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介绍:$299 Electric height adjustable standing desk w/ memory pad

更新时间:2016-12-24 10:20:26

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Kevin Johnson: What method is there to upgrade the software in the desk? Presumably, you will find/fix bugs in the software or add later support for new services, etc. How are those updates sent to the desk?

Sam Doshi: Using a standup desk at the office right now --- life/game changer

Mykel Nahorniak: $299! That's unbelievably affordable. Aren't IKEA desks even more?

Peyton Hayslette: If only there was an autonomous sit-to-stand stool to match 😏

Virginia Barnett: Words cannot express how badly I want one 💸💸 When money becomes available this is at the top of my list.

Fred Rivett: So glad to see an electric affordable standing desk. Would totally get this if I was looking to get a desk at home 👌

Daniel Williams: Well I'm glad I bought my $550 standing desk that looks exactly like this last month...... /SARCASM. 😤

Chi Tran: What are the Autonomous Desk Pro components?

Quan Hua: How essential is the ergonomic cutout?

David Carpe: any plans for tilting to simulate a drafting desk?

Jamie Lawrence: I really want a standing desk but I've been bitten before by excess wobble when standing & typing, particularly if it makes the monitor move 😡. I had to nail the last desk to the wall. And the IKEA ones wobble something crazy. Any review of this desk?

Mike Jirout: I did a fair amount of research before purchasing mine from IKEA. It was roughly $570 after taxes. This is a great deal - I wish it would have been an option six months ago!

Mason James: Can the Memory Pad be attached to either side of the desk (for lefties)?

Paul Horne: I cancelled my order as did many other disgruntled customers after our promised ship dates kept getting pushed back month after month. Delaying orders for MONTHS at a time is just amateur hour -- if you don't have the products, don't tell customers you do. (And not understanding how shipping from China works is not a valid excuse).

James Smith: Probably already answered this somewhere else but are you able to offer shipping outside of the US?

Fahm Sikder: Looks great! How easy is it to assemble? Which tools do I need to have at hand?

Brad Kovach: UL marked? We love standing desks, but we can only get them if they are UL marked.

Lauren L Perfors: We love this! Set up our first one 2 weeks ago, and we love it. The ability to save heights and move it up and down so easily is fantastic, I never would've guessed we could get this level of quality for the price. Will be purchasing more as we grow.

Brad Oliver: Damn you PH, you just cost me another $400! ;-) I like the bamboo top, but didn't want to wait that long so I ordered the DIY and will build my own.

sean: I bought one of the bases for a custom top I made the last time around. I've been very happy with it. My desk is 7' x 3' and rather heavy. The motors have zero issue with it!

Out of morbid curiosity, is it possible to add the AI portion to an existing desk by replacing the controller or something like that?

Tom Kinniburgh: I can't wait for you guys to be able to ship to UK cheaper than $300!

Wo King: We are in the UK and are justing moving into a new office. We are looking for just this type of product. Are you distributing here?

nathan grant: I love this. I've been looking for an affordable standing desk for a long time now. I make video reviews on my channel and would love to review this if you guys have a unit available!

Duy Huynh: Hi everyone! So happy to be back on ProductHunt :) Meet the new Autonomous Sit-to-Stand Desk. We've been working really hard in the last 9 months to make a lot of hardware/software/mechanical improvements, streamline our supply chain, and most importantly reduce our production expenses.

For only $299, you'll get a Premium Standing Desk with Grade-A Wood Tops, Heavyweight Industrial Steel Frame, Smart Memory Keypad, Dual Electric Motors that are super silent, smooth and powerful (350-pound load capacity).

We back all our products with 5-Year Warranty and 30-Day Trial.

Happy to answer any questions here!

Alex Freedman: Since I initially saw the product here, I'll also share my negative experience with Autonomous (in case anyone is interested in newer updates).

In April, I ordered one of their standing desks. Shipping date was announced for May.

In May, my order was delayed to June.

In June, my order was delayed to July.

In July, today, my order gets delayed yet again, this time for an "end of August" shipping estimate.

Meanwhile, their website currently lists shipping on new orders for late July.

If anyone is interested in ordering something from Autonomous, here's a tip: don't.

Dave Mulder: @tvcalling — Looks like this company got busted while trying to resell an office chair on Kickstarter, raising over $500k before some folks noticed and got KS to cancel the project.

Carla Daeninckx: @kevinohlsson we just got today! I'm at my office in DC so I have only seen a photo of the recently assembled desk. I will share some photos once i'm home and can style a bit;)

kevoh: @joacim_nilsson Blev du nöjd med inköpet? Were you satisfied with your purchase?

kevoh: @dsgndirnatgeotv Did you get yours yet :) ? How do you like it?!

Duy Huynh: @palavalli yes, we've been shipping to 30+ countries!

Duy Huynh: @odower andy.. my apology about the late reply. i'm not checking PH daily. i'll have someone reach out to you right away.

Andy O'Dower: @duyhtq So I've purchased two of these now. The first was far superior quality to the one that just arrived at my door. Please help.

Chuka Uchenna Ikokwu: @duyhtq Are there different colors? In the images I see the two shades of brown; but how about black/white/clear/glass?

Duy Huynh: @jay_bee12345 i think that's a really great idea! do you know anyone at starbucks or tim horton's :)

Jonathan Cutrell: @duyhtq I wish I would have known this was coming... I have had my Autonomous desk for less than a month, and bought it at the previous ProductHunt price ($476). Great desk, but now I wish I would have waited...

Paul Mayne: @duyhtq Went to order more today and noticed you no longer offer the ability to order without the top. So now I'm forced to order a top that won't match our other desks. 👎

Brad Oliver: @duyhtq Mine arrived last week and I am now the envy of the office. A few more orders may be headed your way soon. :-)

Duy Huynh: @thebradoliver awesome! pls send us photos of your desk once you finish it.

Duy Huynh: @masonjames hey mason, yes you can. it's just 2 screws.

Duy Huynh: @themelamini thank you :)

Ben Tossell: @duyhtq With the stopping movement I literally meant if there is a way to lock it so that accidentally pressing to go up/down won't work. Kind of like a child lock?

Yeah it is awesome but given your position and reputation in this market I was wondering if a more portable version like Oristand was in your roadmap at all,

Duy Huynh: @bentossell You know.. that's a really good idea (lock the memory pad). I don't know why it didn't come up before. None of our customers have asked this. We'll definitely add this to our feature roadmap! Much appreciated Ben!

Duy Huynh: @kinnth hi tom.. entering a new market is always tricky. any advice / suggestion / recommendation on which cities we should be in first? we want to find a location that will be close to tech hubs (like san francisco or new york in the US), and from where we can ship the desks to different countries in europe. thanks!

Tom Kinniburgh: @duyhtq sure it's not a bad price, but if you consider it 100% the cost of the desk for shipping i'd rather wait until you distribute within Europe more efficiently.

Duy Huynh: @ideasasylum see some of our customer reviews here:

about wobble... you need to watch this customer review video. he put a glass of water on the table while it was moving :) met me know if that is smooth enough for you :)

Duy Huynh: @tapefinder hey there, we ship A LOT to Europe :) just select your country at check out!

Duy Huynh: @the_scott_davis thanks scot!! can you please email us at the issue you have with the slight squeak? that shouldn't be a problem as we precisely machine cut the frames. can you check the floor surface by any chance to see if the floor is flat? really appreciated for the business and the feedback!

Duy Huynh: @tapefinder we ship worldwide :) have been shipping to over 30 countries!

Borja Rojano: @duyhtq can you make that Brussels? I have my credit card ready.

Duy Huynh: @joeldrapper now you know where to you to buy your next desks or recommend to your friends and colleagues!

sean: @duyhtq Nice. I'll keep an eye out for that!

Daylen: @mattlovesmath @duyhtq @dilyaraskar If you live near the border, just have it shipped to a place and pick it up. I use Mail Box International which is right across the Washington border (

Duy Huynh: @fahmsikder check out this unboxing video from one of our customers :)

Duy Huynh: @quanhua92 It's really a personal choice. We actually sell more of the ergo cut design. We design the ergo cut so that we can have full arm rests on the table top, while we design / code all day long.

Duy Huynh: @geoffchat geoff.. to be honest with you.. we're so slammed that we didn't get a chance to build a mobile-optimized version yet. we've been focused on the desktop version. our team is trying to keep the site up and running with the amount of orders we have right now, as well as making sure everything is shipped out asap. we will start working on the mobile version in a week or two. thanks for your feedback!

Duy Huynh: @tpbtv thanks alex :)

Duy Huynh: @tpbtv hey alex, we include cable organizers. it's really up to the customers. here are some of the photos where the customers use our cable organizers to organizer the cables!

Duy Huynh: @anthonygawonlee yep :) see our customer reviews here

and see our 'fair pricing' model here

Duy Huynh: @coschaos thank you amit!

Duy Huynh: @rudf0rd hey sean.. yes. we're working on that :) it will be a module that you can add on to your existing desk!

Duy Huynh: @firstdustin we did :) it's one of the most loved feature. check out our Pro model.

Duy Huynh: @firstdustin here is how it works


Duy Huynh: @samir_doshi now you know where you will buy from when you have new people joining your teams :)

Sam Doshi: @duyhtq Telling you the standup motorized desk at our office changed the game for us

Duy Huynh: @samir_doshi thanks sam! we're trying to keep up with the demands! :)

JB: @duyhtq Consider seeking people designing "Future Libraries" (both public and for educational institutions) and offer to integrate your product into their designs (even on a conceptual basis)! I am a student at the University of Calgary, in Alberta Canada and we have a New Technologies Library that features all of the latest educational technologies and I assume other post-secondary institutions all over the world are developing or have existing facilities of the same nature in regards to application of my idea for your product.. Thanks again..

Sam Doshi: @duyhtq The price point on this is ridiculously inexpensive --- gonna sell like crazy out here in SF

Duy Huynh: @bradkovach Yes, all of our electronic components carry the UL mark or the TUV mark.

Duy Huynh: @mjirout well.. now you know where to purchase next for your teams :) we have a lot of customers who happened to buy a few desks first from another place, and when their teams grow, they come to us to buy 20-50 desks! check out these office photos from our customers.

Duy Huynh: @ideasasylum @braunshizzle LOL. we include cable organizers. check out these other photos from other customers.

Duy Huynh: @braunshizzle @ideasasylum the maximum load is 350 lbs (158 kg) :) so load as many as you want. some photos for you from our customers.

Duy Huynh: @jonathancordeau tesla... wow... thanks jonathan for the compliment :)

Duy Huynh: @fotoflo thanks alex :)

Duy Huynh: @paulmayne thank you paul!

Fahm Sikder: @duyhtq Makes sense. Cool, the XL for me it is then!

Duy Huynh: @fahmsikder we didn't do the ergo cut in the XL. we actually prototyped it, but it didn't work out after the initial testing. most users who prefer the XL like to move around horizontally side by side to get more things done, and they don't want to be locked into the ergo cut. so we dropped it :)

Duy Huynh: @jcutrell hi jonathan, thanks for supporting us. either justin or angelica will reach out to you today to discuss. hope you're enjoying your desk!

Duy Huynh: @swapnilgd awesome, thanks swapnil!

Duy Huynh: @sashapave thanks sasha!

Duy Huynh: @vjnotes thanks vijay :)

Alex Lukianov: @duyhtq Yeah, I understand the price is still very affordable. Anyway, I will buy it soon :) So thanks guys for the nice product

Duy Huynh: @stefanbielau YES :) We ship all over the world! Just select Poland at check out.

Stefan Bielau: @duyhtq Great product, are you shipping to Poland?

nathan grant: @duyhtq Well said and will do. All the best!

Duy Huynh: @nathangrant97 hey nathan, much appreciated. as you probably know, our 'fair pricing' model leaves us no room for free samples. it's just not fair to add marketing fees to the cost and make our all of our customers suffer. i have to politely decline the opportunity. i do still recommend you to get a desk for you personally though. you won't find a desk at $299 like this.

Duy Huynh: @arush how did you manage to get domain? that is awesome!

Duy Huynh: @jodoron @yes you can order online and select israel as the country at check out!

Fahm Sikder: @duyhtq Thanks! Thats great to hear. Also, is there an XL version of the ergonomic table or just the classic?

yonatan doron: @duyhtq Amazing, would love to hear about shipping costs to Israel, weather here or to my email

Duy Huynh: @jodoron we ship all over the world :) we've been shipping to over 30 countries in the past year!

yonatan doron: @duyhtq Hey Duy,

I love your product, I really can't wait to have a standing desk affordable, seems like a reasonable price as well! I assume you have no plans to ship it to Israel anytime soon? If so, I could sure know people who would love to get a hold of this thing.

Duy Huynh: @ericnord6 thanks for the kind words!

Duy Huynh: @fahmsikder really easy to assemble. it takes about 15 mins - 30 mins. we include all the assembly tool!

Fred Rivett: @duyhtq Does the job, but when sitting I have to go laptop only, no dual screen action. Will look you guys up when I'm looking for an office desk in the future 👌

Duy Huynh: @fredrivett i think it looks awesome! very creative! you may consider to just get our DIY Kit and build your own top to save some money on the top.

Fred Rivett: @duyhtq I rarely work at my home desk, which is a quite standard office desk (not standing).

At my day job I've got the classic ikea setup:

Duy Huynh: @vbarnett323 hopefully the desk will make your day every single day!

Jamie Lawrence: @duyhtq @braunshizzle traumatised by the spaghetti cabling!

Virginia Barnett: @duyhtq You made my day!

Duy Huynh: @bryanpostelnek YES :)

Duy Huynh: @prattarazzi the total cost is still a lot more afford than what you can find locally :)

JB: @duyhtq No unfortunately.. I do not.. Consider researching their existing store floor plans/layouts and have a designer fit your product into their existing floor plan/layout in an optimal manner.. and present this to corresponding coffee shops (Starbucks & Tim Horton's) in pursuit of reaching a deal.. Even if you had 1 installed per location that would be a big deal.. Anyways, best regards to the success of your venture. Thank you.

Duy Huynh: @vbarnett323 you can finance your order over 12 months with us. it comes out about $27 - $31 per month only!

Duy Huynh: @sethlitwack @bentossell hey seth.. are you talking about the mini? if so, no pricing yet. we're still working on it :)

Duy Huynh: @mattlovesmath @dilyaraskar hey matt.. we don't really make any money on shipping. that's how much fedex charges us. consider the total cost at $299 + $199, it's still under $500 for a premium standing desk that comes with 5-yr warranty.

Matt McInnis: @duyhtq @dilyaraskar Shipping cost to US: $50, Canada:$199. I'd buy the desk today, even with the exchange rate, if the shipping to Canada was more reasonable.

Duy Huynh: @joacim_nilsson @mvkel welcome to the 'fair pricing, factory direct' world :) not only we're selling our desks at $299. we back them with 5-year warranty, 30-day trial, and awesome customer service :)

Seth: @duyhtq @bentossell sounds awesome! do you know the approx. price yet? do you have any preview pics?

Joacim Nilsson: @mvkel Ikea offers "BEKANT Sit and Stand table" for $489.

Duy Huynh: @joacim_nilsson yes.. fedex charges by box :)

Duy Huynh: @mvkel yep :)

JB: @duyhtq
I love your product! and..
I have an idea..
I would love to see this technology in coffee shops!
Consider marketing it to such companies (Starbuck, Tim Horton's, etc..)
I hope you enjoyed reading! :)
Jaswinder Brar

Duy Huynh: @bentossell Hey Ben, yep, super excited to make it more affordable for everyone!

There are a few different ways to "stop" the motion. For our entry model and Pro model, you simply hold the button to go up/down and release it to stop. If you use our memory pad, and press 1/2/3/4 to go up to one of your preset heights, and simply press either up or down to stop. Very intuitive UI :)

Now, for our AI model, you can stop in the iPhone app (and soon Apple Watch). You can also use voice commands to stop it.

Braunson Yager: @duyhtq @ideasasylum Yeah this is my worry as I have heavy stand with three screens attached to it that needs to sit at the back of the desk and the stand alone is 10 kg never mind each screen.

Duy Huynh: @kev9203 Over the air. This is the only way for us to keep pushing new features and bug fixes to your desk seamlessly.

Dilyar Batur: @duyhtq Thank you so much, good luck, I hope it will happen one day! It would have been smart for ya'll to collect our emails for future changes like these or price drops (after you can mass order and lower prices etc..).

Duy Huynh: @dilyaraskar Sorry Dilyar.. We can only offer financing for US consumers for now. Hopefully we can figure out a way to finance Canadian customers soon!

Duy Huynh: @ligoalexandr hey alex.. unfortunately the desk weighs about 120 lbs (60 kg). so shipping international is a little expensive. but if you look at the total cost at $299 + $300 international shipping, it's still only $599. similar products in your country will likely cost 3x or 4x more!

Duy Huynh: @passingnotes if there is a lot of demands.. then yes, we'll make one :)

Duy Huynh: @bilalbudhani we do ship to india! simply select india at check out!

Duy Huynh: @alexbeletsky we do! we ship a lot of our 220v to europe!

Duy Huynh: @fredrivett thanks fred for your support. what desk are you using now?

Duy Huynh: @smithjw yep.. a lot :) we ship all over the world!

Duy Huynh: @peytonhayslette lol. that would be awesome. any idea how we can go about to design it :)

Duy Huynh: @kinnth hey tom, we ship a lot to the UK actually. if you consider the total cost at $599, it is still an awesome price point and likely better than anything you can buy locally in the UK!

Duy Huynh: @bentossell We're actually very happy with the first release of the desk last year. We have a lot of repeated customers. The defective & return rate is super low. See some of our customer reviews here:

We've made a lot of improvements in the mechanical & electrical components. The control box is now smaller. The motor movement is a lot more silent and smooth (but still as fast and as powerful). We also extended our warranty from 2 years to 5 years!

As far as the wood top, we're now using better finishes, especially on the White and Black top. For the Walnut and Oak top, we're switching to Grade-A veneers only.

For the AI model, we'll be releasing our iOS / Android app this month, with a lot of new voice apps for the desks like calling Uber right from your desk with just one command "Call a taxi" or ordering lunch with one command like "Order my favorite pizza".

Duy Huynh: @arisalexis can you pls send me a screenshot to what browser / os are you running? much appreciated for helping us with the bug.

Ben Tossell: @duyhtq Cool to see this and the price has made it more affordable!

One weird question from me. When I was sitting at a standing desk recently, I kept accidentally pressing the button for it to move upwards... pretty annoying haha. Do you have anything in place to stop this?

What was the feedback from the previous desk? What did you implement?

Would you consider making a really cheap alternative like Oristand?

Wireless charging pad is pretty cool 🙈

aris alexis: @duyhtq did you understand that I reported a bug in the buy button? I pressed the button and I got the code I wrote in OP with a failed page showing.

Duy Huynh: @jahnguyen Possibly via our SDK!

Duy Huynh: @mrstone7890 Yep, 350 lbs!

Duy Huynh: @arisalexis we created that button so that it's convenient for you to go right back to the top and start building your own desk. right at the top, you can choose the material, frame and design.

Duy Huynh: @ericdiepeveen if you're in the US, the shipping cost is only $49

Duy Huynh: @ericdiepeveen internationally? this is the whole desk that weighs about 120 pounds (60 kgs). the total cost is still much lower than anyone else out there :)

Duy Huynh: @mywoisme we ship to the UK... A LOT :)

Duy Huynh: @halley_dang Hi there. The AI Model has everything in the Autonomous Desk Pro, PLUS the voice-controlled personal assistant feature AND the voice app store :)

Duy Huynh: @bentossell Yep, we're working on an Autonomous Desk Mini :) The team has been testing it in the past few months. We need to fix a few things, but we hope to release it soon :) It still has most of the awesome features, just a smaller and more portable one :)

Duy Huynh: @chitran241 It includes everything in the Autonomous Desk PLUS Wireless Charging Pad, Bluetooth Speaker, USB Charger, Headphone Hook, and Bag Hook :) Welcome to the 21st century :)

Duy Huynh: @bentossell Oristand is super cool. I wish I thought of it :) I guess it all comes down to your personal choice. If you want a full standing desk as a valuable piece of furniture, then we're the obvious choice because of our product quality, customer service, warranty, shipping time, and everything else. If you want something more temporary, I think Oristand is an excellent choice!

Duy Huynh: @nmnhut2010 We offer both 110V and 220V. We've shipped to over 30 different countries in the past 12 months!

Duy Huynh: @lizvifah Yep. The SDK will be released around March. If you order the AI Model, you can use our SDK to write apps for the desks.

Duy Huynh: @jackiedwu97 PS the wireless charging pad is only available in our Pro and AI models

Duy Huynh: @jackiedwu97 The wireless charging pad is built into the table top. Simply put your phone on the table top and it will charge automatically. No more wire :)

Jackie D Wu: @duyhtq thank you. that is really fast! And how does the wireless charging pad work? Do I need an additional component for my phone?

Duy Huynh: @jackiedwu97 All the way up to 50 inches!

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