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介绍:Brand new redesign to Google Fonts ✨

更新时间:2016-12-24 18:52:39

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Ian Smith: This is insane. I'm in love with the "Popular Pairings" after clicking into a font. Well done.

Yiğitcan Kutay Güler: This is UX!

Kevin Suttle @IBMIoT: Apparently MS Edge is not supported.

Thom Holman: Looks great, but disappointed with the removal of the JS embed option.

Dima Blover 🔸: So fresh & minimalistic design, yet in the previous version it is easier to embedd fonts in markup.

Mohit Gangrade: Finally. What I always wanted =D
The redesign looks awesome. I hope it works awesomely as well. :)

Barend: woah

Jay Tong: so clean!

veronica: So clean! Love it!

Bryan Mikaelian: Great job with the redesign!

Vicki Lee: Much cleaner and easier to browse through more fonts. And I like the pie chart on country usage!

Trevor Abram: Nice!

Oleg Avrah: Nice!

John Ue: Would be even better if there is Korean font.

Alexander Isora 🌀: It's a pity you have removed the Web Font Loader JS string ;\ As a developer I'm disappointed.

Nick Coates: About time, but what a difference! So fresh & clean!

Xavier L.: Finally ! :)

Saijo George: loving the new look

Gabriel Reynard: Good job!

Alana Panny: Nice job! I like the redesign :)

Diego Zaks: What a wonderful job. This should not go unnoticed!

Oğuzhan Aslan: Good job. Love it!

Thanasis: More practical! @google #googlefonts

Donald Hruska: That favicon looks familiar :-)

James Edward Parkin: Not a fan of the sidebar navigation. Prefer the previous version. Embedding isnt so bad, but not as friendly as before.

Alexandre Vallières: @sweetiebelka @andmitsch totally agree :) However, I do not often rebuild my fonts. So yes, its a manual step but one that I usually done only once. But if you have, for example an icon font, I can see the usefulness of a Gulp or Grunt task! :)

Alexandre Vallières: @andmitsch @sweetiebelka I suggest reading this: it's much better explained than I can in a simple PH comment ;D

Alexandre Vallières: @andmitsch @sweetiebelka I like how storing the font in localStorage is even better. Easily implemented with

Eric Li: @askdaylen should be good now! :)

Kevin Suttle @IBMIoT: @eli8527 Nice! Thanks!

Eric Li: @kevinsuttle should be now!

Alexander Isora 🌀: @andmitsch @vallieres nice tool. Yet, a gulp (grunt/webpack) task is a must, don't you think? Visiting your page each time I need to compile fonts is annoying. I prefer having all the stuff in my gulpfile.js

Andreas Mitschke: @vallieres @sweetiebelka sweet, thanks ^^

Andreas Mitschke: @vallieres @sweetiebelka doesn't saving in local storage come with certain licensing issues?

I'd like to know how local storage competes with browser cache - performance-wise.

Andreas Mitschke: @sweetiebelka That might be because Typekit/Google's and every js webfont loader is far from good practice. No caching, no compression, potential script issues, slow performance and guaranteed FOUT.

Atm, the most performant and easiest to maintain way remains simple CDN-hosted CSS @ inclusion and let the browser engine care about the rest.

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