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插件介绍:An easy-to-use blog editor lets you post to all of your blogs.


An easy-to-use blog editor lets you post to all of your blogs.
One of the most popular add-ons for Firefox is now available for Opera! ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to all of your blogs.
You can post to blogs from Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, Xanga, LiveJournal, or any other blog that supports the MetaWeblog or MovableType APIs.
You can edit and update existing posts. You can schedule posts for the future (if your blog allows that). You can delete posts. You can save drafts. You can tag and categorize.
ScribeFire for Opera has a simple interface that is so simple even a caveman could use it, and anything you're working on is saved if you close the editor and restored when you come back. It really is the easiest way to update your blog.


  • Avatar itsmedomp说:

    Nice, but I was a bit unsure about entering my password for Wordpress... that's how it works I guess.

    This is a good extension, I have just installed it. The set up was easy and I can now get to writing blog posts with ease!

    I would recommend this.

    2014年5月15日 - 版本 4.3.1
  • Avatar coralights说:

    Beware BS below .... It took me about 10 seconds to add a blog.

    From what I can tell from several of the comments below they are false and an attempt to promote Live Writer

    This tool is the best of it's kind (free) with only one other payfor exception which I promote as an affiliate on my websites

    It needs more features but it is more than adequate.

    2013年9月20日 - 版本 4.2.3
  • Avatar shiny21说:

    Terrible. It says my username/email and/or password is incorrect and after about 5 attempts including reinstalling ScribeFire, it cannot log me in to my blog.

    Like another user stated, I too have tried this on another browser and it still didn't work.

    ScribeFire has just gone from worse to worse. They should have left it as the original despite peoples complaints and now, it doesn't work at all. So yeah, I too will carry on using Live Writer.

    2013年6月28日 - 版本 4.0
  • Avatar collents说:

    This would be ok for me as it seems to post to my blog and upload images to my FTP server, BUT it won't bring my categories list up AND if you want to update an existing post it won't display the post body so... currently not usable for me.

    The categories problem has been reported in the Scribefire bug reporting system on a few occasions going back a while now. It seems to be a problem particularly with blogs using the MetaWeblog API.

    Be good to see this get fixed first and foremost. Until then I'll have to stick with Live Writer.

    2012年10月18日 - 版本 4.0
  • Avatar mierna说:

    Can't login to my LJ, says 'incorrect password'.

    2012年9月5日 - 版本 4.0
  • Avatar netean说:

    used to love this but its a shame it won't work with Wordpress blogs. Not just in Opera.. It fails with wordpress blogs in Firefox too. when they fix it, it will be great.

    2012年5月2日 - 版本 4.0
  • Avatar oolyum说:

    No version of this software works in any browser. I've installed it in Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. It is unable to connect to any of the top blogging platforms. It keeps returning bad API error messages. Development on this has apparently stalled, as the developer has not posted anything to his blog, or issued any updates. Very frustrating.

    2012年4月7日 - 版本 4.0
  • Avatar MaitreDesastre说:

    One question concerning the hidden Zemanta code in this extension, please:

    The Zemanta web bug is still included in the ScribeFire extension:

    The extension inserts the code for the web bug as hidden code in all posts:

    All this is known since years, but previous versions at least had a configuration menu worth that denomination, where one could switch off "Automatically insert invisible tracking pixel" under 'Publishing' in the ScribeFire settings.

    In Opera, however, there is practically nothing to configure for ScribeFire 4, so the question is: is there a way to turn off the Zemanta web bug -- and any other unwanted hidden code the extension might insert into users' posts without their knowledge?

    2011年12月12日 - 版本 4.0
  • Avatar freerider说:

    How can I set, that it will fill up the content for me with the content page, which I am on and just click on extension... somethings like posterious extension..


    2011年7月31日 - 版本 1.8
  • Avatar jorgemalgom说:

    please fix the uploading to picassa i also get giberish

    2011年7月19日 - 版本 1.8