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插件评分:评分 4.5,满分5星

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更新时间:2016-12-02 11:49:31

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插件介绍:simple extension manager for your side bar


simple extension manager for your side bar
quickly enable/disable extension, remove it, open ext. settings or internal page, export list of installed extensions as HTML file


  • Avatar interweb-explorer说:

    V7 Extension Manager is a quick and easy way to enable/disable extensions on the fly without having to open the actual Extensions page.

    It makes using situational tools (like video downloaders or cookie managers) a lot more convenient, which both saves time and lowers the amount of resources Opera would otherwise use if they were simply kept enabled all the time.

    2016年2月23日 - 版本 2.1
  • Avatar phoenix-rdv说:

    Спасибо большое! Помогло очень.

    In english: Thank you so much! It helped immensely.

    2016年1月29日 - 版本 2.0.1
  • Avatar rivanni69说:

    Please move the export button to the top of the list, next to the other options. That's more accessible then via options and you cannot overlook this handy option.

    Also add a 'get more extension' button.

    2016年1月27日 - 版本 2.0.1
  • Avatar fr4ntic说:

    I needed that

    2015年12月1日 - 版本 2.0
  • Avatar gekunfei说:


    2015年11月12日 - 版本 2.0
  • Avatar unclebrady说:

    its a quick access to the extensions, but thats pretty much all, i badly miss that we could just disable the extensions in there. as of now only Settings and Delete is possible. But disable / enable would be really helpful

    Click on ext. image to DISABLE/ENABLE extension !!!!
    many people overlook that

    just found, so i give this a 5 star, but still easy to overlook why not add a button for this

    2015年10月4日 - 版本 2.0
  • Avatar vux777说:

    Click on ext. image to DISABLE/ENABLE extension !!!!
    many people overlook that

    2015年8月27日 - 版本 1.6
  • Avatar markusmk说:

    Very helpful. Nice work!

    2015年8月13日 - 版本 1.6
  • Avatar searren说:

    Works fine. It does need a way to be able to disable individual extensions and a smaller font size.

    2015年7月7日 - 版本 1.6
  • Avatar sud0说:

    Could you add an icon for disabling selected extension ? (currently there is only trash and configure)

    >> vux777: thx!! I didn't expect it would be so easy ;-)

    2015年6月30日 - 版本 1.6