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介绍:Walkie-talkie re-invented

更新时间:2016-12-24 08:16:25

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Jonathan Widawski: This looks absolutely amazing, UX-wise and concept-wise.
What's the dev-stack here? I'm just asking because it feels React Native based!
Congratulations anyway, cheers!

Leroy Etienne: Very sleek product, congrats. I Love that I can use the app with only one hand even on my huge 6+ . The pull to browse feature is also pretty neat. Keep the good work going guys

brryant: We love using tribe at @webflowapp! Really stoked to see another Webflow user launch on PH! Congrats @ldesserrey and team!

Tom Benattar: Amazing app! Congrats team! 😄

Kevin Le Goff: My son 1st experience through a smartphone, was on Tribe :) Using it since the beta, love the ux, very promising

Cédric Giorgi: Been using it with my family to send short videos of my little daughter. They love it.

Guillaume Castellana: Been using Tribe for some time now, mainly to quickly update the rest of my team.
Main advantage? Talk as you were in the room. Way faster than Slack or SMS.
Keep it up guys!

Carlos Diaz: I have been lucky to be part of the first beta testers and I've seen how the team improved the product day after day listening carefully to the users. It took them months to get there, they've been very patient and now the job is paying off. Proud of you guys. Vive la France!

Adam O'Kane: This is fun, which is always the first benchmark of social apps. The way they ask for permissions is gradual and well done. I also like the direct line to the CEO, which provides support and lets you try the product.

Good luck to the team!

Kristján Ingi: I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a new product.

The first impression was simply brilliant. Perfect UX and I immediately connected with the UI.
High five to your designers!

Anyways - I can imagine quite a few scenarios where I wouldn't want to talk to my phone. Is there a plan to implement some kind of text-based image messaging or are you going all-in to avoid that?

Kudos to ya'll.

Ben Wilson: I really like this! From the video demos it looks pretty awesome, however it no likey my phone :(

CyrilPaglino: Thanks Jonathon for posting! Feels great being here today.

Find us easily by typing in your mobile browser.

Tribe is a five-month old product that we started building in Paris (bare with us as our english improves) and now work on from our new home in SF, where the four of us moved three weeks ago.

We remove the pains you experience everyday on the most popular mobile messaging apps.
A few inspiring teams started working on this in 2014. We want to bring freshness to the space through efficient and design-driven approaches.

We've been humbled by our beta users feedback. People ages 7 to 77 have been using Tribe.
Some to quickly message team members at work, others communicating with friends and family.

Oh, and Snapchat? It's more a “Story” tool, right? Amazing product, but definitely not a messaging app anymore.

Enjoy :)

Timothée Le Borgne: Congrats @CyrilPaglino ! Loved the concept back when you showed me the first early prototype - love the app now that it's all bright & shiny :D

Keep up the good work!

Jonathon Triest: Really pumped that Tribe is now live. We're big fans (and investors) and fell in love with the teams meticulous design-driven approach. I had the pleasure of spending time with the team yesterday, and was blown away by their hustle and interest in their users feedback. Team to watch!

Vincent Vacher: I've been on the beta test of Tribe, this app is awesome. A whole new way to communicate seamlessly with your friends & family. Congrats team 🙏

tom meagher: The pull to search is super cool!

Charles Ganem: Perfect execution. Simplicity. Colorful. Congrats guys!

Ryan Hoover: I started playing with the beta a few months ago. Immediately, it reminded me of Taptalk @ogtfaber), Tiiny (cc @kevinrose, @hemeon), Cap, and a few other grid-based photo/video messengers. Some of them saw early success but none appear to have blown up.

Why will Tribe work, @cyrilpaglino? cc @kevinrose, @hemeon, @dtrinh, @ogtfaber

Morgan Beller: Also been on Tribe since the summer (thanks @8artd for the heads up). At first I thought "really, another messaging app?" (Not trying to be a hater) But then I tried it out and it really is different. It's hard to put your finger on it but once you try the experience - you'll see. The design, the experience, the "fun."

I also think @cyrilpaglino is a huge part of the X factor. He's continued to impress me with his product vision, design acumen, and true hustle (not to overuse the buzzwords). He picked up from Paris, got a hacker house in SF, and has a wall full of post-it's for the roadmap. (@jtriest can testify)

Can't wait to see what this team builds next - "see" you all on Tribe!

CyrilPaglino: @bentossell @cyrilpaglino Thanks Ben ! I had the same kind of needs when was a kid :wink:
We want to keep the content “raw” so you don’t take time to send a message. When you send a lot of message in a single discussion, you can't take time to craft each one of them. How did you feel about that while playing with the app?

Bart Dessaint: Been using since beta this summer, a few observations:

*single tap carves out 'selfie videos messages' from an iMessage or @Snapchat, which require 3-N taps + has the distraction of content improvement/review
*asynchronicity makes for a lower pressure FaceTime or a (video) voicemail, you'll actually listen to...
*private groups allow for multiple sub-networks and proper, intimate 'roasting' of friends :-)

TBT to Nextel, 'beep beep'

HT to makers @cyrilpaglino @ldesserrey @nicolasbradier @ctcrecords and my Tribe contacts @beller @eronzano @pascalmercier @2lr @zalzally @gentlemanbasil @benrbn @rrhoover for tolerating my mug!

Faisal Hassan: This is the coolest app ever!

Laurent Desserrey: Feels amazing from everyone but especially from you guys. Webflow is one of the best product I've ever used. Was perfect the build landing page ( :)

Guillaume Dumortier: Been a tester since the very early days and it's immensely addictive and well thought. Congrats @cyrilpaglino and team!

Clément Delangue: Amazing team for an amazing product!

CyrilPaglino: @rrhoover @rrhoover You're right, none has blown up yet and there might be a few reasons for that. Timing might be one of them. Behaviors are changing progressively, and people are getting used to record themselves daily. Connectivity is getting better and better and video compression even more performant. Video will rise sooner or later, but it has to be approached with the right angle and a perfect execution. (we hope ours will be the good one)

As Drake said, "It ain't about who did it first, It's 'bout who did it right" :)

Community is also one of the key. Ours is still small but very active and engaging since few months.

Would love to hear what you guys think about our product and your experience on this market.
cc @kevinrose @hemeon @dtrinh @ogtfaber :)

Ben Tossell: @cyrilpaglino This looks really cool... for some reason before I had a phone I was really into walkie-talkies and wanted to spend hundreds of £££'s on some awesome ones.... without a good use-case for them - I was a kid, so what?!

Looking at the product demo it reminds me of when I lived in China and the locals using WeChat often record messages to each other instead of typing.

I like this whole combo of voice/video but curious to see if there had been any thought into text addition too?

tom meagher: @nicolasbradier @widawskij Swift or Obj-C?!

Jason Roberts: @cyrilpaglino Really love this ! I see myself using tribe with my team and family members to have a human face to face interaction and stay in touch with them in a personal way and to update and notify as well ! Wish more people start using tribe as well . Wish you great success ! :)

Ryan Hoover: @cyrilpaglino haha, love that you quoted Drake and I completely agree, timing, execution, and other unpredictable factors can lead to the success or failure of something that's been tried before.

Lela Perez: @danolandy This is exactly the first thing I thought of when I heard the "walkie talkie" and the "press to record, release to send" verbage being used here. Blab's video walkie talkie was even on PH here and here

CyrilPaglino: @joelokama Thanks for your feedback Joel ! Agreed to the all part !

Tiago Duarte: @tsunaze It's not shameless at all! Let us keep in touch!

Pierre-Marie Galite: @ctcrecords @tsunaze I know it's a bit shameless, but if you have job openings for Android developers in the future, could you remember me >:)? Always looking for another challenge in life!

Ben Wilson: @ctcrecords @benwilsondesign Yes I got it working, thanks! Been testing it out this evening

Daveyon Mayne: @nicolasbradier Great stuff! I'll keep an eye on it :)

James Burton: @jbschaff it's a just typeface, and yours has a little star on it

CyrilPaglino: @david770 Thanks David. We thought there is no better place in the world to do Consumer/Mobile + was more exiting/inspiring to be here for this product + We have some great friends here + Hacker house, all together, really funny :)

Laurent Desserrey: @brandonuttley thanks Brandon! Snapchat is great for Stories tho :)

Tiago Duarte: @tsunaze That is great to hear! So glad! :D

CyrilPaglino: @karanbhangui haha thanks the com, and the Tom's reference ;)

Ghilia Weldesselasie: @cyrilpaglino Great, cause or else it becomes one of those apps you try to get your friends to use and then stop using it after one week.

Pierre-Marie Galite: @ctcrecords @tsunaze Already enrolled two friends of mine :)

Laurent Desserrey: @valfounder thanks man - thank you so much for your amazing help. I mean it :)

Laurent Desserrey: @karanbhangui Thanks Karan, it's good to hear as we spent some times crafting the "Onboarding" and "Ask permissions" process ;)

Jonathon Triest: @beller u always surface the bestest.

Jared Schaffer: @cyrilpaglino @jbschaff Really interesting you see it that way. I've linked the two logos side by side, you don't notice any similarities? Looks to me that they're nearly identical.

Tiago Duarte: @thiagov_amorim Great! Happy that it works now! Hope you like the app!

CyrilPaglino: @jbschaff The only thing that we have in common is the name, like more than 20 other tribe apps out there. Sorry about that buddy.

Thiago V Amorim: @ctcrecords everything is fine now =D

tom meagher: @jameskoole @thomasmeagher Agree, I have accidentally pressed the list of letters when scrolling too many times too.

CyrilPaglino: @benjaminzenou Thanks Benjamin. Still beta and a lot of work in the core product, but yes, Slack integration could be an option. Just worried about the fact that it could spam the slack channel 😅

nicolas bradier: @jameskoole Hi James. Thank you for your feedback.
Unfortunately, today, you can only be identified with a phone number.
One solution, though, would be to use another cell phone that can receive texts and that is not identified on Tribe yet.
She could use this phone number during the onboarding process and then fill in the code sent on that phone.
As we use the device's contacts to sync Tribe contacts, she can add the people she wants to talk to in the iPod's contacts. Or ask them to add the number she used on their contacts' list.
I know it's not ideal but this could work. Please keep me informed and feel free to tell me if you face any issue !

James Koole: @thomasmeagher Like how "pull to refresh" spread everywhere, I can see this taking hold as one of those things that becomes ubiquitous instead of the list of letters down the right side (on iOS at least).

CyrilPaglino: @beller You really made things happen. You know how thankfull i'm :)

CyrilPaglino: @guillaume_ Since Thanks Guillaume, you are here since the first day !

nicolas bradier: @mirmayne Hey Daveyon. Thank you for the feedback! You're definitely right and we've always had these topics in mind while developing the app. We still have improvements to make and they are part of our top priorities in the 2016 roadmap

CyrilPaglino: @carlosdiaz Merci Carlos ! Was great to have you in the beta since the beginning !

CyrilPaglino: @jtriest Thanks so much for your trust and advice Jonathon ! Team is waiting for you to stop by the house next time you're around !

CyrilPaglino: @emmanueldarmon hahaha classicshit :) tooks time !

Del Williams: @ctcrecords Galaxy Note 5. It doesn't give any messages. It just keeps spinning.

Laurent Desserrey: @emmanueldarmon haha, let's try to send another video message to your friend :) keep us updated!

Laurent Desserrey: @ghobs91 sweet! We worked hard on the "Onboarding" and the "Ask permissions" process (and it always can be improved). We used a data-driven approach so we knew where users were dropping and stuff. Actually you can send messages to contacts that haven't signed up yet. You should try, it opens the iMessage app after you recorded a message. :)

CyrilPaglino: @8artd Thanks a lot for your feedbacks and help since already few months ! Thanks also the amazing @beller 🙏🏻

Bart Dessaint: @cyrilpaglino @8artd of course, thanks for adding to my (first) homescreen :-)

Laurent Desserrey: @guillaumehour keep us updated! Please :)

Guillaume Hourmant: @ldesserrey Not yet! But will sure do asap!

Laurent Desserrey: @loloamoravain hey Laurent! Obviously we can always make the app faster, right? :) We improve it at every new update. Actually you can send messages to contacts that haven't signed up yet. You should try, it opens the iMessage app after you recorded a message. Anyway, would be great if you could update us about how your friends react with the app, is it possible?

Laurent Desserrey: @jordansuccar haha lovely! I have to say that it was the same for me :)

Tiago Duarte: @thiagov_amorim Hey Thiago! Thanks for trying Tribe! We has an issue this morning with Android and we put a new version live. Can you download it again and let us know? :)

CyrilPaglino: @rajamatage Thanks a lot ! I dm you right now

Tiago Duarte: @livejamie @delwilliams Thanks for trying our app. Is the app working as expected now?

Bart Dessaint: @beller thank you for tolerating my mug :-)

Jamie Martin: @ctcrecords @delwilliams Happening on my Note 5, unable initially on verifying my number and when I tried to add a contact

Jamie Martin: @delwilliams Having the same problem, I assume they're experiencing scaling/growing pains because there are a few things that are giving me errors or are hanging

CyrilPaglino: @ezramogee Thanks Ezra ! Sound design was really part of the experience for us :)

Laurent Desserrey: @jesserose13 Amazing! We're available directly on the app to answer any questions :) Keep us updated please ;)

Laurent Desserrey: @geirsson We are so excited too! It's good to see that we're feeling the same. Texting requires a (tiny) keyboard and we try to avoid the use of a keyboard because it isn't really optimised for mobile devices (for the moment). What we want is to let you send a message faster than ever. So you can send more messages in less time. See what I mean?

Jesse Rose: @ldesserrey @jesserose13 Perfect! Definitely going to give this a try.

Laurent Desserrey: @jesserose13 of course not! But obviously the experience is way better if the the recipient and the sender are both on the app :) If the recipient hasn't already signed up, messages you sent will be texted.

Tiago Duarte: @delwilliams Hey Del, would you mind giving us a few hints on which phone you're trying to sign up? If there was any message displayed? Thanks!

Tiago Duarte: @tsunaze Glad you liked it and hope you'll stay with us for a long time :)

CyrilPaglino: @tombenattar thanks Tom ! really Glad that you guys like to play with it

Laurent Desserrey: @guillaumehour good to hear Guillaume! Got a chance to use it with someone? :)

Tiago Duarte: @benwilsondesign Can you try now and let us know if it works? New version should be up and running!

Laurent Desserrey: @adamokane we spent some times thinking about the "Ask permissions" process. Good to hear that you like the "Onboarding" process :) Feel free to ask anything on the "Support" tile ;)

Laurent Desserrey: @jackbwheeler thank you so much Jack! Got a chance to try it with someone? Would love to see who (girlfriend, friends, coworker, mom,..)?

Laurent Desserrey: @rom1sion we just published an update yesterday :) the next one is coming riiiiight away!

Pierre-Marie Galite: @ctcrecords @benwilsondesign Great response time!

nicolas bradier: @alexcurtelin Thank you for the support! Glad you like it!

Laurent Desserrey: @thomasmeagher Haha I actually do! Thanks for the compliment dude :)

tom meagher: @ldesserrey @thomasmeagher Ha maybe at some point! Do you? ;) The design is great -- has the Snapchat-in-the-know UX feel.

nicolas bradier: @thomasmeagher @widawskij Swift !

Laurent Desserrey: @clementdelangue wow dude, thanks! you're one of the very first user of our private beta :) many thanks for the support!

CyrilPaglino: @clementdelangue Thanks a lot Clément !

Laurent Desserrey: @ldesserrey @brryant sounds like I've missed the "Reply" button on this one 😂

Laurent Desserrey: @thomasmeagher haha! fun, right? :) do you have the whole alphabet? ;)

CyrilPaglino: @olivalcf Thanks a lot for being here since the beginning ;)

CyrilPaglino: @bryantchou Guys, you do an amazing job. We really love using Webflow 🔥

Tiago Duarte: @benwilsondesign Hey Ben, we have a small issue with Android. We uploaded a new version that hopefully will fix this in the next 30 minutes / hour or so! Please let us know.

Romain Sion: @ldesserrey cool !!! Waiting for the next update 😊

Laurent Desserrey: @rom1sion Amazing, best is to come :)

Romain Sion: @ldesserrey yes, I've been using the product in beta since few months with my tribe ;)

Darlin Magazine: @ctcrecords @darlinmagazine THEY SEE ME TRIBIN' THEY HATIN'

Darlin Magazine: @ctcrecords @darlinmagazine I believe I can Tribe, I believe I can touch the Tribe.

Tiago Duarte: @darlinmagazine Thanks for the support! It's great to have you tribing ;)

Ben Tossell: @cyrilpaglino I quite like that approach :)

I'll have to let you know when I play around with it!

CyrilPaglino: @cgiorgi Thanks Cedric ! Its amazing that the product can by used in that way :)

Laurent Desserrey: @kevin_lgf Thanks man, I had fun seeing you on Tribe as we never really met in person :)

Laurent Desserrey: @rom1sion Amazing, thanks. Got a chance to try it with someone?

Laurent Desserrey: @faisal_hassanx Wow thanks! Got a chance to try it with someone?

nicolas bradier: @widawskij Thank you! Glad you like it! Regarding the dev-stack, we use mainly native SDKs for iOS and Android. And our server part is based on Parse.

nicolas bradier: @nicomage Glad you like and use it !

Laurent Desserrey: @vincentvacher Amazing, thanks man. Let's rock it!

Laurent Desserrey: @clementfalchier thanks for the support dude! It's amazing ☺️

CyrilPaglino: @aooout Thanks, really glad that you keep liking/using it !!

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