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更新时间:2016-12-02 11:49:31

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插件介绍:Includes user's JavaScript with JQuery support on pages


The extension allows to execute custom JavaScript code on any site and to store the comments for pages.
JavaScript code is executed when the page loads, and can contain jQuery selectors.

Custom JavaScript code can be executed for different groups of pages:
1. For all sites
2. For a specific domain

If you go to the page "" switch "Script execution order" to "onready" and fill in the following Script:
alert('this is a site');
Then press "Save" button

When you visit "" will be displayed message: "this is a site"

If you set the script to all sites in options:
setTimeout( "$('*').each(function(){
if ($(this).css('z-index')>100)
}); ",1000);
One second after loading any page where you switced "Script execution order" to "onready", script will remove all the layers with z-index more than 100.
It is easy to remove the advertising layers

For example you can import dump:
1. Open extension options
2. Create a text file with the following contents:
{"*":"alert('message for all sites');","":"{"event":"onready","script":"alert('google page');","comment":""}"}
Select the file in the settings Scripter, in the "Export / Import text"
3. Select this file in the settings Scripter "Export extenssion data to text"
4. Click "Import" button
5. Visit the ""

In scripts, you can use the variable "values", the function scripter_data(key [, value]) and scripter_save()
The variable "values" is synchronized with storage server for every website

Function scripter_data(key) - returns values​​[key]
Function scripter_data(key, value) - writes the values​​[key]=value, and stores values ​​on the storage server
Function scripter_save() - saves the values ​​on the storage server


  • Avatar ratman说:

    This is the one that works best for me, because you can choose when to insert your script. I wanted to disable a frame-enabling script in site and couldn't do it with other extensions.

    2016年8月17日 - 版本 2.0.4
  • Avatar elrazzaz说:


    2016年7月24日 - 版本 2.0.4
  • Avatar 2727opera说:

    I tested in Ubuntu 14.04 and no more works in family google that only wok in firefox. The Opera is the incredible fastest disponible...iḿ bored.

    2015年7月26日 - 版本 2.0.4
  • Avatar maxssteinberg说:

    Really good, just the name of the developer on my opera://extensions page was different from the one listed here.

    2015年5月18日 - 版本 2.0.4
  • Avatar chechesa说:

    It should be added a "load at end all scripts" options. Extension was not be useful for me because my scripts loads before other vars (in site scripts) are defined :(

    2015年5月15日 - 版本 2.0.4
  • Avatar delldoll21说:


    2015年4月24日 - 版本 2.0.4
  • Avatar yug4g0说:

    Kecepatan brosing opera

    2013年12月29日 - 版本 2.0.3
  • Avatar parandnastaran说:


    2013年11月5日 - 版本 2.0.3
  • Avatar luisbem315说:

    vamos a probar a ver que tal

    2013年9月6日 - 版本 2.0.2
  • Avatar linhaifeng1988说:

    good work !

    2013年8月19日 - 版本 2.0.2