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Varun Aggarwal: Have been part of SSG for quite some time and it's amazing! So much to learn and it only keeps getting better! :)

Mani Karthik: Been a member of this channel and the folks there are great! Really.

Charles Jo: 1 of the best things about SSG is seeing startups that keep at it & refine their product... eg. ... 6 months ago, it was hard to tell where the product was headed with respect to market or the product but the founder kept at it. Now it looks like a well polished enterprise grade product.

Charles Jo: Discussing with @ssgslack - Goal is to have SSG members get top 10 spots on PH. Daily! SSG members will get so good at making lovely products, that they will always hit high score.

Charles Jo: SSG has grown and continues to grow. Thanks @aleattorium @webhat for hunting SSG. If you want to learn, teach or Q&A with other cool startup founders and investors, please join us at ~ info at If you're not cool, then no need to join us. If you are not cool but want to learn to be cool, then join us. ;)

Hussein Yahfoufi: SSG is an awesome community and a great way to meet fellow founders, investors, students, engineers, and a whole bunch of great peeps. Everyone is in it to help one another.

JB: Hello,
I am a big fan of this product..
As I have had excellent personal experience from SSG!
One feature suggestion I have is creating a #phone-numbers or #mobile-contacts channel..
Where members may share mobile phone contact info. and schedule appropriate calls..
To further connect this excellent collaborative group of entrepreneurs!
I personally have discussed business ventures through Slack and over the phone..
Phone calls are just as good if not better in some aspects..
Also the combination usage of slack and mobile is ideal..
I hope this was beneficial for you to consider!
Jaswinder Brar

Rafael Echeverria: SSG best of the best. Thank you Charles!

Charles Jo: My fave 🍎 podcast is by @vmarks

Charles Jo: 7am PST ConvoLounge Ama and 9am PST demo.

*:convolounge: SSG #ama*
Today (Tuesday) at 7AM PST with @vishwa founder of @yellowant
Join to learn about building bots, businesses and products on top of Slack!

*demo-SSG: Kanvz product demo and discussion
Join @nuclearpengy today at 09:00 am PST, with @trr founder of Kanvz, to learn about how to create elegant personal or organizational websites and blogs that are as simple as posting on social media.

Live streaming at:

For more background on Kanvz, please connect with @trr and check out Kanvz

Name: T. R.
Surname: Ramachandran
Business Name: Kanvz
Describe your business in a Tweet: Kanvz is the simplest way to build a compelling presence on the web. Post with the ease of social media & organize your creations elegantly.
Describe your business in four words: Your organized personal web
Personal AngelList Link:
Personal LinkedIn Link:
Personal Web Address:
Business AngelList Link:
Business LinkedIn Link:
Business Web Address:
Email Address:
Stage of your company (concept, prelaunch, launch, growth): Prelaunch

*:star: Startup accelerator PIE (the Portland Incubator Experiment) is open sourcing its learnings from nearly a decade of helping startups — with the hopes of enabling anyone, anywhere to build an accelerator for their community. (Thanks to @ajscholz @shane.johnson for sharing) Questions? Contact @turoczy, cofounder and general manager of PIE.

All -- Please join me in my experiment to make SSG Product Hunt page as another channel for SSG Everywhere (TM) theme. Cc @userbob

:peace_symbol: :heart:

Charles Jo
Creator, SSG
@charlesjo SSG Slack/Rocket/Donut/Twitter

Invite your friends to SSG
:star: Latin America SSG, support your startup in Brazil & open source!
:star:!#g/StartupStud... EU SSG, support your startup in France!

#blogs SSG is better than free:
#remote-jobs: Send remote jobs leads to

Charles Jo: What's up @rrhoover?

Charles Jo: SSG is a positive community for entrepreneurs. We do not tolerate hate speech, hate groups, nor their supporters.

kurt braget: THIS GROUP WILL DISCRIMINATE AGAINST YOU AND IS ACTIVELY REMOVING PEOPLE FOR THEIR POLITICAL BELIEFS. I'm totally against this group. The founder @charlesjo is condemning people for their political beliefs and telling them to leave the group without any provocation. I was booted from this group without violating any of their policies. This is exactly what we should be avoiding in tech, discrimination. I'm sorry to all my friends who I invited to this group.

Charles Jo: Feedback page on SSG Kanvz looks good!

Charles Jo: Product demos!

Charles Jo: Every day on SSG, it's Product Hunt this, Product Hunt that.

Charles Jo: Testing SSG Everywhere (TM) on this Product Hunt page :)

Charles Jo: Stress testing PH servers to see how they can handle the most active product page (once we get there... @ssgslack)

max mackey: love SSG! I've been part of this community for 6 months and @charlesjo has been nothing short of amazing.

chris bell: I actually use many of the products I've found from fellow SSG members! Amazing community.

Chris Cates ⭐: SSG is a learning hub and ultimately a great place to voice and communicate your ideas. The community is really supportive and loves all the ideas coming in out of the place. I do however wish people would be a bit more critical of my ideas and help me innovate and think. Regardless, it's a great place and I'm ecstatic to be a part of it.

Seth Louey: #ProductHuntReview: I've been part of SSG for almost 6 months (I think) and it's one of the few communities out there that really push for the success of the community individually, and as a whole. @charlesjo welcomed me in and has done nothing but helped me promote my work. I will forever be grateful for the everything that the community has done for me.

Charles Jo: I get as many RTs and new followers by posting on Product Hunt an tweeting as one gets when using #growthhacker tag.

Erik Torenberg: OK @charlesjo. i'm down :)

Jean Lucas: The idea that a group can be free to access, to get in or out took my attention in times when Slack has become IRC 2.0 :)

kurt braget: more info

kurt braget: @charlesjo @aleattorium @webhat why does this group discriminate (and ban) people for their personal political beliefs without provocation?

kurt braget: @charlesjo you blanket told members to leave if they support Trump or read sites like Info Wars. This is straight up discrimination. You should be fired as the moderator of this group. Please leave the group.

Charles Jo: Reached 6500 past week.

Charles Jo: 6K+ members now.

Charles Jo: 5K members on now @ssgslack

Charles Jo: Expecting to see many more :)

Charles Jo: Hoping that the PH tribe will help solve.

Charles Jo: @ssgslack 5000 soon.

Charles Jo: And PH catches @brand24 mention too on the tweet. Nice.

Charles Jo: @vishwakk @sethlouey :rocket: Botlist, and app store for bots by @bentossell @mubashariqbal & @sethlouey is on Product Hunt :robot_face:

Charles Jo: Amplifying #comet at @ssgslack

Charles Jo: @vmarks

Charles Jo: @vishwakk @sethlouey AWESOME.

Charles Jo: Almost 4400 members on @ssgslack now!

Vishwa Krishnakumar: @charlesjo @sethlouey We're working on it Charles! Should be out by June.

Charles Jo: @vishwakk @sethlouey Very nice!

Charles Jo: @indymike We are aiming to have many more success stories like this cc @ssgslack

Charles Jo: @vishwakk @sethlouey Does YellowAnt have an API so devs can use?

Vishwa Krishnakumar: @charlesjo @sethlouey Thank you Charles! We're continuously adding integrations at we're working hard to make the YellowAnt your favorite bot!

Charles Jo: @sethlouey @vishwakk YellowAnt made tweeting from Slack so easy that I want YellowAnt everywhere and be the integration tool for everything :)

Charles Jo: @manikarthik we want to bring out the best in people.

Charles Jo: @thisischrisbell It'll get more exciting as we get more elite designers and developers who can make things happen in real time. Early on, a few members were able to take an idea during morning coffee and we were testing a live during lunch time.

Charles Jo: @q_i_a_n_a You are one of the rock stars on SSG.

Charles Jo: @webhat @rrhoover writing @producthunt seems redundant when tweeted

Charles Jo: @abiv Coffee helps! ;)

Charles Jo: 50 startup slacks!

Charles Jo: Kanvz view

Charles Jo: Request for features on Kanvz created in

Charles Jo: Apple Insider podcast is good. Needs to move to soon 😎 @vmarks

Charles Jo: @pipipzz thanks! It's a great community!

Charles Jo: Chat apps and neat somewhat related apps like Slash keyboard apps make sense since we do so much texting that the interface or CLI seem natural. The desktop metaphor needs to be revisited.

Charles Jo: Someone or multiple members jump in with: don't ask for upvotes and don't send direct links!

Charles Jo: Slack is fantastic. Probably 1 of the best apps in recent times. But there are discussions around suitability for community grade usage like SSG so we are slowly moving to at where the founder of rocket chat is a member and hosting the community. It's open source and there are no caps on membership or archive look back. Ryver and Donut are good too.

Charles Jo: @robwalling's startup podcast is good

Charles Jo: @sethlouey Yellow Ant is awesome cc @vishwakk

Hussein Yahfoufi: @charlesjo yes!

Charles Jo: #convolounge channel @HusseinYahfoufi

Charles Jo: @husseinyahfoufi

Charles Jo: Good discussion about founder team equity split on @ssgslack now.

Charles Jo: @itschriscates and we can discuss k-pop

Charles Jo: Testing Kanvz as an SSG community tool.

Charles Jo: Learn about cool social enterprises like

Charles Jo: @webhat @aleattorium I do love it.

Charles Jo: @jimmylipham love having members like you who get the vision, contribute, benefit. You're awesome.

Charles Jo: @smdhruve Let's keep it going!

Charles Jo: @maxmackey Actually, it's community members like you. I want to make sure that great people like you stick around and learn, teach, and become so successful to invest in future members. I'm just the yard duty.

Charles Jo: @thisischrisbell AWESOME.

chris bell: @charlesjo The call to actions are simple things that anyone can do. I'm much more likely to do something if I can take a couple minutes and do it immediately. Also, this line struck a chord:

If you repeated today every day for the next year, realistically, where would you end up?

Charles Jo: @thisischrisbell What did you like about it?

chris bell: @charlesjo Definitely!

Charles Jo: @thisischrisbell we want to support all good stuff 👍🏽

chris bell: @charlesjo This is a really cool project!

Charles Jo: Almost as often said by new members: why do you have 702 channels on a Slack?

Charles Jo: 1 of the 1st things new members on SSG say: my product got hunted!

Seth Louey: @charlesjo humble to read that. :)

Charles Jo: @sethlouey Some people like you, we just know are gonna succeed anyway, so why not help you get there faster and we all learn from your success. :)

Charles Jo: I don't understand the limited tweet out thing from PH though.

Charles Jo: Or a nice place for a soliloquy.

Charles Jo: @tobitech Thanks! Great to have you on SSG!

João Costa: @charlesjo you should definitely build a brand! If it doesn't exist already 😉

Charles Jo: @thisischrisbell :)

Charles Jo: @husseinyahfoufi And ConvoLounge is helping the community learn and teach!

Charles Jo: @varun3 Thanks again for our new logo!!!

Charles Jo: @eriktorenberg Can PH handle 4000 people on same product page? :)

Charles Jo: Trying to see if we can get all 4K members on here to discuss :)

Charles Jo: @jrdbacosta It really is because of every member! Everyone counts.

Charles Jo: Yeah, I upvoted my own reply. That's how I roll.

Charles Jo: @varun3 Awesome to hear.

webhat/redhat: @aleattorium Thanks for posting I know @charlesjo would love it!

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