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介绍:Buy cool things you discover on Product Hunt

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Moritz Kobrna: oh yes! this is amazing!

Desmond: This will be huge once software is available for purchase!

Ryan Hoover: Product Hunt isn't just for window shopping — every day people try, download, and buy things from the site. We recently asked the community if they’ve purchased something they discovered through Product Hunt. Nearly 50% of them recalled buying something, from a $2.99 theSkimm monthly subscription to a $299 Autonomous Desk.

Like most things we’ve built (e.g. Collections, ShareMeow), we wanted to make it easier for the community to do things they’re already doing. As of today, you can buy things you discover on Product Hunt without leaving the site and makers can sell cool things they’ve made in the Shop.

We’re starting with a few (awesome) partners, including this crazy durable umbrella from GE + Blunt and a Product Hunt Swag Pack (after heavy demand). Everything that’s available is in the Shop.

We’re eager for your feedback and if you’re interested in selling your product in the Shop, let us know. 😀

P.S. We’re only able to sell and ship within the U.S. to start (it gets more complicated once we have to report taxes in numerous countries), which is a bummer knowing roughly half the community lives outside the states. We’re eager to make it available in more places soon.

Ramy: Great idea. That brolly would have been tempting if it shipped to the UK. This shop will probably be a great next step for crowdfunded products once (or even before?) they start shipping.

Arthur Swiniarski: Awesome !! Can't wait to be able to browse clothes as well ;)

Niv Dror: "The Shop is one small step for Product Hunt, and one giant leap for #GIFcommerce."

Johannes N : this is so great!

Maxime Le Maître: This is really cool ! Congrats PH team

Fred Rivett: WHAAAAAT!?

Very cool.

Physical products only? Or software too?

Ouriel Ohayon: wil you remember my profile so i can buy in one click? (or very few clicks?) who is the contact for the warranty?

Lyle McKeany: Yo dawg. We heard you like shopping on Product Hunt, so we built Product Hunt Shop so you can hunt for products to shop for while you're hunting products.

Paolo Perazzo: Congrats on the launch! What is the referral/affiliate fee you apply?

Halsey Huth: @rrhoover @bentossell @ems_hodge moving to London soon, leave it to producthunt to sell me the first perfect item to battle the weather

Farbod Saraf: Smartest way to monetize. Buyers, sellers & PH can benefit at the time, a Win-Win-Win game.

Cyrille Catoio: please do france!!!

oty: @rrhoover @bentossell You guys are genius, it makes all sense ;-) i often found intresting apps in PH but sometimes it's expensive for its use case, it will be perfect if there's a discount for the hunters (a code or ... and may be only the hunt day :-) ) and it makes the PH community members feel a kind of "PREVILIGIE"

Iz: Oh Yesssss! Bring on the SaaS bundles?

Austin Sandmeyer: YES! I've already bought! I can almost hear my account balances crying. 🙌

Nick Coates: Awesome work PH team! Can't wait for this to be available in the UK, particularly the Swag Pack (kitty stickers, yay! 😻)

Daniel Ehevich: @rrhoover How do you coordinate the shipping with the companies? When people place an order you just send the details and they ship it or do you fulfill it?

Jarod Stewart: This is great idea. I hope it is a success.

Akshay Bharwani: So I guess 'Pre-order' is also in sight for future? Anyway, great feature guys, hoping to get it soon here in India.

William Zh: You guys did a great job, congrats!!

Joao Carvalho: Are there any plans to include the purchase/subscription of SaaS services?

Matt Aunger: It's like Etsy for Innovators. Love it.

Nicholas Night: @johntheoak My question, too! And perhaps offer a special price just for hunters?

Davor Jozic: @andrizzz looks cool but just not right for me now. Send me an email so I have your details for anything that might pop up in the future. Email is davor at

Andris Merkulovs: @jozicd1 thanks for reply! The idea was to offer to app users branded merch on game accomplishments, to further monetize and gain brand/app awareness in real life. Here's rough demo: and special sample for Paleo app:

Davor Jozic: Hi @andrizzz - not right now. What are you working on?

Andris Merkulovs: @ourielohayon hi, just DM you on TW, can we chat on business partnership in regards to Appsfire?

Andris Merkulovs: @jozicd1 Davor, sorry if so direct, but would you be willing to add in-app merchandise inside your app. Considering that integration is seamless and products are fulfiled automatically for you. Let me know, we are considering building such framework!

Andris Merkulovs: @aswiniarski Arthur would you consider branded Merch in Doubles for certain game accomplishments?
Check sample: It's an easy framework integration. let me know!

Andris Merkulovs: @rrhoover this is awesome, congrats!
Everyone! My startup can add merch shop to your web, social or game. It's all automated and with seamless integration (no costs for you of course, only revenue from every sale). We ship worldwide. Please comment if you're interested! Thanks ;)

Michael Musgrove: @rrhoover cha-chang!

Jared Schaffer: @rrhoover and so it begins... goodbye social network PH, hello market network PH!

Ryan Hoover: @jorge_bestard unfortunately there's no way for us to accept pledges for Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns right now, although we'd certainly be interested in working with those companies to make it happen. To start, we're focusing on launched products that will ship shortly after purchase, but we may explore pre-orders as well.

Daylen: @tsamuels102 The orders are sent to the manufacturers/creators to fulfill

Davor Jozic: @askdaylen @sivola cool, would love to see a whole post or video about how the whole backend works @rrhoover

Daylen: @sivola It varies from product to product. You can fill out this form ( and someone from the Product Hunt team will get it touch with you. Hope this helps!

Daylen: @jozicd1 @sivola The order information gets sent to the company, kind of like Etsy (but for tech).

Jose Casanova: @nivo0o0 - Michael Scott :P

Mike Coutermarsh: @ehevich @rrhoover We use Stripe Relay ( All the order details land directly in the merchants Stripe account. They then either export a CSV or use webhooks/api to trigger the shipment. 😀

Mike Coutermarsh: @marcosmoralez @rrhoover 10! 😀😀 Will get that address issue fixed :) thanks!

Ross Rojek: @bentossell @rrhoover @matt_aunger @ems_hodge All three of them in the same bed? Not judging, just wondering the dynamic here.

Davor Jozic: @sivola wonder if PH are selling the products themselves or drop shopping and claiming an affiliate cut

Armin Naimi: @bentossell I know. I was saying that this is so awesome that it should be the all-time number one.

Sandro Jazzar: @bentossell I use entropay as a VCC and Borderlinx as a "box" to ship to Beirut! A process ripe for disruption!!

Marcos Moralez: @rrhoover Just used the shop to buy 10 Product Hunt swag packs, you can never have enough, amiright?!

One small piece of feedback (its probably covered somewhere in the comments haven't read them all). When adding my address I need to include company, my name and floor. Which i can add however when clicking through to add my card info it strips the company name out. I wonder if its possible to include a separate form field for company or not auto format that portion of the address. This is probably a default function of stripe.

Looking forward to the swag pack! Thanks brother!

Gabriel Lewis: @rrhoover Wow this is awesome :) I'm getting me some stickers

Javi: @rrhoover Please make some Product Hunt T-shirts!

Charles Kunene: @rrhoover This is awesome bro!

Daniel Stahl: @rrhoover Congrats to you and your team. You've come a long way. /clap

Tom Masiero: @rrhoover Clever. Shop becomes a undercover Kickstarter competitor & finally a biz model!

@marty: @mscccc Done! 😎

Mike Coutermarsh: @marty 💪 fill in the form, we'll be in touch

nipac: @rrhoover Congratulation to this new milestone on PH! My question is: digital products and subscription plans could be sold one day on PH?

Mike Coutermarsh: @jackiestone1 @mimedia @producthunt wooo. Fill out the form :)

Mike Coutermarsh: @ourielohayon Yes - we remember so that its less clicks next time. Warranty contact is with the specific merchant doing the selling :)

Thomas Groutars: @rrhoover Super nice move ! What's really cool is you're finding ways to monetize PH that are totally aligned with what the community values in it. It not only doesn't break the primary value of PH, it enhances it. Love it :)

Mike Coutermarsh: @revizzit @johntheoak We've talked about it! So yes, investigating how we could do this :) Would be cool.

Ophélie Castelot: @rrhoover Great idea! Looking forward to shipping to France :D

Matt Zuvella: @rrhoover @bentossell Nice work!! Some quick feedback...the dropdown on the buy button is odd/weird UI. I assume you are getting a cut either way so less options = less confusion.

Hugo Fauquenoi: @rrhoover Really cool guys! Congrats! I'm curious, do you take a % cut on every sale? Is that a first step into making money on top of the community :)? Looks like a brilliant idea!

Nick Coates: @bentossell hehe, considering we're in 2016 I'm surprised stamps are still around! I'm eagerly awaiting for UK launch!

Ben Tossell: @allnacho as above - just something we had to do for the quick launch! Will be eventually :)

Hugo Müller-Downing: @bentossell I look forward to it! I'm used to things taking awhile to ship internationally, especially to Australia :)

Austin Sandmeyer: @bentossell Hahah you could say that! 😉

Corley: @chang2301 @rrhoover shipping is one of the things we will be working with partners on. They all make their own shipping decisions based on their individual supply chains.

Kaushal Vyas: @rrhoover This makes so much sense!

Corley: @kevinayuque Hey there. We do not comment publically on financials. 😀 That being said, revenue is an important part of the ingredient. Glad you are excited about this.

Facundo Ameal: you are very welcome @bentossell !! But only if you bring the stickers 😜

Matt Aunger: @bentossell @ems_hodge @rrhoover Sounds painful!

Ben Tossell: @as_austin crying with joy?

Ben Tossell: @matt_aunger @ems_hodge @rrhoover keeping everything crossed :)

Matt Aunger: @ems_hodge @bentossell @rrhoover 😀 Yeah it's not that bad really. Just got to be prepared for anything! I think GE have a solution for that... if only there was international shipping 😣 So close!

Ben Tossell: @fameal woohoo - I'd love to go to Argentina! If I do, I'll bring free stickers too :)

Joshua Pinter: @bentossell Looking forward to it! Great way of expanding PH value (and revenue).

Matt Aunger: @vm4canvasflip @rrhoover What's AppSumo?! 😂

Ben Tossell: @hugojmd for timing to get this launch out on time yes, but will expand soon!

Ben Tossell: @joshuapinter due to timings for the launch yes, will expand soon :)

Ben Tossell: @gadgick ew no way - haha joking. for initial launch and timings its US only. So it wont be long :)

Ben Tossell: @aswiniarski we are excited to see what awesome products get submitted :)

Ben Tossell: @ems_hodge @matt_aunger @rrhoover you keep thinking that ;)

Starbucks looks the same wherever you are

Ben Tossell: @farbodsaraf winnerrsssss

Emily Hodgins: @bentossell @matt_aunger @rrhoover but it's probably more scenic. 😉

Emily Hodgins: @bentossell @ramykhuffash 🇬🇧 ☔️🙏

Ben Tossell: @ems_hodge @matt_aunger @rrhoover dont rub it in emily, its still horrid here in Wales :(

Emily Hodgins: @bentossell @matt_aunger @rrhoover It is nice this time of year! ☀️ But there is also always a need for an umbrella. You never know when ⛈☔️

Ben Tossell: @otymix @rrhoover yeah we are lucky that lots of amazing makers offer discounts to PHers - so there is definitely some cool things we can do here :)

Ben Tossell: @rrhoover @matt_aunger @ems_hodge there is a blow up bed in my flat with your name on it

Ryan Hoover: @matt_aunger YES! We had to limit to the U.S. because of all the additional work and complications accepting payment internationally. Adding support beyond the U.S. would have delayed everything, but we're eager to expand.

And I'd love to have an office in the UK to visit my teammates @Ems_Hodge and @bentossell. 😀

yadav prasanth: @rrhoover I just read the medium post and can't say anything. PH is becoming a better place for startups day by day. Cheers!

Ben Tossell: @ramykhuffash haha I said the same - I need a brolly here in the UK!

Andreas Mitschke: @rrhoover GIVE US ALL THE MERCH (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Fred Rivett: @bentossell Sweeeeeeeet 🙌💃

Ben Tossell: @rufilata eventually! the shop is only 35 mins old :)

Nick Coates: @bentossell Could post them 2nd class? 😜 hehe!

Ben Tossell: @matt_aunger @rrhoover don't panic... Im based in the UK (and Emily!) - it won't be forgotten!!

Ben Tossell: @fredrivett we will be looking at all products :)

Ben Tossell: @enricoantonacci glad to hear it!

Ben Tossell: @neuling2k ok you win me over with that giphy

Ben Tossell: @mschreder eventually!

Matt Aunger: @rrhoover Confusing tax issue! You need to set up a European office! I hear the UK's nice this time of year 😂 (that's a lie! Nobody ever heard the UK's nice this time of year). Also, surely you can ship to other countries? In the UK, taxes for shipped goods are taken care of on import. Meaning the recipient has to pick up the customs tax bill!

Ben Tossell: @gadgick if you can locate me I can give you stickers haha

Ben Tossell: @maxime_lemaitre thanks! we are pumped

Ben Tossell: @andmitsch @rrhoover think Rhianna's work song, but 'merch, merch, merch, merch, merch'

vipul mishra: @rrhoover Nice.. It will become even bigger than AppSumo. Great work guys!!

Ben Tossell: @jollife thanks Johannes!

Ryan Hoover: @oelmekki we'd love to offer exclusive/discounted products in the Shop. I think there's a lot of cool things we can do. 😀

Kevin William David: @rrhoover @bentossell Neat! Im buying the Oristand :)

Ben Tossell: @vipesh_agarwal :)

Ben Tossell: @armi2n its not related with that startup directory

David Chang: @rrhoover A must have. I wonder how the shipping works? I saw different standard of shipping. Some of them are free and fast, and some costs $5 and slow.

Ben Tossell: @matthijs_soest question is what to buy first 🤔

Ben Tossell: @janahrend appreciate it!

Ben Tossell: @urieli17 wooo thanks :)

Ben Tossell: @roohbirsingh we can't either!

Ben Tossell: @rrhoover Get out of your tents, the doors are open

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