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插件介绍:Price Comparison made easy, directly in Opera - Get alerted if other stores offer better prices for the product that you're viewing


***What is Price Expert?***

Based on our expertise of comparing prices in over 20 countries, we bring you Price Expert, a free next-generation browser add-on that offers you accurate suggestions for best prices and offers, while you're browsing the web for the products on your shopping list.

Our goal is to help you pay less and save money with your shopping. Price Expert shows you the same products with better prices in different stores, or similar products with great deals.

You can find out more about Price Expert at

***How it works***

When you visit an online shop or a product-related web page, Price Expert becomes active, analyzes the content on this page without disturbing you and checks its permanently expanding database to see if that same product can be found on a different online shop, only for a better price.

If we do find a better deal for the product you're currently viewing, Price Expert will show up at the top of your browser, offering you a list of online stores where you can shop at a lower price.

Unlike many browser add-ons, Price Expert is clean, safe, honest and stays out of your way when you're not shopping online.

***Need more details?***

If you have questions about Price Expert, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section at or drop us an email and we'll be glad to provide you with all the information you need.


  • Avatar extguru2说:

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    Я рассмотрел ваше расширение, и хочу предложить вас поработать с нашей компанией. Я проанализировал, ваше расширение "PriceExpert
    " может принести вам гарантированный высокий доход. С помощью нашего автоматического сервиса по монетизации браузерных расширений вы можете получить максимальную прибыль, при этом наша реклама не является надоедливой или вредоносной, и не мешает функциональности расширения.Нашей системой оптимизируется трафик со всего мира. Мы проводим согласование всех нюансов и пожеланий вебмастера. Выплаты проводятся по запросу в течении одного часа, по удобной вам системе.
    Хотим также отметить,что наша система не мешает другим системам монетизации, вы можете подключить нашу программу в качестве дополнительного метода для получения дохода.
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    2016年9月1日 - 版本
  • Avatar khloe533说:

    this addon works nice, i had no problem with it, i even discovered some small online shops that have better offers.

    2015年11月18日 - 版本
  • Avatar adrianachefchef说:

    I've tested this addon and similar ones but i can say that this one rocks, couldn't find a better one. ;)

    2015年10月2日 - 版本
  • Avatar amandagrant说:

    Tell me how do YOU find a good price? Well let me tell you guys how I FIND them with this sweet addon. I browse for products and it pops-up when it find better prices and even shows similar products when needed. Also has toolbar type version for better integration with the browser. What I regret is not having a bunch of colour options but it's cool just the way it is.

    2015年8月31日 - 版本
  • Avatar mihaicalin20说:

    O extensie folositoare cu ajutorul careia poti face economii la cumparaturile online. Eu chiar sunt multumim de acest tool.

    2015年8月26日 - 版本
  • Avatar mrperfection说:

    thank god for this exteions. i've been looking for one solution to find offers for products that i like while browsing and withoutthe need to searching too much because time is not my friends. Well found it. I recommend you try it too.

    2015年8月12日 - 版本
  • Avatar mmaria85说:

    Mi-a recomandat o prietena aceasta extensie de browser si sunt foarte multumita ca am instalat-o. Se afiseaza doar cand gaseste produse si chiar am vazut preturi mai bune decat cele pe care le gasisem eu. Bestial!

    2015年7月24日 - 版本
  • Avatar minionsy说:

    Smooth online shopping. It's what I like to do in my free time and this is what i got with this browsers addon. It is perfect for me so i want to recommend it to y'all.

    2015年7月13日 - 版本
  • Avatar adrianeandme说:

    This is a pretty helpful app. Really works and I really save some money!

    2015年7月6日 - 版本
  • Avatar moakat说:

    if you're looking for products in online shops, then this is a really awesome tool to use with just a few clicks. for free ;)

    2015年6月30日 - 版本