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更新时间:2016-12-02 11:49:31

官方地址: opera插件中心

插件介绍:Monitor webpage or feed for changes. Get SMS and email alerts on change detection.


Distill runs in your browser to check monitored pages for changes. Get instant alerts as soon as a change is detected.

Featured highlights:

* Easy content selection from any webpage.
* Highlighted changes.
* Change history.
* Supported actions:
- Email
- Sound
- Pop-up
- Push notification on phones
- Webhook
* An inbox style Watchlist to manage monitors.
* Condition for smart actions.
* Powerful expression for content selection. Use Xpath, CSS or Javascript to select content. Use regular expression to extract matches from the web page.
* Sync Watchlist across devices in premium plan.

Getting started:

* Open a webpage to be monitored.
* Click Distill's drop icon in browser toolbar.
* "Select parts of page" or "Monitor whole page" as needed for your case. In case of select parts, hover around the area on webpage that you want to watch and "click" to select the parts.
* Save selections and done!

Go to Watchlist by clicking the Distill icon to see list of watched webpages.

You can also check out our help article for a quick start: https://distill.io/help/gettingstarted/opera

If you need any help, write to us at support@distill.io. We will respond at the earliest.


  • Avatar raaz7336说:

    verry good

    2015年10月9日 - 版本 1.3.5
  • Avatar mikpe201说:


    2015年4月9日 - 版本 1.2.1
  • Avatar gio2370说:

    Hi there!

    I've been using the extension since its very first version and it is simply great.
    I noticed a issue regarding the RSS monitor though, because when you click the pop-up which comes after a feed update, my Opera doesn't go to the URL for the feed, but it lands to the xml source page. That's why it deserves four stars. Anyway, keep up the good work!

    Thanks for this useful extension.

    I am facing a problem after the last update.
    Before that, I was able to click on a toast notification to go directly on the webpage containing an update, but now the notification toasts that come up are not clickable anymore, because now if I click on a toast notification, it simply dismisses.
    Hope you can help. Thanks for your great work.

    2015年3月11日 - 版本 1.3.8
  • Avatar krovopiyca说:

    Дополнение очень отличное
    пробовал разные в том числе Page monitor это приложение не срабатывает в (ложных срабатываниях типа если интернет переподкючился) всем советую !

    2015年3月2日 - 版本 1.1.9
  • Avatar vishalvodro说:

    Show Notification Popup (local app) doesn't seem to be working on Opera! Please fix

    EDIT: On 08/02/15, I reported the above issue to developer and very next day it got updated with desired bug fixed. Never expected such amazing response from any developer but you made it! It's a great experience having you in my browsers... Keep the good job up...

    2015年2月8日 - 版本 1.1.9
  • Avatar nenad-zivkovic说:

    Can you import firefox bookmarks from html ?

    2015年2月2日 - 版本 1.1.3
  • Avatar pchyon说:

    good bb

    2015年1月23日 - 版本 1.1.3
  • Avatar finiii123说:


    2014年11月26日 - 版本 1.1.1
  • Avatar famorne说:

    Nice addon

    2014年9月5日 - 版本 1.1.0
  • Avatar choylee86说:

    great good very good

    2014年8月8日 - 版本 0.1.10