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更新时间:2016-12-02 11:49:31

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插件介绍:Alarm and countdown timer.


Alarm Ninja sounds an alarm and shows a popup after a specified time period. Either insert minutes/seconds, or insert the time (24-hour clock) you want the alarm to trigger. Options page makes it possible to control volume and choose between a selection of alarm sounds. It is also possible to disable the popup and just have sound.

Use this extension to prevent overcooked potatoes, burnt pizzas and forgotten appointments. The popup badge shows how many minutes left.


  • Avatar suminon说:

    Please add editable text message after the countdown is over.

    2016年3月3日 - 版本 1.33
  • Avatar cranium-fuel说:

    It's very useful for video games as well as everything else you could use it for. Would be better if You could download external sounds into to use, rather than the sixteen that's already there

    2016年2月1日 - 版本 1.33
  • Avatar lostmaneki说:


    2015年12月21日 - 版本 1.33
  • Avatar sobloku说:

    Thank you for this extension. This is what I was looking for.

    The multiple timer + the multiple alarm in list and an ability to name every item would be better. Also it would be good, if the last value of timer/alarm was saved for next time.

    2015年10月3日 - 版本 1.33
  • Avatar rocksteadyfreddie说:

    Yup. good.

    an ability to set multiple alarms would be good.

    2015年7月22日 - 版本 1.3
  • Avatar handtuch042说:

    So simple and so amazing. Perfect layout, easy to use, optimal options.

    2015年5月17日 - 版本 1.32
  • Avatar andrey20022012说:

    !Спаси Господи+благодарю(:..

    2015年4月26日 - 版本 1.32
  • Avatar shaktiiiigta说:

    ...aaaand this is why I'm still using Opera 12.17, so small and useful extension, great addon !

    Thank you very much.

    And you can cancel it by pressing the start button, great !

    2015年4月3日 - 版本 1.3
  • Avatar coasaruginita说:

    not what i wanted.
    hard to use, the box is too small to see 3 numbers
    imo it should have a popup with hour selection

    also it is not an alarm that can wake you up. its just something to grab your attention while ur around

    2015年2月18日 - 版本 1.32
  • Avatar yarziel说:

    Buena extensión, le faltaría agregarle el formato de 12 horas am/pm.

    También seria bueno que tuviera la opción de aplazar la alarma.

    2014年12月9日 - 版本 1.32