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介绍:Introducing Augmented Messaging™

更新时间:2016-12-26 12:17:28

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Jonathon Triest: One of the best product teams on the planet. So excited for the world to see Tribe V2. Awesome job team!!!

Cody Lynn: Love the ability to respond from the lock screen, keep up the good work!

Julien MARCIALIS: @cyrilpaglino Amazing features! Can't wait people around me discover Tribe to use it daily! Good job!

Raphaël Dardek: Great features & design ! Good job @Laurent ;)

Nico Mage: Wow, this update is awesome! The new features are dope as f***. Congrats guys 👏🏼

Remi: What a team! Really really nice update !!

Alexandre Launay: Brillant !

Aidan Wolf: This is one of those rare, really rare, "I didn't know I wanted it until I got it" features. Amazing.

Adrien Dulong: Incredible. Awesome teams always build awesome products! Congratz for this new version. It's huge 💪🏻

Maxime Brunet: Impressive features, wasn't expecting that!

Austin Sandmeyer: 10/10 Huge fan and this is HUGE!

Julien Le Coupanec: The recognition system for the calendar is working well. But, is there an onboarding tutorial somewhere in the app to understand what other shortcuts are available? (Apparently: Amazon, Instagram etc.).

It is also cool to synchronize our Facebook friends with Tribe. Love this.

Rudy Rosciglione: I know, I already said it on twitter but : What a great job! @cyrilpaglino, @ldesserrey & the rest of the team ;)

CyrilPaglino: Hi Guys!
Remember us?
We were here on Product Hunt 9 months ago.

Since then, we’ve been heads down working on an even more powerful and convenient version of the original Tribe. We just released Tribe 2.0 a few hours ago on the App Store and Play Store. We are also announcing our $3m seed round, led by the great folks at Sequoia Capital.

Take a quick look at the video we’ve created from our hacker house that efficiently sums up what Tribe 2.0 has to offer our users:

Over the past 9 months since our Product Hunt debut, we have quietly grown the team from 4 to 9 and experimented with different types of technologies.
We are continuously testing new messaging patterns, so feedback based on your experiences with Tribe 2.0 is very much appreciated.

Go ahead and feel free to send us a few Tribe messages right now, we’d love to chat with you and hear what you have to say!


Arthur Benchetrit: Excellent work provided with this update. Congratulations to the team you made a good job.

David Kwele: Love the new version.

Adam: Awesome product, guys! How often do you see people interacting with Uber? Seems like a pretty cool integration.

Abhilash Jain: This is super cool, some mind blowing stuff added here! Great work guys :) #Jointhetribe

Rotem Yakir: @cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo

Seth Louey: I keep getting "Technical turbulance" every time I try entering my phone number.

Amir Belazouz: Amazing new feature! Best Messaging App!

Quentin Lechemia: Wow. Great new features! Congrats to the whole team 🙌

Alain: Incredible product guys! Can't wait to test it with my friends

Tim Lenardo: @cyrilpaglino, @ldesserrey - congrats on the launch! The product is beautiful as always 👍

One question: Have you seen any issues with requiring sound/volume for this product? Not that sound is explicitly required, but I don’t get much value out of consuming/sharing on Tribe without audio on.

This strikes me as a potential problem, because the vast majority of smartphone usage takes place without sound. This is abundantly clear at Instagram/Facebook, where 80-90% of videos are watched without sound. I suspect that (for social reasons) this will continue until you can broadcast sound directly into your ear without:
a) disturbing the people around you (like speakers)
b) blocking out ambient sound (like headphones)
c) requiring an additional step/plug-in (like headphones)

I see this issue on other platforms as well. On SnapChat, what percentage of the time are you communicating via audio (talking, music, etc) vs via visual (photo/video, caption, geo-filters, face-filters, etc)? Anecdotally - I just went through my SnapChat stories, and 0 out of 39 of them required me to turn on audio. The value of the content was in the visual/caption. That’s better for me, because I’m in the office right now and didn’t want to turn on audio (headphones plugged into my laptop, not my phone).

Has this been an issue at all? What percentage of Tribe videos are watched with sound on vs. off? Have you considered adding more visual communication tools (text captions, geo-filters, etc)?

Curious to hear how you all think about this!

Jordan Gonen: Very very cool! excited

Joël Galeran: +1

Rhai : @cyrilpaglino best product team in the game, congrats 🎉

It really feels like magic!

Shy Rosenzweig: @cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo congrats! looks great

Rodolfo Benitez: @ldesserrey @bryantchou Nice 🚀

CyrilPaglino: @aldenmarshall You can't :) We've noticed that people join and simply leave after. So now, 1 friend needed. Better :)

CyrilPaglino: @sergey_elizarov google cloud platform issue... not us :(

CyrilPaglino: @ashutosh508 workin on it ;)

Rotem Yakir: @bjorn_bakker @cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo hehe. Haven't heard from the team about the GIFs though

Björn Bakker: @rotemthegolfer @cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo I think I upvote for this primarily of the glasses :P

Simon Lejeune: @telenardo I guess that if that feature works as advertised that would be part of the solution: ?

Alexandre Mouriec: @ldesserrey @cyrilpaglino You're welcome , you deserved it. 👏 I swiped Left but didn't use the invite system. I will do that, Thanks for your help 👍

Paul Parsons: @cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo well done guys, the new version is awesome! great work!

Laurent Desserrey: @nikeipt Keep us updated on Tribe Support! 🔑

Laurent Desserrey: @vaska We just want you to be feel at home on Tribe 🤗

Laurent Desserrey: @lisevsky At your service dude! 🖖🏼

Laurent Desserrey: @svorklab We remember it too 👶🏽 Thank you so much Silvia!

Aydoğan: @thomaskientz Same.

Aydoğan: @sethlouey Same here.

nicolas bradier: @nicomage thanks so much dude!

Laurent Desserrey: @tonyyo11 The best is to try it with one of your closest contact. Do you have within easy reach? 👓

Sirio Zuelli: @cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo Congrats for the seed! May I know your business model? Thanks.

Tony : @ldesserrey aww I wanted to try it :'(
lol I need to find a friend or Product Hunter who has it.

Laurent Desserrey: @tonyyo11 Exactly. We realized on the original Tribe that users that didn't have friend when they joined were not able to feel the magic of our product. Our aim with Tribe 2.0 is just to make that gap as small as possible 🎩

Eduardo J. Alarcon: @cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo Congrats it looks great!

Steven Rueter: @ldesserrey I think it's a really strong product. I downloaded it the first time it was featured on PH and was really impressed with the simplicity. I appreciate the extra explanation. Good luck and congrats to you and your team!

Ryan Morris: @david_heimann means a lot coming from the legend himself. thanks dude!

Laurent Desserrey: @chasingab That's great. Sorry for the small inconvenience 🤘🏼

Laurent Desserrey: @mohanac91 Everything is back to normal now. Enjoy! 🎊

Laurent Desserrey: @laurent_jolie Haha thanks! 💞

Laurent Desserrey: @marielchandra Everything’s back and running 👌🏻

Laurent Desserrey: @cash_n All good now. Problem fixed now! Everything’s back to normal 🎉

David Heimann: @ryanmorris55 great work, this looks fantastic!

CyrilPaglino: @sndrgb Yep! sms provider problem, working on it!

CyrilPaglino: @epic__miller yes, on it, will be fixed soon!

CyrilPaglino: @imrane fixing it asap :)

CyrilPaglino: @carlosdiaz Thanks Carlos 🙌🏻 !!

Ryan Morris: @vnallatamby thanks Vincent. The implementation of the Snooze button is very important, as users can hold onto a thought and reply when they feel comfortable and/or necessary. Think of the Snooze button like dealing with your email. You get to absorb whatever was send to you without having to take direct action afterward.

Laurent Desserrey: @rueter We have so much fun using Houseparty 🎊 They're working on live video, while we are working on asynchronous video messaging. Our mission with Tribe is to build a more meaningful, enabling and convenient execution of messaging compared to what users can do today with live video calling and text-based messaging. In this update, we added a new "Augmented" layer that enhances the quality of the messages by providing surrounding information and actions about what the user is saying and doing.

Ryan Morris: @carlosdiaz thanks so much Carlos, we are excited about the new features on Tribe as well. The speech recognition feature is one that allows for many more possibilities with this platform.

Ryan Morris: @adamfarah thanks a lot Adam, much appreciated!

Laurent Desserrey: @clementfalchier Yaaay! It felt so good to hit the "Release This Version" button a few hours ago 🖲

Laurent Desserrey: @anthonyomenya 💞

Laurent Desserrey: @gautierthiriez Duly noted! Thank you Gautier ✍🏼

Laurent Desserrey: @jrdngonen Haha, we've been heads down for a while so it's cool to hear it! 🙇🏼

Jonny Cosgrove: @ryanmorris55 not a bother, just letting you know - ping when it goes back up if at all possible :)

Laurent Desserrey: @hellogiov_ No more 🍦🍧 for us 🙈

Dillon Liang: @cyrilpaglino congrats on the new release and the funding round! Great product👍

Laurent Desserrey: @artben We tried our best. So exciting!

Laurent Desserrey: @rudyrosciglione @cyrilpaglino Man, you're an OG Tribe user 👊🏼 THANKS! Still using with the team?

Laurent Desserrey: @mrcalexandre @cyrilpaglino Thanks buddy! Have you tried to swipe left from the grid? There are some surprises here if you need to invite friends. 🎁

Ryan Morris: @thomaskientz we're on this issue and it should be resolved very shortly.

Ryan Morris: @rotemthegolfer we're working with our SMS provider to fix this issue. Should be good to go very shortly!

Ryan Morris: @mtlwilliams Thanks Mike, much appreciated

Ryan Morris: @jonny_cosgrove thanks Jonny, We are resolving the issue right now. Thanks for standing by with us!

Ryan Morris: @as_austin we have made it so that users must have at least one friend to join the app.

Ryan Morris: @jorge_luis_vasquez great!

Ryan Morris: @brianbest thanks Brian :)

Ryan Morris: @elizabethhunker @heytribe @cyrilpaglino @ldesserrey thanks Elizabeth, we hope you enjoy!

Hicham Amine: @cyrilpaglino Thanks for the answer. All the best for what's coming next !

Umit Akcan: @sethlouey I'm getting same error, from South Korea

CyrilPaglino: @adoreau Thanks Alexis for the support!

CyrilPaglino: @rajamatage Thanks Raj !!! See you super soon!

CyrilPaglino: @lecoupa Not yet, we're planning to explain this features smootlhy soon. For now, its kind of an easter egg :)

Jake Mor: @cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo this is fucking fantastic.

CyrilPaglino: @otymix Thanks !!

Ryan Morris: @florianmari thanks so much Florian. @laurent deserves the credit for the logo and we will continue to improve the product as much as possible.

Ryan Morris: @codylynn33 thanks Cody!

Ryan Morris: @bojan_vidanovic thanks Bojan!

Ryan Morris: @adulong thanks Adrien! Appreciate the support!

Ryan Morris: @davidkwele1 Thanks David, glad you enjoy it!

nicolas bradier: @adithya First of all, many thanks for the support on the app!! About the iPhone 5s, could you tell me what OS is it running on ? And the crash happens when you're on the Introduction screen right ? You never signing in on the app with this phone right ?

Vojtech Rinik: @cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo I like how it says "improve your appearance" and then his face gets pixelated.

But this looks great and congratulations on the seed round!

Austin Sandmeyer: @cyrilpaglino Definitely @cyrilpaglino! 🚀

Adithya Shreshti: @cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo Such a beautiful app to try out and use. Cheers to the team behind. Used on Moto G4 Plus.

- Doesn't work on iPhone 5s for some reason - the moment I open the app, the phone becomes unresponsive and the app crash after few seconds.

Laurent Desserrey: @findabhilash Swippin' - Thank you for the 💞 buddy!

CyrilPaglino: @syswarren Thanks Julie!

CyrilPaglino: @as_austin Thanks Austin :) Bring friends on it, groups are cool too !

CyrilPaglino: Yes, thats why we've made it "passive". If you don't understand or wanna use it, you can't ignore it

CyrilPaglino: @cemkozinoglu Thanks dude. hope you guys are doing well!

CyrilPaglino: @bojan_vidanovic ahah yes, usernames are way better :)

CyrilPaglino: @tombenattar Thanks Tom !!!

Abhilash Jain: @ldesserrey Design is on point, really love the swipe to see contacts, its super neat :D I'm a fan already

Laurent Desserrey: @aidan Huhu, I know this feeling! 🍫

Laurent Desserrey: @amir_belazouz Haha I like that Amir! 🤖

Laurent Desserrey: @ajm5338 We just released the feature a few hours ago so we'll see! But as soon as it enables you to do cool stuff more easily, it's dope. 🤘🏼

Sophie Halliot: @ldesserrey Didn't want to brag hahaha

CyrilPaglino: @quentinlechemia Thanks Quentin for your support!

CyrilPaglino: @jjeremycai @c @laurent @rymo Yeahh thanks dude!!

Laurent Desserrey: @edvinsantonovs Enjoy 🙈

Laurent Desserrey: @oleg_avrah Nice move 🌝

Laurent Desserrey: @kevin_lgf 🌪

Laurent Desserrey: @asmista I like that! 💥

Laurent Desserrey: @sophiehalliot You saw it first 🙈

Laurent Desserrey: @whoismaxpelzner Thanks Max! Dope is what we like.

Laurent Desserrey: @maxime_blue_brunet Surprise! 🎉

Laurent Desserrey: @findabhilash Haha! Exciting 🙈

Laurent Desserrey: @alexlaunay Just warming up 🔥

Rahul Ramchand: @cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo You guys are killing it. Fucking Awesome.

CyrilPaglino: @hicham_amine Thanks ! Don't hesitate if you have questions while onboarding the App. Quick answer : Majority of Messaging apps are text-based, We are video-based. We managed to make video quicker to send than texting and as easy to open. We also build a more convenient alternative to live video-calling. Also, starting in Tribe 2.0, we started to augment the content in order to provide a more enabling messaging product, without asking the user to do anything. :)

CyrilPaglino: @stanmassueras Thanks Stan ! All the data is stored on our servers and everything is encrypted and anonymized on our end. Then we use machine learnings and APIs to fine meaningful data for our users. And we delete everything from our servers when the video is seen by the recipient(s).

Jeremy Cai: @cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo congrats man - all the best to you. Keep up the hard work! :)

Joris RENAUD: @cyrilpaglino congrats on the new release and the round. Awesome team 😀

Laurent Desserrey: @raphaelddk awwwyeah! thank you so much buddy 👊🏼

Laurent Desserrey: @bryantchou Yaaay! And the website is made on webflow 👊🏼 A more detailed version is coming 👐🏼

CyrilPaglino: @leprouxamaury Thanks Amaury!

CyrilPaglino: @alainduruy Thanks Alain !! Uber ordering + iCal works in many languages (even french) :)

CyrilPaglino: @julienmarcialis Thanks Julian, as you can see, still huge fan of your product :)

CyrilPaglino: @rhaivimies Many thanks Rhai!!

brryant: @cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo Congrats on the new version, and on the round!

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