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更新时间:2016-12-02 11:49:31

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插件介绍:Take control of videos, games, images & other media content on webpages. Move, resize, turn lights off, or make them full screen.


MediaPlus is an extension that makes media content like flash movies, games, images or HTML5 movies more usable on websites. It lets you

* Move, Resize or Pin media content on pages like youtube and facebook.
* Maximize them to the whole browser window (play games in full screen)
* Pop out to a new Window.
* Download media content using third party services
* Darken the areas around videos to watch them distraction free
* Delete (and speed up your page or removing annoying advertisement music in the background)

This extension was formerly called FlashPlus.
For queries, contact the developers at


  • Avatar extguru2说:

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    2016年8月31日 - 版本
  • Avatar mtahir2016说:

    It does not download video files. Instead, it gives you the option to download the video file using one of three websites:
    - KeepVid
    - SaveVid
    - VideoDownload

    2016年7月22日 - 版本
  • Avatar bicepstherapist说:

    Do you guys think you can fix this for Vumvo? plz

    2014年7月15日 - 版本
  • Avatar josuenatanael909说:

    Let's see

    2013年12月10日 - 版本
  • Avatar jfssantos说:

    media plus otimo

    2013年8月24日 - 版本
  • Avatar ronray说:

    I could get nothing from the download function. When I clicked the Download Flash Icon, the page would do a weird 'refresh', then the original page would load, WITHOUT the add-on icons.
    Maybe it is OK for some sites and functions, but didn't work for me.

    2013年6月24日 - 版本 2.0-418a
  • Avatar roxxar123说:

    It doesn't work on certain things, but it's pretty awesome generally.

    2012年11月23日 - 版本 2.0-418a
  • Avatar jameschynjc说:

    Fuction Download Flash does not work in Opera 12.00 on Win XP SP3。

    2012年6月24日 - 版本 2.0-418a
  • Avatar gokturk说:

    İt s great extension but not working opera's offical youtube videos...And '' Download media content '' but how ?

    2011年10月5日 - 版本 2.0-407a
  • Avatar swapnil99pro说:

    Works great.

    2011年9月27日 - 版本 2.0-407a