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更新时间:2016-12-02 11:49:31

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插件介绍:StopSocial blocks social content in your browser.


The following buttots and widgets will be blocked:
— Facebook widgets
— Google +1
— VKontakte Share & Widgets
— Tweet buttons
— Odnoklassniki and
— Addthis, Sharethis, LinkedIn, Share42, Tweetmeme, Yandex.Share, etc.

Base blocking only uses Opera's Content Blocker, and advanced blockinng is based on CSS rules.

Please note that only the strict blocking can be switched off in per-site settings.


  • Avatar vavanvavan84说:

    Ніяких соц-мереж! Все просто і працює залізно.

    2015年2月8日 - 版本 2.0
  • Avatar wekub说:

    Nice, but seems to block articles.

    2014年6月1日 - 版本 2.1.1
  • Avatar wkrjo1zw1sbt说:

    Anything you install into a browser be at Opera Firefox Safari or whatnot, is easily bypassed by anyone who doesn't want to be blocked.

    All you do is remove the extension.

    The only way to be more successful (nothing's foolproof) is to use a DNS (if you don't know what a DNS is, or think you're using one now, you ARE - using one now - most likely Google's, or, the one your cable, satellite service has installed via it's modems you have).

    Still, it's VERY easy to (re) configure it to one you want - they're all free.

    Probably the best known, and best, is OpenDNS.

    All you do is follow the EXTREMELY simple set-up instructions, and 'bam!' - you're set up.

    You can configure a DNS to block whatever you want - by category or, by individual sites (I use Open DNS, and there's a category of blocking 'social media').

    Extensions like this really don't do much.

    They're ONLY for THIS browser - NOT for any other browser on your computer, and, as I said, it's VERY simple to work around.

    2014年2月2日 - 版本 2.1
  • Avatar lsw1983说:

    Не понятно что он блокирует. Он блокирует социальные окошки для пользователя или для администрации сайта?
    AVG в хроме блокировал информацию о входе на тот или иной соцсайт именно для администрации. А тут, я так понимаю просто скрывается окошко с фейсбуком и все?

    2013年9月30日 - 版本 2.1
  • Avatar helgi2002说:

    TNX )

    2013年9月29日 - 版本 2.1
  • Avatar kollitaja说:

    Simple and working :)

    2013年4月20日 - 版本 2.0
  • Avatar ofmenlik说:

    it's working very well, thanks

    2013年4月9日 - 版本 2.0
  • Avatar seattle418说:

    That's EXACTLY what I'm looking for !

    I want to BLOCK EVERYTHING from facebook, tweeter etc.

    2013年3月24日 - 版本 2.0
  • Avatar gregzeng01说:

    Blocks display of Wikipedia pages. Not able to easily adjust this, it seems.

    2013年3月19日 - 版本 2.0
  • Avatar volvoxpl说:

    It works!

    2013年2月3日 - 版本 2.0