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介绍:A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward

更新时间:2016-12-27 17:54:54

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Dimo Trifonov: Lovely identity but not a good fit for Medium. It has too much character, and Medium is just canvas for everyone's thoughts.

Adam Pittenger: I'm not a huge fan of the new logo, but I'm sure it will grow on me. More important is that iOS app... absolutely love the update there. It's awesome to see how the platform has evolved in just a few years.

Tom Kennedy: I loved the old logo, not sure how I feel about this new one just yet..

Tristan Celebi: Deleted Medium after the update!

Darren J Smith: I'm still so skeptical about using Medium, because I know they'll introduce adverts on these beautiful pages one day.

Blake Robinson: New features are pretty solid. That logo is a total eyesore.

Maximilian Alexander: No way. Doesn't fit even if you do write an article to justify it.

Myna Moments: How do you find your bookmarked stories?

Roy Munin: Custom domains for publications, mentions, and UX improvements in the editor are awesome! Big vote down for the new logo.

Ben Thompson: well executed & great step forward.

Leo Faria: Loved the new M!

Hans Petter Eide: That logo is an instant OCD trigger 😨

Rob Bye: The new logo makes medium appear like a new startup that is trying to be trendy. Not a well grounded company that was doing something different on the web!

Dustin W. Stout: Yea, although I love some of the concepts behind the new logo, I'm not feeling the connection to the core value of what Medium represents-- beautiful writing. How does this logo connect to writing in any way? The previous M looked and felt like high end type. And that's what you do on Medium, isn't it, type! This new logo, while cool in it's own right, doesn't speak type, writing, or storytelling to me.

Andrew Torba: Plenty of exciting new updates from Medium, including a new logo! @ev published his thoughts on the new update here:

Story behind the new logo here:

New iOS app info here:

Nicholas Sheriff: I'll just leave this right here:

Jonathan Shariat: Love the new design and the wordmark. I'm not sure I understand the M though. Anyway, great work and love the rest of the updates. Better and better!

FO: When I first saw 2 years ago medium this is almost exactly what I envisioned it should be. I even have sketches I made for fun at the time. I'm really glad their doing this.

It feels more like a social network built around writing.

That said, there are still quite a few things I don't like about their implementation, but I'm sure they'll work through it.

Great job team @medium

Leonardo Daniel Leal: Beautiful UX

Frank: I really like Medium but I can't get behind this new logo. From reading the post about its development, it's clear they put a lot of work into it so I don't want to make it look like I'm slamming the designer; I'm not. I just don't see how this portrays the Medium brand better than the previous logo. The previous one looked like, from my perspective, a typed letter. That imagery fit what Medium was. This new logo, not so much.

Ryan Hoover: I love it. They're also releasing an API. Big changes coming, one week after their announcement of a massive $57M round.

Joao Carvalho: I liked the original logo. Had a reference to the large dropped initial capital serif letters used on newspaper articles.

Newspaper = stories.
Stories = Medium

Yiannis Varelas: I really love the concept of medium. There are some things that still can figure out on the new design though. For example, title images?

Also, why the logo change?

Piero Borgo: Not totally into the brand new logo, but most of all I'm concerned about some typographic choices :\
Where is the centered text? Why they removed an heading style? 😔

Dave Branson Smith: Can't express how excited I am for this. The API is super powerful, and the connection to IFTTT hopefully will make it extensible to other services (it's limited to recommendations as a Medium trigger ("this"), and creating drafts as a Medium output ("that") for now, but they promise to open it up further). The possibilities are exciting. Medium factors a ton into of how we connect with people who share our values, and so being able to use the API to make sure we reach everyone would be very important to us.

Brian Sanders: @dontpanic_cg @pieroborgo George, are you saying that because you personally don't like the logo they now have a chance to become as unpopular as Blogger? Can't say that is a smart statement...

Rodrigo Prior: @fbara Same impression here... I like the new logo, but I don't think it represents Medium so well as the old one used to...

Nadia Eghbal: @rrhoover So excited for the API! Really well played.

Nicholas Sheriff: @_shaunrussell @nicholassheriff

Shaun I was simply pointing out that some of the world best brands period have started off with incredible marks and then went through a crazy transition to screw up their brand identity and it only took a few decades to go back to the original simplistic law of good design.

Rams’ design motto, “Weniger, aber besser” which translates to “Less, but better” has not only influenced his own professional works but also the work of some of the most well-recognized designers today, including Apple’s SVP of Design, Jony Ive. In Apple’s line of iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Macs, Ive’s minimalist style closely mirrors the work and principles of Dieter Rams, sharing a similar, simplistic design methodology.

“No part appeared to be either hidden or celebrated, just perfectly considered and completely appropriate in the hierarchy of the products details and features. At a glance, you knew exactly what it was and exactly how to use it.” – Ive on Dieter Rams

Our job is simply not to overthink things or screw up our implemetation of a law by pushing our own ideologies higher than what it truly should be's a lesson to us all really. None of us are born knowing any of this so if we have to learn all of this it is we either do not know it yet and make these mistakes or we are unaware we are truly not abiding by the right principles.

I love that they are still influx and trying something new and figuring things out but they need to not over think anything really and simply express it in the way it always should be expressed.

Shaun Russell: @nicholassheriff Interesting to see these, any particular point you're trying to raise? Main thing I see is simplicity winning out. I don't think the Medium logo refresh does a good job of that.

Piero Borgo: @briansventures @pieroborgo as a designer I inevitably tend to watch at logos and typography. I don't agree about some choices they made but I still love to write and read on Medium.

Tristan Celebi: @felixoginni @tristancelebi Well there are a few key elements to it for me. One is the black tab bar at the bottom, which changes color and style when you switch to a article. Why is the logo grey inside the App and the App icon logo is green. Homepage is where it gets really cluttered and noisy inside the App. What should I focus on: Who recommended it, the picture, the title, the first sentence or wait there is a section with more info about where it comes from and date? I prefer a Medium App that is all about reading!

FO: @tristancelebi Very valid points and I agree with most of them. Originally, I thought your gripe was about their strategy.

Rodrigo Prior: @ivarelas I'm also trying to figure out how to put an image on titles =(

FO: @tristancelebi may I ask why?

George Margaritis: I don;t like the logo. Where is the original dark, bold, prominent M . Too bad. Hope it will not go down like blogger

Kirby Kohlmorgen: @rrhoover I've never seen anyone reveal an API as well as Medium. Not only did they announce the API but also announced 5 integrations will kick-ass services and 3 SDKs for the most popular languages.

ben Watanabe: @rrhoover Definitely the biggest part of the announcement, even if the most conversation will be around the new logo. Should be a lot more great content on Medium soon!

Hopefully the new content doesn't get caught in the drafts folder, I know mine is becoming a dangerous place for any draft…

Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠: @torbahax Nice! Also nice story on the design journey. Logo reminds me of a project I'm working on ;)

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