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更新时间:2016-12-02 11:49:31

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插件介绍:Customize how images are displayed and controlled within your browser.


Image Autosizer provides control over how image files are displayed in the browser window.

- Several display modes, changing how the image scales to the window
- Smooth/inertial panning
- Custom background color
- Optional checkerboard-background
- Option to close image on long mouse press

- First, open up an image file
- Click image to toggle the size
- Double click to fit to width/height
- Press 'c' to temporarily change background color

There is a quick guide in the preferences with some additional details.

All feedback is appreciated. Many of your suggestions have been implemented in previous versions so keep them coming. I do this for free on my spare time, so some response now and then is appreciated.

Q & A
Q: This extension does not work!
A: Go to the extension's preferences and read through the quick guide. If it doesn't work only on certain pages, make sure you have enabled the extension for secure pages if you are surfing on one. Also remember that this extension only takes effect if an image file is opened. It does not do anything to images located inside an html-document.

Icon from the Tango Desktop Project.


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    2016年8月31日 - 版本 3.2
  • Avatar bubblz99说:

    Could also add a 'keep centered' option.

    2016年5月20日 - 版本 3.2
  • Avatar uyfhk说:

    e uma droga

    2015年6月25日 - 版本 3.1
  • Avatar sachin989kanchan说:


    2015年6月5日 - 版本 3.1
  • Avatar userforrusing说:

    Thank you works great!

    2015年5月30日 - 版本 3.1
  • Avatar albadenis2说:

    esta es una muy buena plicacion para todos mi dipocitivos

    2015年5月19日 - 版本 3.1
  • Avatar no9or9说:

    Thanks for the update. Very good work.

    2015年5月1日 - 版本 3.1
  • Avatar nosanninwa说:

    I've been using this extension forever. Now Opera 29's change to display centered images has broke it.

    I pray it can be fixed soon, but I worry since it hasn't been updated since 2013.

    2015年3月23日 - 版本 3.0.1
  • Avatar xajnin说:

    Not working since the latest Opera Next update.

    It's fixed now.

    2015年3月22日 - 版本 3.1
  • Avatar penn83说:


    2014年12月24日 - 版本 3.0.1