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更新时间:2016-12-02 11:49:31

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插件介绍:Customize the look and feel of your Gmail inbox, protect your privacy and boost your email productivity.


# Experience a custom-tailored Gmail inbox

Gmelius offers an intuitive and simple way to make Gmail the way you want it. Install the extension, activate the features you need in the options screen and Gmelius will do the rest.

› Detect and block email tracking attempts
› Wipe out the noise added by Google ads
› Compose emails on the fly using #hashtags
› Schedule emails to send later
› Snooze messages
› Integrate an intuitive To-Do list into Gmail
› Convert emails into Google calendar events
› Return read receipts
› Change the look and feel of your inbox
› Save paper by printing cleaner emails

Visit to discover all the features.

# Privacy Policy

Gmelius never colletcs, indexes or transmits information present in your email account or any sites you visit. All data stays on your computer, where it belongs. For more information, please see

# Updates

Gmelius offers a software of quality by releasing new features and correcting possible bugs on a constant basis.

# Good to know

› Gmelius knowledge base is available at
› Gmelius code meets the latest Content Security Policy (CSP) recommendations
› Reviews welcome and encouraged. Possible bugs should be reported to Support.

# Freemium

Please note that Gmelius is freemium, meaning that it is free for life, with some great features. But if you are interested in exploiting the full potential of Gmelius and enjoying a safer and smarter Gmail inbox, you can choose to upgrade to Gmelius Premium. Upgrading is totally optional.


Gmail is a registered trademark of Google Inc. Gmelius is not affiliated with Google or Gmail.


  • Avatar franklyray说:

    Need Gmelius for INBOX on Opera, my new fav browser.

    2016年5月13日 - 版本 6.6.3
  • Avatar pmpq0894说:

    Love Gmelius. Premium features are well worth the price. Really cannot imagine using GMail anymore without Gmelius.

    2015年11月10日 - 版本 6.0.12
  • Avatar manimaran1316说:


    2014年11月12日 - 版本
  • Avatar soulless2说:

    bigvovan, Your country either. Calm down urkop

    Disable this already Dill write here. I'm tired of crying everywhere. Complexes are their strengths.

    2014年9月16日 - 版本
  • Avatar codefalling说:


    2014年7月26日 - 版本
  • Avatar darekmatulka说:

    es goet

    2014年7月19日 - 版本
  • Avatar gibeah说:


    2014年7月4日 - 版本
  • Avatar robertqt说:

    it is ok.

    2014年7月4日 - 版本
  • Avatar lem729说:

    I love the Compose window (which I understand was gmail's old compose window. Why wouldn't gmail offer something like that normally, currently. It's head and shoulders better than what was there.

    2014年4月4日 - 版本
  • Avatar opera734471697说:

    تتعذر فتح مقاطع الفيديو

    2014年3月24日 - 版本 2.0.0