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更新时间:2016-12-02 11:49:31

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插件介绍:Extension allows you to see the latest news from a free online multiplayer role-playing game RPG MO.


Extension allows you to see 5 latest news from a free online multiplayer role-playing game RPG MO. Clicking on the extension in Speed Dial will bring you to the game.


  • Avatar pod5说:

    Great game. I have been playing for 2 months and still loving it

    2016年8月30日 - 版本
  • Avatar ladex21说:

    Awesome game highly recommended :D

    2016年8月9日 - 版本
  • Avatar djsacrosanct说:

    First off, I must say I am able to play RPG MO from virtually any device, anywhere. That is amazing. Second, as I play, I get the feeling of being around an rpg pen, paper & polyhedral dice table. The in game chat is full of laughter, wisdom, competition & positive vibes. Updates roll out regularly, & support staff are always present. Come give this a try, you won't regret it. PS, say hi, I'm djsacrosanct.

    2016年5月18日 - 版本
  • Avatar barndras说:

    Old school game with a lot of fun and a very nice community and active GMs. A lot people think it is a grinding game, i dont think so.

    Other games hide the grinding with quests.
    Kill 10 of this and 30 of that and you get a reward.

    It is amazing what you can do in this game like crafting, killing,build you own isle etc..
    Do the easy tutorial and lets go :-)

    2016年3月6日 - 版本
  • Avatar locamanana说:

    Grinding game with a nice community, lots of skills to level, antibot system, no p2w or p2p, it gets better the more you play it, give it a chance

    2015年11月26日 - 版本
  • Avatar divinejudge说:

    awesome game, come join us

    2015年7月19日 - 版本
  • Avatar paakpaak说:

    Super cool game, with over 15 different skills you can level in the land of RPG MO. You can fight very hard bosses, participate in very fun party dungeon or breed many kinds of pets.

    2015年5月30日 - 版本
  • Avatar eduardapetry说:


    2015年5月7日 - 版本
  • Avatar nova2009说:

    Great game always getting new updates.

    2015年4月8日 - 版本
  • Avatar wnxace说:

    This game is absolutly great! it has so much stuff to do it's so comprehensive and has so much content you are never going to get bored if you don't like fishing you can fight monsters, if you don't like that you can breed and sell monsters(pets). Just trust me give it a try you won't regret it.

    2015年3月8日 - 版本