smalzner The same error is back. It's a hassle to add all the accounts again. Do you have a fix/patch/update yet?

Stefan Malzner: @arunpattnaik Unfortunately there is a bug that may damage the settings of Franz. What you can do is to go to your finder press Cmd+Shift+G and go to "~/Library/Application Support/Franz/settings" and delete the "settings.json"

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Stefan Malzner: @ishu3101 net yet. the next goal is to finish the windows version and than we'll evaluate if new platforms would work/make sense.

bradherman: @smalzner You rock

Stefan Malzner: @bradherman I'll rollout the automated update over the weekend which is going to fix that. If you don't want to wait you can download the newest version of Franz on

Stefan Malzner: @mikeseeh wow, love to hear that! Unfortunately Franz does not support external plugins yet but i'm looking into it.

Stefan Malzner: @unitechy Cmd+1/2/3/...

Patrick Thompson: @dakotayounger Oh you mean actually useful apps that will be used for more than a quick laugh? I completely agree.

Stefan Malzner: @rajington @themiguelamador it's a bit trickier than this... BUUUT, there is an update coming today fixing this and some other issues and adding support for re-arranging tabs.

Miguel Amador: @rajington Great! @smalzner This a good tip to solve the issue!

Roman Rybalchenko: @smalzner I already subscribed to newsletter. Want to say that cmd+q is really important for new updates and skype calls if possible.

Stefan Malzner: @shimmb just sit back and relax and let the auto update to it's job :)
Btw.. there is one coming today. 🎉

Adam C. Engst: @shanemileham @smalzner And to up the ante, I would certainly review Franz in TidBITS if such a feature appeared. :-)

Shane Mileham: @smalzner @adamengst - If Franz adds this, I'll definitely be using it and telling all my friends :) Let me know if/when you add support. Thanks for the idea Adam!

Ben: @gerbz lol, i know this, but its still annoying that it fully closes, since OS X default is not closing completely (which is CMD+Q) ;)

Stephan Duquesnoy: @themiguelamador This is actually the reason why I stopped using Franz already. Just bad user experience

Arun Pattnaik: @smalzner That worked. But it deleted all the apps I connected. Blank slate now.

Adam C. Engst: @smalzner @shanemileham Would it be possible to use AppleScript to talk to Messages in the background?

Arun Pattnaik: @smalzner any clue what this is and how do I fix it?

Wojtek Witkowski: @themiguelamador You could use ⌘H in the meantime.

Steve Weiner: @smalzner never mind! find them and love them

Steve Weiner: @smalzner have you built keyboard shortcuts yet? specifically toggling btwn different chat windows

Stefan Malzner: @_yannbertrand thanks for your feedback. This is coming with a future update.

Stefan Malzner: @senthos sure, it just needs a bit more work ;)

Stefan Malzner: @raito_bezarius technically it is possible, the catch is with the system integration which is currently not good enough to deliver a product that someone wants to use without being forced to.
So atm I cannot say when or if there is a linux version.

Stefan Malzner: @shimmb re-arranging is coming with one of the next updates

Stefan Malzner: @byte_down unfortunately not at the moment.

Stefan Malzner: @yigitkonur thanks a lot! For me it was always a pain to not be able to use cmd+tab to quickly focus my chat windows. Having one window that is instantly identifiable (with the icon) while going through tabs or clicking the dock icon does the trick for me. I usually have 50+ tabs in multiple browser windows and I accidentally close the windows/tabs way too often.

Stefan Malzner: @iluzienl @akshaybharwani sure :)

Can Kutlu Kınay: Yeah I also pressed cmd+w to surprisingly discover Franz is quitting.

Stefan Malzner: @christophebran @stephan I'll evaluate wechat within the next couple of weeks. Re-arranging services will come with one of the next updates.

Lizzy | ILUZIE: @smalzner @akshaybharwani Please let me know when it's ready!

Stefan Malzner: @shanemileham unfortunately it's currently not possible to offer iMessage support.

Stefan Malzner: @mehedih_ I'm currently working on a windows build. Hopefully Franz will be finished for windows within the next two weeks.

Stefan Malzner: @rrhoover haha, we can talk about that 🦄

Stefan Malzner: @tukeke Franz does not work with the services APIs, instead you are using the direct web interface of a service like or Franz does not store anything besides the typical browser cache like chrome or safari is doing it.

Greg Gerber: @benmarten Command + H instead

Greg Gerber: @_jacksmith It's a browser of messengers with each tab being the web interface of the messenger in use. The benefits over just launching each messenger as a tab in your browser are that it allows multiple sessions of the same messenger and centralizes the notifications.

Stefan Malzner: @arturogoga i had this issue as well. What worked for me is in the messenger view clicking on the settings icon -> settings -> notifications -> turn on desktop notifications. Which was disabled by default.

Clayton Brand: @pddro Agreed. After much discerning, I think the "fang" looking things are supposed to be mutton chops.

Peter Böttges: @pstoellberger @smalzner I guess it works, because the tabs in Franz are similar to rethemed chrome tabs?
However, if I middle-click on one of them Franz opens a new window of itself, just like a link in crome would. A Chrome-Tab would close not 100% sure about my explanation above :)

drew olanoff: @klavr @smalzner yasss need dms

Paul Stoellberger: @sebmos this made me try CMD + (number). which works surprisingly. +1 for more shortcuts though!

Jake Smith: @themiguelamador Yes, this is annoying!

Stefan Malzner: @akshaybharwani a windows version is hopefully coming within the the next two weeks.

Justin Mitchell: @smalzner Ah that would be it then.

Stefan Malzner: @hnatkovskyy at the moment Franz is a sideproject I really care about. Over the next couple of days/weeks I'll look into it how people are using Franz and then I'll be able to decide what the next steps could/should be.

Stefan Malzner: @itsthisjustin does your tabbar have two rows? There is currently an issue if you have too many services.

Stefan Malzner: @jeanpaulh unfortunately the server is having a hard time right now but i'm moving the site to another server.
In the meantime, you can download Franz here:

edit: everything is up & running again.

Stefan Malzner: @themiguelamador haha nice! thanks for testing that 🦄

Stefan Malzner: @aparkhills sure, on scroll down and you'll find a signup for the mailing list :)

Stefan Malzner: @ourielohayon exactly

Ouriel Ohayon: @smalzner i see you re using web versions of those chats. i guess that s why...

Stefan Malzner: @eevmanu @marietatibouet electron makes allows Franz to rudimentarily run on linux. Unfortunately there are way too many UX issues with the systems integration to even name an approximate release date for that / if it's possible at all.

Stefan Malzner: @ourielohayon Would love to but not at the moment. Can't guarantee a good user experience on mobile with the current approach.

Stefan Malzner: @heymatt_j thanks a lot :)
They are already on my list. Hopefully I have time to push some updates soon.

Stefan Malzner: @evivz franz is simply using the interface of

Manuel Solorzano: @smalzner @marietatibouet and Linux development? does electron help you with that or not? Thanks for an amazing product!

Stefan Malzner: @arturogoga you are welcome :)

Arturo Goga: @smalzner that was it! thanks!

Stefan Malzner: @karimjdda haha :D
it's made with Electron and Backbone.js 🍻

Stefan Malzner: @xi0n it's already on my todolist :D

Stefan Malzner: @marietatibouet The way how Franz is built would not work on mobile without destroying the whole usability. But we never now what the future might bring ;)

Stefan Malzner: @sebmos thank you for your feedback. I'm confident that one of the upcoming versions will have better shortcut support ;) #FranzLeaks

Stefan Malzner: @rickats Franz uses the provided web interfaces like – so no need to touch the actual API's

Stefan Malzner: @doutatsu currently Franz is limited to services which provide a web interface. Hopefully Viber is providing one in the near future.

Rick Kats: nvm i see its in an iframe, good work :)

Stefan Malzner: @josef_trauner thank you for your feedback. "Mute all" is something that crosses my mind for quite a while now and I hope I'm able to add a nice solution for that soon.

Stefan Malzner: @gausterlukas We are using Grape as our company message service. So, definitely a must-have for Franz :)

Stefan Malzner: @palash76 <3

Stefan Malzner: @oliverlukesch thanks, thats a very good questions. It may be super convenient to use chrome sessions but every Franz tab is sandboxed which allows you to use multiple instances of a service without them interfering each other. However, Franz stores those sandboxed sessions. So, once you've logged in (and haven't disabled the "remember me" option) there is no need to re-login several times.

Stefan Malzner: @tompeham thank you for your feedback. Re-arranging tabs is already a prioritized task on my todo list and is hopefully coming in the next two weeks.

Stefan Malzner: @rajasimon technically, Franz is nothing less than a web browser that has been optimized for the supported messaging services. He does not need access to any API since he only uses the provided web services like

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