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介绍:Email copy from great companies.

更新时间:2016-12-24 14:48:20

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William McGowan: Great thought starters. There's some fun attitude in these!

Lynn Fredricks: Very handy! Reading great writing is how you learn to become a great writer.

Kristyna Vrbova: Great! I’m always finding inspiration by emails and messages from other companies. And this is perfectly organised. I’m adding it to my collection for building apps. Really good job!

Manuel Frigerio: This is just AWESOME. Thanks for sharing guys :)

Ouriel Ohayon: really good idea. would be great to have it in various desktop/mobile formating

Todd Broyles: This is awesome! Excited to see what the PH community recommends adding to the list. I can see investor emails being added as well.

Miguel Novais: Thank you for such good email copy ;)

darby: love it

mihir : Thanks @collinmathilde for making it. Now I don't have to spend 0.5 or 1 hours before sending my mails :)

Haseeb Awan: Great collection and bookmarked. Front always on front !

Luke Fitzpatrick: Very cool!!

Csaba Kissi: Exceptional. Very useful for people building SaaS. Thank you @collinmathilde

Patrice Laperriere: Can we click the upvote button more than once?
I had the "Good Email Copy" idea in mind for years. It's a pleasure to see that and I hope it will succeed!

Nine Black: 1200 Upvotes in 17 hours is fab!! And since we are about to launch, this is a great help!!

Chris Ronzio: Incredible! Like an instant copy swipe file. I'll be using this all week.

Ryan Hoover: Super useful. @whale's Really Good Emails is also a great resource.

Marija Hr: really great and useful concept/idea :)

Rich Allen: Awesome product. Looks great

Brendan Ho: Duuuude! This is awesome. Thanks for putting this list together. :)

Carmen Schoene: Good idea - good stuff! how did you come up with this + are you planning to extend?

Gareth Capon: Thanks for the @grabyo mention... :)

Rick Kats: awesome!

Mathilde Collin: Our mission at Front is to help people communicate better. Usually, it means building the best communication software possible, but today we’re doing something different. We’re releasing a collection of emails that we think have great copy, so the PH community can get inspiration for their own communication.

I know a few initiatives similar to this one were launched recently but I guess:
1. you never have too many examples
2. our approach is really focused on the copy, not the design of the emails.That’s why it’s plain text: easy to search, easy to copy and paste the content and adapt it to your own “style” :)

Looking forward to your feedback/suggestions!

Kushagra Agarwal: This is very useful! It would be awesome if there was a way to share those emails (permalinks?).

Pouyan Salehi: Well done Mathilde! This looks great!

Ben Tossell: @collinmathilde cool collection of emails

what 'checklist' do you have for email copy making it to your list?

Mathilde Collin: @bentossell thanks Ben! we're looking for emails that are simple, short, no boiler plate (sometimes with light humor, sometimes just very sincere, etc.)

Crystal Chen: @collinmathilde Thanks for sharing this! This is definitely something I'll need now and then and I've just bookmarked it. :) Happy treasure hunting!

Fabio Araujo: @collinmathilde Well i have to say thanks. This is great

Giuliano Iacobelli: @collinmathilde that's great, I was looking for something like this :)

Mathilde Collin: @mirmayne of course!

Daveyon Mayne: @collinmathilde can I use this for my startup's website? Can I copy word for word?

Matthew Smith: @rrhoover We like to think so! We recently added live views so you can see how people built emails as well.

Jan Klimo: @collinmathilde I like this! I'd like to see some ideas for Order Confirmation as well.

Alex Scott: @collinmathilde Although collides with your core mission (just copy), would be great to provide context through ways to reference flows before/after the email communication to see a more holistic view of voice and language. Thanks for compiling!

Inês Silva: @collinmathilde Love it! I'm fascinated by companies that build products in public! I can imagine that publishing your roadmap to the public is a big (maybe scary) step! What has been the impact of this to the company? And to you personally?!

Blake Kraft: Hi @charlie_chenghis thanks for the comment. This isn't our product, just a collection for great content the team Front team has found. Our core product is and you can find our pricing plans here: I'd be happy to walk you through a demo if you're interested :)

François Grante: @collinmathilde Great idea! Very often I have to dig into my Gmail to get inspiration from my favorite SaaS companies. Problem solved ;)

Jordan Walker: @collinmathilde thanks for this!

Mathilde Collin: @gmiinko will do! we received a lot of them today :)

Wilsar™: @collinmathilde This is timely, and it's being bookmarked. Definitely inspiring. Thank you :)

Tamás Rátkai: @collinmathilde I just loved it! The way you show the examples are just awesome!

Mathilde Collin: @isss111 i've shared a few insights here: :)

Ram: @collinmathilde -- Amazing product, looks like a great collection, might be very helpful for the starters...:) Keep up the great work...cheers..:)

Mathilde Collin: @athif thanks!

Athif: @collinmathilde WOW! This is sooo useful and I like the way you made it so simple via appropriate categorization. Kudos!

Mathilde Collin: @joy014 thank you :)

Mathilde Collin: @jeff_nolan thanks! please send us these emails and we'll add them on the website :)

Inês Silva: @collinmathilde Awesome! Definitely inspiring! Are you going to keep adding examples?! What can we expect from Front in the upcoming months?!

Mathilde Collin: @isss111 yes we'll keep adding examples! you can know what we're up to by looking at our public roadmap: :)

Mathilde Collin: @ourielohayon thanks Ouriel! you're totally right. that's something we'll add :)

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